Steve Ballmer is a Jackass!

No wonder everyone hates Microsoft! Their software is horrible. Their management is predatory. Vista is a complete and utter failure. And they look to screw the customer and make it sound like its a great thing (READ – Windows “Genuine” Advantage).

How can a company SO misguided get anywhere in the IT world. The answer is simple – It can’t. IT CAN’T. In the days when Bill Gates ran the show Microsoft was known for unfair business practices and ruthlessness to get market share, but Bill was smart. Very smart. He ran Microsoft in such a way to blow through the problems and keep Microsoft on top. Steve Ballmer does not share Bill’s smarts. The only thing he shares is a bloated sense of sense entitlement that Microsoft should somehow be number #1 in the market without having to have products that are the best, or customer satisfaction that is top notch.

Now instead of trying to fix the cancer inside Microsoft he is looking to buy Yahoo. Actually, he is looking to force Yahoo to sell. Here is a quote from the top pinhead at Microsoft himself –

“The substantial premium reflected in our initial proposal anticipated a friendly transaction with you. If we are forced to take an offer directly to your shareholders, that action will have an undesirable impact on the value of your company from our perspective which will be reflected in the terms of our proposal.”

Now there is one thing I know about business that is undeniable by any true leader – The success of any business is based entirely on the quality of the people you surround yourself with and employ. Now I’m asking myself? After a statement like the one made above, how many top executives want to stay after a Microsoft merger takes place. Exactly! Not very many. These top people can pick and choose where they work. There will be NO loyalty to a Microsoft owned Yahoo. Yahoo is made up of quality people, not just a bunch of internet traffic. Microsoft just sees internet traffic and dollar signs.

The path Microsoft is choosing showcases what a poor leader Steve Ballmer really is. I get email saying that I’m extremely anti Microsoft. I didn’t used to be. In fact, I wasn’t really upset until AFTER I met with them several times and saw the type of “deals” they were proposing to me. They angered me greatly because the customers concerns were BOTTOM on their list. At one point I was invited to meet with Steve Ballmer to discuss my issues with Microsoft face to face at a conference they were having. I had no interest – I was invited so they could try and convince me to use Microsoft products, not to have my concerns listened to by Steve Ballmer himself! To be honest, I can’t see how anyone can defend Microsoft anymore. The mountain of evidence is so overwhelming that its embarrassing. I love Linux, and my Macs (I have 5 of them).

If/when Microsoft buys Yahoo it’ll be a sad day for the internet. My only consolation is that is opens up a HUGE opportunity for many entrepreneurs to sneak in and eat up all the dissatisfied clients looking for a move from a Redmond controlled internet.

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Travis says:

    Is it too much to ask that a company actually refuse to compete in a given market space (in this case, search engine/advertising/etc)? I.e., why can’t Microsoft just stick (or rather, work towards) creating the best desktop & server operating systems and applications?

  2. Shelby says:

    Hey Matt,
    I agree with you re: Microsoft, but I was wondering…years ago I recall seeing a news conference at which it was announced that Bill Gates/Microsoft had purchases a large share of Apple….I’ve not seen anything since. Of course, it would be nasty marketing for that to be known because most MAC users despise Microsoft. Being “in the biz”, I was wondering if you know whether or not this is true, or if I’m somehow remembering incorrectly? Thx!
    Best wishes,
    BTW I’ve been with BlueHost for several years and I LOVE IT. Great product and great service. What I really appreciate is that y’all keep improving the product – adding and revising. It makes the whole process fascinating – I never get bored!

  3. Daniel says:

    Thinks for sharing ur knowledge and experience ,
    I want to ask u what u’d say if Steve Ballmer proposes u to buy HostMonster and BlueHost.


  4. Tom says:

    Ok, personal views on Steve Balmer aside, I think your misinterpreting the statement you quote. This statement means nothing to an executive that hasn’t already decided what they are going to do when the merger takes place.

    The statement in simple wording says, “Hey we offered you more than fair market value for the company. You chose to ignore our offer. If we have to take this offer to your shareholders, which we will, then the offer will be lowered. The infighting caused by such a situation will have some negative effect on the valuation of the company and we will lower our bid accordingly.”

    Sounds like good business sense to me.

  5. Hey says:

    Bad CEO uses negative words such as “jackass and hates”.

  6. Chris says:

    Man, you really do have a spur up your butt over these guys.

