The Unavailable Path…

So many of us are forced into making decisions at an early time in our life. These decisions vary from choice of employment, to who we marry, where we want to live, whether we want a family, and so forth.

For many these choices are easy to make and we are eager follow our chosen path, while others may find these more difficult. I see many people make the “easy” choice all the time because they are comfortable, or scared of the alternative, or just plain lazy.

The problem arises not when the choice is made, but when you are halfway down your chosen path. What do you do when you want to change your path 10 years after your choice? In most cases you can’t… Or, IF the option is available for you to change the direction you have chosen it is usually a painful and arduous process to successfully implement. It would require a new beginning, and a letting go of the familiarity of the past. It usually means leaving behind past successes (and failures) for the potential of future greatness in your new direction.

My advice – spend the time to choose the path you REALLY want before you start your journey. Know WHY you chose that path, and where you want it to go. If you don’t plan, then plan on failing.

Don’t find yourself on a road to x, when you wish you were on the road to y. You will only drive yourself crazy and put yourself in a situation that you can’t resolve.

Matt Heaton

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  1. Becky Lai says:

    Bluehost used to update the WordPress software very speedily on Fantastico whenever WordPress released updates and I know this is probably a very low priority but it’s been at least a month since we’ve seen the last update on Fantastico. Ease of wordpress installation and ease of wordpress updates is what sold me on using Bluehost… I hope this is a temporary problem and that updates will be available in a timely manner again.

  2. Gary Rimar says:

    I am a Bluehost customer and would like to make a recommendation. I would recommend that Bluehost uses because it’s better than Postini and would be cheaper for you.

  3. meikadesign says:

    I’ve been with bluehost for several years now and have recommended many people to Bluehost’s 5 star service. I understand you’ve had a lot of problems lately with rapid growth and system upgrades. This is what it is like:

    Bluehost was like a 5 star restaurant — the food and service were so great that word of mouth traveled and everyone wanted to come to the restaurant.
    The tables are fully booked, but not wanting to turn away new business, the restaurant is seating people on other people’s laps, sticking them out the back, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the floor, on the street out front. The place is completely packed, the cook can’t keep up, the wait staff can’t keep up. Everyone is hungry and suddenly something that was 5 star has become worse than a 3rd world country. The restaurant ends up OUT OF BUSINESS because they just can’t say no to new people at the door.

    A suggestion: close down new sign-ups until you have your ducks in a row or sink the whole ship!!! Keep your existing loyal customers happy before signing on new clients. It’s been weeks now that I’ve had 2 – 5 hour delays in my outgoing email and I’m fed up with the bad service and the rude tech support. My business is suffering but I’m hanging on for that 5 star quality to return… but only for a short while longer.

  4. Charles says:


    Are you thinking out loud? Is this a business or personal thing with you about life choices, the directions that you took or your business is taking?

    Just wondering what brought on these thoughts!!


  5. Marisa says:

    I’m not sure what this post has to do with the comments already made, so maybe I missed something. Maybe this is about you and bluehost and customers. If so, it went over my head.

    I just know that this post hit me right between the eyes about some things in my own life. Weird.

  6. Rob Worth says:

    Here is an excerpt that I sent to our design team this evening after reading this blog.

    I had to start from scratch, literally, on my laptop. In the process, I will be 100% Mozilla – FireFox and Thunderbird. Only way that I can really learn the ins and outs is to use both. MS products will be taking a backseat. Also, if I do use IE it will be ver 6 not 7. 7 will not even be downloaded. Plus, I’ve switched to XP Pro to see what the major differences are between it and the Home version.

    Unusual for an old fart that would like to retire but has this undeniable urge to continue the learning process. I’m not willing to ‘settle for’ what is comfortable. Nevertheless, I do understand the urge to stay in one’s comfort zone.

    With that said, I would like you to visit the blog of Matt, the CEO of Blue Host. He talks about change, situations that exist today, why stuff broke a couple of weeks ago, and a host of other things that affect us – you and me – with our sites on Blue Host. Things that take us out of our comfort zones or will at some point in time. It’s good reading. Ponder what he says. At least, thank heavens, he is willing to share with his clients, us – all of the community, what his company is going through as they grow.

    I wish we found him before xxxxxx brought them to us. Although, I probably would have been very hesitant switching given what history I’ve had at VPOP, which coincidentally, has gone down the tubes.

    This old fart has been around the computing industry since 1982, I’ve built and managed more IT shops then I care to admit, been drug from one comfort zone to another multiple times, transitioned from mini-main frames to personal computers, written thousands of programs which were really tested in the field as users use them – that’s reality in action – and then fixed the bugs, managed many many web sites, and lots of other stuff.

    Regardless of the issues that Blue Host is experiencing, Matt has it under his control to fix. We are going to hang around for whatever time is necessary as we have been to the competition before we knew about Blue Host. We were, and still are with some domains, VPOP Technologies for over 11-years. Eventually, we will be 100% out of there and be 100% with Blue Host. We have that kind of confidence in Blue Host. And by the way, I like the guys at Blue Host Tech Support. I’ve never met a friendlier and more competent group of people then the BHTS team.

  7. Rob Worth says:

    By the way, this old fart is almost 65.

  8. Paul says:


    Your blog entry sounds as if you are leaving us.
    Please say it isn’t so…..


  9. DavidB says:

    I agree with meikadesign …. I am one of the new customers – I came because of your strong relationship with WordPress. I was a little disappointed with the online setup service but VERY impressed with you customer community (e.g. forums) who are helping you out with lots of great advice.

    I like your blog …. hope you get some time to listen too.

    Well done on getting this far. Good luck !

