1.5 Million Domains Hosted and Counting…

Congratulations to us!  Our organization is now hosting more than 1.5 million domain names and nearly 2% of all domain names in use on the whole internet.  I think that is amazing.  Thanks to everyone that uses and recommends our services.  Hope to post when we reach 2 million real soon!

Matt Heaton

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  1. Angel says:

    Congratulations Matt!!!

  2. Alex says:

    Congrats, Matt!
    And thank you for the best webhosting service in the world!

  3. Robert@PNG says:

    That is excellent news for Bluehost!

    Your challenge/mission Matt – if you choose to accept – is to maintain (and grow) the current quality and level of customer service as you reach the 2,000,000 and beyond!


  4. Jackie says:

    恭喜恭喜!(I think you can read these charactors.)
    I am planning to buy your hosting plan soon.

  5. Rishi says:

    I’ve been convincing a lot of my friends to jump on the BlueHost bandwagon because of how much I value your visions regarding shared webhosting. 2 million… here we come! :-)

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  7. kayakwoman says:

    This is all cool and I have several sites hosted here. But tonight, one site was “disabled” and I had to call *twice* and wait on hold for long periods *both* times to fix the issue. The first time, I was transferred what I was told would be a person who would fix the issue. Instead I was told by a machine to leave a message and someone would get back to me. No thanks. I’ve already had to wait 10 minutes.

    Please don’t grow so large and so fast that you can’t provide the good customer service that you are known for.

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  9. Tom says:

    Awesome! I just learned about BlueHost yesterday from a friend who has her site hosted by BlueHost. I will be switching my sites over very very soon.

  10. Damien says:

    Hey Matt,

    I gotta say that your support team are top notch…especially TonyS who help me out tonight.

  11. skunkworks says:

    Matt, you now need to make a concentrated effort to have a solid retention policy of customers.

    May I suggest a strong peer review of the Simple Scripts and make sure
    the shopping cart products you offer actually work. I have not great success with them. There are technical issues that have been politely
    been covered over by the scripts group. Oh that is not our responsibility.

    If a product is offer, I think it is expected that it should work. It make Blue Host look bad. But with 1.5 million customer you can afford to lose a few I guess.

    How would you feel if you bought a Paddle and it cracked and they gave you lip service and told you go to the manufacture, and they told you. He go buy a new one. We don’t support it.

  12. Russ says:

    It wont me long before you hit 2 million. I see it happening real soon. Please invite me to the party….

  13. wes says:

    Congratulations and I hope 2 million is not that far away.

  14. That’s an impressive number of sites hosted. Hopefully the quality can be maintained along with the growth.

    (And you may want to update the main banner on the bluehost.com site which says that you have “over 825,000 sites domains hosted”.)

    Cheers, Eric G.

  15. Murad Khan says:

    I recently joined BlueHost by opening an hosting account because I am impressed by BlueHost’s good reputation and by your (as CEO) very professional, honest, and open views as mentioned in your BLOG (as I am a regular reader of this blog). I cordially congratulate you for the great achievement in gaining an impressive number of domains hosted at BlueHost and its sister organizations viz., FastDomain and HostMonster. May God bless you!

  16. Bob Dunn says:

    A belated congrats. I just had to jump in here as I have dealth with dozens of hosting companies over the years, and you are by far one of the best. I recommend all my WordPress clients to use you. And any issue I have had, it has been resolved quickly and 100%. Truly you do provide fantastic customer service in an age where so many don’t walk the talk!

    Keep up the great work!

  17. patrick says:

    Hi Matt, im very happy with bluehost. Im going to my 3rd year with you and i dont regret my decision.
    BTW…. Why dont you update the bluehost homepage. it would be nice to see new colors or a new picture of the “bluehost” people.
    Oh… and update the domains counter in the homepage.

  18. Guido says:

    Matt, pretty soon that will only be 1.499.999 websites.

    Of course I do realize that
    a) my deleted account with its one website is insignificant and
    b) the growthrate will offset my deletion in a matter of seconds.

    Why am I bothering to write this then? Because I do think that there is a lesson for you in my decision. I had my account mostly to play around with it. So it was pretty static and never used any significant amount of ressources on your servers, probably making me one of the better customers: Little maintenance on your side, while being a steady (if meager, I like your rates!) source of income. Now I have chosen to not renew my account, mostly due to your ToS. See, one added, and very neat feature, that I am really needing right now is an offsite backup. I have a homeserver, and while the initial data volume I would need to backup/upload would be quite large, after that initial backup the incremental changes would cause very little ressource usage on your end. In essence, a bundle of encrypted files would be stored on your side, for the unlikely event that the duplicated data on the several homeserver discs gets corrupted (or my house burns down). I would have slept a little better, too. Since your ToS do not permit that, and my desire to tinker around with webbased techs can be satisfied with ad financed hosters, there is simply no need to keep paying.

    Now here is an idea: Do some math. If you can think you can beat backup storage solutions like Jungledisk and the rest, while making a profit: Why not branch out into those areas? You already have customers like me that have been very satisfied in the past and may make the business model fly. You would get my money.

    Last thing: The (online)support was awesome when I had to contact them. Friendly, fast, professional.

