Sometimes you just want to be a kid…

Some nights after I have been working on the router until 3:13 AM I’ll look at myself in the mirror and wonder what the heck I’m doing. Routers are fun and all but…

Even web hosting geeks need to have toys to play with. Normally my Segway is nerdy enough for me to have fun on, but now I’ve found something new to play with. Don’t worry, its still falls soundly in the complete nerd category. What do you think?

You Tube Video Of Super Nerdy Toy!


Matt Heaton

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  1. Sometimes you just want to be a kid……

    Some nights after I have been working on the router until 3:13 AM I’ll look at myself in the mirror and wonder what the heck I’m doing. Routers are fun and all but…Even web hosting geeks need to have toys to play with. Normally my S…

  2. Travis says:

    Your quick post is hitting me right at home. I just met with a potential business partner last night for a Web site I’ve been working on. As I look into the future I wonder what role I would play as the company grows. Can I stay in touch with the lower-level things that I love or would that make me the annoying CEO-type that can’t let others do their work? How do you approach this issue? You seem to be pretty down-to-earth. In your router example, there may very well be people that work for you with sufficient skills working on routers, but it’s clearly something you love doing.

  3. eyolf says:

    How about sending out some information to those affected by the heavy downtimes on the (mostly mail-)servers lately, instead of blogging about flip-flopping and your new toy? OK, I can understand that there can be server problems, but hey, it’s two weeks now, that the web and mail servers have been flaky, but have I received any information about what’s going on? No. Have I received an excuse? No. Will I get any recompensation? Hardly, I guess. Have I been offered to move to a more stable server? Nope. Nothing. Oh well, now they say it will be up again “as soon as possible”. Yeah, sure.

  4. Jerry Van Brimmer says:

    LOL!! Looks like fun, Matt. I just hope you either have really good coordination, or really good insurance.

  5. Tom Mann says:

    Well I can imagine the frustration, my site has been down for more than 8 hours today so my business is at a standstill. It is nice you have toys to play with while some of us depend on you maintaining your servers. Your advertised claim “Affordable, Reliable Web Hosting Solutions.” seems to be a boast for me today.

  6. Billy Park says:

    Yeah man! I’ve been wanting some of those for a while now. Could be awesome.

  7. John Corbitt says:

    Matt, I would like to know why the server that hosts my site and email keeps going down. In the last 2 weeks, I was told the original server had a complete meltdown and needed to be switched out. Fine.

    Even though it took them a day and a half to do it, I figured it was a once in a LONG while thing and I would be back up and would enjoy the dependable service I have enjoyed since signing on with you guys a few years ago.

    But that hasn’t been the case. Ever since, my services have been interrupted over and over. Its down right now.

    This is my business and in today’s economy, I have enough challenges to my business without adding an undependable host to it. Please look into it and “light a fire” under someone to get it fixed. I have begun to research other hosting solutions in case this doesn’t get remedied in the next day or two.

  8. KayL says:

    get one and make a video on youtube !!

  9. Mike says:

    Don’t forget your helmet Matt. We still like ya.

  10. CS says:

    Kinda looks like fun, but I’m now old enough to have learned fear, and all I can think of is BE CAREFUL! Yikes! Your posts have left enough of an impression for people to like you, so don’t be surprised some of us are a little nervous that it might be your nifty brain that’s bouncing around in that video.

  11. Abid says:

    Now that’s some good fun after a hard days work. Be careful, you don’t get routed elsewhere 😉

  12. Dave M. says:

    That looks fun. You should try a dirt bike next.

  13. Belina Jonas says:

    Yikes! Those things look scary! Where do you practice to get that good?? Somewhere with a soft landing I hope…

  14. “Looks fun”. The clip has no video, I just hate youtube playing all mighty with people’s videos. One time I posted a clip and they wiped out the audio track. I submitted again and they wiped it again. I submitted a third time and it was automatically erased from the start.

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