Redhat hires a new CEO…

We use Linux on all our servers (Currently around 750 servers). All of the servers we use on the shared hosting side of things are CentOS (Redhat Enterprise Linux). We don’t use Redhat’s paid brand of Linux because we simply don’t need it, and frankly their support isn’t that great. Their “custom” enterprise kernel is buggy beyond belief and new features are too slow to be added.

That being said, I do think Redhat has done a lot of positive things to push Linux ahead. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Redhat because it was the first Linux distro that I really played with seriously (Redhat 5.1).

Now on to why I actually mention Redhat. They have chosen to hire a new CEO. Who did they pick? The previous COO from Delta Airlines? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this. The COO of Delta Airlines? Delta Airlines is the WORST company on Earth. Their service is horrible. Operationally they are a joke. They consistently anger the customer in exchange for peanuts in savings (No pun intended). They are a study in what NOT to do. So of course it makes complete sense for Redhat to run out and hire him…

This hire is a mistake, and a big one at that. When there are problems in the future for Redhat remember that you read it here first!

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  1. Brett says:

    Awe c’mon Matt. Jim Whitehurst will make a fine CEO. One man surely is not responsible for all the woe’s of the third largest commercial airline in the world? Really? Could he be responsible for all of it, the bankruptcy, etc? I do not thank so. Why is it then that you feel he will not make a good CEO? What do you base your opinion on anyway? I am curious to know. I have no vested interest in Delta. I am a loyal and happy BlueHost customer though… 😉

  2. Marisa says:

    I’m not a frequent flyer – a trip or two each year. But one of those trips is usually to Hawaii from Pittsburgh so it’s kind of like 3 flights in one. From what I’ve seen since 2001, every airline has gone down hill. USAirways had me so irate this past March that I returned home wishing I’d never even gone to Kauai. And that is so not like me.

    If you say Delta is the worst, I’ll believe you. But to be worse than USAirways, they’d have to make you get out and push the plane down the runway before takeoff. IMO, at least.

  3. David Mackey says:

    Why don’t you guys offer any dedicated hosting?

  4. Instead of worrying about Redhat’s CEO, I would much prefer you fixed problems with Bluehost. I continue to have problems with outgoing mail delivery through Bluehost. Sometimes, and far too often, emails are delayed for hours and hours before they’re delivered. That is simply not acceptable service, and I have begun looking for a new Web hosting provider.

  5. Another 'CEO' says:

    “because we simply don’t need it, and frankly their support isn’t that great. Their “custom” enterprise kernel is buggy beyond belief and new features are too slow to be added.”.

    You, sir, are a moron. You spread bullshit against a product WITHOUT showing a damn FACT that backups your words. And you’re calling yourself a CEO?, LOL.

    Well, seeing how BlueHost is evolving (overselling like there’s no tomorrow) and loosing customers day by day, i understand your frustation :).

  6. Norbert Schlenker says:


    Please stop paying more attention to what is going on at your company instead of around the world.

    Two days ago, without prior notice, your staff decided to “upgrade” the Apache servers on many of your boxes. That resulted in lengthy outages for many websites, including my own. How can you do this to customers?

    Worse is the reason for my quotation of the word “upgrade”. Six months ago, bluehost websites were plagued by an endless series of “CPU exceeded” errors, which your staff always blamed on user errors. I (and probably many others) documented why that excuse was impossible, demonstrating from my own logs that a bug in your Apache servers was causing simple retrievals of ~200 byte files to log 15 seconds of CPU time. (I say “log” because it was not clear to me if the problem was with Apache or the logging software, and no one on your staff would admit which had gone haywire.)

    Three months ago, that problem disappeared, practically overnight. In the last three months, my website has had only one such outage.

    Until you “upgraded” your Apache servers. Now it’s happening three or four times a day again.

    Please fix your “service”.

  7. Dear Matt,
    Firstly, I am a happy, paid up for the next 2 years bluehost customer, until your server upgrade a few weeks ago!.It’s funny that you mention customer care and actual professional conduct in regards this Airline Service, I’m sure it’s impossible to please all the people all of the time. The fact is we should all be more concerned with our own customer care! Bluehost’s recent apache/linux upgrade just annihilated a year of my work. I was number 1 on page 2 of google for the last 3 months for a hugely competitive search term “Online Shopping” I achieved this through all the proper white hat and respected techniques.It took over a year to get there. In one day and without warning, the bluehost upgrade with Apache/linux and php5 completely screwed up my whole site. Search engines don’t like dysfunctional sites. I am now some where in the region of 510 on the search results, this was not the recent google algorythm change because all my competitor’s sites are still there, really in the same positions they were. Obviously this was a simple case of .htaccess/php/adhandlers changes relevent to the bluehost upgrade.I was using adhandler types to run php4 in html pages, simple stuff and working great for the last half of 2007. The site is all dysfuctional after months of it working properly in php4. I have possibly spent 200 bucks in calls from the UK to you, I have researched the help center, until my eyes poped out, I have spoken to alot of very helpful staff at your end, especially Andrew Liddle and a guy called Isaac, but they are not php specialist people and really a good techy guy would fix this in 3 minutes. I have also submitted a ticket, which you guy Isaac did for me. Nothing has happened and that has been a few weeks! the longer the site is not working properly the more worrying it gets, the less the search engines take notice, have I wasted a year and sometimes 18 hours a day doing this? I just want to be up and running again like I was last month! Sorry to talk directly to the man Matt , but that’s what we do in Scotland when we have a genuine issue, talk to the Chief! can you get me a techy guy on skype for a few minutes or can you call me/email with a suggestion. The solution to this problem will be so simple to solve, I think it is being overlooked!
    skype – “deekstar8” – free
    tel- + 44 1647 231188 – cheap from the USA

