1 Million Sites Hosted!!

In the next 2-3 days we will surpass the 1 million sites/domains hosted mark across our network. That is a feat beyond all our original expectations and goals. I would like to have said that it was all in our original plan, but it wasn’t.

I clearly remember a “meeting” between Dan Ashworth (My business partner) and myself to discuss what we wanted out of Bluehost. I am a person that shoots high, but sets reasonable, attainable goals for myself. At the time we ran a free hosting company with a paid upgrade option. We had about 10,000 paying customers. We knew we wanted at least that many with Bluehost and hoped if we really worked hard that we could get up to 20,000 new customers on our (At the time) new platform – Bluehost.com.

Our previous hosting platform relied heavily on a single parter to generate about half of our business. A great day for us was 40 new hosting customers, and a terrible day was less than 20. The big partner (Bravenet.com) eventually started doing their own free hosting and that left us in a bind. In hindsight I am SO GLAD they left. It really was a major factor in the decision to start Bluehost – Thanks Bravenet! Now a terrible day is 650 signups and a great day is 850 signups. Its amazing how things can change in just a few short years.

Thanks of course go to the real people that make it happen day in and day out – The Bluehost/Hostmonster staff. You are all incredible! Our hosting family is what sets us apart from other hosting companies out there.

1 Million down – 10 million to go!!!

Thanks everyone who hosts with us – we appreciate every last one of you!

Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com

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  1. Evan says:

    Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed all of my time on your servers and helped my customers host with you, too. Thanks for everything, keep up the hard work!

    -Evan 😀

  2. vinicius says:

    Congratulations! I like you because you’re reasonable (as you said). I host at Dreamhost for some years, but I read your blog because I like your views. Best regards, I hope you can continue providing a great service for your customers.

  3. Congratulation to Bluehost!
    A very impressive achievement in short time! :)

    Months ago, start seeing bluehost posted 570,000 domain hosted. And before this is around 400k++… And so fast it hitting the 1mil benchmark.

  4. Wade Wachs says:

    As a member of the Bluehost/Hostmonster staff, thanks for the compliment. AS the husband of a newspaper editor, “Our previous hosting platform relied heavily on a single parter” shouldn’t that be “partNer”?

  5. jay says:

    I am with you. Have been for a while. I wont even go anywhere else. I have an opportunity to get onto a host server of someone I know for free but I wont even do that cause I know what value you give me.

    Curious tho… is that 1M accounts or 1M domains registered with you?

  6. Great job! Congrats! I am currently looking for a new hosting provider and this is truly a selling point.


  7. Angel says:

    Congratulations!!! we wait for the 10 millions too…

  8. jay says:

    dear ceo,i am a cuetomer from china,after i used bluehost,i found that my website always can not be visited about 1-2 minutes,it is not only my problem,some friends in china also have this probelm and bluehost never slove it.

  9. judas says:

    No, thanks to all of you!! My account needs to be renewed in a month, and I know no other better place to go.

    BueHost works, and works fine. Thats all I need.

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  11. Luis says:

    Congratulations from Spain (eu) Matt!

  12. Robbert says:

    What an achievement! Congratulation’s with the wonderful number!!

  13. Prem says:

    Hello Matt,
    Congrats on this achievement!!!

    And I am happy that my host is growing every day!! But I am inclined to believe that the same is not true of the much touted customer support… which I am forced to believe is going down in quality with increasing subscribers.

    I had a few simple questions today and the help desk was down. And the chat support person was curt and hardly bothered to understand my question and reply.

    I hope you are also looking at the customer experience side of things alongside your tremendous growth in customer base.

    Hope you reply to this.

    Thanks. I enjoy reading your posts. Hope you will ensure the same for your hosting capabilities as well.


  14. Wes says:

    Congratulations on reaching the 1 million milestone. I hope the service will continue to be stable despite the increased number of domains hosted.

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  16. Sheldon Scott says:

    Hey Matt,

    Congratulations to you and yours on this phenomenal achievement! I have been a proud supporter of BlueHost for several years now and I am happy to hear of how well things are going for you.

    Please ensure you continue your excellent platform of rock-solid hosting, backed by caring and knowledgeable support and you will be seeing that next BIG goal in no time!

  17. Dhananjay says:

    Congrats!! Its really a good number to achieve. It cant be got without hard work and dedication on your part. And do you know, Glyphius also works as hard as youself. Again congrats.

  18. Daryle says:

    It’s great that you’ve reached that milestone… that’s quite an accomplishment.