  19. Joao Leitao says:

    Hello Matt, first I need to thank you for the opportunity of having 2 bluehost accounts! I have a webagency settled in Sahara Desert and I host more than 100 domains. Your service is fantastic and I’m pretty happy about it (except the 50,000 files limit!!! ahhhh, but, FLICKR save my ass and transfered more than 15,000 photos there on a pro account, but needed to update more than 600 pages on my travel photo page – hehe. So now I’m in the Ukraine to live for about one year (but I’m from Portugal!), so anytime near here, please let’s drink something together I can show you around. Thank you for the nice service where “small agencies” can feel like pros in terms of being independent and manage website, install applications, etc. cheers!

  20. Christina says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been with Bluehost for a couple of years now and cannot rave enough about your service! I’m not the most technical savvy person on the planet and specifically I am MOST impressed with your technical help group. They always go above and beyond in helping me, even it means going a little outside their boundaries and immediate responsibilities.In general a very personable staff that genuinely serves the client and has an interest in meeting the client’s needs. Congratulations on an incredible company with an incredible staff!

  21. That’s great, congratulations Matt..
    and thanks for the reliable hosting that Bluehost offers..

  22. a says:

    Matt, just got done reading your announcement about anti spam something on emails….

    I’m a technically challenge oldie (I just asked my son minutes ago about megabyte and kilobyte)
    One thing I can say, though, I like your “About Me” write up – simple, fun, and sounding like a REAL HUMAN being like us rather than those stiff messages I read all the time from service providers….



  23. Sylvia says:

    Bluehost has to be far the best hosting service I have ever used. I know because I have been developing sites on the web for 3 years. I still consider myself and amature when it comes to creating sites . This means I need a very user friendly panel -I can’t believe how easy it is to buy a domain name- then immediatly have it hosted – up and running in minutes. Did I mention the price? For all you get with the Bluehost package -it has to be the best value yet. I have used other host companies that do not match what is available at Bluehost. Thank you-a very satisfied customer!

  24. Jerry Reed says:

    I’m sure that great new client hosting price helps.
    Any chance current BlueHost clients will see a discounted renew rate?

  25. Ray says:

    Great news on your success, but for the third time this year, my host is down, for several hours. I know cheap and reliable are not generally interchangeable, but whats the deal? Today I was told that my host is “performing a filesystem check that will take several more hours” I understand fsck and why it needs to be run, can your chat support people get more information on why the filesystem on the shared host I use is corrupt and needs to be fsck’d? I accept the fact that for 7bucks a month a few multi hour outages a year are not too bad, but I would like to know why and know more about what will be done to prevent it. Anything like a RCA you could send to all the customers impacted when something like this happens? I would email you, but my domains are down so I have no access to my mail servers to send, thinking about moving my domain to Gmail, though, they go down too, but they are free.

    Thanks for listening,


  26. William says:

    I have been giving you some grief for some time now about my recent issues with your staff. I apologize. If the truth be told, I loved every minute that I was hosted at Bluehost.com. I would have rather worked something else out than to have changed hosting companies, but I suppose that I really have grown to the point that I need a VPS. And growth is not something that should be taken lightly.
    If Bluehost offers VPS in the future (I have been told that this is a possibility), I will be the first to sign up. Simply because I loved the support that I had while hosted at Bluehost.
    Once again, I apologize for the grief that I have given you over this issue.


  27. Sven says:

    Hi Matt

    Great number; 1.5 million domains hosted!

    Now, how aboy rewarding your long time loyal customers with a special lower price when renewing their account? As it is today a new customers save 108$, while old loyal customers pay full price.

    I think it is only fair that old loyal customers, one of the foundations of Bluehosts success, are getting valued/rewarded for their trust and loyalty to Bluehost.

  28. Congratulations!!
    I wont be too long for Bluehost to reach 2M.
    I will soon be joining and putting some account on it.
    I have heard a lot of having a good reputation

  29. Steve says:

    Why has Bluehost stopped offering domain privacy for free? I’m getting the same service I have for years but suddenly it’s 50% more expensive ($15 total per domain rather than $10.)

    I realize times are tight but this is a pretty steep increase. I could perhaps justify a flat fee that covers all domains on the account (because let’s be honest, changing the contact information doesn’t really cost you anything), but with the current pricing you will not be making additional dollars from me.

  30. Bob Massey says:

    I relaise you may not have time to read all these comments, but what the heck, here’s my two cents.

    I’m a happy BlueHost customer, been with you for a couple of years now, it would be nice if you would host .co.uk domains, but what the heck.

    However, while searching for another host that WILL host my .co.uk domains I found one that is cometitive in pricing, but also claims to be carbon neutral.

    Now there’s a thought… I would happily pay a (small) premium if BlueHost were to commit to offsetting carbon emissions.

    It’s a small step for the planet, but a small step in the right direction.

  31. RLMacklin says:

    Given the size of BlueHost particularly when combined with its sister company HostMonster I have to say I am very disappointed that BlueHost has not made the move to “green”. I am invovled in EHS and sustainability and as much as I would like to host on BlueHost because of its service and the stand on porn I can’t in good conscious support a company with 2% of the world’s domains that isn’t doing something to be carbon neutral.

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