  8. Biting the hand that feeds... says:

    Best get back on board Captain Matt, fastdomain forums crashed and burned, several BH servers are down, and your customers sites are disappearing. When questioned why noone was informed there was going to be upgrades on their *live* websites, Bluehost staff are issuing statements ranging from “everyone was sent an email” to “it’s against company policy to let clients know when upgrades are being made to the servers”. It’s one or the other, can’t be both. A statement from the CEO would be appreciated to say the least. You have alot of unhappy punters here right now so how about you fly on back to BH (I suggest QANTAS after reading your above statements) and let’s get things moving shall we?

    Hey, you think maybe the RedHat boys got word of this blog and issued Bluehost a “special patch” for the FREE software you’re using on those 750 servers with 1000 paying customers on each of them? I can just picture Jim at the office now. Laughing his arse off.

    – Another satisfied BlueHost customer

  9. Brett says:

    I would like to reply in defense of Matt here on Another CEO’s comment. I am directing my comments straight at this individual:

    First of all, the language. No need to use that type of language. Why the harsh tone I wonder? It is possible to get one’s point across without slandering and being offensive.

    Matt Heaton IS a CEO. The CEO of BlueHost. Do you know anything about the man? What he has done in the past? What he has accomplished? Consider it for a moment and retract your words. Matt is not a moron and you are ignorant for saying so. again, why the harsh tone? You say that Matt needs to show the facts when making the statement: “because we simply don’t need it, and frankly their support isn’t that great. Their “custom” enterprise kernel is buggy beyond belief and new features are too slow to be added.” NO, he does not have to show any facts. Matt LIVES the facts every day. As the owner of a very successful hosting company, he has every right to choose which service[s] that will benefit the company the most. Your reply suggest that you feel Matt/BlueHost are not Linux friendly. BlueHost servers are running using Linux. Just because Matt has had a bad experience with a product that you obviously are happy with does not mean that the product is bad or even bad for everyone. In fact Matt did not say that. He simply does not think it is good for his business. That is it. How can you go off on just a few sentences is beyond logical reasoning ‘Another CEO.’

    As for BlueHost losing customers, what are you talking about? Do you really think BlueHost is not doing well? Hey, newsflash…every company has to deal with a retention rate. No company is absolutely perfect to the point where every single person is satisfied every single minute of every single day.

    I am now left wondering about your status. From your tone and words, I doubt you even own your own business. Let’s pretend for a minute that you do…I highly doubt your books even compare $ to $.

    I am not intending to be mean here, just putting things in perspective. I would like for you to come back to this blog, and apologize on this website, in front of the world. What you wrote was rude, insensitive, demeaning, and very unwarranted.

  10. Jon Walton says:

    This post is completely silly. You say you don’t use Red Hat Enterprise Linux because it’s buggy… but say that you use CentOS which is Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the branding stripped out. You smear Red Hat but I’d love to know what evidence you have to back up your claims.

  11. Aaron says:

    As a long time blogger, going through several domains, it’s easy to rant on things that are bothering you, like the new CEO of Red Hat. However, my experience has been that such posts get in the way of the overall vision of my blogging, and do more harm than good.

    In regards to Delta, I am a frequent flier. In fact, I will probably fly about 30 weeks this year working for Guru Labs as a Linux instructor. I know the ins and outs of airports and airlines. I’ve been on just about every major carrier several times, and from my personal perspective, Delta may not be the best, but they are certainly better than United, Jet Blue and US Airways among others. In fact, I have fewer delays with Delta than any other airline. Their stewards and stewardesses are more than friendly, and the service I receive is good.

    In regards to the new Red Hat CEO, Jim Whitehurst is no ordinary suit. He has an undergrad degree in Computer Science, he has been a Fedora user for years as well as playing with Slackware Linux, He is familiar with open standards and interoperability. He doesn’t own an iPod or Zune, as they don’t play Ogg Vorbis files, and he admits to “leeching” on the community, rather than contributing. This man can certainly “talk the talk”. We’ll see if he’s up to “walking the walk” in the next several months.

    Moral of the story? I would provide heavy backup to your blanket claims about Delta being the worst airline, and the hiring of Jim Whitehurst as the new CEO being a mistake. It seems that personal opinion is getting in the way of what you really want to rant about.

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