Microsoft is irrelevant…

Ding dong the witch is dead! Microsoft isn’t really dead, but it might as well be. It obviously has a cancer so significant that there is really no coming back to the glory days of old. Why do I say this? I just realized that my “beta” of Windows Vista expired months ago and I didn’t even notice. I never even bothered to put a real copy of Vista on my “windows” machine at home because I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to use a Microsoft operating system.

Now this blog post isn’t going to be a “Join Apple” post like some of my others although I am a Mac advocate, rather I am writing to point out that the alternatives to Windows are so superior that it is likely that if you put forth any effort you could free yourself forever from the grotesque mediocrity heaped upon the average user in the form of Microsoft Windows and other garbage that Microsoft puts out.

Windows Vista is absolutely the worst operating system I have ever encountered. It is incredibly slow, incredibly buggy, and still has enormous hurdles to overcome with a significant percentage of hardware on the market. Microsoft now has their beta of service pack 1 available to address some of these issues, but the fact that you have to wait a year just to have a stable OS shows that Microsoft has learned nothing from the Windows 95 days. Users don’t have to put up with crapware anymore, and frankly they shouldn’t. The alternatives are great. Linux has come a LONG way on the desktop and is very usable now, and Apple is light years ahead of Microsoft on the desktop.

A Microsoft representative that was sent to “sell us” on Microsoft Exchange hosting was even excited to tell me that he was getting a Macbook Pro (Apple Laptop). This is someone at Microsoft who’s job is to evangelize the benefits of Microsoft products. HE is getting a Mac :) It brings a smile to my face.

A lot has changed since I got in the hosting business, but the complete irrelevancy of Microsoft is something I didn’t foresee. I have gone from wanting to do Microsoft Windows hosting, to wanting to use certain Microsoft products but not their OS, to wanting to use compatible products with Microsoft software, to not caring at all what Microsoft is doing. I don’t even consider their products in any way shape or form now when making business decisions. Microsoft has done this to themselves because they are either incapable of producing a quality product or they don’t care anymore if their product is great. Either way its not a company I will do business with.

Do you disagree? Show me where I am wrong… I didn’t think so!

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Christian says:

    I like Bluehost more and more!
    Even more, if your site/cPanel would arrive in the present when it comes to UI, etc. It could use some fancy AJAXification…

  2. arum says:

    “he was even excited to tell me that he was getting a Macbook Pro.”

    LOL, too funny.

    I don’t disagree with this post Matt, but I would watch your own doorstep while you make these comments – have you seen ‘Leapord’? Looks like Apple Sauce to me (as in Apples all mashed up into a mess, as opposed to sweet and tasty).

    Is Mr Jobs losing sight?

  3. Mike Soh says:

    You’re wrong in one place. Have you ever tried Windows ME?

    Windows ME is still the worst OS that Microsoft as come out with. Bar none.

  4. I’m a Linux man, especially when it comes to servers. I’d be interested in knowing how much you save by running Linux in the data center.

  5. Ad Bruijns says:

    Dear Matt,

    I love Windows Vista. The OS is rock stable. The last few months I have been running a FAH SMP Client on my system and did not experience a single crash. I had the system running for days and, while running FAH, played some game demos. (Unreal Tournement 3, Prey, F.E.A.R. and Crysis) Given the proper hardware (lots of memory and a dual core processor) there is not much wrong with Vista.

    Ad Bruijns

  6. Greg Perkins says:

    Sure, I hate Microsoft, but I hate Apple even more. It’s the same problem in a different stage/environment… design and features ruled by corporations. I don’t want my computer to do anything more than I want it to do, and I don’t want it to do any less either. Go Linux!

  7. Ben Thompson says:

    Dear Mr. Heaton,

    The idea that “Microsoft is irrelevant” is quite silly considering its OS share in the market and the fact that all other computer makers use this software – which accounts for over 90% of computers sold each year. Personally, I prefer the Mac OS but I also use versions of Vista and XP at home and work.

    Understandably, you may not like the hosting or OS options of Microsoft, however considering not just the OS usage but how many Mac users install Microsoft’s Office programs – in fact even Apple advertises that it’s OS runs Office on their website. And this doesn’t even factor in the success of the XBOX, the 360, or XBOX Live. All have been quite successful and arguably the industry standard. Therefore describing the company who owns a drastic majority of the world’s OS users, the leading video game console and accessories, and the most used office and business products as irrelevant is as humorous as saying the G4 processor was better in Apple computers than the Dual Intels.

