600,000 Domains and growing – Thanks!

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone at our organization for all the hard work they do. I expect a lot from the people at our company, but often don’t give the praise that goes along with all that hard work. Thanks to all our developers, sys admins, support staff, abuse dept, training dept, verifiers (You know what you do), biz dev, management, assistants, billing dept, and affiliate dept. Whoa, I hope I didn’t forget anyone. We now have 600,000 hosted domains! I predict (conservatively) that we will have more than 1,000,000 domains hosted by Sept 1st 2008. Thanks again for getting us to where we are today!!

Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

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  1. adam says:

    you’re one of the best hosts out there, it’s great to see you becoming popular!

  2. Scott says:

    You’re going to have a few less if you can’t solve the email problems – it seems hostmonster/bluehost has problems with spammers, as its servers keep ending up on various blacklists.

  3. Nielsen says:

    600,000 Domains and growing…

    Why does your main page only state: NOW HOSTING OVER 380,000 DOMAINS?

  4. Angel says:

    Congratulations Matt, It´s amazing, but I have to tell you something, your business is growing, and we too, we need a little more, in a previous post you say that bluehost will offer VPS, my business it´s not the Host, I never resell the host but we need more mail traffic the 500 mail limit it´s too small to medium and big enterprises if we have 100 users the limit stop us when we send only 5 mails per user.

    I only have two problems:

    1. The mails limit, we are not spamers just need more capacity, when we need more we have to use other servers, and I hate to use other providers.

    2. Multiple ssl, have more than 1 ssl could help us, we can´t use only one ssl because ie7 have a protection if you use a ssl of other domains.

    I don´t have problem with the dns, it´s not important for me my name in the dns.

    Bluehost have an excelent service, please offer the VPS or a solution to have more capacity.

  5. L Barrett says:

    Matt – this is the most user UNfriendly hosting site, and the most frustrating time I have ever spent. I am not a computer geek, I’m simply a person who needs two sites: one for my business, 1 for my non-profit, to be up and running. The Help setup really doesn’t. The Customer Support has now screwed up BOTH of my sites, and you’re losing me as a customer.

    Why is it so difficult to get logical, intuitive, step by step instructions to upload a site? All I want are the two sites designed for me to be uploaded and work! Unbelievable.

  6. Ferdinand says:

    @L Barrett
    BH is the only provider I used by now which has an own user forum. There you would have found help for your problems.

    PS: The sitebuilder offered by BH is crap, but I don’t know if there are better sitebuilders available at other hosting companies. But using a sitebuilder for a business website???

  7. Roger says:

    It’s OK to not be a “computer geek” but you have to understand that running a web site is technical work! You can only expect it to be so user-friendly. It is not like installing a new application on your personal computer. Surely that day is not terribly far off, but it’s not quite here yet.

  8. Arn B says:

    to L Barret
    I feel you are being unfair with Bluehost. They are a host, not a site designer. However based on your experience this sounds like another business opportunity for them, but don’t expect to get web design services for $6.95 a month.

    YOU or your proxy called a web designer is responsible for creating the site. If you don’t like the software BH provides, you are free to use whatever you want. As for loading the site, YOU should learn a bit about Linux directories, then use either their FTP program, have your web designer upload and test the site, or use something like Filezilla which works for me.

    I moved my site over about a week ago and I’ve found the help desk personnel to be courteous, mostly knowledgeable, or able to go up a level or two for the answer. I’m also pleased with my site’s performance and response time.

  9. Matt,


    Together with my business partner, we have decided to continue and extend our relationship with Bluehost.

    All in all, Bluehost offers the most and delivers the best!

    This is not to say that everything has been perfect, and if you live outside of the USA and in a different time zone as well, it is a bit of a rocky road to live with Bluehost email support. But, at the end of the day (or sometimes at the end of the week) everything is sorted out.

    Congratulatios and continue offering sterling hosting service!

  10. Becky says:

    When are you guys going to implement the latest wordpress update? Usually Bluehost is pretty quick about making it available in Fantastico but I’ve been waiting patiently for almost a month!

