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Pingpong Challenge!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Its Hostingcon time again this year. This year its in Austin, Texas. Its nice to see all the email addresses actually
have a real person associated with them :)

Every year that I attend I run into Jack from Parallels. Jack is Parallels #2 guy. A few years back I challenged
Jack to a pingpong match. Now, I think that I am pretty good at pingpong, but Jack beat me by 2 points in the 5th
game a few years back. I am now trying to use my blog to get Jack to play one more match! So what will it be
Jack? A rematch :) If you beat me I will get up publicly say that I think Parallels way of doing things is better than
Bluehost!! What could be better than that? Don’t tell me a Parallels guy is scared of little ole Bluehost :)


New Projects And Some Fun Stats

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Hello again! Its been quite a while since I have written and I thought its about time I got around to updating you on some of the new things we have been working on lately.

Some of you may know that in addition to shared hosting I have several other small/big projects that I like to work on in my spare (haha) time. I’d like to tell you quickly about some of those and then briefly mention a few changes to Bluehost and perhaps a couple of interesting stats about our business.

1st – Fibre Network – I have been working hard trying to piece together our own nationwide (Soon worldwide) fibre network. This becomes an integral part of some of my other projects that I am investing my time in. We will have a robust peering network with many tier 2 participants and hopefully soon (With enough bullying on my part) a tier 1 provider or two! The first part of this project linking Los Angeles to New York will be live by the end of this month (Hurray!!)

2) SUPER COOL caching service (Think CDN – Content distribution network). This one is kind of hard to explain, even to those in the business. We have a fundamentally different way of implementing internet edge caching servers that I think will change completely how the game is played. Look for this stuff to be out in about 6-7 months. Akamai – I know you have a $7.5 billion market cap, but our technology is better :) Keep a close watch on what we have coming out. We are gunning for all your business!

3) CPUD – I/O Throttled: These two technologies are what allow us to provide VPS like services in a shared hosting environment. They will work on any linux box with a 2.6.32 kernel and above. They were developed almost exclusively in house and work extremely well. We haven’t sold this to any company because of the difficulty in making it work with older kernels, but all that will change when Red Hat releases version 6.0 of the RHEL distribution. Once Red Hat releases that version we will offer a simply RPM install of our product and everyone will finally be able to purchase this product! Sorry to the over 125 companies on the waiting list for this product – It will be out soon!

4) New Premium Data Center – We have been working on our new data center for a while now. It is scheduled to be done in December, but its looking like January 2011 will probably be the real date. Its not huge by data center standards, but it will give us 5 megawatts of power for 400 cabinets (47U each). It uses a VERY nonstandard cooling system designed by us in house which will save us a ton of money on cooling costs, and is located right in our office building where all our employees are located. This ensures best quality service for all our customers.

5) Quick Backup – we have a very cool backup product that is also developed in house. It uses custom kernel mods to enable an extremely fast backup process for our Cpanel customer servers. What used to take us 10 hours to accomplish now takes about 45 minutes. It is a complete drop in replacement for Cpanel’s backup system that is totally compatible with their restore process, but uses about 1/3 the space that normal Cpanel requires. We are using it live right now on about 60% of our servers and only need some additional hardware to put it in place in 100% of our network (Happening right now).

6) I guess I should mention that the old main site has FINALLY been replaced with something decent. It was never that great to begin with and had morphed over time into a complete mess. That being said, it had great search engine rankings and helped us sign up more than 575,000 accounts! But alas, I am sad to see it go :) Its been like an old friend these past 7 years!

7) Oh, I forgot to mention this. I wanted to announce when we finally hit 2 million domains hosted. I got lazy and never mentioned it, but now we are almost at 2.2 million domains. So lets this be my official announcement that we are now *officially* over 2.15 million domains hosted! Yeah!

8) We are now (I guess we have been for awhile) the 5th fastest growing registrar in the world. For those that are wondering what a registrar is it is an ICANN accredited company that sells domain names. Whats interesting about this is that you can’t even purchase a domain name from us unless you are a hosting customer. So to be the 5th fastest growing is quite an achievement given the requirements we place on the customer.

9) We are now the 10th largest hosting company in the world. Yeah! And 2nd or 1st fastest growing hosting company.

10) We have now surpassed Yahoo in domains hosted and hosting accounts. I’ve heard of Yahoo? I think they are one of the bigger internet companies :)

11) We FINALLY got a very nice front desk in our main office. Long live the plastic table that we used for the past 18 months :)

There you have it. Those are all my significant technology related activities as well as a few interesting stats about Bluehost. Thanks to everyone out there that has made Bluehost/Hostmonster/Fastdomain possible. We appreciate all you do for us and hope to live up to your expectations as a hosting company!

Matt Heaton / President