    Am I wrong?

    Ben Thompson

  8. Rick says:

    I agree with you regarding Vista. I upgraded my Thinkpad, mostly because it was free, and have regretted it since. Vista is way slower than XP and crashes frequently. Every now and again it “forgets” my desktop settings and I am left with a Windows2000 look.

    I don’t agree if you are down on XP. It works well, is intuitive, can be secure (if you know what you are doing) and supports more hardware out-of-the-box than any other OS.

    Linux is great for servers as it is reliable, fast and has good resource utilisation. For home users it is still in the geek-arena. Hardware support is still an issue, esp with 3D graphics and wireless networking. It has come a long way in the past few years, but has a way to go before it is intuitive enough for the average user.

  9. Nucleus says:


    With the proper hardware windows vista is actually the best desktop operating system period.

    Get a dual core 1.7ghz processor and 2gb of ram (a proper pc for vista) and we’ll talk again.


  10. Max says:

    I will be the first to admit the iPhone is a spectacular product. When I first internet browsed on a friend’s device, I looked at my Windows Mobile device and thought “wow, what a missed opportunity.”

    From a server perspective, I have to disagree that Microsoft’s products are buggy or slow… SQL Server 2005, Exchange 2007, Office Communication Server, Office Sharepoint Server… these are leading products in the enterprise space lauded as the best while most often NOT the highest cost solution.

    Onto the desktop side; I know there are Microsoft people that buy the Apple MacBooks but in my experience it is to run Windows Vista. Prior to the Bootcamp/Parallels days, a significant number of current users would not even have considered an Apple because it lacked rather basic functionality in their opinion. True some of that is work related with specific line of business applications written only for Windows, and some of that is usability since despite Apple fans thinking OS X is the easiest and most painless experience, for long-time Windows users is really is an uphill battle to switch (although I may be convinced for novices it is easier to start on a Mac).

    So as for your question on whether or not you are wrong I say this: to describe Microsoft as irrelevant citing examples such as OS X being “light years ahead” seems to me as more a sensationalist post than a well thought out opinion… in my humble opinion 😉

  11. Roger says:

    Sorry dude, I think that is just wishful thinking on your part.

  12. talking about windows vista.. most annoying part is the “do you want to run this program”… “do you sure want to run this program”…

    it will keep asking.. even you are running the same program all the time. Each time you execute it, it will repeat the the same question.

    Borrow me a hammer.. i like to knock someone head.

  13. Abdul says:

    Microsoft, trying to evangelize Apple products. Maybe since they own 15% of Apple Stock. That gives them more control over what apple is coming out with and if its compatible with MS Operating Systems.

  14. Mike says:

    Windows vs. Mac, Ford vs. Chevy, Chocolate vs. Vanilla, toilet paper rolls to the front or to the back…. What’s irrelevant is the inevitability that these infantile arguments will never end. A wiser version of your more recent post (Win at all cost!) would acknowledge that business success has little to do with having the better product and everything to do with how you take your product to market.

  15. James says:

    I think you are right on the spot; It has been a long long time since Microsoft stopped being ‘cool’.
    Though most people use Microsoft Windows, it is the 1% of the tech tribe, those who are making things happen, those who account for the most results, like Matt that don’t use or care about Microsoft products.
    And that 1% makes all the difference in the world, so nice view inside the head of an industry leader.

  16. Ray says:

    After reading only a couple your blogs I am thinking that they are written to produce some sort of shock value. The process of inferring what is relevant in the computer industry must be taken in stride and over a much longer term than your limited experience suggests. Ding, dong the witch is dead, is equivalent to saying that General Motors no longer makes automobiles. having owned hand held calculators that were more expensive than the current computers sporting Vista I remember being very excited when they came out with the Apple II. Having used CPM for years, I purchased one of the Macintoshs in 1984 and the very first IBM computers in 1982. one of the things that made IBM so popular and successful was their open architecture. this is what propelled Microsoft to the top initially. I believe that Apple shot themselves in the foot when they decided that they would control both the software and hardware architectures. I sincerely believe that Apple would have been the predominant operating system decades ago if they had opened their hardware architecture to the competitive market and shared the wealth with other developing companies. IMHO

  17. Jonathan says:

    Yeah… I’ve got to side with the previous commenter. And I think you’re in dangerous water Matt. While there’s a lot of what you say that I agree with, I think you’re also proving yourself to be quite ignorant.