  10. Kathy Weiser says:

    Matt – I did spend most of my life finding my destiny. Forty years later, I figure out how to make my passion for history and travel into a business, which just happens to be a very popular website that is hosted by Bluehost.

    Well, until, maybe today …. I get an email, very anonymous looking, no personal name in the address line, just a simple note that says basically — you are too popular and causing problems on our servers, find another host and do it within 4 business days — an email and a link to a whole bunch of affilaite sites.

    I am so sure that this is a “spam” email that I report it to, who writes me back and says that this is “real.” Huh?? I have four business days to days to move this large and popular site?

    Now, I just renewed last month for one year and nothing has basically changed. Bluehost’s customer service is one of the best I’ve ever seen from a technical site — this is too wierd!! And, my stats are all within limits. I’m still sure this has to be spam until I finally talk to Customer Service who confirms that this really is “real” and unforuntately, they can’t answer any questions, because this has been moved to the “Abuse” department.

    Why is my website called “abuse” because it’s popular? Why am I being required to make a change when I am within the published/advertised perameters?

    Okay, server overload, I get that, but still, that short of notice from a good customer? It’s still within the perameters. I have written to the “Abuse” department for an extention or exception — we will see what happens.

    If I need to move my website because it’s too big, I will do so, but would prefer the common courtesy of a little notice.

    Matt – don’t block my path, i’ve made it and it’s a good one. Give me a chance to continue without putting up a roadblock that takes my path away on short notice.

  11. FieriCOM says:

    It is been well said by Matt. However I do agree with the others doubt about him leaving Bluehost or at least debating about the idea of – “This was enough, I can’t take it anymore” I would encourage him to sit back think for a while and keep the booking at a secure level. If new customer can’t wait to sign on than maybe they are not ready for Bluehost. There is one thing for all of us. “Everything that has a beginning has an end” I hope this end it is NOT here yet.


  12. Brett says:

    To Becky Lai: What does your comment have to do with Matt’s blog post? Nothing. Believe it or not there is a toll free customer service number right on the BlueHost main page. Use it.

  13. Brett says:

    I am wondering what prompted the thoughts you must have had to write about choices. You’ve always been very open in your blog Matt. Please share with us…

  14. Michael says:

    I really liked that entry, I am scheming and working on my own business, but I have to have funds and one of my things is that I want to have no debt whatsoever, save and spend is my motto. So I will be going to Canada for a summer and possibly more to work a 10-12 hour day job with unlimited overtime to save up the money and then make a go at it….properly!

  15. Yan says:

    Hey Matt

    Bluehost rocks although lately there have been many problems with the mysql server locking up or running out of connections. I filed lots of support tickets until I finally got fed up and called in to support today.

    I think you owe it to your customers to report ongoing problems (this has been for over a month now – usually at night when I would notice it). None of my 2-3 support tickets have been answered. I used to think of bluehost as the commodity host that actually cared but I see customer service sliding down into the same hole as every other hosting service out there. Just like the utility services (power, cable internet, etc) – hosting has become an essential utility for many of us – making us very angry when things go wrong.

    You guys were different because you cared. I would hate to see that difference go away, because there is nothing keeping your customers here except your commitment to service. It’s not like you have the best prices in the business…Please keep an eye out on your performance and support tickets and blog and send emails when there are ongoing problems so that people don’t end up angry and disappointed.

  16. Brett says:

    And one more comment because I can. I have had and still have a great web hosting service – Bluehost. I have had a great experience and have not experienced any of the issues mentioned here.

    This is not the place to complain people. Try the Bluehost forum or try calling customer service to voice your concerns. I think the issues are user error and have nothing to do with Bluehost at all.

  17. Wes says:

    Sometimes its not as straight forward as it looks. The good thing you can always change your somewhere along the path if you so wish and if the circumstances allow.

  18. Mick says:

    I just went through an unexpected experience that severly disrupted my plans for the future and took away the familiarity of my past in a single blow, and I now find myself in a foreign country on a new adventure with a blank canvas infront of me. I am taking my time to choose the next path I would like to explore.

    Thanks for your thoughts Matt. I’m sure the team at Bluehost appreciates your leadership on and off the field.

    I have a small site and big plans and am satisfied with Bluehost’s services. Keep up the good work.

  19. Yan says:

    mysql database down for the 7th time in the last two months (that I’ve caught..probably numerous more times that I wasn’t around to see it). I’m posting here because I have exhausted other possibilities. I’ve opened 4 or more support tickets and called support.

    The support people said they know there’s a problem and they’re working on it. I told them they have a responsibility to blog or announce that there is a problem – if they don’t then their users will be blogging about it.

    I would do that except my blog is down due to bluehost mysql database downtime. I’m switching hosts this month unless I see bluehost take responsibility for these problems. (I recognize these things can’t be fixed overnight but you have a responsibility to announce ongoing outages).

  20. kunal singh says:

    One of the key focus of education system should be to make the subjects (students) capable of making decisions (which includes choosing path) … unfortunately education systems in most part of the worlds are just aimed to make a person capable of just sticking to the decisions (walking on a path)… so when we grow up we find that we are able to walk on the path which we have chosen (which most of the times we have not chosen right) but we can not go back in time and change our choices.. even if we could, we do not have – (1) knowledge and capability to walk on the path we will choose (2) Confidence that the new path which we have chosen is The Right Path for us …
    Its sad …

  21. I think this is important in personal life as well as business. That old thing about goals. You have ot know where you are going to know how to get there.

  22. Bill Walsh says:

    If site is not up by 9am I will have 10 employees do nothing but slam Bluehost over the Internet all day today

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