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When I was 19 years old I left home to serve as a missionary for my church for 2 years. I served as a missionary in middle and southern Taiwan. It was the single greatest experience of my life. I learned fluent Mandarin Chinese, learned a lot about the people, and most important, I learned what people were missing in their lives. I tried to help fill that void.

When I first got there, I was a bit of a know-it-all. My personality is the “RED” type personality that is the controlling, always right kind of guy (Mixed in with a 1/3 of yellow – the fun loving, jokester guy). This combination of my personality with my intended goals of being the best missionary I could would sometimes clash.

It was suggested by a friend that I read an EXCELLENT BOOK called, “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. This book changed my mission experience, and later profoundly changed the way I work and deal with others on a daily basis.

The book is a FABULOUS tool for anyone that wishes to better understand others and work with them to accomplish a specific goal.

My mission experience was far better for me having read this book, but my business life simply would have gone no where without the advice that I try to employ daily that I have learned from this book .

I am in no way affiliated with this book. I simply want to make others aware of how much worth it has to ANYONE that has to work/live/talk to other poeple on a regular basis. This book is a gold mine if used properly.

It is full or real world examples, and is a quick easy read. I suggest you pick one up and see what it can do for your personal and professional life if you haven’t already read it.

If others have had a positiive experience with “How to win friends and influence people” I would very much like to hear your stories about it.


Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Strater says:

    I would first just like to mention that I too served a mission. I also knew a missionary named Matt Heaton who was in the MTC with me and I also read “How to win friends and influence people” on my mission. Weird!

    I (and the Matt Heaton I knew) went to France and I still remember two important lessons from the book:

    1. People like the sound of there own name. Use a person’s name as much as you can. They will immediately think of you as a friend.

    2. First impressions are key and a good handshake is a major part of a good impression. A strong handshake can impress confidence. Don’t be a dead fish!

    Matt, I am very impressed with your company and the quality of the service and support.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. S McHait says:

    OH MY GOD! Is that real?
    I used to live in Taiwan (yes, I am a Taiwanese)…
    now I am in U.S. for some reason (like I am in high school…10th grade lol)…
    where did you live in Taiwan? KaohSiung County?

  3. Hey Matt for sure, a Mission help a lot also to learn about “how to communicate everywhere with anybody even when you don’t speak the language”, self improvement and great abroad experience, I did like you, and now I’m working in Japan for an advertisement company….
    by the way do you still practice your chinese?

  4. James Chang says:

    So you speak Mandarin, somewhat, right? Did you have to wear one of those little black name tags and ride bikes and use the “boondock” public transit (buses and train)? Let me guess a church location in “middle” Taiwan, is it off Sun-Ming Road and two blocks from the city morgue?

  5. Sean Mills says:

    Matt – it is wonderful to be working with a fellow believer; I have been very impressed with bluehost as an organization, and understand now why it is a great company – the President is answering to a higher call than the dollar! Thanks for your good work – Sean Mills

  6. Pet Campbell says:

    You may also enjoy Zig Ziglar’s book
    ” See You At The Top”
    It is truly an inspiration!

  7. jerry says:

    matt – ä½ çš„weblogå¾ˆå€¼å¾—ä¸€è¯»ã€‚æˆ‘å¾ˆé’¦ä½©ä½ çš„ç”¨æˆ·è‡³ä¸Šçš„ç»è¥ç†å¿µã€‚ä½ çš„äº‹ä¸šä¸€å®šä¼šè¶Šåšè¶Šå¤§çš„!

  8. Kevin Chu says:

    Hi Matt

    I am your customer. I am very glad to know that you used to
    serve as a missionary in middle and southern Taiwan. Because I am a Taiwanese and my hometown is Touliu (Douliu).

    I have two suggestions for First, the answers given by Bluehost technical support are often too brief and simple. I do expect detailed answers that really help. Second, the uptime of server, I did encounter server uptime problem. For me, the server uptime is the most important thing for my website. I hope take higher standard for server uptime.

    Kevin Chu

  9. Billy says:

    Matt, sounds like you’ve had a really interesting childhood experience that most of us dream of having!!

    Your Mandarin speaking skills could really come in handy as China’s economic power is growing rapidly… you should look in to that (=

    Best wishes,

  10. Jason says:

    Cool, I read that book too. I’m a RED mixed with (I don’t know the colour- it’s a C in the DiSC type– careful, critical, cautious, caustic). It made a big difference in getting along with people. I also recommend it.

