Failure + Persistence = Success

How many of us feel the trepidation that goes along with trying to implement a new business, or trying a new sport, or learning about something new, or …. The list could go on forever? Why don’t so many of us try and pursue those things that we want most? I argue that it is out of fear of failure – failure to do what we think we are capable of accomplishing but not 100% positive that we can do it.

Let me help you get something straight right now. You are SUPPOSED TO FAIL! If everyone succeeded at everything the first time they tried it the world would be a pretty boring place. Everyone would be the same. Hard work and ingenuity would mean nothing, and there would be no incentive to learn and grow and improve ourselves. Thank goodness for failure. It gives us the opportunity to succeed!

The one crucial ingredient that many people forget is persistence. Persistence is a hard thing to have, and for many its simply not worth it. I know that 3 years of piano lessons went down the drain because I didn’t have the persistence to stick with it. Every time we fail we learn something – EVERY TIME. If you take that knowledge and use it to try again then success is inevitable. It might not happen the second time, or the third time, but it will happen.

So the next time you hear the little voice in your head saying, “Forget it! I give up!”, just remember that one more try coupled with the knowledge you have obtained by previous failures just might be enough for you to be the big success you always wanted to be! :)

Matt Heaton /

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  1. Marisa says:

    Usually I read your blog to learn more about Bluehost. This post, though, is exactly what I needed today. The older I get, the more I think I can sit back and stop trying. Thanks for the nudge to get up and keep moving forward.

  2. Nathan Howe says:

    This is true in its spirit, but it is equally important to persistently pursue that which can be foreseen as leading to success. In other words, no matter how many times I try to squash Microsoft or another major corporation, I am not likely to do it, and I could waste my entire life doing so. However, if I persistently try despite failures to build up my own successful business, I am likely to do it eventually.

  3. Jay Taylor says:

    Great post there.

    Do you remember this?:

    Dedicated servers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but I think you will see that for 90% of the market out there VPS solutions exist that are less expensive and in every way better than dedicated servers. Whether or not VPS wins out in the end will be determined more by marketing than by the technology. Bluehost is going to do its best to promote both types of VPS environments. We are considering doing both types now and will probably start with the basic version first and then move on to the Xen version next. We have no plans to do dedicated servers in the future, and for those that are doing dedicated servers I wish you luck :)

    When will we see VPS on bluehost 😛

  4. DannyTMurphy says:

    Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. So I guess your success can be traced back to your sanity. Hahaha.

    Keep up the good work Matt, I’ve enjoy Bluehost alot.

    – DTM

  5. gOL says:

    Wow… the little voice is whispering the same words. Thanks for the very inspiring blog!..

  6. MarkS says:

    Matt- you guys have been great over the past 2 years. However, tonight all my sites went down unexpectedly. Logging into FTP I saw all my files were gone. On my first call into support, the gentleman told me my account must have been hacked and files deleted. He offered no further help… so I started restoring an OLD backup. The second person was much more helpful and noticed I had been migrated to a new server, with all my files in tact. My IP address changed (even though I pay for a dedicated IP) during the migration. I had no notifications prior to the migration, and all my sites are currently down as I wait for support to see if my IP is still available. I also still have no access to my files. And I may have overwritten my files with a real old version due to the bad advice of the first support person. Just a little communication prior to this migration would have helped ALOT. Please do something to prevent this from happening to others… thanks, Mark

  7. mylanki says:

    Not only persistence, but also perseverance is crucial for success. You gain what you want , you loose what you want to loose. Your world is in you. You build your world. Way of thinking builds your world. If you always think about loses, you loose things. If you think about success, you will be successful.
    Don’t be pessimistic. Yet don’t be even optimistic. But be realistic and see the reality. Change your attitudes. Look at there!, success is waiting for. Don’t you see it?

  8. Louise Marie says:

    Hi Matt,
    As a business owner I appreciate all you do for us, your openness, your tenacity and ‘never give up’ thinking. I also feel that how staff is running a business always ends up being a reflection of the owner.
    Having a website that half works doesn’t look good on either of us. I’ve had the same trouble on your server for over a week now, in total.

    I am sorry to say, that aside from a few extremely effective and exceptionally brilliant fellows in your support team, a larger portion of the average support team will make the user jump through alot of the same hoops over and over ..then end up at ‘I don’t know’. -Worst is when I have to explain it may times over because the last guy/gal didn’t make any record notes for the next tech. The techs that don’t help people, do skip making notes(or accidentally hang up) I imagine, so nobody in management knows they didn’t know how to help us.

    Such situations have convinced me that asking for help in fixing problems like time-outs, and 500 errors and other Frontpage extensions more than 3 times, is evolving into a rather sad waste of one’s time.

    Part of the problem might be that we’re getting different techs and as many different answers every time I call doesn’t help.(we are currently fighting against the grain a whole week in total simply so I can upload/test a newly finished FPage site to the server. (while we still peruse the current slightly disabled out of date site because of need to stay of service to OUR customers) When I DID find someone who can help, I can never ever find the individual again. It’s been over a week since this strange server-extensions problem began.

    Now it’s been almost 4 days that my company is waiting for any answer to my escalated on-going written-in ticket, flanked with a fair number of phonecalls to tech support inquiring about the ticket status, it’s alot of work. It seems that hearing that a problem is ‘escalated’ over and over means that none of the tenacity you or I have, will be of any help to me now.

