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Its great to learn but its better to do..

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

In my work and life I hear a lot of great ideas. I probably hear a lot more bad ideas than good, but lets not focus on that. One thing I have noticed over and over is that the people that “DO” are usually the people the same people that have done it before. Successful people based on my observations are usually successful over and over again. They have great ideas. They learn what it takes to implement that idea – which by the way is 90% more than what most people do, and then they do what so many people won’t. They DO it!

You can’t do something that you don’t know how to do, but learning is a means to an end. The end goal is ACTION. Its so easy to talk about wat you want to do. Its entirely another thing to do it. You all know the person who talks about what they want to do their whole life but never does it. Don’t be that person.

Heres some humorous proof that you probably already know all you need to know in life before the age of 12 – The rest is up to you!

I’ve learned that all teachers have secret powers. – age 11
I’ve learned that telling a lie is worse than telling the bad truth. – age 11
I’ve learned that you never judge a book by its movie. – age 11
I’ve learned always choose good partners for school projects or you might end up doing most of the work. – age 10
I’ve learned that if you want to have a sleepover you are more likely to have one if you ask your dad rather than your mom. – age 10
I’ve learned typing on Type to Learn doesn’t improve your typing, but typing up short stories you wrote yourself does. – age 10
I’ve learned that it is better to stay in at recess to get your work done than get farther and farther behind. – age 10
I’ve learned never to play with CRAZY glue. – age 10
I’ve learned not to cook half of a grape in the microwave. – age 10
I’ve learned that it’s okay to get in trouble on Tuesdays because the principal is at a meeting. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never test how far a slingshot gun goes when you are near a lot of houses. – age 10
I’ve learned never to sit on a wet bicycle seat. – age 10
I’ve learned you should never take without giving. – age 10
I’ve learned you should never give yourself a haircut. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never yell at your mom when she’s pregnant. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never let your dad buy you clothes. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never tell your parents who you have a crush on. – age 10
I’ve learned that when your parents are mad it is best to not talk to them. – age 10
I’ve learned that you can never have too much adventure. – age 10
I’ve learned that you shouldn’t try to open a coconut with a folding Swiss army knife. – age 11
I’ve learned not to offer a hungry hamster invisible food. – age 11
I’ve learned that you should never show your stuffed animals to a dog. – age 10
I’ve learned to never paint faces on my dad when he’s asleep. – age 10
I’ve learned never to touch your tongue to an ice sculpture. – age 10
I’ve learned that I am growing up too fast. – age 10
I’ve learned not to hiss like a cat at a stray dog. – age 11
I’ve learned that you can never outwit your dog. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never put fertilizer on your head. – age 10
I’ve learned to never give your baby brother a permanent marker. – age 10
I’ve learned never to make my mom watch “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, or else she’ll laugh so hard that she’ll snort like a pig. – age 10
I’ve learned that when you are sad, all you want to do is be alone and talk to yourself, not others. – age 11
I’ve learned that no matter how old I am, I still ask my mom how to do things. – age 42

Now go and do it!

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Microsoft – Yahoo Merger

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo… I don’t even know where to begin. I could go on for hours. This merger would be a disaster of epic proportions and I would get to see it first hand from start to finish. I guess to express my viewpoint you need to understand my thoughts on each company individually.

First Microsoft – Microsoft is a run away success story with one chapter left. It was exciting for years, but they have CLEARLY lost their way. They are trying to do so much at the same time that they fail miserably across the board. Vista is a pile of garbage, MSN is technically inferior to both Yahoo and Google and is marketed so poorly that I can’t see anything I like about the direction its going. However, the one main thing that really defines Microsoft’s decline is that they no longer care about the small individual customer and ALL their offerings showcase this ignorance. For them its all about the dollar and nothing about whats best for the user. You can’t win going forward with leaders that have that attitude. So in my mind they have already lost, we all just have to sit around and continue to watch it happen for the next 20 years (Maybe 10 if we are lucky).

Next Yahoo – Yahoo is a company I respect and admire. Yahoo’s culture is one where they actually care about the client and the customer experience. They try and treat their employees with respect and in turn those employees treat users of their vast internet resources with the same level of courtesy they are shown within their own company. Yahoo’s slow but inevitable decline comes because their product is technically inferior to what Google has to offer. They have struggled mightily to change that perception, but in the end unless something drastic happens their market share will continue to diminish quarter over quarter.

The Merger – So Microsoft a company that can’t get its ducks in a row wants twice as many ducks. Lets get serious for a minute. Microsoft CAN’T win because their viewpoint is skewed from the want the customer wants to what it wants. Microsoft believes whole heartily that the ONLY reason that it isn’t where Google is now is because they were late to the game. They sincerely believe that if they started focusing on search a few years earlier that they would be where Google is now. Thats the problem. They don’t understand that when users truly have choice that Microsoft products rarely win. Microsoft does well because of the closed nature of its business.

In five years time if Microsoft were to buy Yahoo they would have piddled away what market share Yahoo still has and only have a 45 billion dollar hole in their pocket to show for it. Heck, if they want to do it go for it because I will be the first one in line to short Microsoft stock!!

Matt Heaton / President /

Money, money, money…

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

It drives me crazy when I see huge companies make stupid decisions over some extra money. Almost without exception the companies that fall into these “traps” are public companies. So many public companies make HORRIBLE decisions because they try to satisfy shareholder demands and drive stock price for the very short term (3-6 months). You can’t run a streamlined successful business if your outlook is 3-6 months in the future. You can’t. Are you listening? You CAN’T!

Bluehost being a private company, and me having the benefit of unbelievably good business partners and a general manager that is both very capable and very smart has let us avoid many of these pitfalls. We constantly are looking at what will be best in the future both for the short term and the very long term. Our decisions are made based on customer demand and satisfaction, market conditions, and profitability.

We are in business to make money! However, we have sacrificed profits on numerous occasions because we knew our customers wouldn’t like it if we went in a certain direction. We have that luxury because I am not beholden to anyone but myself and my business partners who think like I do. We make enough money that our decisions aren’t affected by corporate greed that puts profits over the customer experience. You may be a Bluehost or Hostmonster fan or you may hate us, but you can’t say that we don’t put our customers first.

In the end, if you put your customers first and worry over their experience FIRST rather than scheme how to grab the most dollars you can from your subscriber base then you end up making more money in the end. Happy customers stay and bring many more customers with them. I am starting to believe that no one REALLY believes that anymore but me. I guess thats a good thing – We’ll sit at the top by ourselves wondering why no one else is sitting next to us…

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