Exceptions to the rule…

I am someone who always says that something can be done regardless of the circumstances, and usually I’m right. There is always a way to fix a problem if you are determined and creative enough.

However, as I become older and more experienced (Not mature – no one will ever accuse me of maturity) I can appreciate the problems associated with the exception to the rule. At Bluehost and Hostmonster we have tirelessly added new features since day 1. I feel very confident in saying that we offer more features than any other shared hosting service that I know of.

Even with our vast array of features there are still many functions that users requests that are technically possible for us to implement – even easy to implement, but that we are unable to accommodate because we operate a larger scale operation. Early on we made many exceptions to allow for these requests and in the end it caused issues as we upgraded our systems. We were unhappy because of the extra time and expense to ensure these features worked going forward and some customers were unhappy because some of the custom features would break repeatedly as Cpanel and other third party applications were “unaware” that these changes existed.

This is why small hosting companies, in fact all small companies, will ALWAYS have a place with consumers. They offer a level of specificity to user needs that no larger company will ever be able to match. This is how Bluehost started in the first place. We offered many options when we started that other hosts didn’t have available or didn’t want to offer because of security concerns.

I believe our standard package can and does fit the bill for 98% of users out there, but for those that have needs outside of our offering there are a myriad of choices to get exactly what you want. I encourage you to look for something that does what you want out of the box rather than looking for an “exception” to make it happen. You will be happier in the long run!

Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com

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  1. Henri says:

    I fully agree. This is why there will always be a niche market in the hosting industry for “premium” type of service. Some industry pundits are predicting there will be no need for hosts once google gets into the game…

    … but as you pointed out in your post, there is always an exception. Google won’t be able to offer everything to everyone, so there will always be room for other companies to step in and fill that gap.

  2. Brent2 says:

    Might be my technical background, but generally I see no need for exceptions. Find, build or hire a workaround. That’s how it works in school (though hiring is discouraged there. Why should it be any different in the real world?

  3. Sami says:

    I hope that there are still one exception in the rule. Google encourages If-Modified-Since HTTP header -feature to be used but Bluehost does not provide it. Perhaps, there is still one exception in the rule to improve the basic Bluehost pack.

  4. Dave Doolin says:

    Seems to me that an enterprising person could function as a sort of specialized partner to bluehost.com, taking on customers requiring more specialized services.

    What’s your highest demand service you are most unwilling to provide?

  5. Gordon says:

    Seriously dude Bluehost offers nothing over other hosts. You’re just all about hype and marketing and pouring your own money into your business. A monkey could do that. Anyone with a brain wont acquire bluehost cause as soon as the money tap dries up, the business comes crashing down. You got nothing bro.

  6. Rob Worth says:

    brings me back to the old days when I sold a standard accounting package that could be customized freely. The initial offerings were adequate although every customer wanted something different. We accomodated them for a price. As the manufacturer made upgrades to their software, we had to go back and add the changes again for a price. That was yearly. Most customers generally bulked at the practice after three revisions from the manufacturer. No one likes to pay for enhancements more then once although that is necessary evil of customization. Especially when you purchase $7,000 worth of accounting software and then turn around and enhance it for another $5,000 to $6,000 time after time after time with every OEM change.

  7. Andy says:

    In response to “Brent2’s” comments…

    It is not your lack of understanding of technical aspects of hosting, it is simply your lack of understanding of basic commerce and grass roots business management.

    It is absolutely impossible to be “all things to all men” and provide a service and or product that meets every customers individual requirements, while remaining competitive and make a profit (which at the end of the day is what it’s all about).

    To use your analogy of the “school” environment, if i came along and wanted to take a class in something obscure like “Archaeology of Roman Baths” or “Garbage Management” etc… your school would have to source a teacher or professor to teach the class and then there would have to be sufficient demand (in terms of pupil numbers) to actually turn up and take the class to justify the cost of the Teachers salary, the class room space and time, heating, lighting etc… it simply is not viable for just one pupil.

    I hope this makes it clearer for you.

    Thanks Andy.

  8. 2 years running websites reviews, and interview few users. Yes, certain user requesting specific requirement. And they usually will spend hours to search through various hosting provider that listed these in their hosting specification.

    But thing are simplified now, with vps hosting getting more common. Usually i will direct them to vps hosting that allows root access and addon installation.

    well, hope to see one day bluehost hosting is offering more than just shared hosting. Maybe a vps or even a dedicated server hosting. :)

  9. Jim Beshires says:

    I just created a website on Blue Host, because you advertise unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwith. A friend of mine recently moved his site to Blue Host, because of the same reason.
    Now he’s being told that he is limited to the number of files he can have on his site. This worries me as I will eventually have over 75,000 files and I don’t want to upload only to be told that my file size is limited.
    Please respond.

  10. I heard that blue host had a better version of linux. Is it true you developer your own kernel that speeds up the server requests?

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