Maintaining the edge!!!

Well, in the past couple of weeks we have hit an important milestone for bluehost. We have broken the 100,000 domain mark (Actually we are at 110,000 as of today).

That is great for us! But instead of celebrating, I am worrying. Why is that you ask? When was the last time you called a company with 100,000 customers and received quality service? Just today I called Delta Airlines (Again?? Read my blog below!) to change my ticket by a day and got someone in India that didn’t speak English that kept saying they had room on the flight I was already booked on. Their customer service is virtually non-existant.

I don’t want that to be Bluehost EVER! We have to maintain our edge. We have problems the same as everyone else, but the difference is our intolerance for indifference. We CARE! Sometimes issues arise and you get shuffled around, but that is the minority, not the majority of the time!

We pledge to always have enough people to do the job right! We have had 24 hour support 6 days a week for a few months now, and as of April 3rd we will have 24 hour support 7 days a week, except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Labor Day. Of course, they are all in our office and on site. No outsourcing for us!!! In addition to 24/7 support we have actual trained technicians to help you.

If you can’t stand having someone that doesn’t speak English on the other end of the line. If you hate it when you call into support and feel like you know more than the “technician” on the other end. If you find it unacceptable to wait 10 minutes just to get someone on the phone, then WELCOME TO BLUEHOST. We want you, and you will like us! We are a match made for success! We will maintain our edge for you!

Matt Heaton /

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  1. Congratulations on breaking the 100,000 domain mark, may there be many more in the future. Good Choice on keeping the local tech support too.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I chanced to call your office yesterday, and spoke to Chris in support. No big-issue questions, and I’m certain that I could have ferreted-out the answers myself, if I happened to have time at that particular moment. As it was, I let slip some expiry notices until the 11th hour, and had to take care of that before transferring domains over (make that 110,003) to BH.

    As always, things were handled professionally, and the ICANN transfer requirements were laid-out for me to make my decision…my own way. Please tell Chris, “thanks” from me.

    You folks aren’t Delta, and you aren’t like our soon-to-be-former-provider either.

    You have offered us excellent value.
    You have been soft-sell (very important for me, personally).
    You have added value to your services after we became your customers.
    Your staff knows what they’re doing, and what they’re talking about (I don’t hear them flipping through policy and workgroup process notebooks while we’re talking).
    Your staff isn’t in so much of a hurry that they refuse to participate in “geek shop-talk”; which amounts to maintaining a good relationship with the customer. (It’s not like I can swap geek-speak with the cashier at the grocery store.)
    Your communications with us have been proactive and useful without degenerating into “just another ad, hawking another service-offering” like our soon-to-be-former-provider has done. Tell me once, and once only. I’ll make up my mind what I want to do then…and stick with it.
    You (personally and corporately) are–as far as I can tell–accessible to us, your customer.

    These are the things we value.

  3. chrys says:

    Admirable to keep everything state side – best of luck. The way you write – you should have no problem keeping things that way. It seems as though the fancy phone lines required to hire so many people overseas would be a huge expense and may take the savings away? Either way – just THANKS.

    OH – I’ve had really good experiences with Dell and their people in India. One of the really good tech people calls me from time to time. I think he’d like to relocate. Would you hire an expert FROM India?

    I’ve temporarily closed my “blog” while I determine how to work around the terrible posting area in the WP upgrade. Checked out Nucleus – but – I don’t want to change my URL so moving is difficult. I pulled in the old post.php and there’s something missing?!?! Who knows.

  4. I am still waiting for the online chat feature. when are you going to implement that? many pple like me live overseas and find it inconvenient to call to USA. Many hosting companies have that and I think it is very a great support feature.

  5. Alex Reid says:

    I have always felt that the customer service at BlueHost was beyond outstanding! Everything that I have call or email customer service I’ve gotten an answer most of the time with in the hour. The support forums are also a great way for people to get help fast. Thank you for all you do and providing excellent business within the area we live in and around the world.

  6. You guys are the greatest! I can’t believe the service and level of quality of the sites. Keep up the good work!

  7. user says: is awesome, So far so good, I was thinking though, how about referral friends features like has.

  8. Thank you for being so commited to support. I currently live in China so with the time difference, it has been difficult in the past to get support during office hours. Now with 24 hour support, it will make my hosting experience much better. THANK YOU!

  9. edward says:

    i had some problems with registering a domain with bluehost [BLUEHOST.COM #195835] and i must say i received first class, extremely fast customer service from felippe burk.
    in today’s webworld it is rare to receive such help, even if i do expect it, so thanks, as a new customer i am extremely pleased to be with bluehost.
    and the user inteface looks great too!

  10. David says:

    I’m new to bluehost and would like to thank you and your support department for the smooth transition I experienced. When I called support I experienced no long holds and friendly knowledgeable help. Thanks again for the great service!

  11. Hi Matt,

    Just wanted to let you know that after receiving your e-mail this morning about the 24/7 customer support, I decided to write something about you guys on my blog ( I am so thrilled with everything about Bluehost and can’t say enough positive things about you guys.

    I am preparing to update my website to a flash driven site. The design company asked me to call Bluehost and ask if they had a whole bunch of things installed for the site to work.

