You have to do it yourself (Or not!)

If you want it done right you have to do it yourself. You have heard it a million times right? Well, I am here to tell you if you follow that advice for your business you won’t grow!

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love starting new businesses and getting them off the ground. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Afterward I get bored and need to find others better than me to continue to run the businesses that I start.

One thing I have had to learn the hard way in businesses I have created is that you can’t do it all yourself. A perfect example is an older company I used to run called I ran it mostly on my own, with some help from my brother on the support side. I managed about 30 servers, did all the programming myself, and sold all the online ads. I thought I was saving a bundle! I didn’t have to have employees and that resulted in extra $$$ in my pocket. I did well with it and in the end sold it to a public company.

The first thing the public company did was 10 times my revenue the first month after they aquired it! You read right, 10X my revenue. I was bewildered by the numbers and asked how they did it. They replied that it was simple. They had a dedicated marketing team that knew the industry and could aggressively sell my ads.

Had I been able to see past the “huge” money I was saving, and invest a little in my company by getting some dedicated sales people, and perhaps free up my time by employing a few developers I could have really had it take off.

I guess what I am saying is that it has taken me 10 years, but I have finally learned that I am not the only one that can make my business be a success. I have now hired many extremely talented people that are better at managing people than I am, better at programming than I am, and better admins than I am. Bluehost is a better and more competent company since I have finally learned to trust others.

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  1. great post matt. By working alone, we think we get all the profits… Cooperating with the right pple earns 10x more. once i meet the right person, i will cherish the relationship. people that can be trusted are hard to find nowsadays.

  2. Jason says:

    Wow, what a lesson. I still haven’t learned it, though I believe it to be true– I can’t get to the place where I can risk the outlay of cash to hire someone to help…

    But I have started hiring developers to do things I can’t do which makes my product better. That has helped.

    You’re amazing Matt.


  3. chrys says:

    Each post is worth reading. Guess this “blog” needs to be moved to “Daily Travel.” Maybe something will be of major importance to my future “Web” intent! Thanks.

  4. Yet another excellent read, you brought up some good points which have got me thinking.

  5. REN JIN LEE says:

    “A Perfectionist to its essence!”

  6. Zet White says:

    A very good aproach to this kind of business. I’ve been very negative about comparatively cheap web hosting so far, but BlueHost has taken a different path to most of the hosts out there. It took me a while to actually believe in what I’m seeing. The first question that came to me was – how do they do it?

    Ok, Linux, open source and cheaper (yet often more reliable) software, custom built hardware, personal expertise of the company owners (yourself included)… But 250 GB bandwith and a few hefty gigs on-drive? Boasting customer support? Of course, not all bandwth is used, not all space fully utilised, cause you need a brain to get a 10GB site, especially if you’re an amateur user. But still, the service provided by BlueHost is superior to literaly hundreds of competitors. I just hope that it won’t end up in piling your servers up with hard drives hoping existing pipes cope, like “some others” ended up doing.

    Sharing a few thoughts here… A blog is a good idea. You should listen to “we-need-more-info” requests here, cause to some, believe it or not, your service looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, and withought some detailed descriptons they just walk away. Yes, even the awards don’t necessarily work anymore nowadays, there’s plenty of shiny awards a user can draw himself in PhotoPaint. Your support is excellent, but it doen’t really play that big a part in getting a user signed up.

    Now, I understand that spending on adds is not a priority… But page 12 in Google serch for “web hosting”!? Page twelve, Matt, that’s even after the “50megs” one! And nowhere in the short descrition Google reveals does it mention the 250 gigs or the 10 gigs or anything else – the figures that really do the trick! Word of mouth is okay, but search engines are the new generation, you know this. Tweak the “meta’s”. There are people there searcing for your service. You can do better here.

    Don’t opt for Windows unless they give you BIG signed promises for long-term support. Tomorrow you may need twenty updates and new programs for your Win-based servers, and then what? Who buys the software then, when thousands of users demand excellence and up-to-date programs from you? It’s easy with UNIX, think about the Win headache carefully, and plan FAR ahead. And the tech stuff will hit your budget more than what Win delegates swear to you. You had hints about this earlier. You know all this already, of course, but it’s always good to say.

