So long to America…

I have really been thinking a lot lately about America and what it stands for and represents.  As I listen and watch and participate in my community I can’t help but believe our country has already gone down a path that it can never recover from.  Simultaneously, I realize that many in this country believe that America is finally progressing in a direction that is acceptable to them.  I respect that opinion.

What I can’t respect is what I believe to be almost total ignorance and apathy by the majority of the population in America.  This may seem extremely presumptuous and arrogant on my part, but this is my experience.  Let me give some examples and then you can tell me where I am wrong.  I have had several discussions with associates, friends, and family about recent political issues.  Some of these include cap-and-trade, the deficit, the bailouts, health care reform, etc.  I am astounded at the almost total lack of understanding of these extremely important issues.

This “rant” isn’t about Republican vs Democrats at all.  It is about understanding the issues.  When I talk with someone about cap-and-trade I will ask the simple question – What is cap-and-trade?  What is its purpose?  How will this affect you and why do you feel it will affect you in this way?  I get blank stares.  Sometimes I get talking points from differing political party’s rhetoric of the day.  What I rarely get is a sensible, well thought out response.  I think that is sad.  I believe our country has an incurable case of A.D.D. where we take our political cues from a 30 second sound bite on the way home from work.  Real understanding of issues and responsibility to vote our desires BASED ON UNDERSTANDING is diminished to the point of no return.  We are a society that votes based on who markets themselves the best, or if a person is in a certain party.  What happened to understanding the issues.

If you can’t answer the following questions with a modicum of accuracy then why are you voting for someone that will make these decisions for you?

What is cap-and-trade?  Why will it hurt the economy, or why don’t you think it will hurt the economy?

What is our national debt now?  What is it projected to be in 2,5,10 years?  How does this affect you?  Why is being in debt a bad thing? (I am completely floored by the lack of solid answer to this question in particular).  No wonder no one cares if government spends our way to bankruptcy.  Almost no one understands what this really means for our country.

What is the difference between spending and investing in America?  What is our current administration doing?  Is our fiscal policy sustainable?  Why or why not?  If not, then why are we pursuing that course?

How does debt and monetary policy affect the dollar and inflation, and why is this SUPER important.  Again, almost no one can answer these basic questions.

What will be the result of the current health care reform bill on privatized institutions?

Who are your Senators/Congressman?  What are their stances on these issues?

How will increasing or decreasing taxes affect you directly?  Is history on your side?  What administrations supported your belief and were successful?  What are the parallels from today and the past?

The questions go on and on – social issues, financial issues, political issues, foreign policy, trade, etc, etc etc.

So many citizens of this great country have given up so much to give us the freedom to make choices to take this country in whatever direction we want.  We need to at least have the fortitude to understand the consequences of our actions and vote accordingly.  Everyone has opinions.  I don’t care which side of the argument you fall on, but PLEASE pick a side based on research and understanding, not party line talking points.  I hope America can reverse its trend of ignorance and apathy, but there is little proof to give me hope.

Matt Heaton /

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  1. Joe Cole says:

    One of the reasons I picked Blue Host is because of you Matt. I hold many of the same opinions about conditions in our country and do my best to support businesses that hold to traditional tried and true American beliefs.

    Thank you for a very thoughtful post.

    Joe Cole

  2. hungover says:

    Your concerns highlight the inherent flaws in democracy.

    I for one am arrogant enough to think that my opinion has more weight than that of the person that votes for the muppet with the nicest suit. That said, I defend the right of the “stupid” sheeple to express an opinion, not on grounds of equity but rather because I cannot think of a “better” system.

    Democracy has nothing to do with the will of the people- these days, the “first pass the post” system implies that the majority of the people are unhappy with the outcome (assuming more than two runners).

    We “the people” are happy to abdicate our responsibilities and rights to profession orators (read: career politicians). We have more important things to deal with- such as feeding our families. It is however naive of us to assume that they can do a better job than we could. Ultimately policy is based on partisan lines. It is not “what is best” but what fits in with “our party philosophy”

    The answer to all of your questions is 42!!!- No one can give you answers because they do not understand the questions.

