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Sometimes you just want to be a kid…

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Some nights after I have been working on the router until 3:13 AM I’ll look at myself in the mirror and wonder what the heck I’m doing. Routers are fun and all but…

Even web hosting geeks need to have toys to play with. Normally my Segway is nerdy enough for me to have fun on, but now I’ve found something new to play with. Don’t worry, its still falls soundly in the complete nerd category. What do you think?

You Tube Video Of Super Nerdy Toy!


Matt Heaton

Flip Floppers…

Friday, September 26th, 2008

The United States political machines are in full force. With little over a month to go most people have already made up their minds as to who will get their vote come election day. I hope some serious thought and understanding have gone into everyones choice. But sadly, based on the answers I get from most people on why they are voting they way they are its clear they don’t understand much beyond Democrat or Republican talking points. Thats my opinion anyway…

However, the real point I wanted to make was on the term “flip flopper”. In political lingo a “flip flopper” is a bad thing. It represents someone wn ho can’t make up their mind. Decisions are made based on the economic, political, or social climate of the day.

Maybe its just me, but aside from core moral beliefs if you aren’t a flip flopper at some point then you are a failure. We are here to learn and then to apply that experience to better ourselves and those around us. When you do something wrong or see something being done incorrectly over and over then that can either reassure your beliefs or alter them to the other side of the thought spectrum. In short, experience teaches us when we were wrong and to change our beliefs. Nobody is right all the time, and certainly nobody is right from the beginning of their life till the end.

Both sides of the political aisle suffer from this broken mentality. I’ll give an example from both political disciplines to show some fairness. First, CLEARLY the Iraq surge has been a success. Obama should simply acknowledge that, but state that he still believed it was wrong to go in the first place, and he still believes that we should get out right away. Instead, to avoid “flip flopping” he will NEVER admit to the obvious truth. McCain is just as guilty. When many tax cuts were happening in 2004 McCain ardently opposed them, yet he will look you in the eye and say he was completely for them to sure up the Republican base. Instead, he could have said, “I believed at the time that the deficit was too great to support the cuts, but now I feel different given the fact that the economy is so slow. I now feel that these tax cuts are the surest bet to stimulate the economy and help offset the tremendous pressure our country faces in the mortgage and financial sectors.”

Just tell the truth. Why is that so hard. Flip floppers that use experience to make a better tomorrow based on past failures is what I want to vote for! I want someone to change their mind when it comes to energy policy. I want someone to change their mind with regards to sec regulations and mortgage and financial oversight. I want experience to guide future decisions and sometimes that means CHANGING YOUR MIND.

Am I crazy?

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