850,000 Domains Hosted…

We are getting VERY close to 850,000 domains hosted on Bluehost/Hostmonster/Fastdomain. I think we have about a week to go. I am simply amazed at the number of domains added every day. I am excited to see the incredible things that people create and host with us. Everyday I am shown different sites on our network. The variety is astounding as is the amount of traffic pushed. Everyday tens of millions of visitors pass through our network on the way to view a site we host. We now host about 1.4% of all domains on the entire internet. That is an impressive number when you consider the size of the WHOLE internet :)

Thanks again for all you do and for sticking with us during this time of growth. We are constantly working on improving our organization and technical ability – I hope it shows for most of our customers!

Matt Heaton

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, that is amazing :) That’s so great! Congratz!

  2. Rob @ 64 says:

    Matt, may I suggest you change your home page to reflect the higher amount of domains hosted? What you say here has not been transmitted to only those who read your home page at Bluehost.

    Congrats. Don’t let it go to your head least you become so arrogant that no one wants to talk to you about your success – ie microsoftism

  3. Paul White says:

    May be a year’s free hosting for the millionth domain added? :o)

  4. ThirstyJon says:




  5. Dave says:


    You used to post your email address for questions. I have one for you – may I email you directly?

    Congrats on the 850K

  6. Hamed says:

    If Bluehost gets bigger, it demands more work on quality and You have accomplished good quality. Congrats on that. Keep on good work and we will be happy to see bluehost’s growth accompanied with premium quality.

  7. Congrats on the milestone!

    Bluehost has treated me in such an outstanding way that I feel compelled to refer you to every client I do business with. As an affiliate I appreciate how easy it is to get my design clients setup through Bluehost and into hosting accounts in which to serve their websites through.

    Bluehost is doing an amazing job at keeping the bar raised and do hope to continue to see this trend. So congrats Matt, keep up the good work! We all sincerely appreciate it!

  8. Geld says:

    Sjeesh, really impressive numbers! Congratulation’s on this achievement!

  9. John S says:

    That is pretty amazing… Congrats!

    I recently transferred a few domains over from Network Solutions and Godaddy… It’s just so much less of a headache here.

  10. Tippo says:

    Thats quite an achievement, congratulations!

  11. Wes says:

    Congrats! It goes on to show that BlueHost must be doing something good.

  12. Don says:

    Great webhosting company, the service is 10 out of 10

  13. Charles says:


    Been with you for several years. Have nothing but good to say about the company and the customer service.


  14. Angel says:

    We are waiting for the 1,000,000 domains, and the vps news too…


  15. Kris says:


    I have hosted many sites with bluehost for over 4 years now. In the beginning, I thought the service and the communication was top notch and I referred several of my clients to you. Within the last year however, the communication and customer support has really gone down hill. For example, I just found out that the maillist program that was part of the hosting package was done away with. I did not receive any notification saying this had been done. I am currently trying to figure out how to get all of the list email addresses out of the database, so I can at least recover that. Issue 2: All of the php scripts on my site, one day just stopped working. When I called tech support, I was told they were working on the servers and that they had upgraded php and it might have been causing the issue. Again, no communication that this was going to happen. I’d like to say that I’ve continued to be impressed with the level of service that you offer, but that has not been the case. What are you doing to address these issues, other than adding more clients?

    Thanks for your time.

  16. Angel says:

    About the issues, well when you have a dedicated server with other provider sucks… (I try with the must famous providers), the stability it´s better here, and the mail service with other providers sucks too…

    With bluehost we have only 2 real problems the mail limit it´s to small (500 per hour per hosting account and it´s the best in hosting companies) and only we can have 1 ssl per account, and this is only if we compare with a dedicated server, if we compare with all the host providers on the earth, bluehost it’s the number 1.

  17. Magnus says:

    The best hosting company with all the features you need.

  18. Chavy says:

    I’ve done quite a bit of research of the webhosting companies. Still, I find bluehost is the better choice. Good job! Congrats on your 850K achievement! Keep up the good work! And make it better in future!

  19. shook_1 says:

    Congrats! I have been using Bluehost for 5 years now and I am loving it.

    The best part of Bluehost for me is the SSH access.

    Thnx man!

  20. Michael T says:

    glassbead.net is using Network solutions for its registrar!!!

    ‘cmon convince that employee to move it or lose it!!

    Been a bluehost user for many years – I have to say it is starting to feel like some growing pains are very close. Site has been down a few times and dns updates are slow. Overall though the price/performance ratio is great and I often think about migrating to slicehost, but then I think – Why – it’s so easy here.


  21. Brian says:

    The hosting side is great I have no problems but the domain sales side needs a bit of work, I have bought several domains over the last month and generally as long as they stay on Bluehost servers there is no problem, but recently I needed to forward a domain I had just bought. 4 live chats and 3 emails later I am no where near getting it done.

    Looks like I will have to move back to my previous provider 1and1 who have been very good when ever I needed support.

  22. Jayson says:


    Sorry for attempting to contact you here. We have a virus on our site and cannot get rid of it. Your support team says it’s not their problem and doesn’t really help, is this true? EVERY single person I talk to says that the host should help. I’d appreciate any clarification and feel free to delete this post.

  23. Mascha says:

    Pretty amazing achievement!
    I’m curious what the number is today?

  24. Up to one million! Think big…

  25. Beste lening says:

    Excellent! Pretty amazing achievement

  26. The best provider there is! Keep up the good work

  27. Traffic Joe says:

    I’ve personally been with bluehost/hostmonster for a few years and can tell you they are heads above the comp.

  28. Morlin says:

    Wow that looks really amazing. 850000 Domains 😐 Very nice achivement.

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