  11. Kevin says:

    In the 3 days i’ve had this account:

    -1rst day, after installing phpbb3 forum, i started getting General Error mysql
    Opened a ticket on this matter ( #656686 ) and nothing of value was answered to me (oh yes, poor scripting…i wonder why all other phpbb3 on other hosts aren’t having the same problem then!)…

    -2nd day, uninstalled the non-working phpbb3 and tried re-installing, could not finish installation…General Error again! added info to ticket ( #656686 )

    -3rd day, spent around 2 hours with your customer support (international call from Switzerland) and nothing could be done about SQL ERRORS…so i asked to nuke my account…

    -3rd day part 2, Even nuking the account was useless…as this ticket explains i cannot access ANY part of my site (phpbb3/install.php or chat/install.php)

    Even though the two persons i got on the phone were very nice, and this is worth mentioning….this is outrageous! I have paid for a service, and all i have been getting from this host is… nothing! I thought you were a good host, well i truly don’t see how!

    Best of it all, is that my ticket got closed with a very stupid answer blaming the script, and is now tagged as “REsolved”… you must be kidding me!

    I am really sorry, but at this time i cannot call this a good host nor service and thus shall never recommend it.. not that i think anyone will care, i doubt Mr Heaton will even read this..

  12. KH Tan says:


    BlueHost friendly support has been incredible. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with resolving issues quickly..

    Currently our main and other park domains and email servers have been out of service or down for over 12 hours now. We have no access to web sites and emails and we are stuck with many jobs. I wish BlueHost could warn us ahead of time or at least transfer or mirror our domains to another dns in resolving future downtime.

  13. John says:

    Bluehosts service is declining in a major way, I’ve been a customer since August of 2005, all I want is for my sites to be available as much as Bluehost claims they will, and all I get from customer support is “If you want a refund, we can give you a pro-rated one” What kind of an answer is that?

    What ever happened to LOYALTY, adding more and more domains and customers doesn’t do squat for me and my little tiny internet presence, I was recently even Banned from the BlueHostForums with out any warning, for try to get a straight answer about CPU errors, and 500 Internal errors.

    I know I don’t matter to Bluehost, they’ve made that crystal clear, I have about as much chance of getting answers, as this post does to getting posted on Matt’s blog.

    Loyal BH customer since 2005

  14. Danilo Lee says:

    Congrats! HostMonster has been provided me with great service

  15. Terry says:

    Congrats. Bluehost has been great for me.

    Would you consider offering http://textpattern.com/ as part of the fastico easy install apps?


  16. freeadlists says:

    I’ve had my issues with Bluehost in the past but lately they have worked well for me. Over the past year, I’ve tried 4-5 different web hosts and they were all terrible. One of them didn’t want to give me my data back when I decided to go elsewhere because of inferior service. Another one never answered phones and gave me a hard time releasing my domain name (on transfer). I couldn’t believe either case. I filed a BBB complaint and later threatened legal action. They finally got the message. I was pissed I had to go through that much BS. I really think Eaton is striving to be the best in his space. Believe me BH is a lot better than most so-call “web host providers.”

    As others said before, the email is an issue that needs to be worked on.

  17. Lovyraj says:

    Well Matt , its really really paraiseworthy to read your history and that how you started your great company.
    What is more exciting is to get energy from your struggle.
    Actuly i am a recent graduate and i have been walking along your path from some long time.
    What i would like to suggest you from this scrap is man may find where a diamond is , but that God only knows where the new ones are shaping…
    So if you couuld find me good to join hands with , i may be glad to work with you and your guidance .
    We have a lot of aspects in India for hosting business and it would be good if we can go hands in hands.

    Thanking You

    Lovyraj Shivhare
    Smart Software Solutions
    Gwalior (M.P. , India)

  18. Gonzalo says:

    I’m really happy with BH. I can see that CPU usage in servers is really low!! (at least the one in which I am), and I never had any problem. But I have just noticed that you don’t allow daemons to run!, under no circumstances. I have even allow you to inspect source code of my (very little) daemon, and that makes no difference to you. Why if you support SSH access, you don’t support daemons?. At least you should analyze an exception. That’s something that really disappointed me.

  19. Julian says:

    I work on approximately 250 different servers a year for clients the range from fortune 500 corporations to mom and pop 5 page sites. Earlier today I moved a new client to Bluehost from every developer’s nightmare, GoDaddy ( I won’t take a new client if they won’t move from GoDaddy or Yahoo). I was very impressed with your setup. My part of the move went flawlessly. Given my experience this morning I would have to say your hosting is the best for the small business/individual owner I have worked on in years. You and your crew have done a great job. Thank you for making my job so easy!

