Utah! A place to succeed!

Well, what many don’t know is that we are located in Orem, Utah. Acutally, we are in the old Word Perfect/Novell Campus (If you still remember Word Perfect!).

Utah valley is like a small silicon valley. There are MANY well trained and qualified individuals that are available to join the bluehost team. This is partly because of the many technology companies in the area, and partly because of the clean-cut, home town, good work ethic area that we call home.

Utah allows us to operate a business at a REASONABLE price. You can easily purchase a 3000 sq ft home here for around $200K. We can add people to our team for a reasonable price (Try that in southern California), and we can rent space and get the bandwidth connections we need at a great price.

The bottom line is that operating a business in a place that is cost effective allows us to make money while our customers save money. Where is your hosting company???

Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

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  1. chrys says:

    We have some Morman connections. When we returned from Korea – I stopped at the Deseret (forget the spelling) bookstore to buy a huge Bible. Wanted to live in Wyoming – Utah and New Mexico were second choices. We’re lucky that you’ve settled there.

    As for WordPerfect (your location) – I knew Microsoft Word was a better product in 1986 when I bought it (pre-windows, pre-wysiwyg)! Actually all the WordPerfect hype buried the best package – Xywrite!

  2. REN JIN LEE says:

    It’s always nice to learn more about you Matt! Very impressive! – Ren

  3. S McHait says:

    My hosting company is at Utah and IT IS BLUEHOST.com
    this is the only website hosting company that i can afford and i appreciate you and all the staffs who work at bluehost.com

    keep up your good work! : )

    S. McHait

  4. John says:

    your web hosting plans look very attractive (especially with ruby rails and postgresql) but there doesn’t seem to be any email addresses for sales or tech support – 800 nos usually waste too much time. Also not interested if you are switching to windows (they might lure you with money, but then we’ll probably be required to run stuff we don’t want in the future like SQL server)

  5. Greg says:

    I remeber WP. I used to have until a couple years ago when that computer finally died due to an inability to restart. It was nice. Unfortunatly MS had the more widely used product and thus the switch was inevitable.

  6. Jim says:

    Matt – I would have to agree, based on my personal experiences. Although I’m originally from Dayton, Ohio (which is where we are living now), my wife and I resided in Salt Lake City from 1997 to 2000. Prior to SLC we also lived one year in Charleston, S.C. When we lived in SLC I was a bit negative toward the local culture, always feeling like an outsider. The local economy and housing market was that great back then as well, so we took a beating on our home in Utah.

    However, we returned for a visit this past December and I was more than impressed with the amount of growth currently taking place in SLC and the opportunities now available for small business. And I was wrong in my previous assumptions. Why? Because I’ve seen and experienced far more alienation and “black-balling” here in this typical, medium-sized Midwestern town than ever took place in Utah. The Beehive State is also far more “business friendly” and quick to adapt to the changing marketplace as compared to Ohio, which is still sucking everything it can out of a dwindling, manufacturing based economy.

    We should have stayed in SLC. Oh well, “should of, could of, would of . . .”

    Good post and keep-up the good work. I’ve been more than pleased with Bluehost.com. I’m happy I made the switch!

  7. Mark says:

    Hidy ho good neighbor, I’m in Colorado!
    You forgot to mention that Utah is beautiful too.

  8. Sharon says:

    Okay, I’ve only jsut come across this entry and I’m giggling becasue I used to live in Utah. I was stationed at Duway Proving Grounds, that is where I met and married my husband and had my first son. I lived there 4.5 years, and I loved it.

    Personally, where my server is located never became a problem until the last server I was on, they’re located in Alaska. I live in Texas. There were a few things about Bluehost.com that impressed me most when I switched over.

    1. FAST – I was hooked up with my new domains and server space in what seemed like minutes and hours. I loved that, because my sites had to move quickly.

    2. The way they called me to verify all the information. The people were polite and welcoming and that was the ffirst time I’d ever had a server company call me.

    3. I had a couple tech issues initially, and a few since, that were immediately responded to and taken care of. I love the tech support at Bluehost.com, you guys so rock!

    Thanks Matt, for sharing your time and words of advice and support with us.

    I have three websites housed here on bluehost and I ALWAYS recommend it to my friends. At least four of my friends have signed on here because I’ve told them how wonderful you all are and how affordable. Thanks!

  9. locquet says:

    Hi from France.
    The one state I ever visited in USA is Wisconsin
    Thank you for your hosting

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