“CPU Quota Exceeded” – Not anymore…

Bluehost.com and Hostmonster.com have a CPU quota limit in place to try and mitigate the server problems that a single user or a small set of users can create. This is custom software that we have written ourselves. I know of no other shared host that has this ability to limit cpu quota by user for Linux.

The problem has been that our software was written at a time when single or dual cpus were the norm. This was the case when Bluehost first started. However, our current servers have at least 8 cpu cores. Most of our cpu intensive software is also multi-threaded and can be effectively distributed across multiple cpus effeciently.

Because modern cpus in general have more cores, run at a lower frequency, and most of our hosting software is designed to run in this type of environment it has become VERY apparent that we needed to update the way we calculated “cpu usage”.

Effective immediately (Actually as of Friday January 25th) we have altered the way we calculate CPU usage. Each user’s cap is now approximately double what we had it set to previously. Many users have complained lately that our cpu quotas were overly restrictive. I believe these changes should reduce the number of people that run into this problem by about 90%. We will continue to tweak our settings to stop only the most abusive of users on the system. This was never meant as a way to limit functionality, but rather a way to guarantee resources for servers that are shared by many users.

This should make life MUCH better for those users that have been bumping up against this limitation.

Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com – Hostmonster.com

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  1. listdummy says:

    This may sound like good news, but I’m wondering whats the user limit on your servers?

    This may also cause degradation in performance. No specific in limitations are mentioned or is that on the main site?

  2. AJM says:

    Dear Matt

    I have been having server problems for one year now, hosting my sites on hostmonster. Initially I thought these problems were associated to WP plugins. But even empty sites load extremely slow. In fact, hostmonsters own servers load very very slow when I try to access my account and cPanel.
    I have followed all directives to try and resolve this issue, to repair and optimize my databases, but nothing works.

    It appears customers are complaining that the CPU usage show in excess. You have tried to resolve this problem already in 2008. Well, my site, which is not even commercially active, show the same high CPU throttle that others are complaining about. Maybe or maybe not this is the issue. Whatever it is it needs to be resolved.

    Please have this issue resolved. Myself and many other customers will simply have to find another hosting company to transfer to if it is not resolved, since the issues affect the sites quite a bit from google ranking to access.

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