  20. jim says:

    I have three accounts with Bluehost. Two have been great and the other has been a nightmare, specifically box 301. Ever since I’ve been moved (without any warning) to that box my site has been down for extended periods (over 30 mins) more times than I can count.

  21. David Elwell says:

    Matt –

    Just added 2 more domains to your 600,000+.

    Keep customer service at the top of the BH list and the 1.0 M domains is guarantied!

    How about discounted fees if the customer registers related domain names (BH.com, BH.org, BH.net) as part of the same hosting sign-up process? Three domains, rather than only one, multipled by how many new accounts per month …

    Thanks for the great service!

  22. techguy says:

    Congrats on all the users. I’ve been very satisfied with bluehost and I’ve been helping with those numbers. I think I own too many domains.

    You should really consider moving your email to Google Apps. Not only will you have all the email and space you need, but a much more robust set of email preferences and searching. Not to mention if you are a business you get access to Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Chat. Not to mention Google’s spam filter is one of the best in the business.

    It might just be me, but I really think that BlueHost’s email policy is designed to have you use a different email host. Things like not allowing a catch all email address and only 50 emails a day is ridiculous. So, make the move and change. It’s by design.

  23. worm1000 says:

    L Barrett is very harsh and I find the comments this user posted to be extreemly unfair.

    bluehost are fantastic the support is supurb and if this were my blog i’d remove L Barrett’s comments quickly if not sooner.

    Keep up the great work Matt.

    Your doing a great job and should be commended.

  24. Francisco says:


    I’m quite pleased with the experience you people provide .
    Keep it comming.

  25. seo expert says:

    i have been through different hosting company but i found you guys very very efficient and reliable. i rank you one of the top hosting company today ans its showed by ur reslt as good luck to you in ur future as a company

  26. Stash says:

    @ L Barret
    BlueHost has the responsibility to give you hosting and nothing more. You should have planned a way to design your websites and have them uploaded on yor own, support can offer so little. however, Imight be able to help you since im free for two weeks now. stashhh [at] gmail [.] com

  27. leolai says:


    I have been an affiliate of Bluehost for over 3 years and have no doubt about the service you provide because NONE of the customers (over 400) who registered via my sites ever complaint to me about your service!!

    However, you have been delaying my affiliate payment for many months now so I hope you can settle the payment soon so I will keep spreading the good words about Bluehost.

    Since I didn’t get any response from you via email, I thought it is a good idea to write to you via your blog.

    Thanks for the attention.

  28. Greg Hoffman says:


    Time to add new content to the blog. If you do, I will. Deal?

  29. Timur says:

    Congratulations, You offer a good service.

  30. david floyd says:

    600,000? wow…..I suddenly feel very insignificant. I would have been impressed if it had been 600, or on the outside… 6,000, but 600,000!!! You guys are monsters!

  31. Designer says:

    600,000 is A LOT. But you deserve it, your service is excellent. Keep it up!

  32. Games says:

    This is a great achievement. Well done.

  33. michael.s says:

    Great article, Congratuklations, 600,000 is a mark, wow, respect!

  34. Thomas says:

    Congratulations, I think Matt is good at what they offer service.

  35. Aktien says:

    I just bumped to this page saying that you had 600 000 hosted domains in 2007. Certainly, I was curious what has happened and I found on your website: ‘Over 20,000 New Customers a Month & Hosting Millions of Domains! ‘

    Congratulations to your big success story!

  36. Web Design says:

    Congratulations also from us, service is not just to be substituted by. But now do not rest on the laurels, continue

  37. Amazing – this is a real success story.

    Congratulations from germany. 10 Points 😉

    Well done. I have two accounts for my webdesign projects with Bluehost. And erverythings fine.

  39. Congratulations. I have two accounts for webdesign projects with bluehost. Everythings fine.

  40. Hi,

    you’re one of the best hosts out there, it’s great to see you becoming popular!!!


  41. I read today in your new blog post that the company now has 300 employess. You begun with 4. A really amazig growth-rate. Congratulations.

  42. Congrats from me too. I have 3 Accounts of them…

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