    I wasted enough drinking time in university to appreciate that economics is based upon some rather silly assumptions, sure calculus will help you to make theoretical predictions but it is ballsed up by the fact that humans are irrational.

    On a wider point, as a British European, many of us assumed a long time ago that the right to vote should have been taken away from some of your fellow citizens a long time ago.

  3. James Wu says:

    I agree with your comments, as a second generation Asian born American, I can see all the great things my parents came here for, are fading away. Other countries in the world are becoming much better places to live. Now aside from this,

    I think you should stop worrying about the other people and how the country is going down hill, and worry about your OWN company! HostMonster is currently becoming a mess. Services are down, false advertising about unlimited stuff, file count number limitations, poor customer relations dealing with outages and dos attacks.. etc.. there are some issues you need to set straight, since there is a large movement of people leaving your service and some of them are filing reports to agencies complaining about HostMonster. Your reputation is going down hill, and that’s also a sad thing!

  4. Jon Passey says:


    I agree with most of what you have said. (I’m a libertarian and have principle based opinions on all of these issues.)

    I find it odd that you say:

    “So many citizens of this great country have given up so much to give us the freedom to make choices to take this country in whatever direction we want.”

    And yet you are angry when the people exercise that very freedom and prosperity in a manner you don’t agree with. Isn’t apathy as valid a political stand as yours or mine?

    It is dissapointing when people are uneducated and yet have strong opinions I disagree with. On the other hand, I think it is much more dissapointing when people ARE educated and have strong opinions I disagree with.

    I liked your post. Maybe your readers will go and find out more.


  5. DW says:

    Matt, you bring up the issue of political responsibility.

    One might say that folks these days are more concerned with their private and domestic affairs than with the country at large. They lack the greatness of soul of the ancients and are content with being bourgeois rather than real citizens.

  6. Bif says:

    Welcome to politics Matt what took you so long :-)

    By the way, you should be more principle oriented and less issue oriented. It’s easy to get distracted in the issues when the real question is SHOULD the government be entangled with this issue in the first place? Does the Constitution giver permission to Congress/President to do such a thing?

  7. Russ says:

    Every empire falls or history dictates as such – Why should America be any different? We are experiencing the fall of the American empire and people’s main concern is to take care of what directly affects them and their family.

    Our goverment is 200 years old, yet I dont see anyone talking about complete 100 percent govt overhaul. Start Over. Start from scratch. New beginnings and brand new govt. Politicians who work for the people and not their party. Not Democrats and Republicans. 1 party with different ideas working for the common good of the people.

    Screw wall street and corpotations. The people are disgusted with all goverment has to offer. I praise Obama for wanting to take on this mess, cause I dont wish that upon anyone.

    Dont get me wrong. America is the greatest place to live and I love it, but we need major overhauling of where this country is heading.

  8. James Lyons says:


    I have not seen you in years, the closest has been running into Kirstie.

    Your “So long America” post is interesting… You are asking a number of involved questions, answers to which each require mini essays. But your thesis seems to be “going to hell in a hand basket.”

    There are many people out here who have detailed answers to all of your questions and I for one would love to sit with you and talk about each. But to touch on a couple of your points…

    The U.S. spends on healthcare at a rate of 17% of GDP. A rate that is as much as twice as expensive as what other nation spend. We are currently the only 1st world nation that rations health care. And our health care system is ranked 37th in the world… yea most expensive gets us 37th place. Private insurance is the most inefficient method in the world at providing care. Something big has to be done and the federal government is the only entity that has the power to do anything. There are many lies being told about other systems and rationing but they are out and out lies, propaganda spread by those who fear that their scam is up.

    Very few people like the giant deficits, but what we have now is the result of 12 years of policy and strange choices. The failure of the banking system just about crashed the entire world economy. National governments were the only entities that had the power and will to set it all straight. I do not think they spent enough money… the heart stopped, a giant jolt of electricity was necessary to get it going… historically giant federal spending packages return far more money to the economy than they initially cost.

    As for the complacency of U.S. citizens? we have always been that way, which is why the founding fathers set up a representative democracy instead of an actual democracy.

