Success! How to achieve it!

How do you become successful? What are the ingredients that make it up? These are questions that many people ask themselves. If you haven’t asked yourself this question you need a kick in the pants! Everyone should strive for success!

I am now 34 years young. For me I used to define success as how much money I made. My “worth” was defined by my pocket book. What a mistake that was. It took me making “enough” money before I realized I had misdefined success. I grew up in a family of 10 people! I have three younger brothers, three older brothers, and my sister is the oldest. We had a great family growing up, but because of so many siblings I quickly learned to provide for myself if I needed something. What a valuable lesson I was able to learn while I was young! To rely on ones self helps you grow and gives you satisfaction that you can’t get any other way.

Anyway, back to success… Define success, and then do everything you can to achieve that goal. When I look around at those I work with and others that are my friends I can tell who is on their way to “success” and those who have essentially given up and accepted life as it is. Success takes risks, and intelligent planning! Whatever your goals, give yourself the proper tools to succeed. Don’t set generic goals, of “getting rich”, or “getting in shape”. Instead, say I am going to achieve success by first preparing in this way, and doing this, and getting the proper education, and then specifically laying down a list of things to achieve your goal.

I talk to a lot of people that say if I only did “this” I could change my family life, or my “financial situation”. I then ask them why they haven’t done it, and what they are planning to do to get it done. There is usually no plan, just regret that they haven’t done it. These people will stay in their current state. I KNOW they will. Action is what moves you forward! Everyone of us is capable of bettering our lives. I truely believe that those ahead of the game are those who are simply willing to say, “I reject my current situation and WILL ACT to change it.”

I know this blog entry comes off as very presumptuous. I don’t mean it to be. I just firmly believe that we all have the ability to change our lives for the better if we will work hard and make the decision to do it for ourselves and our families.


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  1. L. Thornton says:

    Wow, how refreshing to see the CEO/Founder speaking to his clients AND understanding them. I have enjoyed your posts & it is nice to be informed. As well, as a very new client, I give huge KUDOS to your service/tech support, they are simply AWESOME. So far the service HAS exceeded my expectations & I look forward to years of the same. Thanks Matt & all the staff at!

  2. chrys says:

    Commitment required. One problem is the huge stack of choices – where and how soon to commit. I believe there was a Dave Matthews song about “too many choices.” Successful people know where to commit and when.

  3. Larry Eisenstein says:

    Thanks Matt. That has really stuck a chord with me. I find myself in the group with all the regrets, but no solid plan. I’m finishing my degree, but I do need to take the time to lay out an action plan.


  4. Paul C. says:

    another good and insightful read. thanks

  5. Nathan Keith says:

    Matt: Right on for those of us who understand the concept but for the many who do not, metrics and cause & effect must be defined. Define getting in shape, by how many miles you can run it what time, how many push-ups you can do, etc. that now lets me live longer, etc… NRK

  6. Eric Mill says:

    Excellent advice; commitment and follow through to a plan are key to advancement. I’ve always believed in this and worked to follow it, but because I’m a scatterbrain and impulsive, it’s a constant struggle. The struggle is good for me though. It’s cool to be impulsive as well, it makes life a bit more fun than checking off boxes. As long as those boxes end up getting checked in some way.

  7. Don Johnston says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t see the presumption in your comments. It is refreshing to hear a CEO, no matter what the age, refer to success as being outside of the accumulation of money. Please share with us sometime your personal definition of success. I’ve heard it said that the answer to the question “How much is enough?” is “Just a little bit more!”

  8. MacawMother says:

    Thank you! Amen even! Maybe I can just send a link of this page to all the people I hear whine about how bad off they have it. It’s always been my belief that if you don’t like how your life is then CHANGE it instead of complaining about it!

  9. Another inspirational blog from matt. what you said is similar to that of anthony robins. many pple like to sit there and imagine money will drop from the sky. We often forget that we cannot win lottery unless we buy it.

  10. G Ketchian says:

    Matt: Great article which at 33 yrs young I totally agree with and run my life/business by as well. It is rare to see people who understand that anything is within reach but that it takes action to start the process towards acheivment.

    You may want to check out my Dad’s website, I was fortunate to have the best mentor growing up, The underlying theme is personal development.

  11. The secret to sucess is in how you percieve your reality and take steps to modify it. Glass half full or half empty. Great article.. with some good points. I personally use a bit of NLP in my business interactions as i find that its all bout communication, thats the secret to sucess

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