Market leader???

Is bluehost a market leader now? I think the answer has to be yes. When Bluehost received it’s first signup on December 4th 2003 our goal was to get to 15,000 domains at some point in the future. Well here is is 2.5 years later and we just got our 115,000th domain signed up.

How did we do it? We did it by offering a superior plan, and not nickel and diming our users to death like so many other hosts out there do. When we first started it was obvious the other hosts didn’t really care that our plan was better because we were a small fry and didn’t affect their bottom line at all. We were the new guy on the block and relatively unproven in the industry.

Then something happened… Our affiliates started commenting that our conversion rates for traffic sent to our site were somewhere in the range of 30-50% higher than the next closest competitor. All of sudden we started getting a LOT of signups. Everyone wanted to promote us because they made the most money, and they received glowing reviews from the customers that they sent. Everyone was happy (Except our competitors). Within a year we dominated the hosting review sites and signups were growing extremely fast.

It quickly became apparent that we were now noticed. We started seeing copycat sites all over the place. Our wording and site layout started showing up on many different hosting sites, and most important was that other companies started offering better (Much better) packages than they used to. Now, we know this would happen with or without us, but certain things we felt that we did change for the good of consumers. Before we came along almost no one offered addon domains (We offer 5 free of charge). Now all our main competitors offer it. They couldn’t NOT offer it and compete with us.

It has gotten to the point that one of our main competitors actually lists bluehost on the mainpage and points out how they think they are better (Too bad they misrepresent our data!!). That is actually good for us! They are effectively saying, bluehost is the best, but look how we think we are even better!

We have shaken up the industry and we will continue to do so! We are here to provide you the BEST hosting environment that we can! Stick with us on the journey!!!


Matt Heaton / CEO

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  1. chrys says:

    Results should be obvious – “look’n good”

  2. Larry says:

    I also saw some things missing from their interface that I have really enjoyed with Bluehost(all the software I can install thru fantastico). I’m not sure if they have that or not.

    I love playing around with those and I wish you would add some more.

    Bluehost was not the cheapest, but I’ve been very pleased with the service.

    Thanks Matt

  3. Ezra says:

    I would have to agree with you. BlueHost is surprisingly extremely reliable and flexible and hard for other companies to compete. With your low prices, severs updated with most modules and great support you will most definitly have continued success in the future. I have been a costumer for over a year and I remember seeing the website banner read “NOW HOSTING OVER 50,000 DOMAINS” and now you have over 115,000, it is very impressive. Congratulations on your success.

  4. Pablo Noel says:

    congrats! 😀 i love you guys!

  5. Joshua M Cox says:

    Matt my company and I will continue to stick with BlueHost as its web host, Not only for my companys hosting needs, but for the needs of my customers and clients also. As long as BlueHost is in business they are our top recommendation for web hosting. See that’s the thing. As BlueHost grows, the companies that use BlueHost continue to grow right along with you. I realize that BlueHost understands this. That is the relationship that we as companies are sharing. Growth. We appreciate BlueHost for your services to the online community and to use as individual companies. BSA will stick with you.

  6. Matt,

    I have used other hosting companies before but I did not know what they were supposed to be like until I started using Bluehost. Have had great customer service with my present site and am ready to add a second one on the same plan. I joined the affiliate program over the weekend.


  7. Lars B says:

    I am content with Bluehost, although there are features I do miss, like…
    -Dedicated IP’s for each domain
    -MultiSite capability.

    But from a happy customer, I just want to say keep up the good work.

  8. Ilya says:

    Matt or anyone who can answer,

    On what sites did Blue Host have its affiliate programs?

    Thank you.

  9. Yup, your service is excellent and any problems I’ve ever had with the service have been sorted out within a day or two. Usually problems by my own causing I have to admit! Thanks for running such an excellent service for the masses. Congratulations!

  10. bluehost customer says:

    I think bluehost is decent but not as great as Mr. Heaton professes. There are plenty of people out there disgruntled with bluehost. I am one. I doubt that this post/comment will be published. I do, however, enjoy a good surprise and hope the great bluehost is up to the challenge.

    My issues with bluehost are not limited to a few issue. This is not the place to go on about those right now. I think that for balance and truth to exist and be available, that with every ego stroke (such as the post Matt Heaton made here) there should be an offsetting realistic comment. Perhaps this is the one voice of realism. Bluehost has great features and some great potential but there are legitimate and well-founded reasons that people disgruntled with issues never resolved by bluehost exist.

    Here’s to improvements

  11. BD says:

    I agree with Charles. For me, Bluehost experience has been the best till now. I hope it remains the same. I’m sure it will :)

  12. W Willard says:

    Well, a CEO certainly should be able to “brag” about his company. The one dissatisfied user did not give any specifics, so what credibility does he have? I like a person who is confident in the product/service he offers. 115,000 clients can’t be wrong.

  13. Chris, The New Client! says:

    I agree with the previous poster that the disgruntled user, though constructive in their post, did not cite some of the issues. That probably would have given the citation more weight.