    Cap and trade? simply put, business that pollute need to be responsible for their real cost, if you produce trash you need to pay for its disposal. But that of course is a gross over simplification…

    james lyons

  9. I can’t help but totally agree with you, Matt.

    Every day that I watch the news, I see our country going further and further out of touch with its people. The fact that really scares me is, people believe the mainstream media and go along with these billion dollar bailouts and healthcare reform that will surely ruin our nation.

    Health care in the US isn’t perfect, but it is the best system in the world. I don’t see anyone going to other countries for treatment before the US. I don’t understand why we need to reform healthcare, because to this day, if someone without health insurance goes to the emergency room, they will be treated regardless. Our nation also has a much higher cancer survival rate compared to Canada. It scares me to think that our country is considering socialized healthcare where the gov’t controls our doctors.

    Being a computer science major that will be graduating in a few years, it scares me to think about I may have a lot of trouble finding a job that I can afford to live on. Computer science is still rapidly growing but job losses are also growing.

    Thanks for making this post! Hopefully more people will see what the real problems are before its too late. I still believe our country is the best country in the world, its just going in the wrong direction at the moment. I know that the people can make their voices heard as a majority and remember what is happening in 2010 and all future elections!

  10. Ed Davis says:


    Bluehost currently hosts a site called ‘Conservative Crossroads of America’ at I stood this site up as a way to foster conversations about where our country is going, and how we will get there. I too am deeply concerned about apathy for our founding principles, and the tendency of our society to become more and more dependent on government instead of themselves. JFK said it best: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your country…” These days, most of is are asking ‘what can my country do for me’ in a never ending desire to eliminate risk and hard work and self reliance from our lives.

    On the other hand, many like you, me and many of your customers, still believe in capitalism, self reliance, hard work and deeply held principles of conservatism as the way forward, with limited government.

    That’s the conversation I want to see happen at CCoA.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think there is anything at all with our country, but I do believe there is a LOT wrong with the liberal attitudes that are replacing the founding principled attitudes that made us the greatest nation on Earth!

  11. Ronny says:

    Hi, Matt

    I really like how you question things as an american!

    As I’m born and bread norwegian, your questions and “ranting” are still quite strange to me. I live in a country thats got free unconditional healtcare and 66% healthpension from cradle to grave.

    A big american car cost close to 100.000$ due to oneshot emissiontaxes. (I payed 96.000$ for my Viper Pickup) An elecric car is not taxed at all and its got free parking in inner cities. We’re the 10th biggest oilproducer in the world but govermentpeople tend to want to give this great wealt away to less fortunate counties. Norway has noticed the crack on stockexanges but most people here has better economy the ever and is even saving more money. A vikingsaying is that; “Slavery is forged with debt and sword” Thereby, most norwegians lothe creditcards.

    Even if we are the second most wealty country in the world we never seem to give in to complacency. Were pressing our politicians for better rule. Why? We know that 95% the global sosiety is inhabited by less fortunate people and we learn in school that we can’t make them go away by building tall, shiny fortresses. We know that most americans will soon have a rude awakening. The brittle and dying “petrodollarsycle” is only kept comatose alive by Saudi and Chineese ownership interests in USA.

    Norwegians are again rooting for USA again after Obama took over administraton of your highest office. They actually trust that americans A.D.D. syndrom prevails and their naivety never lesses. If they where norwegians faced with your pressing tasks, they would be scared to death of the heavy seas in front. Thank heaven, their’e not :)

  12. eric says:

    I have always wondered why the financial crisis would affect such a large for such a long time.
    Government officials have always said that the economic upturn.
    But I do not feel there is a turn for the better.
    lose job, lose job,lose job,

  13. Erick says:

    That’s it. You rule, Matt! That’s why i picked Blue Host!

  14. Daniel says:

    @jon: Isn’t apathy as valid a political stand as yours or mine?

    Respectfully, no, it is not.


  15. Randy says:

    Matt (and other responders),

    I couldn’t agree any more with your comments. I feel as though you have taken them right off the tip of my tongue.

    I’ve read the other comments that have been posted in response and I certainly agree that people in this country have a right to be apathetic if that is what they choose. I also realize that sometimes just scrambling to keep up with your job, mortgage and other financial commitments, family and friends may be all that you are capable of doing. It’s a tough time that is wearing all of us down a bit.