    As a server admin of both Linux and Windows machines, I believe the Windows server products are just as solid as Linux. IIS is a rock solid web server that’s only growing in market share globally… how can that be irrelevant? Microsoft have proven again and again that their development tools are superb, and the breadth of tools they have available for developers of all skill levels is staggering.

    I’m not Microsoft fan-boy here. I’m a big proponent of Open Source, and Microsoft will have to wake up to that. But I’m also a DJ, and the software I use to create music is only available on Windows or OS X. Apple scare me even more than Microsoft do when it comes to open-ness. I tell you, if the two companies were reversed in their market positions and decisions they’d made of the years, I don’t think they’d be so different.

    In any case, I think you’re showing exceeding ignorance man. Sure Open Source tools are great and (I believe) the way forward, and sure Microsoft’s been digging a deep rut, but they also employ thousands of incredibly intelligent people, and that DOES count for something.

    Do you play video games Matt? Tell me you don’t own a Playstation 3. If you’re a Sony fan, then you’re honestly one confused duded, when it comes to corporate allegiance and open platforms.

  18. fifi says:

    “Windows Vista is absolutely the worst operating system I have ever encountered. It is incredibly slow, incredibly buggy, and still has enormous hurdles to overcome with a significant percentage of hardware on the market.”

    I think that is a gross generalization of what Vista is all about. I don’t see how using a beta version equates to an opinion about the actual product.

    If you compare the kernels of the operating systems, there have been far less kernel bugs found in windows XP+Vista than there have been with either GNU/Linux or the MacOSX kernel.

    99.9% of the famous blue screen(s) of death can be traced down to faulty hardware drivers. I hope you are not asking for Microsoft to write drivers for all the hardware out there.

    As far as usability goes, Vista is a step in the right direction. The security that it provides in undeniably better than that of any windows version. If you doubt that look at any arstechnica article on the internals of vista.
    The UAC nagging dialog box-spam is a myth. If you constantly install software or plug in 10 new devices every day, then you will get annoyed, if not the nag dialog hardly ever pops up.

    MacOSX on the other hand is made up of so much crap from different OS’s stuck together that its probably the worst platform to write code for if you’re a developer. They phase out APIs quite often and Mac apps break when there is an update to the OS. I can still run DOS games on my Windows XP pc, which is quite amazing to say the least and almost taken for granted now.. (Ask any mac developer who also has developed software for windows or even linux and see what they say)

    As far as vista being a system hog. Unless you thirst for every milisecond of performance gain or single digit FPS drops in games you wont even notice it if you use it on a fairly recent machine.

    I understand you wanted to vent, but might as well be objective :)


  19. Dan says:

    Do you think could eventully have dedicated servers? is there any possibility. i have been with hostmonster for almost a year now. To tell you the truth i dont want to leave in search of a dedicated server.
    is it possible?

  20. rhw007 says:

    I PROUDLY put a HOSTMONSTER graphic showing my site is hosted and broadcast by you folks. I have four other subdomains and there is a $25 bounty to ANYONE who you can get me my ORIGINAL site registered in my name back in the 1995-96 time frame…

    On the Windows issue…as a Professor teaching computers at local college, microsoft unfortunately HAS cornered, or snookered, the desktop educztion market…and also the OS for nearly ALL new ‘IBM-type’ computer OS’s.

    I would hope that your hosting services keep up with supporting THEIR products for users to use for web content and hosting. I use FrontPage 2003 for the primary site I have with you.

    The other 4 subdomains are and will be using different content providers.

    However….I will ALWAYS wish to have FrontPage…or it’s “Windows” equivalent available. I hope you won’t forget that. And THAT point goes to the previous article you just wrote and WIN WIN WIN above ALL else…means as much as you hate Vista (even I am torqued right now since Vista upgrade ‘lost connections’ with my printers–which WERE working fine until I had an automated update)…YOU must deal with their product for webhosting solutions for people at home wanting a GREAT DEAL on a hosting service.

    btw…Give ALL your support team a treat…they have been GREAT in all my dealings with, which have been few…mainly getting ftp and new domains set up.