    IF only you would combine the power of the two – then yes, that would work. Your customers love the power of Linux you’re giving now, they want it AND Windows, not it OR Windows. Do the final judgement carefully, think of how serious the aggression is, and how big the bribe. A good idea might be to respond with a “firm interest in prospect with potential agreement in a couple of year’s time”. No “yes”, no “no”. In two years we’ll see who will be doing the aggression.

    Be the Best, keep up the good work.
    Z.W., University of Plymouth.

  7. BiosBrain says:

    Excellent comment and advice. It is advice that I have found the hardest to take. I believe we all harbor the desire to do it all ourselves. I am trying to break myself of that very habit.

    Great post Matt!

  8. I don’t know about the whole UNIX/LINUX is better then windows debate becuase the past 2 weeks I have had nothing but problems with my box at bluehost.

    I don’t think maintaining a simple FTP server with one user on it for my domain account would be hard. Apprently it is becuase it breaks for several hours everyday. I am considering switching services now becuase this is a critical service to me. With out FTP access or Shell Access (which I sent a request in twice over the past month and haven’t received any responses yet) I have no way to change anything on my site.

    If my site was into full production this would be unacceptable and I would switch services right away. However right now it’s not such a major concern for me becuase my site is not ready but, having the FTP service go down almost daily now does hamper my ability to upload changes I have made to the server.

    Once I go live if I keep experience problems like this I will most certianly change hosts.

    Be in UNIX / Linux or Windows. These are all highly complex operating systems and they all have their problems, they all have bugs and they all have secrity holes. What it comes down too is the support they can offer. If they can get services back up and running sooner with less delay then I’m all for having windows hosting as an option. But, if they can’t manage to support it any better then the UNIX / Linux boxes they run now I see no reason to pay a premium for something.

  9. Steve says:

    Your support crew have great morale and offer good assistance. As a new client at your company, I have appreciated their willingness to help. I have had several problems with my addon domains. One of them has been on then off and required a call to bluehost four times in the last 18 hours. Last night, I was told to go to a library or somewhere else where I could try logging on because the problem might be with my ISP. Then the same technician told me to wait four hors and try again. I wait ed overnight, and still no show. Right now, I am waiting on a BlueHost technician to get to my repair ticket. Your thesis is right: get excellent people to work for you and you can achieve excellent results. The size of your client base as shown by your hosting of 100,000 domain names shows you have been doing something right. I like your package and hope to stay with BlueHost long term. I hope the latest effort at your support staff office on my sites will show the company’s excellence and thereby overcome the start up jitters that I am feeling with all four addon domains inexplicably down. – SAJ –

  10. timmy says:

    hey i just sighned up with blue host my web site is i loved the web hosting service you ptovided

  11. DuhEditors says:

    Dear Bluehost,
    Im highly satisfied with bluehost and its services. I operate my website all the way from India and I just love everything about bluehost. This is my first time hosting a site and I’m glad to have used bluehost. I do have a lot of technical difficulties lately & I was hoping if you could give me an email address of the tech team. I cant make a call all the way from India. I’m in desperate need for help. Please.

  12. DuhEditors says:

    THis blog idea is great Matt. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  13. usla says:

    how many coments here are marketing propganda, what other use is there for a commenting system

  14. Pamela says:

    The trust part is the biggest obstacle when you try to pull that perfect team together and they are LAZY or not serious enough. I need to read your blogs more for inspiration and fuel for the mind…good stuff. Thanks for being all that you can and still have enough to send shockwaves to other wanna be entrepreneurs who just can’t get as organized as they would like.

  15. Terry says:

    Thanks for that posting, Matt!

    As one of those people who definitely should wear a T-shirt that says, “Does anal-retentive take a hyphen?” (it does), I very much needed to hear what you had to say. Maybe this time I’ll really listen and actually do something about it — like learn to delegate… 😉

    I’m looking for a host, and so far BlueHost looks to be beating everyone else hands down!

  16. ULTARIA says:

    Matt, This was an interesting blog, I’m working on a business right now, and need such an advice, I do respect this lessons, but I believe also that this cases are relative to your situation, sometimes, you can not find trustable employees in some communities, and other places hiring is a big responsibility for small businesses, thankfully, I’m trying to solve both issues.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience…
    Michel Awad

  17. konhj says:

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