    However, with that said, I will say that I find it completely ridiculous that those same, uninformed, apathetic individuals will go to the polls and cast their votes on extremely critical issuses that have the power to reshape the entire face of our nation as we knew it with next to no knowledge whatsoever of what they are voting for.

    I live in California and for years it has been amazing to me to watch uninformed voters continue to vote to pass bond measures in the tens of billions of dollars for ridiculous luxuries such as high speed rail service when we are in dire financial circumstances.

    I have many friends who have been force furloughed and are only getting three or four days of pay per week due to our budget shortfalls, but voters still vote to blow even more money on stuff we can’t possibly pay for.

    When we recently proposed a tax increase to partially balance the budget, the voters overwhelmingly rejected that. Isn’t it interesting that once people realize these decisions actually DO affect them on a personal level they have a very different response than they do when they think the “government” is paying the bills. They just don’t seem to understand that THEY are the government…not some elected officials!

    On the national level, the bailouts, cash for clunkers, stimulus plan, national health care…all of this stuff is more of the same. It is stuff WE THE PEOPLE can never afford to pay off. The elected officials are overwhelming the system in ways that can ultimately have not other effect than to cause the total collapse of our nation. Whether this is intentional or not we can save for another debate. I personally think there is some of both. Some are well meaning people who think they are trying to help us get out of this mess, although I strongly believe there is a contingent of those who are taking advantange of this crisis to put forth these policies for the express purpose of seeing our nation fall.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. Back during the campaign I spoke with a number of co-workers…individuals who are educated, rational people in general, however the reasons the gave me for why they were voting for Obama we stunning. Lots of them of couse were voting for CHANGE! Of course none of them could articulate what kind of change the wanted…nor did then Sen. Obama during the campaign. I heard one say “I hate Bush”….hmmm, I didn’t see his name on the ballot! The argument that McCain was just four more years of Bush didn’t even come close to rational. Go back to the Republican primary a few years earlier and note that the party nominated Bush because he stood more firmly for the values they held and that McCain was too liberal. Suddenly in 2008 they are one in the same.

    Many of course wanted Obama to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home. After all, this was really just the Bush/Cheney war to get revenge on Sadaam and get rich with their various oil investments. Again, Mr. Obama made all sorts of promises about bringing the troops home within months of taking office. Now those months have turned in to more than a year and a half and rather than bringing them home, he’s simply redeploying them to an even more difficult war in Afghanistan.

    But I think the ultimate topper was when a black single female co-worker told me she was voting for him because “he is such a handsome black man”!!! I just don’t even know what to say to such an irrational comment. I don’t think anything I can add can make it appear any more ridiculous!

    This seems like a Republican vs Democrat argument I’m making and I assure you that it absolutely is not. Rather this is comparing Americans who love their country and want to continue to live in freedom to a handful of elected officials who are elitist and think they know better that those they were elected to represent what is best for our country. And from the looks of the road they are choosing, it appears clear that they feel a socialist America would be better than a Democratic free America.

    If you want to take an apathetic attitude toward all of this you have every right to. But please do me and thousands of other citizens of this land who love liberty and freedom in our nation and want to keep it a favor…please DO NOT vote! There is no shame in not voting if you don’t understand the issues and otherwise don’t care about politics. But when you cast your votes based on sound bites or a quick wit in a 60 minute speech, you are harming our country in ways you can not even begin to understand.