    Since you’re getting more bandwidth each month…can we eventually see a monthly increase in allowed bandwidth usage 😀 ?


  21. ben says:

    The reason I stay with Windows? My brand new laptop that runs Vista like a champ cost $600. A comparable Mac? Easily thrice that. And you want to talk smack about licensing? There is none with Mac. You’re just not allowed.

    My Vista desktop that remembers my settings religiously works every time. Ubuntu, which I have dual-booted on this new laptop, constantly needs to be re-configured since every time I reboot, the wallpaper is gone back to the default, the panels are in the wrong place, and the launchers or other things I’ve added are missing. If I switch to another desktop, the panels are just gone. I’ve had the x server crash a dozen times in the last 2 weeks. My wireless chip is “supported” officially by Ubuntu and will see wireless networks, but won’t connect, no matter what security setting or encryption I use. And Ubuntu is the “Easy” Linux.

    Constantly asking for permission IS totally annoying, so I turned it off. Linux asks me for my password FAR more than Vista and can’t be turned off. Anyone with half a mind to keep junk off their computer can easily do it with Windows. I haven’t had an active virus on my computer in years.

    I’d like to use OS X on my laptop, but again, it’s illegal, plus I like winding down from my job as sys admin by playing myriad video games. Damn, sorry Mac.

    Now, I want to express that I really like all three operating systems. I have all three running on desktops at home (with a couple Slackware and CentOS servers thrown in for fun). I just hate when people ramble on about things like “Linux is totally cool as a desktop” or “Just go get a Mac” without being really fair to Windows. If you want an overpriced locked-in hype machine that makes some damn fine pictures, go with OS X. If you want an arcane configuration monster that inter operates with everything on the planet, run yourself a Linux machine. If you want a bloated, bureaucratic, security nightmare that without having to show your Mom how to hit the command line and will be compatible with 99% of the world’s computer hardware and market, then Windows is your operating system.

  22. Marko says:


    Have you ever considered how much of the software on your Mac was actually produced and written by Microsoft? See the interview of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 (

  23. Dan says:

    I agree with you, Matt. The only vaguely interesting thing I can think of which is Microsoft is Surface, apparently due out this spring. But from its website ( it looks more like a concept car at an auto show than anything else. Some great ideas, but the actual product is usually a letdown.

    Gates had at least a little charisma in his own geeky way, but I don’t see much leadership from Ballmer.

    People can proselytize ad infinitum, but the market will continue to cast its votes with its pocketbook. There are more switchers these days, to be sure, but only if it’s because the Windoze “pain threshhold” is getting too high, that’s reason enough to spell MS’s doom.

  24. John says:

    Go Linux!

  25. Joe Barra says:

    Hello Matt, I can not agree more with you about Windows and Windows Vista. The problem is that I am stuck in corporate america. I am a software developer for one of the largest banks in the land. Whenever I have an oppurtunity to use opensource I do but the Web apps are mostly .NET / C#. We need to change how corporate america thinks in order to get different solutions. My approach is to try to bridge .NET with JAVA whenever I can. Changing one banker at time.

    Joe Barra

  26. Apple was nothing until they embrasure a technology that has been the force behind computing for the last 20 years—Unix. Then Apple adapted it’s new OS to the best possible hardware which evolved ahead of and independently of any OS–Intel. Jobs is a Unix convert via, Next not a real innovator. Look back to the BSD days to see the real reverence in computing over the last three decades. Even Microsoft has even been forced to drop most of its proprietary protocols, which were used as very temporary replacements to Unix ones @ some companies–Netware did not and died.

    How could Apple go wrong: the best GUI; in front of the best UNIX clone; on the best hardware; running all open network protocols; and able to run open source software after compilation. Microsoft will go the way of its proprietary predecessor like it’s in kind giant DEC, unless they also become a UNIX clone with a pretty GUI on top that is much more open. Actually they seem to be about half way their so it is my opinion they will survive.

