Cool, cool, and cool!

I am a gadget guy. I love all type of gadgets, and am usually the first to pick up something when it comes out. I would like to write a quick note about a combination of gadgets that I think are way cool!

First, I have a tivo (4 of them actually) with a slingbox hooked up to the one in my bedroom. A slingbox is a device that sends your TV picture (Or in my case tivo) over the internet to any internet enabled computer that has the software installed (Free software to download). The software is available for pocket pc, windows, and soon Mac. I just got my new verizon vx6700 phone. Verizon has high-speed internet over my cell phone here in Utah.

To make a long story short, and I can now actually watch my tivo that is hooked up in my bedroom on my cell phone anywhere I get service. I can use my phone to change the channel and even record shows etc. Some of you may wonder whats the big deal, but I think technology is amazing. The fact that I can watch a show on my boring drive to Vegas (5 hours) on my phone is great! I love technology!


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  1. yes, i was also thinking of having a control device that controls electricty, power on and off computers, internet, lightings, doors.etc. I would love to have one device like that in future…

  2. Alex says:

    It’s cool to see that you are a big TiVo fan. Have you ever checked out my blog ( And yes, I use bluehost as my hosting company :).

  3. Jon V. says:

    Not to be the little rain cloud, but though I think it is cool to have the option available, watching television while driving is a wee bit dangerous. :)
    It is absolutely amazing what one can do with technology these days.. it’ll be neat to see what the future brings.

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