Its great to learn but its better to do..

In my work and life I hear a lot of great ideas. I probably hear a lot more bad ideas than good, but lets not focus on that. One thing I have noticed over and over is that the people that “DO” are usually the people the same people that have done it before. Successful people based on my observations are usually successful over and over again. They have great ideas. They learn what it takes to implement that idea – which by the way is 90% more than what most people do, and then they do what so many people won’t. They DO it!

You can’t do something that you don’t know how to do, but learning is a means to an end. The end goal is ACTION. Its so easy to talk about wat you want to do. Its entirely another thing to do it. You all know the person who talks about what they want to do their whole life but never does it. Don’t be that person.

Heres some humorous proof that you probably already know all you need to know in life before the age of 12 – The rest is up to you!

I’ve learned that all teachers have secret powers. – age 11
I’ve learned that telling a lie is worse than telling the bad truth. – age 11
I’ve learned that you never judge a book by its movie. – age 11
I’ve learned always choose good partners for school projects or you might end up doing most of the work. – age 10
I’ve learned that if you want to have a sleepover you are more likely to have one if you ask your dad rather than your mom. – age 10
I’ve learned typing on Type to Learn doesn’t improve your typing, but typing up short stories you wrote yourself does. – age 10
I’ve learned that it is better to stay in at recess to get your work done than get farther and farther behind. – age 10
I’ve learned never to play with CRAZY glue. – age 10
I’ve learned not to cook half of a grape in the microwave. – age 10
I’ve learned that it’s okay to get in trouble on Tuesdays because the principal is at a meeting. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never test how far a slingshot gun goes when you are near a lot of houses. – age 10
I’ve learned never to sit on a wet bicycle seat. – age 10
I’ve learned you should never take without giving. – age 10
I’ve learned you should never give yourself a haircut. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never yell at your mom when she’s pregnant. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never let your dad buy you clothes. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never tell your parents who you have a crush on. – age 10
I’ve learned that when your parents are mad it is best to not talk to them. – age 10
I’ve learned that you can never have too much adventure. – age 10
I’ve learned that you shouldn’t try to open a coconut with a folding Swiss army knife. – age 11
I’ve learned not to offer a hungry hamster invisible food. – age 11
I’ve learned that you should never show your stuffed animals to a dog. – age 10
I’ve learned to never paint faces on my dad when he’s asleep. – age 10
I’ve learned never to touch your tongue to an ice sculpture. – age 10
I’ve learned that I am growing up too fast. – age 10
I’ve learned not to hiss like a cat at a stray dog. – age 11
I’ve learned that you can never outwit your dog. – age 10
I’ve learned that you should never put fertilizer on your head. – age 10
I’ve learned to never give your baby brother a permanent marker. – age 10
I’ve learned never to make my mom watch “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, or else she’ll laugh so hard that she’ll snort like a pig. – age 10
I’ve learned that when you are sad, all you want to do is be alone and talk to yourself, not others. – age 11
I’ve learned that no matter how old I am, I still ask my mom how to do things. – age 42

Now go and do it!

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  1. CJohnson says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and figured I should finally leave a comment. Even with the truths’ you’ve reminded me of – the one thing I can never understand is how so many fail to learn from their basic education, and as a software engineer, basic fundamentals are the foundation of everything – which is apparent in this post. Although, I could just be looking into this a bit much. Something else I just noticed, you’re company is a stone’s throw from me – rather creepy how small the world is.


  2. Nimrod says:

    Better to have tried and failed then never tried at all :)

    /me looks at his project

    learning is great when the thing your trying is your hobby 😀

  3. Rob says:

    Just wanted you/others to know that apparently what you write about, you believe in also. After the problems I had experienced last month, I did a review of my web hosting account with Bluehost. I emailed one of your sales people about the problems I had experienced and how I felt about the service. She responded back to me about how committed you were to this company. She told me how you cared about your customers and how she was positive you would resolve these little bumps in the road. I was impressed with her loyalty and her confidence in you. Well the issues have been corrected and she was right. You do what you say. I am renewing my account and look forward to many more years of quality service from Bluehost.

  4. Dave says:

    “You can’t do something that you don’t know how to do, but learning is a means to an end. The end goal is ACTION. Its so easy to talk about wat you want to do. Its entirely another thing to do it.”

    Totally agreed Matt! It’s OK not to know how to do something, but that shouldn’t stand as an excuse for learning what you need to learn and figuring it out. If you fail, at least you’ll have gained something from the experience of trying. Beats the crap out of talking about it all day and never doing something about it. Can’t hurt to try.

    Remember, amateurs built the ark…. Professionals built the Titanic. 😀

  5. michaelsoft says:

    I recently learned if I correct a Bluehost forum moderator that Bluehost is in Orem rather Provo, I will be banned from the forum and all my post will be deleted. I will be contacting Bluehost for a refund. Perhaps Bluehost has learned something from this as well.

  6. Vitallywell says:

    Look out Buddha, Matt at 10 or 11 has learned great truths. I am about to be a Bluehoster. My research says you have the best value. My current host just wiped out 4 years of email (big name host). Experience tells me start slow, so I am going to start a new site and if happy, move my other domains over to Bluehost.

    My journey continues. Matt, I hope you do not mind if I absorb your knowledge to accelerate my growth. Like the great philosopher Nike says “Just Do It!”

  7. Ovais says:

    “The end goal is ACTION.”

    That’s it. So simple but as you noted, most fail to execute.

    Good post.

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  9. Luc says:

    Instead of your ‘do not learn’ philosophy a better one might be to not spend your time making excuses but rather to fix the problems that BlueHost seems to continue to be mired with. I am happy you are the fastest growing hosting company in the world but growing pains are not inevitable– they will quickly result in the loss of your reputation as a host and without that you will quickly lose your customer base. Here is something I learned when I was 11..When your bike breaks down don’t spend all of your time making excuses to your friends why you can’t go for a bike ride—-Just Fix it


  10. Age 27 – Find a hosting company with better support.
    Still we have problems with support. I came to Bluehost for the high quality support staff and its a real shame to see the level of service hit the floor.


  11. Nelson says:

    Nice post, thanks for taking the time and sharing what many of us learned at an early age and have likely forgotten.

    Thanks for the kick is the rear with the keyword “ACTION”.

    Were off to do some thing……

  12. Rob @ 64 says:

    At 64, I’ve learned that those who speak about success and how to do it yet have not done it themselves should be ignored, least you follow their same path – shades of Amway.

  13. John Deere says:

    Hey Matt – This is so true. Inaction leads to nil results period. I like yourself make a point of listening to successful people, they have so much to offer in terms of motivation but as you point out the things which make people successful are not usually that groundbreaking. Simply trying things which you would not normally undertake will bring results. Lets not forget that trying and failing is still producing results, even the failures.

    One thing I have noticed is that successful individuals have typically tried many times before they hit the jackpot so to speak, learning from the failures until they succeed – the single consistent ability is to take action regardless, a lesson to us all….

  14. Hi Matt,
    nice article! I do believe that learning is one of most important things in life, but after reading your article I’ve realized that doing needs to stand right next to it!


  15. Nice list Matt.

    You’ve inspired me to make my own list of things I’ve learned.


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