    The real deal today, however, is who is going to sell me a brain dead computer and load it up with an OS from my cable modem and some basic descent applications for X dollars a month. Not everyone has to be on the cutting edge to play 3D games and most use server side apps from work or via web anyway. This is what the folks @ both Apple and Microsoft and yes Google are working on. Doing upgrades and Hardrives suck period!

  27. Maxx says:

    As a Mac-based design professional who’s shopping for webhosting services today, let me take a minute to say how refreshing it is to read your comments about other operating systems. Unless you’ve been a Mac user like I have for the last 19 years, it would be hard to understand how important it is to sign up with a web hosting company that is open to working WITH my platform. I don’t want to spend my money with a company that will in-the-end, leave me feeling like the ugly step-child with reduced access and limited support simply because I am not on a PC. Hearing ANY kind of positive comments about other OS platforms from a company’s CEO gives me a hint of the company’s mindset and possible compatibility…and is definitely a positive selling point to this long-time Mac user.

  28. Beck says:

    I’m a new Bluehost customer and first visited this blog today. After reading this post and the earlier one about how/why you became a Mac enthusiast, I wonder why the Bluehost cPanel displays so poorly on the Mac’s built-in Safari browser. I installed Firefox on my iMac simply to access the cPanel. Am I missing something here?

  29. Chuck says:

    I totally agree with Ray’s analysis of the open/closed architecture on Apple’s part. Microsoft would be a shell of a company, if Apple had been an open architecture company. Starting in the industry in ’84, the exponential growth of open ended hardware and software has been nothing short of amazing. Apple could still release the proprietary nature of their hardware to outside vendors and rocket past M$ in two years in my opinion. Why they have chosen not to after 20 plus years of lessons learned baffles me.

    From the beginning they have always had an advantage in their OS and ease of use. In the early days, number crunching and availability of programs was the key to my selection, but this has radically changed.

    I still do not use Apple products as I dislike paying the premium for their hardware, but I am considering it in the future due to the user friendly nature. Windows is becoming more and more of a nightmare to use with the bloated code and vulnerabilities. Yet, for all the cons of Windows, the availability of free programs and hardware is still a very compelling reason to stay with the IBM style of hardware.

  30. Chuck says:

    Matt, I agree and disagree with your Microsoft is Irrelevant article. I disagree but M$ will be around for a long time, due in part to their monopolistic practices that shut down any competition in the past. I have always hated MS for the limitations they have imposed on the industry at large. Many technologies and improvements have been prevented from coming to market as a result. Disk and RAM architecture is one that comes to mind.

    I agree that Linux and Mac OS will gain market share over time, but as some have mentioned previously, the inherent problems are in the user. For longtime Windows and DOS (telling my age here) users, switching to Mac and Linux is not easy.

    If the Unix consortium years ago had agreed on basics, and not stood on their proprietary nature of whose Unix OS was better, they might have been able to develop a decent GUI to make it easier for users. Corel did develop a fairly decent GUI that was a lot easier to navigate, but you still had to overcome the learning hurdle for some Unix/Linux methods.

    The versatility and functionality of Unix/Linux has always been superior to anything else out there, but the tech side engenders a lot of FUD for the public at large. Ubuntu is an interesting project that is showing quite a bit of merit for ease of use and user friendly applications. If the Linux community would fully embrace it, it might have a chance to become the desired OS of the future.

    MS response to the Linux threat outside the U.S. is very deep and committed. Price slashing is the norm to keep customers, governments and corporations on the Windows platform. All a major company or gov’t has to do is threaten to switch to Linux, and they get a personal visit from a MS rep with a dollar saving deal in hand.

    As a former Novell network administrator, Novell was and is perhaps still the best Network security. Their NDS was superior to anything out there, and even included the MS network architecture in the NDS administration. It was far superior and simpler to manage even the ADS admin rights of MS. However, too little too late was their response to the GUI. Novell 4.0 and 5.0 were great advances in GUI and network administration. However, they fell down on the ball and allowed MS to develop a better platform by not embracing Linux sooner. Banyan Vines was a good system as well. Failing to look forward to the future of open ended computing and GUI, allowed MS to steal their market share. The MS monopolistic clout did hurt the competition as well.