  7. John says:

    Hey Matt,

    It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas! Here’s a fun quote:

    STEVE BALLMER: Online advertising, like I said, is a big thing that’s going to be super big. Search is a key application. And so in a sense, yes, we have to have a strong position in online search and online advertising if we’re going to be a serious player in online advertising. And we’re very committed to that, and in a sense it’s a zero sum game. There are 100-whatever N searches per day, and I want a larger percentage of those searches made with our stuff, and our ads being served up than we have today by quite a measure.

    IMHO, Msft is shaking in their boots over their loss of control of the Internet – They blew it by not having the Vision to to see out into the Internet Vista earlier!
    I believe that GOOGLE will be the Big Winner when the dust clears from the Yhoo/Msft Murder/Suicide.
    Ah, and will the paparazzi storm the Gates?

    I bet Microsoft WILL buy Yahoo, it’s just a matter of When.
    It could prove to be a Godsend to the next generation of new search developers.

    BTW, You can zap the ‘jackass’ am email any time and REALLY tell him what you think, at –

    I, for one, am enjoying the game.

    Best Wishes,

  8. Niki says:

    I couldn’t agree more Matt. I think they should try to fix there infested problem first before taking on a bigger challenge.

  9. Joyce L says:

    Yup, Vista is really a complete failure. Even my colleagues whom bought new Notebook, with Vista pre-install, they will rid it away and install XP back. Microsoft really didn’t stand on customer side to think of the software, we all need to buy a new pc, new ram, new cpu to support that Vista!!! No way!

  10. Keith Myers says:

    If The Big, Evil Microsoft buys yahoo, I am shure Google will have something to say… LIKE ANTI-TRUST LAWSUIT

  11. Matt says:

    To me the worst thing about Microsoft is that they really provide no true benefit to consumers. There is no innovation, most worthwhile features in any MS product were either borrowed or outright stolen from someone else. MS’s monopolistic and predatory practices have long been documented, not just against their competition but also against their customers. (Just ask any small company that’s ever done business with them). In the end the consumer loses because true innovation is snuffed out, and the overall cost of technology for small businesses increases.

  12. Arul says:

    This post had me laughing, but it is true in every aspect.

    I used Vista a few times, thought it was a pile of horse dung. Many people I know have reverted to Windows XP. Others have bought Macs – my wife got her first MacBook recently, and she just loves it! Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back!

    Support for hardware devices or software on Vista is pathetic, to say the least. The average user has a hard time figuring out how or what to do. I was able to wirelessly connect to the printer attached to the Windows XP computer in the other floor with the MacBook – it did EVERYTHING automatically! Even CUPS is way better than Vista in this.

    Why is M$ trying to arm-twist Yahoo? What after the acquisition? What are their plans with M$-owned-Yahoo, if it happens? As long as they put the I before “customers”, they’ll slide down and down. Their priorities are very wrong. The number of Linux and Mac users will keep growing – heck, even BestBuy has opened a new Apple section now!


  13. Angel says:

    I think that Yahoo! it´s not a great loss, this action only give more control to Google.

  14. Roy says:

    Hate is a very strong word. What happens when people hate? They usually suffer a fall of their own. Personally, I think Microsoft is no better or worse than any other large company. Seems the “in” thing to say anything bad about Microsoft. I’m happy I don’t follow that crowd.

  15. David Mackey says:

    So, how do you really feal about Ballmer Matt? I think you make some interesting points – but I can’t agree with all your arguments. Microsoft’s products are still generally excellent. I love .NET, IIS, Visual Studio, etc. Microsoft Outlook 2007 can’t be beat. Windows Vista is a decent OS now that SP1 is released and will work great with the new Windows Server 2008. Microsoft has some great products – they need to adjust to the changing times however.

  16. NerdPower says:

    “As long as they put the I before “customers”, they’ll slide down and down. Their priorities are very wrong. The number of Linux and Mac users will keep growing [..]”

    And the prices of the Apple hardware suggest that identical hardware made in the same factories in china is overpriced to benefit the customer? Wow.. you sure are smart…

  17. Khan says:

    Microsoft products are not that bad at all, I have been using them with ease since my childhood.

  18. Andrew says:

    Microsoft is the best company ever made! Do you use Windows? They got you as a customer…. if you hate them so much…. why buy their software..