    However, I’ve been comparing many services since I not only want great customer service and server dependability, but I want a company with personel and management dedicated to providing their clients the best service on the Internet.

    Thus far, I am torn between BlueHost and another. Sorry, it happens. But you are the top two of many, many others. However, though torned, I have made the decision to go with Bluehost. This is based on the features offered, the sales presentation on the site, the reviews I’ve read, and lastly, the telephone call I made to the sales department.

    When I called Bluehost, I reached a gentleman who was courteous and patient. From what I understand, this was a tech person. And this person was very responsive to all my questions, and invited more should addiitional questions pop up. This gesture seemed sincere. I like that very much (though the other company was good too in the same respect, I must say, a decision must be made by me eventually).

    Now with that choice made, I’m thinking about a couple year committment from the get go. That’s confidence. The only element that goes unforeseen with ANY company is how long they stay in business. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this, but if they continue to provide the courteous support and care for their clients like I suspect they do (as evidenced by that telephone call), then I have nothing to worry about.

    Bluehost, here I come!

  14. Good work! Many web hosting site reviews are talking about Bluehost.

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  15. Here are a couple of specifics, to address W Willard’s comment:

    Nowhere in the Bluehost Terms of Service does it say that you will be limited to sending 50 emails per hour for the whole account, even if you are hosting several domain names with a few addresses in each.

    I sent out an email to friends and family with some pictures, and could not send any mail after that.

    I didn’t even know what was going on, and find the policy, based on trying to limit outgoing spam, rather outrageous. Isn’t it enought to limit bandwidth usage?

    The limit was raised to 400, but in my case that is not enough. I explained that I send out newsletters and party invitations to 300+ friends at a time. If an error appears in the email, I won’t be able to send out a correction for an hour.

    I was told I could start throtling my email, or switch hosts.

    Having just switched FOUR domains to Bluehoset and purchases FIVE years of hosting based on glowing reviews here, there, and everywhere, email is NOT number one on my list of who and what I want to throttle right now!

    The worst part is that 5 hours later I still can’t send any mail, and, as of maybe about 2 hours ago, can’t receive any, either.

    Tickets started at the beginning of this issue have been labeled “resolved” and moved to Closed Ticket History, and I have gotten no reply from Support in over 2 hours.

    Is that specific enough?

  16. Chris, The New Client says:

    Specifics definitely help a lot. I am surprised that no one has yet responded. But, then again, with blogs, people concentrate on the latest postings.

    A limitation to 50 is utterly ridiculous, I agree! I would not have known this either. 400 is much better for the average site, but ramping it up a bit would probably be preferred (or announce to the world that 400 per hour is the limitation, but also offer an upgrade for those who might be interested in a maximum of, say, 2000 — don’t know what the prime number would be). I won’t need 400 for me, initially. But I do know that with experience, my opt-in lists will exceed that eventually.

    Throttling, on the other hand, is something that could work. However, is this managed though the console, or do you need to manually segregate mailing clumps every hour? If the latter, I can see how that would be incredibly frustrating. No real professional has time for such efforts. If the former, then it really comes down to planning your events and getting your mailings out at a reasonable time before the event. Though if a ‘clump’ fails, I wonder if there is a way to resubmit that clump and that clump only.

    The latter part of your note truly concerns me. Resolved means the client has accepted the situation at hand and either the problem is fixed, or cannot be fixed. If you’re still having issues with the one major communication connection with your clients, then this is inexcusable. E-mail is an important aspect of reaching out to your client base and if this fails, then it must be repaired.

    Failures in client communication begets the inevitable loss of that client. Both for Bluehost and yourself. I hope things have improved for you.

    Thx for the details.

  17. Chris, The Non Client says:

    Well, I was all ready to sign-up, but then ran into the dreaded ‘terms of service’.

    Being the webmaster of an informational web site that discusses topics covering religion, politics, art and sex, I came across clauses in the terms of services that would put our business in jeopardy and risk a hosting shutdown by Bluehost for linking to, what may be considered, adult oriented content.

    Mind you, we are not a pornographic company, but as a site that rewards guest speakers for their contributions by linking back to their sites, we often invite people of varied backgrounds to voice opinions and get people talking. This includes linking to the sites of entreprenuers of varied businesses including sites of an adult nature.

    Though I respect the decision of bluehost to discrimate against content they are not comfortable hosting, we are a site that CANNOT nor WILL NOT discriminate the voice, opinions and free speech of the individuals who offer viewpoints that could potentially better our nation’s (or the world’s) people with varied objective communication.

    Nonetheless, I am disheartened since I find bluehost a superior hosting company based on their offerings (not from firsthand experience). I only wish the terms of service would not be quite so restrictive with the legal adult aspect of the TOS (linking to sites and artistic representation of nudity), even though our content risk represents roughly 5% of our total site. But even a .0001% would subject us to risk, and we cannot chance that since the black and white of it all would force us to censor our contributor’s voices. This would be morally wrong.

  18. HostGator is a market leader

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