Money, money, money…

It drives me crazy when I see huge companies make stupid decisions over some extra money. Almost without exception the companies that fall into these “traps” are public companies. So many public companies make HORRIBLE decisions because they try to satisfy shareholder demands and drive stock price for the very short term (3-6 months). You can’t run a streamlined successful business if your outlook is 3-6 months in the future. You can’t. Are you listening? You CAN’T!

Bluehost being a private company, and me having the benefit of unbelievably good business partners and a general manager that is both very capable and very smart has let us avoid many of these pitfalls. We constantly are looking at what will be best in the future both for the short term and the very long term. Our decisions are made based on customer demand and satisfaction, market conditions, and profitability.

We are in business to make money! However, we have sacrificed profits on numerous occasions because we knew our customers wouldn’t like it if we went in a certain direction. We have that luxury because I am not beholden to anyone but myself and my business partners who think like I do. We make enough money that our decisions aren’t affected by corporate greed that puts profits over the customer experience. You may be a Bluehost or Hostmonster fan or you may hate us, but you can’t say that we don’t put our customers first.

In the end, if you put your customers first and worry over their experience FIRST rather than scheme how to grab the most dollars you can from your subscriber base then you end up making more money in the end. Happy customers stay and bring many more customers with them. I am starting to believe that no one REALLY believes that anymore but me. I guess thats a good thing – We’ll sit at the top by ourselves wondering why no one else is sitting next to us…

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  1. John says:

    No, I believe also that good service is the best way to make money. Remember when company mottoes used to be, “The customer is always right!” Try telling that to AOL.

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  3. Angel says:

    Well this is an excellent point, if you give an excellent service you have excellent results… In a lot of enterprises just take million of dollars to advertise and sell shit, this “strategy” have results but it´s not forever.

    Quality it´s the best way to do something.

  4. Bryan Dorr says:

    I totally agree with you, Matt.

    Many companies do put the customer’s first, well, their wallets first. I’m not saying that customers should always receive freebies. Many companies need to focus on the customers first, not the shareholders and start offering better service.

    I’ve had it with companies with the “we don’t care as long as we get our money” attitude.

    I also had it with companies that itemize “nickel and dime” everything under the sun.

    Oh yes, companies raising prices as quality of service degrades and staffing manpower gets thinner.

  5. Bryan Dorr says:

    One other comment:

    “(W)e have sacrificed profits on numerous occasions because we knew our customers wouldn’t like it if we went in a certain direction.”

    Case in point, such as your decision NOT to host adult content Web sites. I’m glad you don’t host adult content sites.

  6. codeslinger says:

    yes, it’s the same reason I won’t buy a Dell computer anymore. Ever since they outsourced their manufacturing to China their quality has been horrible. I can’t even count how many broken laptop keyboards I have seen, total junk, cheap plastic krap.

    and ever since they outsourced their tech support to India their support has been terrible. bunch of script reading barely literate know-nothings…

    no thanks, no more Dell for me. they continue to run on inertia, but surely the impact of their bad decisions must be hurting them. they were once a good company and so people continue to buy from them based on what they used to be…. but they haven’t been a good company in quite awhile.

    And as for Microsoft Vista, it’s the same story only worse. In the case of Microsoft the inertia is not enough, Vista is so bad that people are abandoning it in droves. It is surprising to see people who would never in a million years have considered another operating system, suddenly they are buying Mac’s or requesting that I install something else on their computer, either XP or gasp Linux!!!

    I am partial to Sabayon Linux at this point. they have done an impressive job with hardware compatibility — better than MS Windows — and the people I have put on to it are very impressed with the Cube interface, it just totally blows Vista out of the water, and no DRM big brother krap either.

  7. Joyce L says:

    I do agree on that.

    With good service, people are even willing to pay higher price!

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