When you stink you stink!!!

There is no other way to put it. We have been having major problems since around December 20th. Bluehost and Hostmonster have been growing at an incredible rate. I believe we are now the fastest growing hosting company in the world. With that growth sometimes comes severe growing pains. In the past I have been able to mitigate much of these growing pains with a little forethought and a hard working dedicated team.

These past couple of weeks have been a perfect storm of problems for our company. First, we have never seen so many signups at one time. Many days we experienced more than 850 signups in a single day. That can wipe out even the best support departments! However, the real problem resulted from many forced upgrades that HAD to be done at this time. These upgrades were coupled with forced upgrades from Cpanel itself.

When you force 700,000+ domains to switch from PHP4 to PHP5, replace Apache 1.3x with 2.2x on all servers (The main web servers for all our clients), change every users php.ini file to work in the new environment, and throw on new versions of Cpanel (that HAD to be upgraded because of severe bugs in their software) then you know things are going to break. And break they did!!!

We had bad problems with outgoing emails being delayed (Sometimes as much as 24 hours), we had tens of thousands of users scripts break in a matter of hours, we turned many users addon domains into standalone domains for no reason except for Cpanel bugs.

We built Bluehost on the mantra that we provide the best support in the industry and that we actually CARE about the customer. We have fallen off the cliff in the last two weeks on meeting this goal. I have personally been preoccupied these last couple of weeks and haven’t given Bluehost and Hostmonster the attention they deserve. I give you my word that this will change starting today.

We have worked out most of these pressing problems that our customers have had to deal with, but I am sure there are more issues to still be resolved. Thanks for your patience, and for those that weren’t so patient I don’t blame you :) We have taken our lumps and are back on track to being the best hosting company in the world.

Although there are many contributing factors to these problems the blame of course lies at my feet. As CEO the buck stops here and so do the excuses. I will make things right!!

Matt Heaton / President /CEO Bluehost Inc

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  1. “Bluehost and Hostmonster have been growing at an incredible rate. I believe we are now the fastest growing hosting company in the world.”

    Thanks for sharing that, I’m now lookin for another host that has got time to care for their customers instead of bullshotting in the CEO’s blog. I’m not impressed at all, and I will be moving away to ease your pain

    my site is down and cannot receive emails for more that t w e n t y f o u r e t r e r n i t y h o u r s

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