Wisdom in decisions…

Sometimes in life you decide there is something that you really want. You exert yourself to get closer to the thing you want. To achieve the goal , although goal isn’t necessary the right term. You want something to become part of your life. You really think this thing will bring you happiness, and perhaps for a short time it does bring you happiness. The problem that I have is that sometimes I pursue these things that I think will make me “happy”, but in the end they don’t really bring me true happiness and often times make my life more miserable.

I know this is a very vague blog entry, but for content reasons it pretty much has to be this way. I guess the underlying problem that I have is one of Wisdom. Wisdom usually goes hand in hand with patience. Two qualities that I struggle with. I sometimes pursue things that are clearly not for me and in the best interests of my business or my personal life, but I go ahead and do them anyway. I pursue these interests for various reasons, it might be for a position of power, it might be to impress a women, or may be for some foolish pride that I am trying to protect.

Lucky for me the things I have been in pursuit of lately have fallen apart on their own. Either I have lost interest completely in something I used to be actively interested in, or I have come to the conclusion on my own that nothing good could come from my efforts in those directions. Sometimes it takes fiends or others to show you that your pursuits aren’t worthy of your time.

I would encourage all of you to look inside and see what it is that you most desire. Is that desire something that is worth pursuing in the long term, or is it something you should have clearly put aside a long time ago. Sometimes people around you help you get straightened out by saying or writing things that make a bomb go off in your head and help you realize what an idiot you’ve been. That is certainly the case with me. I read something a few days ago from someone that (probably not intentionally) helped me realize that what I was pursuing was absolutely wrong for me and not worthy of my time. It was eye opening and allowed me to analyze and see things as they really are and not as I would have liked them to be. It was great. When you think something is great forever sometimes you are blind to the faults and problems that are clearly there. When you are finally able to see straight it is a good feeling.

I hope all of us can pursue goals and relationships that bring real value to our life for the long haul, and use wisdom in those decisions instead of selfishness and indulgence.

Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

15 Responses to “Wisdom in decisions…”

  1. Hypotheek says:

    Totally agree with you Matt, value of life is far more important then doing dumb or stupid things. Good luck with it!

  2. Matt, as usual I love reading your blog. I think it’s unusual — yet very refreshing — to find a highly successful businessman sincerely open up like you do on this public blog… not being afraid to admit mistakes, get philosophical and demonstrate vulnerability.

    I like to think that I don’t struggle with wisdom… but I know for sure that I struggle with patience sometimes!

    Taking the time to look inside and understand what it is that I truly desire is something that I need to be reminded of every once in a while… Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Justine says:

    Can you please share it with us? Maybe, we’ll also learn something from it.

  4. Mr Manly says:

    I hope you find what your looking for… and that it is as good as you thought it would be.

  5. Charles says:


    I fully agree but I have, at times, led with my heart and desires but not let me head figure into the equation. So often do I come back later and question myself with, “Why did I do that?.

    This has affected my life in a lot of ways, some good and some bad.

    Changing is a difficult task.

  6. Davor says:

    I always wanted to write few words of support to you and Bluehost, so finally, here they are..

    I don’t think “Wisdom in decisions” is vague entry at all. Exactly blog entries such as this one make ur blog different and always fresh.

    Most of other, let’s call it business blogs can be summarized to: “Times are tough, but yes, we are the best, we are successful – do business with us”.Some of those self-advertisements are more, and some less sophisticatedly disguised as blog.

    I believe that charm of ur blog is constant introspective of Bluehost that you present to readers with lots of honesty, transparency to mistakes and rational criticism and self-criticism. And than from time to time you have “Zen” entries (such as this one) or something totally not related to hosting, or business at all – fine note of human touch, and that is so rare in business these days. So as honesty.

    Bottom line: Very often when dealing with large companies I sense this vibe: “We are clever biiig company and you are number to us, if you don’t like how we do it – tough luck for you, you mortal..”

    From your blog and Bluehost support stuff I get vibe: “Hey, we are big company but we are also humans and we are doing our best to provide you with excellent service and we do make mistakes in process, but we listen, learn and care.

    I am type that like to believe in handshake, dignity and given word, so this “honesty” factor was key point in choosing Bluehost. I wish you good luck and wisdom in all your decisions.

  7. techguy says:

    Are you referring to your fanatic Jazz love? I know I still dream that the Jazz will win it all, but maybe I need to look inside and realize they won’t. Of course, maybe your point is that it doesn’t matter. We can still love the Jazz!!

  8. Jason says:


    I never read your blog before but I was very happy with what I read. I would like to add that humility is a required foundation of true wisdom.

    Finding the peace, the love, and the joy in life is the point. I was recently told by a client/friend that “The journey is the destination”.

    Best Regards,

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  10. Pravin says:


    It was interesting to read your blog on wisdom. Let me just add these words it may mean something to somebody! The Bible says, “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!” What it really means is to have the God perspective in your life – all your life. It is not so much what I think about God, but rather what God thinks about me, my life and my business. It is indeed fascinating to know that God does think about me and does care about my business. Do I really bother to have this God perspective? That is was wisdom is all about. This wisdom has place for my life, my family, my friends, my priorities and still has a lot of room for others, people who are suffering, in need, and other aspects of life and systems as well! Thanks for giving this perspective a place in your blog!

  11. Matt,

    Great ideas from you. Hope to read more soon,


  12. hi Matt,

    Although it might look like vague post i think it might open our minds and give a start to think about new ideas

  13. Hypotheek says:

    Totally agree with you there Matt. I often pursue things that have no value whatsoever in the long run. Thankfully i have friends and family that straighten me out.

  14. Fitness says:

    Totally agree with you there Matt.

  15. I agree too Matt , well written!

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