    Linux has the opportunity, but will they seize upon it? Too many righteous people out there claiming their version of Unix/Linux is better seems to be history repeating itself again. If only they could come together and agree, Linux might be king of the world. Even MS is developing Linux applications in self defense.

  31. Rosemary says:

    This is quite curious to me since I do tech support often for people on Macs and PCs. Most common occurance during tech support for Mac users? They can’t find things on their own monitor. Why? It’s all piled up like scrap paper on a real desk and they can see through apps and don’ t know where they are half the time. My experience is that Mac design is high on glitz and low on usability. I’m not saying Microsoft is great, but I find higher productivity and learning rates with people on pcs.

  32. Matt says:

    Regardless of Microsoft’s mistakes or the quality of Vista on bleeding edge hardware, it’s failure to perform acceptably on even NEW average hardware has sent a lot of people looking elsewhere. My wife is now using Ubuntu Desktop Linux for the first time, and boots Windows only on occassion for the programs that require it (Quicken, etc.) I’m also using Linux far more, and have booted Vista only once on my laptop since adding XP to dual boot, and the only reason for that was to compress Vista files to make room for a Linux partition!

  33. Well, we can’t just say things like this against anything that we don’t like. I think its unfair. Microsoft added a lot of benefits and values to our daily work and life. Microsoft Windows XP Pro is an excellent OS. I like it very much and am happy with it. The new MS Office 2007 is just OUTSTANDING! Microsoft provides useful tools and software, yet they are not always the best in all the fields. I haven’t worked in MAC before but I have used it a little.
    Iam just surprised that the president of hates microsoft this much, I don’t know … but I really admire microsoft …

    Mohammed Sharif

  34. The Reverend says:

    Not going to take sides in the battle. Just going to point out that you don’t see a lot of Inuit peoples in swimming trunks. Microsoft makes products for the uneducated masses. Including me. We use MS operating systems because they are easy to use. True that tech types will more than 90 percent of the time come down on the other side of the fence. The non-tech types will more than 90 percent come down on the Redmond side of the fence. And that makes for a pretty big market. Then there is the little stuff like Microsoft donating many million dollars worth of their products to non-profits and schools. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… The Information Superhighway is littered with the corpses of tech types that tried to buck the Microsoft system. When I destroyed our entire website because I tried to change file name extensions I wished that there would have been that little window come up that said: “Are you sure you want to do that? Because if you do it, if you push yes, your entire website will be vaporized into the etherrealm and you will be kicking yourself in the ass for weeks while you struggle to try to recreate your Picasso with rat hair tied to a tent stake.” I like those kind of challenges.

  35. Kim Regan says:

    I love your attitude regarding market share and competitive business practices! Re: Microsoft…I made a lot of money working IT because of Microsoft products. It’s mainly the mongo sales folks who keep it in corp offices. You have to be good to keep selling an oppressive licensing system like they have. Like the roach commercial, you can check in, but you can’t check out. I didn’t bite on Vista. I’ve tried many hosting companies and BlueHost is one of the most flexible and helpful so far. Keep up the good work Matt!

  36. As much as i dislike Microsoft, and most people do, i hate Apple that much more. Apple is more proprietary and anti-competition than Microsoft could ever hope to be. if you need a part for your system, you have to go to Apple. hell, if u need to change the battery on your iPhone, you have to send it in to apple.

    Microsoft’s OS’s have continually gone downhill, and i wont be buying Vista. XP Pro was a decent system, as was win2kpro. I am instead switching to a high-end Linux system. Apples are way overpriced, barely customizable, and a worse choice than Microsoft IMO. I think their company motto is “if the end user cannot do anything or change anything, the system should continue to run well”.

  37. David Mackey says:

    Microsoft does need to learn their lesson. I really think they need to abandon this whole concept of major releases and move to a subscription model. Roll out features as they are completed and stable – otherwise they will continue to perpetuate this cycle. On the other hand, there are some great features of Microsoft’s development and serving platform that I don’t think the alternatives can quite rival. Microsoft’s .NET Framework and Visual Studio (including the express lines) make application development extremely quick. They have created an entire free eco-system that allows them to compete on a dollar for dollar basis with in hosting (shared Windows or Linux, whereas Windows used to have to be more expensive).

  38. writing this on a powerbook says:

    But you are a hosting service.