    Stop trying to put down Microsoft.


  19. Justin L. says:

    I agree with you Matt. And I’m glad you posted your comments about Steve Ballmer, I was beginning to think that I was the only one with such opinions about him.

  20. MichaelT says:

    The MS products are so ingrained in our everyday that a person like Steve Balmer – whom I have no problem with since he is acting in the best interest of the shareholders not the world or even the user (but one would hope good user experience will be good share holders experience – but not always).
    I think you should worry real hard about your own growth and keep your eye on your own ball.
    BTW – the title was bit much.

  21. Robert says:

    Your relentless hateful tirades against Microsoft are becoming sickening and BORING!

  22. Fred says:

    The “want” to buy Yahoo! is to cover some marketing holes in MS’s offerings. Also, since Gates has “removed” himself from much of the day-to-day activities of MS, Balmer has done what only he knows – we have the money, we’ll buy out of competition. What MS does with Yahoo after an acquisition may be completely different than what the industry expects.

    However, I must say that, as an individual business person, Balmer sure ‘lucked” into his job and rank and doesn’t impress me and many others very much at all. He forgets to engage his brain often.

    There will be other interesting issues on the table now that Balmer is steering the boat. It would be interesting if Gates makes a grand entrance into MS again to steer a sinking ship. It must be dramatic.

    As regards Vista, Vista was to be a direct competing product with Linux, but MS caved in and went with all the music and movie industry pressures to put extra protection in the OPSYS thereby literally destroying Vista. What a shame. Even IBM realized some time ago that cosmetics and blinking lights (GUI) only sells so many customers. Those that want solid performance see past that.

    The movie has just started. Sit back and watch.

  23. MMK says:

    I am not a Microsoft fan. I have my dislikes about Microsoft products. But all the negative things said about Microsoft, is there any alternative products that are less expensive as Microsoft products. Have you guys ever though why Microsoft became this popular its not because their product where the most user friendly or quality providing but their Marketing and making popular their products which provided them huge user base. Think before you shout.

  24. Dick says:

    I dislike MS as much as the next guy but Matt.. You and your followers have no clue. Cut the blogging bs, it’s not helping you.

  25. Jason says:

    Well said Matt. Balmer has been nothing but poison for the company; although I believe M$’s problems started with policies from Bill himself. Greed can do funny things to people.

    –Greetings from a new Bluehost customer


    Your relentless hateful tirades against Matt are becoming sickening and BORING!

  26. Another Jason says:

    I’ve always held a certain respect toward Bluehost due to your transparency, and your stand against adult sites. I am no fan of Microsoft, but a title like that truly demeans you and your company. Learn to express your your opinions without trying to destroy someone else. “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

  27. Abhinav says:


    From your blog, I do understand that may be Steve Balmer may not be Microsoft’s Dark Knight or White Knight( whichever way you take it). But he must be there for some reason.

    He must have had some qualities that made him the CEO.

    Regarding microsoft, I have been using their products since Windows 95 came out. Vista sucks thats for sure. But XP is good. I do agree that the way Microsoft went after Netscape and Apple was in poor taste and I really dont like the monopoly they have/had.

    As for your Yahoo, Both Microsoft and Yahoo can never take on google.

  28. […] (TomTom), so no wonder that in response to this strateg,y the president of said that “Steve Ballmer is a Jackass!” People have many reasons to be angry and Microsoft keeps giving more such reasons, even to highly […]

  29. Yfrwlf says:

    He is indeed a “jackass”. That’s an incredibly accurate word for him in fact. Some of the other posters here should try looking up the definition sometime. He makes a fool of himself, he’s egotistical and selfish, not to mention stupid, and anyone who has watched him for long time will realize that he’s diluted himself into thinking that his company and products are THE best and everyone is dumb for not using them. That pompousness is disgusting and offensive. He’s not the only company leader like that, not by far, but on the subject of software, Microsoft *is* a big topic. They’ve abused customers and businesses for so long that they do very, very much deserve the negative criticism that comes their way.

    I just wish there were a lot more lawsuits against them.

  30. secretxax says:

    The only thing i like or use from microsoft is their operating system, but i hate everything else that they do. Yahoo and Google already teamed up against them long ago.

  31. justin yardy says:

    I think it is every one’s right to share his thoughts to others or give his views about something. So we shouldn’t panic on such views.

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