    May God forgive America and bless her once again,

  16. Matt,
    I agree with you that we as Americans need to be more responsible for our nation as citizens and be both more aware politically and more active politically. At the same time, as a journalist, what I have seen is a concerted effort to restrict the public’s information about such issues as health care, the national debt, cap and trade and numerous other issues.
    For instance, there has been massive publicity about the President’s health care program and how he wants “Americans to “support it” and be “behind it”. However, what the president has NOT done is lay out exactly what the health care plan is for people to either support or not support. With Congresspeople, what I have found is for calls that I have made over the years is no adequate response as to why they have continued to vote in policies that have been detrimental to the U.S. and U.S. economy, including massively increasing our national debt and funding it with the sale of U.S. treasuries which requires that we not only pay back the principal but interest as well, instead of raising taxes which will have to be done at some point to cover not only the principal but the interest. Taxes have decreased several times in both the Bush and now in the Obama administration from what they were under the Clinton administration, at the same time the budget with wars and the economic crisis has increased massively.
    Cap and trade is a system that is serving to negatively affect nations everywhere, and cut industrial production and energy use in those countries, while Japan and Germany who set it up, and have been backing it worlwide and pushing it on other countries are receiving “credits” for investing in energy production in other countries that is gas based rather than coal based. Thereby serving their economic interests to gain control of other country’s energy provision with their companies while receiving “credits” that they then apply to their tally, so that they don’t have to decrease their energy and industrial production at all, while forcing other countries to do so and harming them economically. What I have found is that there is a great deal of vested interest in working to make it extremely difficult for people to understand the issues, by our government and other governments who in some cases appear to be benefitting by our government’s actions. And I don’t think that Americans should be faulted for that.

  17. JL says:

    That’s it. I’m taking my business to hostgator. The last thing I need is for the president of a company I use for my business to lecture his conservative pablum puke on me.

    To be fair, the questions you ask are good ones. And you’re right–there are way too many voters in this country who don’t have a clue, and that’s a shame. But you should have ended it there. Instead, the title of your post and the tone of your questions belies how YOU would answer these questions.

    I agree the nation is on an unsustainable course, but what you fail to mention is that your conservative cronies set that unsustainable course long before Obama came to power. From incessant tax cuts on the wealthy (who generated a net of ZERO jobs over the last decade), to the complete evisceration of regulation that would have prevented the financial meltdown, to hiding the true trillion dollar costs of an unnecessary war, to failing to do anything about entitlement reform, to burying heads in the sand about what over 2000 scientific studies say is urgently needed change to head off global warming–conservative philosophy has been a complete disaster, and I hope it never raises its head in this country again.

    Obama inherited a financial calamity from his predecessor, he faced a Hobson’s choice between allowing another depression to occur (and inflicting another decade of massive economic damage on the American people) or attempting to spend his way out of it despite the long term fiscal risks–and you DARE hold him to task for making his choice? You have no SHAME.

    Good luck with your business.

    PS: you might want to check in on #bluehost on Twitter. Word hasn’t been kind to bluehost lately because of degrading performance and snippy customer service. As the above poster said, maybe you should leave politics for the politicians and focus on your business!

  18. bush was the worst ever says:

    maybe the last 8 years is what got us to this point. you know the one filled with politicizing everything in the fed govt. including the justice dept., being asleep at the wheel on 9-11, being asleep at the wheel for katrina, calling political opponents traitors and saying they hate the troops, launching illegal wars (and executing them incompetently) resulting in the deaths and maiming of uncounted 1000s, torturing 100s of people to death, running an extralegal prison camp, not catching bin laden, spying on citizens, ballooning the deficit by trillions, all but eliminating any kind of oversight of various industries including the ponzi scheme system that collapsed and drove the economy into the ground, and a 1000 other things.

    maybe all that didn’t happen or something.

    but keep complaining that people dont understand cap and trade. maybe theyre too busy looking for a job.

  19. Kevin says:

    Excellent thoughts. I completely agree on how aggravating it is to just get talking points thrown at you from someone who just thinks Obama is cool and decided to vote for him on that alone. A few of my friends who voted for him could not cite one policy on which he stood. I worked in politics for a few years and became turned off by people who simply don’t want to be informed. By the way I have nothing but the best to say about hostmonster.

  20. Scientists don’t know anything -global warming is a hoax.

    The Earth was created 6000 years ago -Evolution is heresey.

    Democrats are traitors.

    Where’s Obama’s birth certificate?

    Death Panels

    “You are a Liar!”

    I simply fail to see how the extremism, the shouting and demonization, the dismissal of plain facts, the trashing of academics, (and much more) in any way leads to a serious discussion of the issues. I can see how it turns people off to politics. This take no prisoners, “we are always right and you better be just like us, you immoral bastards” attitude doesn’t help matters.

    I’m under no illusion that Democrats are pure and never lie or get feisty but it is a matter of scale. And the media does not help now that they see conflict as a profit center. What happened to investigating and reporting the truth?