    It is apparent to me that if a level one tech can no longer help, that my calling about it after escalation doesn’t do any good. Escalation includes being made to wait days and days for any reply that is useful is sadly some payback for my ‘I own the business’ tenacity…perhaps such tenacity like mine is seen as a problem? Is there possibly a more effective way for one to proceed forward in matters?

    I’m not currently feeling as happy as when I first entrusted my company’s main web presence to Bluehost. I said then…gee, what a gem of a company, a smart and active owner, often friendly support, all that is good…but now….(sighing) now I gave to probably move all my stuff(I have no time for this moving moving moving business) but before I actually do, I feel you should have a heads-up as to what is happening to me, a dedicated customer like myself…just in case you can better things.

    You I’m sure, appreciate hearing about problems before it causes us to leave and/or it cuts into ones bottom line.

    I do know that I have escalated my feelings to the one who cares the most, yours truly, and that helps but I’d rather be working on my business’s site :-) but…I can’t do that right now:-(

    Thanks for listening Matt, I’m glad I can somehow reach you :-) I rad on your blog, I think YOU are doing a great job.
    May I suggest emailed satisfaction surveys after tech-support interactions and for each tech make detailed notes, so that you could sometimes review things to keep you the caring owner in the loop. I think that’s half the battle. I would still defend you Matt, because running a business is hard work…even when people tell me ‘you only get what you pay for’.
    I believe value and values go hand n hand.

    Kudos to you…for all you do for us. But I think I have to move on?

    Louise Marie

  9. Derek Williams says:

    Hey Matt –

    I’m a satisfied Bluehost customer, going on two years. I wanted to give you a quick heads up on something pretty cool. I’m reading the book “The Four-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss right now, which was #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list a few weeks back. On the top of page 171, he mentions BlueHost when sharing a story about two friends who hosted their new business sites with your company. On page 179, the author also includes BlueHost under a list of “Inexpensive but Dependable Hosting Services”. Thought you might want to pick up the book and check it out. Thanks for speaking directly to your customers and keep up the great customer service.

  10. Wes says:

    I think the biggest problem for most people is the fear of failure. I agree with you that the best move is to learn from those failures and do better the next time. It takes a bit of time sometimes to have that kind of understanding but once you have it you are bound for greater success.

  11. John (18yr web dev) says:

    Thanks! I have just read this blog post – the first one i have read from you.

    You have just given me enough enthusiasm to keep reading this damned ASP Demons book!

    “If at first, you don’t suceed, try and try again”

    Wishing you success in your business.


  12. I’ve been running the same site for 5 years and while traffic has steadily increased over that time, there are many days where I want to give up. But I continue to pursue and “fail”, but where’s my success and how do I even begin to measure it?

    At some point you either have to wake and realize that you need change or hang tight and continue trying your best.

  13. Dan says:

    Success – Persistence = Failure is the second formula to keep in mind. It doesn’t continue to run on its own even after you are there.

    I’ve always loved failure oddly enough. When starting my offline based business I failed so much… And each time I would say, at this step 10% of other people would have given up, then at this step another 20% would have given up… Until eventually I am in a lonely area, not necessarily with an increased chance of success, but a slight chance of finding something very big that no one else bothered to look for.

  14. It is inspiring to read all the comments in this blog! my salutes to Matt Heaton & staff for providing one of the best web hosting services in the world.

    Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown. Ross Perot


    Julio Menchaca

  15. me says:

    WOW! 300 additional
    Mbit of bandwidth each month!
    Just got the update.

    We want more CPU usage Matt, we dont need 3 terrabyte of tranfer per month and canot spend it because of CPU limit usage, we also want more e-mails so we can send our members newsletters and updates and dont have to worry about that limit.

    OK, it’s shared, you can’t simply offer it with 6.95 a month, i understand BUT you must STATE it on the bluehost package features on the main web site so the user will know and fully understand the situation.

    You should spend money on building stronger servers, having fewer accounts per machine etc not only make the network stronger with extra 300 mbit that none is going to use anyway.

    The other day i was having ONLY 30 users connected to the site AND BOOM! cpu usage notice, account suspended, users gone and i was left alone! Not to mention the UNHAPPY users that aint comming back and god only knows how many of users i’ve lost in the past from that situation…

    And NO it’s not a crapy writen php script that blowed the CPU Usage quota at 60 sec’s of sliding window, it’s joomla the best CMS Winner for a couple of years now, rings any bells?

    If you manage to give more cpu usage, less terrabytes of huge traffic that NONE is going to use EVER and more e-mails per hour, you guys are going to rule in the hosting industry.

    I also dont care if you raise the ammount of money to 10$ per month, just want my work done without so much limits.

    Anyways, my site’s getting bigger and bigger i aint gonna stick around to see what’s next on bluehost. I am switching to vdedicated or dedicated as soon as possible.

    Iam not unsatisfied customer or something just mentioning some issues, and that those limits are not stated at the features of the bluehost hosting package. It should be stated CLEARLY in my opinion.

    I also want to see a vdedicated plan from you or EVEN better a dedicated plan.


  16. Dan Lycholaj says:

    A quality blog from quality people. This is going to my third shot at building a successfull (read: make$$) website. The first was a technophobe nightmare and never go off the ground.Second got off the ground but did not fly real well and finally was put out of it’s misery.Product info was fed daily from dropshipper catalog ..thus never allowing for web seo for 1,000 or so items that other big boys also sold en-mass. Sooo Twice burned 3rd time shy? somewhat…but yes I look at it all as paying tuition for an education :0) . Third attempt will be affiliate marketing and I will surely sign up with you.Thanks for the perk up ! Dan

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