I’ve been asked to give so little…

Ive been asked to give so little…

On this 4th of July I look back at what has been sacrificed by so many others for the freedoms and benefits that we enjoy today. I am someone that is always looking at how to improve something, how to make something better. In doing that, I often forget what was required to get us to where we are today.

Not today, today I express my absolute sincere appreciation for our armed forces that have in many cases given up their lives so that I might by able to pursue my life and raise a family. When I look at my life in comparison to these brave men and women and I am embarrassed at the opportunities that have been offered to me at the expense of our soldiers.

I am eternally grateful. I love you for your dedication to your country and freedom, and I promise that if the same requirements were put upon me that I would follow the same course to uphold the values we hold dear and to ensure the livelihood of the freedom we all enjoy now.

Freedom is a gift from God, but must be protected by man. God bless every one of our servicemen for your service on our behalf. I thank you, my family thanks you, and all Americans thank you for your service!

Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

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  1. The Truth says:

    God does not exist Matt.

  2. JUAN says:

    “Freedom is a gift from God, but must be protected by man”. That is what sold me. Many people and companies hide GOD in the publics eye for the sake of a dollar. You didn’t! Thank you.

  3. Outside The Box says:


    It wasn’t made to hurt feelings.
    Just to open minds.

  4. Yvonne says:

    So many of our armed forces need to read your article. Thank you for giving honor where honor is due. Don’t ever stop expressing your true values and beliefs no matter what others think. Yvonne

  5. Gary in CA says:

    “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

    Matt, it’s great that you acknowledge America’s servicemen and veterans. On July 4th and Nov 11th, I urge everyone to pickup the phone and call a standing serviceman/woman or a veteran you know and thank them for their service. It feels good to make the call. And it feels good to get one.

  6. Our servicemen and women have given their time, their health, and too often their lives so that their family members and those of their countrymen could enjoy the opportunities so bountiful in this great Republic. From the great and courageous sacrifices of those who persevered through our war for independence through the test of the southern war for independence to the wars of the 20th and 21st centuries, our American servicemen and women have held the line that protects this nation from threats both without and within. It is indeed refreshing to hear this understanding of and appreciation for the cost of our freedoms and opportunities. And it is great to see the entrepreneurial spirit flourishing. Keep up the good work and the good fight, Matt!

  7. RWB says:

    Thanks for expressing these sentiments on the 4th of July. Very much seconded by this customer.

  8. G Sicard says:

    I am one of those service men you so eloquently expressed your appreciation for. I truly appreciate your kind words and it is good to see that you had the guts to put your thoughts about us and about God in writing.

    Because of frequent 408/409 errors with my site, hosted with bluehost.com, I was goint to move it to another host but I will leave it here and work with your support team to resolve the issues. I am leaving it here because of your stated appreciation for the Armed Forces of the USA.

    Good fortune in your venture and I look forward to reaping the benefits of your improvements to your hosting infrastructure.

    God bless you and your family.


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