    There was a time when guys like Orrin Hatch and Ted Kennedy could differ but be the best of friends. They’d hammer out something that might not be exactly what each wanted but still allowed us to move forward. That time is long gone. The GOP has let it be known for years now that there will be no compromise. The Constitution says 50 votes -the hundredfold increase in GOP filibusters since 2006 (when the Dems took control of Congress) makes it 60. That tells me compromise is not on the table.

    I read and stay informed. I just came to a different conclusion. Too bad we can’t really talk and work out something everyone can live with. One thing I can tell you is that, despite our 200 years, we have never -and never will- get everyone to agree to a single worldview. Neither side will convert everyone, so the only way is to talk and do the best we can. I actually like balance (we have crazies on our side too!)

    But with people like Limbaugh and Hannity and Coulter out there telling people their opponents are less than human, immoral and heretical -well, we’re just not going to get anywhere.

  21. Matt Morrill says:

    Well speaking entirely for myself, a cap and trade system for carbon emissions should benefit society overall by inserting into the economic model a public good we all want and take for granted, but often can’t put a quantifiable value to. And one which certainly never shows up on a simple supply/demand matrix–the utility of breathable air and sea levels about where they are. (Somewhere slightly lower than, say, Miami.) And ultimately, what could be more capitalist than to create a tradable market allowing those industries that produce greenhouse gases to decide for themselves their own threshold for that cost should be, and either purchase the right to produce more, or seek more economically viable production processes? Of course, this all assumes that global warming is real and not a liberal conspiracy. (The announcement in early September that the entire length of the Russian Arctic coast was fully separate from Arctic polar ice for the first time in about 125,000 years being totally coincidental.)

    There now, see Matt?? Some Americans still know there’s a wizard behind the curtain of 24-hour news issue buzzwords and repeat more than Rush or Franken tell them to! Thanks for helping me pay for college with that job and whatnot. :)

    Matthew J. Morrill
    United States Embassy Sarajevo
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    (Formerly Sales Manager, Computer Warehouse LLC, Provo, UT)

  22. Garry says:

    the problem is in our approach in not getting things in the right perspective.Just imagine how we are ‘cutting’ on our internal costs but spending so much on the aids,helps to other nations and we having ‘a couple of’ wars too.
    How much a war cost in a week? do we know this? we might never because this is all ‘classified’ information.
    Yes classified but not our tax money! it is declassified!
    People have become so bugged up with all this mess and combine this with the current slowdown.How much we have suffered is only our story.No one has answers right now

  23. Ken Kurosawa says:

    This huge problem is compounded by the fact that we’ve become a nation of ‘me me me’ that ‘deserve’ everything in exchange nothing. (Better yet, in exchange for complaining)
    It’s easy for us humans to decay than to pull those bootstraps and work hard, and educate ourselves. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing a bright future for us either. The only thing we can do is to help people around us to 1) think, and 2) think for ourselves after they arm themselves enough knowledge about a particular topic.

  24. Christine says:

    Many of us can see what is wrong and have been putting the pieces together to get a sense of what our government is changing towards. It did catch us off guard in that they played with our minds with promises. What we didn’t know is that they would be broken time after time.

    I can see the troubles. Most Americans now know the government is no longer listening. I did some research and found that the declaration of independence has had a slight alternation to it since 1871, when the bankers took over the government after the Civil war. Our constitution use to read “the constitution for the united states of America”. After the Act of 1871 it reads “the constitution of the United States of America”, capitalization represents a federal corporation. Once I discovered that, all the corporate bailouts suddenly made sense. Not that they were the right response, only that they made sense. One corporation looking out for the others…never mind the people, the Americans. We Americans seem to be operating off a different mindset from our government.

    Where has our republic gone? America was originally set up as a republic (people rule), not a democracy (mob rule). We’ve got to go back to the original. The trouble is, we don’t have a process for that besides a revolution and we have the government’s threat of martial law. Even the elections can be/have been tampered with, the machines can be altered via a cell phone. I don’t think we are apathetic. We don’t know what we can do that will be effective in getting our republic back.

    The slogan on the website is “Because without America there is no Free World.” We’re not feeling so free anymore.

