The most dangerous creature in the world…

Whats the most dangerous creature in the world? A lion, a tiger, a grizzly bear? Hardly… Far and away the most dangerous creature in the history of the world has been the mosquito. The mosquito is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other creature. This tiny bug can and does cause massive damage.

Whats a mosquito got to do with web hosting or the IT industry in general? A lot! Somewhere out there is a teenage kid sitting in his/her basement reading this blog saying to themselves, “I can do a lot better than Bluehost!”. And you know what? They are probably right. Thats exactly how I was when I was a teenager. I KNEW I was going to start companies that were better than what was available at the time. These companies didn’t care a bit about me… I was just an annoying mosquito.

The time will come when we lose our edge, get complacent, or simply don’t watch out for those coming up fast behind us. We will get bit by the mosquito, and when we do it will be time to pass the torch on to the next great company with the vision to satisfy what consumers are demanding.

Hopefully that won’t happen for a long time! I still have some fight left in me and the torch is still firmly in my grasp – for now :)


Matt Heaton /

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  1. My suggestion would be to trade in the torch for a bug zapper…

    Excellent advice, Mr. Heaton. I loved this post.

  2. David Mackey says:

    Great point, though I think that the rat has been responsible for more deaths than the mosquito. What about the bubonic plague?
    Anyways, on to your main point – I agree. I know inside of me there is a certain passion to do better. Not simply because I want to best another company or make money, but because I want to see a better product or technology delivered. A mosquito for now, but someday I hope not.
    Enjoying bluehost hosting. Now what about allowing us to upgrade from shared hosting to a dedicated server? When my site takes off I’m going to have to move away from bluehost b/c all you offer is shared? Just a thought.

  3. Charles says:

    Keeps Ya On Your Toes, Doesn’t It!!!

    We’re still partial to BLUEHOST.

    C. Oxford

  4. John says:


    I have not seen you for a few years. I think the last time I saw you was at Costco buying a bunch of treats for your employees. I do not know if you even remember me but I used to buy wholesale stuff from you back in the Computer Warehouse days. You really inspired me watching your business ventures over the years.

    I read your “Failure+Persistance=Success” post. It is so true. I have had my share of all 3:

    computer sales business – failed, tried again
    network consulting business – failed, tried again
    muti-level marketing – failed, tried again

    offsite backup company – huge success, sold out for the quick buck (in hind site I regret this, so kind of a fail), tried again

    Went away from my comfort zone of computers and bought a pest control company, success (from 100 customers to 400 in one year), however this is not my passion so at some point I will sale it.

    Partner in a startup of a mortgage company, made good $ but mortgages seem like used car sells to me, sold out!

    This brings me to today. I am now working on a website. It is an idea that really has stemmed from a collection of all of my past ventures.

    Anyway, i guess I am rambling but I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me without even knowing you were doing it!


    John Brereton

  5. marjorie says:

    man is the most dangerous in my opinion

  6. Anthony Bull says:

    I’ve heard a saying in the Bay area that goes “There’s nothing more that scares two guys who started a company in a garage than two guys starting a company in a garage.”

  7. Dalek Bell says:

    This is why it is important to listen out for the latest buzz, before it bites you.

  8. Kaya Singer says:

    The only real person to be in competition with is yourself. There is room on the planet for anyone who is dedicated and committed to have a lucrative business. The real mosquito is giving up on yourself or not believing you can do it. It is all about being creative, keep thinking of new creative products and services and stay inspired.

  9. Ryan says:

    I just want to say that all though I’m new to BlueHost (friend of mine set me up a subdomain) you guys are doing a good job from what I’ve seen in my short time trying out your hosting. I am confident you’ll be around for a very long time. Don’t give up the fight so easily. Keep up the good work. :)

  10. Free Me says:

    It’s funny you mention this, Matt. I had some – at first glance – alarming issues with Bluehost this evening. When I called tech support, I was given inaccurate and incomplete data. When I finally got through to someone who could offer a solution, I got the distinct impression Bluehost considers me a mosquito. Not the threatening kind, but the kind whose business you all don’t really want that much.

    Had I not been persistent with your tech support, my domain would still be non-functioning at this moment.

    I realize I’m a small fry, but as you pointed out so adeptly, today’s small fry can turn into tomorrow’s big guy.

  11. Sony Chan says:

    I do have 24 domains on Bluehost & 1 new account on Fastdomain. My technology knowledge not very well but i do know many.
    I just want to say “Live Chat” support quality not like before anymore. they always send “Help Center” links to me but i find nothing what i need.Many time i opened chat-box request add-on international domain to my account, your staff close the chat request and note me goto help center(if i can finish step my self i will not open chat-box, but addon international domain do need staff finish for me. And help center havn’t update for a long long time). I remember that year ago i am really happy with your staffs and they’re different than other host, so i sign up bluehost. but now, i feel so bad and my domain in fastdomain non-functioning at this moment too.

  12. Dr Cohen says:


    Although you are mistaken about the deadliest creature on earth, (first is man, the most UNjustifiably lethal creature, followed by M.D.’s, who kill more than three thousand patients per day), your hunger to stay young and hungry is “admirable exponentiated,’ for it is a master secret of life that, with never, ever, EVER an exception, the hungriest person ALWAYS wins the race. Good on you, son! You have just electrified my alread hyperproductive day. Thank you so very much, for wonderful reasons you shall come to know. Thank you, indeed!

  13. Sterling says:

    No Matt, it’s not a Mosquito.

    It’s a Ligor.

    Or possibly a Ligorizzly, but I don’t think that’s happened yet (but phone me if you find one).

  14. Roathe says:

    Great comments Matt, not something most companies owners would even dare consider, much less admit in public.

  15. Hi Matt,
    In general my experience with bluehost has been good (not great), but I’m worried about things like the following newsletter I follow (Ubuntu Tutorials) and the reasons they have left BLUEHOST.


    Thoughts About the Old Host:

    Having been with BlueHost for about nine-months I think I learned a few things about bulk-hosting companies and more specifically about my needs as a webmaster. For your everyday site I’m sure BlueHost is more than adequate. I have nearly a dozen other sites and blogs that I maintain, all (previously) hosted there, which have seen minimal issues. This site however is a different story. As the number of active Ubuntu users continues to rise the load on this site gets heavier and heavier. In its earlier days this site was not a threat to any host, but as it has matured I’m sure there are many hosts that would tremble at the thought.

    I’m sad to say that I’m really disappointed in the way that BlueHost handled the load issues. It isn’t an uncommon practice for hosting providers to temporarily suspend a site with a high load, but I think it is a bad practice. I think a better solution would be to contact the site owner and notify them of the server load. Offer to keep the site online and available (when it really is needed most!), perhaps for a small additional fee worked into the contract. When a hosting provider takes down a site under a heavy load all they are doing is making both parties look incompetent. If BlueHost had gone the extra mile with my server load vs suspending the site and making it unavailable I would be singing a different tune now altogether. Praises vs grief.

    It’s water under the bridge now and we’ve moved on. Here is to 2008 and (hopefully) a very accessible, very active Ubuntu Tutorials blog!

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