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New Data Center Up And Running!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Its been many months since I last wrote on my blog – I apologize for that. Its been a very busy few months, but perhaps I can settle into a routine and write a little more often. I am writing today to finally announce that our new data center is up and going! Its the first data center that I have built and we did *MANY* things that are very nonstandard as far as cooling and power management. It really is a great to see it finally come to fruition and get some use. I thought you might be interested in a few facts about our new data center.

– Approximately 12,000 sq ft in size
– 4.7 Megawatts of power available for use
– 720 tons of cooling capacity installed (Can you say windtunnel!!)
– Actually uses 100% outside air cooling for about 7.5 months per year (At significant power savings!!!)
– 20488 U of total server space – (Total of 394 8′ cabinets full of computer equip)
– 300,000 CFM of heat exhaustion out the roof (More important to get hot air out than cold air in!)
– 2x 2 Megawatt generators (Room available to add a 3rd 2 megawatt generator)
– 4x 750 KW UPS (Plus an addition pair on the outer edge if we end up needing it)
– Has capacity to deliver up to 15 KW of power per cabinet with proper cooling ready to go :)
– 36″ raised floor across the entire datacenter
– 4 separate physical fibre lines brought directly into building through two diverse entrances with access to all major IP/transit providers
– Keycard/Hand scanner access for each hot aisle and each cold aisle as well as cameras for each aisle
– Complete isolation of hot and cold aisles
– Variable on the fly settings/tunables for exhaust fans, supply fans, heat exchanges (To heat up the air when outside air is too cold), chiller pumps, CRAC units. Everything literally adjusts itself every 30 seconds automatically so that you never pay for too much cooling and never cool air when its less expensive to use outside air. Its really an AMAZING system!
– $8.5 million to build (An existing outer building) – That is actually really inexpensive for the capacity/features we got out of it! Thanks to Noel for getting the price so low and under budget! The engineers told us it would be impossible to build for the price we wanted – to them I say 😛

I really need to go in and take some pictures to show how it works. I know most of you just want your hosting to work better and I promise this new data center will help uptimes be better!

The data center is actually not owned by Bluehost/Hostmonster. I built this to be a separate business entity completely. Bluehost/Hostmonster actually only take 25% of the total capacity of this data center. I guess what I am saying is that if you need data center space give me a call! We have 15,000 U available right now in a brand new data center. We also sell bandwidth for very very inexpensive prices and never make you sign a long term contract. You can buy 500 megs or 20 gigs of bandwidth a month with no commitment at all on bandwidth or term. Who else does that?

Now that its done I find myself wondering how big the next one will be? If this one goes well I would like to build a 75,000 ft facility. I think I already found the land for it :)

Matt Heaton / Founder