  25. The solution to this problem is simple.


    This would certainly curb the issues of registration fraud and voting confidence. Obama was voted into office by the elite and the ignorant. If people would have known what he stood for (socialism and marxism) they probably would not have voted for him. This was an election, as was Clinton’s victories based on popularity and articulation. Not on facts and truths.

    The course of America is changing, but contrary to Russ’ opinion America and our democracy has a way of righting itself time after time. It took 8 years of Reagan to undo all of Jimmy Carter’s harm (or “change”). The similarity in governing style from Jimmy Carter to Obama is earingly similar.

    I imagine it will take a conservative another eight years to right this ship!

  26. Mitch Torgerson says:

    Wow, Matt, I guess you DO have your head screwed on tight! 😀 Amen!

  27. Ask Mr. David Rockefeller; he runs America through his army of corporate nominees.

    America is sick and why would it not be? Democracy is flawed and can now only be fixed by the people.

    Plutocracy > Democracy = Fraud

    The problem is our fellow Americans living in delusion. The majority of the male population has only the latest sports game competition consciousness.

    Perhaps it is too late because the majorities only care about themselves.

  28. Unlike Joe Cole, I would give a preference to Blue Host due to good opinions left by happy people after trying this service.

  29. Ali Sadrieh says:

    Hello Matt,

    This is very interesting indeed. I am really happy to have found your personal blog. I actually am embarrassed to say that I stumbled across it while doing a new install on my account and happened to look at and click the little “ceo blog” link on the bottom right of the page… what a great little discovery. Let me explain why.

    I agree with every sentence you wrote. I am a proud, immigrant who came here with blue collar poor parents that worked hard to put us through school. They gave us a firm understanding of the American principles of being part of your community and involved in the political process. My work ethic reflects the same principles that made this country great. I write and read a lot about the issues with our country and our unfortunate downward spiral. I am vigilant about businesses that I consider to be unethical and detrimental to America.

    I am so happy to see that the CEO of this company is a person of ethic and value. I have a new respect for you and your company and after reading your post am committed to making sure that I can do my part in making BlueHost bigger and more successful than it already is.

    I am so pleased to see so many insightful and intelligent comments on your article too. It shows me that there IS hope and we can band together and make things better if we speak out to others and wake them up.

    We have to… American is too precious and too important.

    Look back at the entirety of human history and you will see that nothing like America EVER existed. If this incredible experiment fails, I think that all hope for humanity is going to be drowned by the wave of Global socialism that the Corporate wolves of the world are waiting to unleash.

    My money is well spent with your company.

  30. ryan says:

    Sadly America is caught in this Left VS. Right , Blue VS. Red, Liberal VS. Democrat paradigm.

    When Bush was in office there were Bush “haters”. Rightfully so.

    Obama is in office and there are Obama “haters”. Again rightfully so.

    Both of these presidents offer up MORE government and MORE deficit spending as the solution to our problems. Not to mention they are both war presidents and for as much lip service as Obama gives, he’s not STOPPING any wars nor will he.

    What is truly sad is that Americans caught in this Left VS. Right paradigm can’t see they are almost being controlled. Whether or not it is in intentional by some secret group is beside the point. The fact of the matter is that most Americans think “THEIR” president is going to fix things. Be he Republican or Democrat.

    When in actuality Americans need to put much more focus on their representatives. Vote the crooks out who violate their oath of office to support the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The end of 2008 was a perfect example. There was a bill in congress (a bailout bill) of massive proportions. Americans called capital hill, emailed, participated in polls and the resounding voice was “NO! We don’t want the bill!”.

    So Congress voted it down. HOO RAY! Victory!

    Ahhhh but a few days later this same bill ended up in the Senate where they added a few things (about 50 billion in pork) to entice some congressman to switch their vote.

    If I remember correctly 26 Congressman changed their vote from NO to YES.

    Anyone know how many of those Congressman lost their seats in the upcoming midterms? I believe it was 1.

    Of course not all of them were up for re election at that time but enough were that we SHOULD have voted them out.

    So you see as Long as Americans are more involved with American Idol and Monday Night Football (or WoW) we are screwed.

    BUT I do see a silverlining to all this. More Americans are waking up to this fact.