    The answer? “Yes” to every one! Once again, you guys make my life easy.

    Thanks again,

  12. Marty says:

    I made the switch to Blue Host from a company that advertised on the Super Bowl. I had the usual few glitches in getting set up, getting used to the web mail interface, etc. and the tech support people were courteous and most importantly very patient.

    One of the reasons for the change was Spam. I do not like spam, but I like the email I am SUPPOSED to receive. The other company not only blocked some of the spam, but also blocked email from clients and prospective clients for no apparent reason. Their tech folks were always pointing their finger at others.

    Now, my spam level has increased, but it is all in a nice little folder that I can peruse quickly and then delete. Most importantly, it seems that all the mail I am supposed to receive does get through.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Joshua says:

    I echo the “referral” program idea…… I think I could start saving some cash that way, I’ve already sent 5 people bluehost’s way that have all started accounts! I’m running out of friends who need web-hosting!

  14. John Johnson says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the phone service of BlueHost has been extremely helpful. So, thanks to your customer service people who have been there and are patient for a first time website builder of!

  15. “If you can’t stand having someone that doesn’t speak English on the other end of the line. If you hate it when you call into support and feel like you know more than the “technician” on the other end. If you find it unacceptable to wait 10 minutes just to get someone on the phone, then WELCOME TO BLUEHOST. We want you, and you will like us! We are a match made for success! We will maintain our edge for you!”

    Hi, Matt,

    I just wanted to point out that perhaps you know now how it feels for a Spanish speaking customer, to have someone that does not speak Spanish at the other end of the line. Moreover when it comes to technical support which doubles in complexity.

    Nowadays, at least 12 percent of the US population speaks Spanish. I wonder when will companies acknowledge this FACT proactively, that is, to have 12 percent of their customer care/support staff speaking Spanish.

    Professionalism has become an international “language”. Cutting edge, in “professionalism”, means “no loose ends”.

    This situation is being experienced in EVERY business sector. I wish someday Bluehost, my actual hosting provider, will someday take the lead and set an example in the IT world.

    Ivan Mauresmo.

  16. Chai says:


    First and foremost, congratulations on the growth of Bluehost. I have had calls from, who tried to convince me to switch hosts. The first question I asked them was, “Do ALL of your tech support people speak PERFECT ENGLISH? In other words, are they ALL located in The United States and will I be able to understand them?” Their answer: “Well Sir, they speak English but are located in Bulgaria.” My response: “At Bluehost, they all speak PERFECT English, contribute to the U.S. economy, and believe in doing things right. Thanks for the offer but no thanks.”

    In short, these other hosting companies simply CAN NOT compete with the level of service OR the packages that Bluehost offers. Can I get an “amen” for Bluehost?

  17. Abel says:

    Hi Matt,

    I saw bluehost as featured by wordpress. Im on the lookout for a good home for my future blogs. Im almost convinced that your company would be the one.

    Great move on keeping a blog. It shows you are transparent and you are personal in providing your service to clients. Allowing comments also goes to show that you are confident in giving your clients/audience a voice. ‘Flipping the Funnel’ as Seth Godin evangelizes. I could see that you’ve turned your clients into fans and sales people as well because of the kudos posted here. Looking forward to one of them.


  18. Geir says:

    First of all I would like to applaud you for making things so simple and stable here at Bluehost that support rarely ever is needed. However, when support IS needed, you have a response time exceeding any expectations! Ultra quick, and very professional! Thanks!


  19. Don Malm says:

    The following can be reviewed under ticket BLUEHOST.COM #200110.

    24/7 service is great in concept, but it still requires attentive people with good reading skills and I believe, great empathy. I use “empathy” in its classical definition – the ability to put oneself in others shoes in a given situation – without any interference by one’s own knowledge or experience.

    The other day I was getting no response to any of my e-mail addresses ( iuse 5 for selected reasons). The server was “up” as far as making internet connections. Having been in customer service work myself in the past, I know that it can vbe very irritaing to receive customer calls about a problem that you know exists. You are desparately tyring to fix the problem, but you cannot get off of the phone long enought to get it done. That’s an exaggerating secnario – but I did know that if the mail server was down for the 10 minutes that I knew it wasn’t responding then BH tech support also knew. They didn’t need my input.

    So, I decided to make a run at the forum with the assumption that this would be a place where BH might post System Status – since there is no such notice on the Control Panel. I could not get logged into the forum. I tried every ID and every password that I have ever used and could not get in. I used the form found on the forum log in page to request help. The next 2 or 3 responses were from BH tech support telling me how to logon to the control panel. Finally I sent a somewhat insensitive e-mail – no bad words – just all CAPS. ” I KNOW HOW TO LOG ON TO MY ACCOUNT. IT IS THE FORUM THAT REJECTS ME.”

    Here’s the s____a__ response that I got:

    so have the forum send you your username and pasword …

    or create another account.

    (it was the forum contact spot that started the chain of e-mails)

    I was always impressed with the speed quality and tone of BH service when it was 10/7 – or whatever it was before. If this is 24/7, take me back to the “old”

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