    Cool that you’re a Christian. Makes sense, actually.

    ~Jason Silver

  11. Andrew Patterson says:

    Dale Carnegie has several great books, the classic being “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I have most if not all of them somewhere in my archives. There was one missing that I had wanted and searched for for many many years.

    One morning I got up with no particular purpose and felt drawn to visit a town about an hours drive away. It is a small university town. I didn’t understand the feeling but followed my intuition to drive there.

    After visiting the local bookstore, stopping at the usual coffee shop and visiting the few local stores, I still didn’t understand why I was there and headed out. On the way out of town I noticed a used bookstore that had not been there before. I turned back.

    I looked around and saw many interesting books but none that I really wanted. So I was about to leave when I noticed a door leading to another ajoining room. Being drawn in I entered, and there it was staring at me from its shelf, “Lincoln the Unknown” by Dale Carnegie.

    My mission for the day was accomplished and my Dale Carnegie collection complete.

    Andrew P.

  12. HI Matt,

    Great post! I too read this book many years ago, it’s an excellent book and now that I have seen this post, I think it’s time to re-read it again.

    What I took from the book was that in life, personal and business, you have to be outwardly focused. If you treat people with respect and give them what they want, then you have to succeed. This is why bluehost has done so well, congrats! :-))

    I wish you All the Best to you and your family,

  13. Personal growth and development is the cornerstone of our Vancouver-based company, Deal Me In.

    I highly recommend “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey for anyone who wishes to further develop their character where Dale Carnegie’s book left off.

    Bluehost has it going on. Keep up the great work.


  14. Natalie says:

    Hello Matt, I only signed up with BlueHost very recently but so far I’m very impressed with the prompt and friendly responses I received to my many emailed cries for help. I had a lot of trouble setting up the new info for my website (having transferred from a previous web host) but…(cross fingers!) now seems to be up and running again. I’m an artist/writer in London, England, and my one phone call to your tech support number was also very helpful. Congratulations on your service, I hope we’ll be together a long time.
    BTW, I too have just switched to an iMac Intel (from an old G4 PowerMac) and it’s fine, apart from the troubles over incompatibilities with Adobe apps. I wonder if you’ve experienced any difficulties with these? I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop constantly and yes, there are glitches on the Intel. Have a look at my blog (Blaugustine) where I talked about this.

  15. Corey Mixter says:

    Hey Matt-

    Just got your email about the 24/7 support. I am proud of the direction blue host is going and I wish you all the best.

    Corey Mixter

  16. chrys says:

    Now just how many CEOs take the time to blog to their customers? Makes it obvious why BlueHost keeps winning “Customer Service” awards. Your background is also a telling feature. Your experience (non-business) and others who have spent time overseas – know a little more our real world and its needs. Korea was my “training area” for a more in-depth life – no career goals here though. Thanks again.

  17. shane says:

    Hey Matt, great service at bluehost! I’ve recomeneded it to several friends.

    It sounds like you’re a mormon… Is that correct?

  18. Young Ah Loh says:

    Hello, Matt
    It so touchable to get an email from CEO of bluehost.
    I became a member in Jan. Recently I was offered a few web-site designs from my friends. I will recommend blue host to them.
    I use my bluehost account as a test server.
    It has many good service.
    Still I’m trying to figure it out.
    Good Luck all the time.

  19. […] Just two days ago, I received another email from Bluehost, informing me of upgrades to their support and service. As a user, I appreciate such notices. At the bottom of the email, was a prompt for readers to visit Matt’s personal blog. Heading over to his blog to see what Bluehost may be up to, I am prompted to read Mr. Heaton’s account of the time he spent in a mission as a youth, and what he thinks of Dale Carnegie. All in a post entitled “How to deal with people…” – oh the irony. […]

  20. […] Bluehost是个提供主机和域名服务的公司。中文介绍看这里。老大CEO是Matt Heaton, 据说会讲中文,可以去他的blog看看。 […]

  21. bruce wang says:

    I am very interesting in your webhost, as you know ,chinses webhost is at least 5 times more expensive than should come to china or find an agent to expand your business in mainland. hi Matt,I bet that you will get more business here and earn more.