    AND it doesn’t take a majority of the entire voting populace to get this fixed. Only a small percentage of people actually vote. We have to get them to vote the crooks out and put good officials in.

    This can happen if we make it happen.

    So Matt maybe with your larger influence you can do more to spread the word.

    I think this post does just that.

    I’m looking for sponsors to help me get custom Vinyl Wraps for my car for this very cause. If you’d like to get together and chat I could stop by sometime (I used to work there at Bluehost).

    Maybe we’ll play some Street Fighter II as well.

  31. Lisa Smith says:

    This post made a very interesting point that I have been thinking in much more naive kinds of ways. Why naive? because of the exact issues you addressed. Sadly, I qualify as one of the “apathetic” Americans, but not so much because I am apathetic, but more because I do not honestly know where to find the answers to the questions you asked. For those of us who don’t run businesses (and I am a simple homemaker with a CIS degree), it is rather difficult to jump into the huge choppy sea of political discourse watching words and concepts you don’t even have the basic comprehension of fly by. It then becomes all too easy to tune out and go back to the “apathetic” stage where one at least feels like they are comfortable.

    This is not where I want to be – and you pointed out a wonderful issue that should be addressed and pondered, and I agree with it. Where I am finding your post somewhat lacking is in the solution arena. Where do those of us who want to learn go to learn where we do not feel like we don’t even speak the same language as politicians? Where does one begin to grasp these ideas, find this information? So much is opinion based, and where we need to start is by learning facts and the mechanics behind the nation and it’s policies. Where did you start to learn? Point a direction and you might be surprised how many actually follow that sign to better understanding and a more educated interested American people.

  32. anon says:

    Hi Matt,

    I share your general concerns, but I have a good idea to share with you, one talk:

    Hopefully, it will change your mind on the issue a bit.

  33. Dan Claybor says:

    @ James Wu:

    “Other countries are becoming better places to live” Really? Which ones? Despite the recent failings of our government the last several years, the U.S. is still arguably one of the best places to live with regards to freedom, financial opportunity, and standard of living.

    I respect the blog host’s opinion and lets be clear that Bluehost has enjoyed tremendous success because of painstaking effort, but also the opportunity that wouldn’t necessarily be available in other countries. Most Americans are generally spoiled and are addicted to instant gratification and convenience. And yes, I’m American and proud to live in this country.

  34. Jerrald says:

    It’s silly to be worried because most people can’t answer your random questions. I personally don’t give a rip about politics, don’t follow it and don’t have time to. I do trust that there are plenty of smart people in Washington to run the country. Just because most people can’t answer your questions is nothing to worry about, you’re obviously more interested in politics than 90% of the country.

    I’ve noticed every person that gripes about the government and the left/right think they can do so much better than everyone in Washington…what a load of crap. You can’t do any better, you don’t have access to all the information they do so please stop complaining.

    Everyone is too busy trying to keep up with their own lives and jobs to be obsessed with Washington.

  35. Larry says:

    “I do trust that there are plenty of smart people in Washington to run the country. ”

    Funny stuff!

    Nothing is going to change in this country until we send just a handful of people to Washington with an agenda other then get re-elected. IMO, it will only take that handful of people get it done for the country, leaders to get all this turned around again. This really isn’t that hard to figure out.

    Increase taxes (we have plenty of room to give until we are debt free again).

    Cut out waste and fraud.

    Push retirement age back a few years.

    Slash all spending 2-3% across the board.

    Bring home some troops.

    Establish term limits and no congressional pension.

    Establish a line item veto committee that sits between the congress and washington. Anything not directly related to the bill gets scratched before it hits the presidents desk.

    Put a balanced budget amendment in place.

    Kill all lobbyists (ok, just throw them in jail if they are caught lobbying).

    Now, within a few years, we should start to see some room in the budget. Lets spend that on science, education, renewable energy sources, and taking better care of those who are unable to care for themselves (yes dorothy, there will be a needs test for all entitlement programs…ALL entitlement programs).

    Easy peasy.

  36. Antony says:

    The only thing I was sure that the USA, and the whole world is slowly sinking into its deepest crisis ever. The economy is not even started to recover, a new wave of crisis coming, which is just one in a series of cumbersome administration and wastage of resources.

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