    So let’s talk .NET

  39. Peter Weis says:

    Contrary to public opinion, the fact remains that al the best programs out there are other than MS programs. One example is the ancient word processor “Ami Pro” which invented all the modern basic features of word processors including the “Smart Icons” which now line the top toolbar in all word processors and similar applications. And Ami Pro was a joy to use. Inlcuding a simple equation with superscript and subscript in text was as simple as falling off a log in Ami Pro (3 clicks and you’re done), and a 15 minute long painfull hassle in Word, and then it came out as an unsightly line shift anyhow.
    And then there is the true story of the Apache server which ran uninterrupted for 4 years, while no one knew where it was. Turns out it was accidentally walled-in during a renovation, and ran for 4 years, until rediscovered during another renovation. MS servers come no where close to this kind of reliable performance.

    The problem is that todays folk who grew up with MS have no idea what has happened, and what sterling software there used to be out there. They’ve all come to believe the MS hype of making the best software in the world, just because MS keeps saying it.

    In truth, and in comparison to other great software, all MS software is klunky, shoddy, awkward to use, full of bugs, full of security holes, and way over-priced. An OS should not cost more than $75.00 to $100.00, and an office suite no more than $75.00. There is good reason why Bill Gates is the richest man in the world; he is gouging his customers.

    In my mind, MS stands for MicroShoddy, and has done nothing to change my mind.
    most sincerely,

  40. jessie says:

    good for microsoft… it’s high time opensource products shine in the world of computing

  41. troy says:

    I love bluehost! Any company that will stand against microcrap, err, microsoft and support the free ideology of linux is an awesome company; and I don’t mind one bit spending my hard earned dollar on a good company with these sort of ideals! Thanks Matt!

  42. 01 January 2008 23:52:54 Central Standard Time

    Dear Matt,

    You sound just like Microsoft when you speak of taking everyones customers from them, i.e. total domination of the hosting industry.
    Seriously, would you have run Netscape out of business, like Microsoft did?

    I was a Mac Guru, for 10 years, and Technical Support Directory for Osprey Network Technologies Inc. but I use Windows and Linux now because of the dearth of applications available for the Mac, even though the Mac is clearly superior using a BSD friendly interface.

    I may never switch back to the Mac because the mouse does not have multiple mouse button. How often do you copy an paste code? Do you really use your Mac all the time for coding and writing articles etc.

    The mulitple mouse buttons and the shear number or quantity of Windows
    applications is essential to really getting more work done. But, backup often!!

    “Quantity has a Quality all of it’s own.” Joseph Stalin, Referring to the number of T34 tanks versus the number of Tiger Tanks the Germans had deployed. The Tiger Tank was clearly the superior Tank and the King Tiger will clearly go down in history as the best Tank in History for it’s time. But they didn’t have enough quantity.

    A word of warning Matt. I have been a Post Graduate Biochemist, a Registered Nurse and a Doctor of Medicine. Former Technical Directory and now a full fledged Unix Administrator, i.e. I have been around the block and I speak and write several languages fluently. I have seen up close many young people just like you lose control of their company when it grows to fast.

    Already, your night crew Barbara and Dawson at has totally turned me off! However, Shaun Richins did a superb job on the day crew. I wrote Ben to let him know what terrific job he did for you and me.

    Over the holidays your 3rd level support technician Robert Lawrence downgraded my box against my wishes.

    How’s that for loosing control? Over the holidays there was no adult supervision of on going operations at

    Yours very sincerely and respectfully,
    Frank F Eckdall
    Unix Administrator
    Biochemist, RN & MD

  43. Simon says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have been running Vista Business since August on a beefy Dell Optiplex 745 machine with 2gb of Ram, Dual core and a 250 MB Sata disk. This rig cost approx $2,250.

    In some places it does seem to lag a bit but in others it is quite fast. I expect that SP1 will fix a lot of the bugs.

    Coincidentally, I did really thing about getting a Mac Pro when I was preparing to buy the Dell. I really want to try one. However, when I configured the Mac Pro hardware to be as close as possible to the Dell spec, the Mac cost over @2,000 more!!

    Sorry Mac – you ain’t that good.

    Now if Apple started selling OS X at midnight I would buy a copy at 12:01am. But not the hardware.

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