    Unfortunately, I think it’s apparent your hosting a lot of websites… performance is no where’s near what it was when I first started hosting with bluehost. I must also add that I was suggesting to everyone I ever talked to this use this service but not anymore… the past 6 months have been very rocky for my site which doesn’t have many users.

    Anyway, congratulations on your milestone and I’d say at this point, focus on increasing the service quality for retention. :)

    – Daryle Hamel

  19. afewtips.com says:

    If shared hosting is what someone wants, Bluehost is the safest choice.
    (Performance is also very good.) Meaning, you won’t get ripped off and you can cancel – which is huge these days. I canceled my hosting because I wanted to move to a more advanced platform (Plone) and shared hosting couldn’t support it. But the fact that I was able to cancel is great. I may be back, and that is where customer service saves sales. Costco learned that a long time ago.
    At any rate, thanks for allowing me to move on. (You could have had my dollars if you had an option for shared hosting – Slicehost is doing it right, you would be foolish not to understand their model, you could add incremental dollars on your existing base!!)

  20. wy says:

    Hey Matt, Congratulation. 1 million domains is a big milestone.
    I truely believe you guys can go beyond 2 million in a even shorter time !!


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  22. Matthew says:

    Congratulations. With that many hosted… surely you can give one lucky person free hosting for a year? Or maybe increase one lucky person’s bandwidth, or help him design his site, or something, I just want something for free because of your success.


    One L. Person

  23. moe says:

    Well..just asked to cancel my hosting since my payment is due in 2 days. Too much overselling and the company doesn’t look like it can handle any more sites with the unlimited crap.

    bye bye it has been a good 3 years…

  24. Ali says:

    Congratulations on all the sign ups Matt. However it seems like it is effecting my site, are you guys doing data center updates?

  25. Wow this is simply awesome!
    1 Million sites is definitely a feat… Time to rewrite the front page copy!

  26. Dennis says:


    This guy posted an article that reminded me a lot of you and how you run BlueHost. I thought you might like to see it.



    Dennis Gallagher

  27. Dario says:

    Hi Mat, as this is the easy way to talk with you, i’d like to ask you if you have any plans to get into the safe harbour list.
    The safe harbor provides guidance for U.S. organizations on how to provide “adequate protection” for personal data from Europe as required by the European Union’s Directive on Data Protection.
    Because we need that our hosting company meets this requiste, and actually i love bluehost and don’t want to chacnge to oder company, but laws are laws.
    Thanks and keep going with the great job you’re doing

  28. Kelly says:

    Matt, It’s been quite ironic over the course of the last year in watching your blog and seeing those numbers escalate to where they stand now. All I can say, from being with Bluehost, is that this is the absolute best hosting service in the industry, and I appreciate that! I congratulate your success and wish for much more for you and the entire Bluehost family (including clients). Keep it up!

  29. Congrats! I’m one of your affiliates and I’m happy to say that I have sent you 30 to 40 of those accounts :-)

  30. mysysad says:

    I’m been running my site on bluehost for about a year. Frankly speaking, I was having some serious issues with their service the first couple months but things are a lot better nowadays. I haven’t used their chat service in awhile and that’s a good thing.

    Congrats on the million.

  31. Kent says:

    Hi Its great that you have one million sites hosted. However you dont have basic power backup for 100% of your servers. you are down as we speak. Your service is great however in the one month that I have been with Hostmonstor I have experienced two down times. One was some sort of reset. Now with a minor power issue there really is no excuse. I am really nervous hosting with HostMonstor at this point and may decide to go to another host if there is another down time during my first 30 days. Again your staff is very professional but not having a basic 100% power backup seems backwards. Im sure you agree.

  32. Jan says:

    Wow… that’s great! Congrats! I’ve been with Blue Host going into 4 years already and I have to brag about how super Blue Host’s Support has been to me on any issues I’ve had which were only my own and not Blue Host. They are fantastic and no wonder they are doing so great!! Yah! Keep up the great service and customer support and you know you will see yourselves grow larger!


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  34. Congrats Matt, that’s an incredible accomplishment. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping customer support a priority.

  35. Russ says:

    Congrats to Bluehost. That is a great accomplishment for sure.

  36. Hey Matt,

    Congrats on your big achievement. It goes to show that hard work can really pay off. Hopefully your next milestone will be a billion :).

  37. Congratulations that is a lot! Hope i reach my milestones soon!

  38. Jon says:

    Congratulations Matt. Those are some impressive statistics. Hopefully our daily sales volume will match that some day.

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