    Many customers in Eu and USA complain that our present webhost in china is very slow,take more time to open it.I have tryed to move our site to many times, unluckily, I am failed, not for others ,only for we can’t transfering fund to you. payment is a serious nodus for us .

    best regards
    bruce wang
    best regards

  22. Hi, how are you doing. Great =). A lot of people mentioned here in your comments that you are a “Christian” or a “fellow believer.” I can’t determine the fact just when anyone says they went to overseas missions for X years. You could be a Mormon. Anyway, I’m looking to set up a host and have been shopping around. BlueHost does stand out so far. I’ll be looking… well, email me if you like.

  23. 我很驚訝但很高興Matt是摩門教徒,而且去過台灣我對摩門教徒印象很深刻,除了常常在路上看到騎腳踏車的傳教事之外,æ›´æ˜¯å› ç‚ºä»–å€‘åœ¨ä¼æ¥­ç•Œçš„æˆå°±,例如NuSkin,Noni等傳銷公司,還有達美樂Pizza公司等,聽說Dell電腦的新總裁也是摩門教徒,ç›¸ä¿¡å› ç‚ºé€™æ¨£çš„é¤Šæˆæ•™è‚²åŠç¶“æ­·èƒŒæ™¯,é€ å°±æ­¤éŽäººçš„æˆå°±,ä¹Ÿå°±æ˜¯å› ç‚ºé€™æ¨£æˆ‘ç›¸ä¿¡Bulehost成功是必然的而且一定會更好,祝服福Matt及Bluehost,也恭喜自己找到一間可以放心交託的好公司,å› ç‚ºæˆ‘æ·±æ·±ç›¸ä¿¡,ä¼æ¥­çš„æˆæ•—äººçš„å› ç´ ç«™å¤§éƒ¨ä»½


    Russel J. Hung
    from Taiwan

  24. max says:

    You lived in Taiwan,And you know Chinese
    Then do something for Chinese web mail interface
    I’m considering that migrate my company’s Web Server and Mail Server to BH
    But short of Chinese web mail interface which holds me back


  25. chineseboy says:

    Welcome to china canton!matth!

  26. xiangbin says:

    Dear Matt Heaton
    Do you want to give up chinese market?
    your website can’t be visited in china. — can’t be visited in china.
    ip: — can’t be visited in china.

    ip: — can be visited

  27. yongjunzhang says:

    æˆ‘ä¸çŸ¥é“ä½ èƒ½å¦æ”¶åˆ°æˆ–çœ‹æ‡‚å‘ç»™ä½ ä¸­æ–‡çš„ä¿¡.æˆ‘æœ‰ä¸ªçŽ¯ä¿çš„é¡¹ç›®å¾ˆæƒ³ä¸Žä½ åˆä½œæˆ–é€šè¿‡ä½ çš„ç½‘ç»œå¸®æˆ‘ä»¬æ‰¾åˆ°åˆä½œçš„ä¼™ä¼´,ä½†æˆ‘ä¸æ‡‚è‹±è¯­å°±åªå¥½ç»™ä½ å‘ä¸­æ–‡çš„,å¦‚æžœä½ èƒ½æ”¶åˆ°å°±è¯·æ‚¨å’Œæˆ‘è”ç³»æˆ‘ä¼šå‘é‚®ä»¶è¯¦ç»†è¯´æ˜Žé¡¹ç›®çš„å†…å®¹.å¸Œæœ›ä½ èƒ½çœ‹åˆ°,谢谢Welcome to jilin china

  28. the secret says:

    Loving: “ Love is the highest energy and the most powerful one of all. In intending, there must be love so that creativity and abundance can take place. Love is the expression of you to grow and become what you are capable of being. For instance, if you are not doing what you love, you are actually moving away from the The Power of Intention. You begin to attract more dissatisfaction, disharmony and darkness into your life. On the other hand, if you love what you do, you are at the highest state of creation.”

  29. tomsachdeva says:

    You are right ,Even in my field of business I have to deal with different personality types everyday ,and to know how to tackle each one and what to say to an analytical instead of amiable makes all the difference.

  30. Jack says:

    Hi Matt,

    Does BlueHost has more interface to China?

  31. Jack says:

    More service to China maybe lead in more customers from there. I want to do biz with BH.

  32. Thanks for an amazing post! I’ve read that book a few years ago and completely forgot about it by now. You can definitely read this one a hundred times and still walk away with some valuable information. Gotta find and read this one sometime soon.

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