The good ole days…

Computers are great. Bluehost is in the top 1000 sites visited on the internet today. We have almost 60 wonderful people working with us at bluehost now. Some days we sign up over 350 people on our service! The internet is the greatest, and yet…

It still isn’t anywhere near as fun as running my own BBS (Bulletin board system) when I was 14. When I look back at the fun I had with my C64 (Commodore 64), my atari 800xl, my atari 1040st, current computing just doesn’t come close. What was it that was so magical about the “golden years” of 12-18 for me.

A big part of where bluehost came from was my BBS. You remember those right? You had a modem on your computer and you would dial in and connect to my local phone # and leave messages and download files. This was the best you could get before the internet came along. I would get about 40 callers a day to my BBS. Pretty good actually, considering only one person could be on at a time. My first BBS ran at 300 baud. Do you know how slow that is? You know how slow your modem is and you hate it because it only runs at 56,400 baud. Yep thats the one. It is 188 times slower than your modem is.

My BBS called “The Secret Service” didn’t even have a good way of transferring files. I had to write my own entire upload/download system for BBS Express ST including support for Z-Modem. I wrote something I called FMail, which is a way to leave a message for someone with a file attached. This was about 9 years before microsoft thought about Outlook email with attachments.

Why am I writing about all this you might ask yourself? The reason is that I wanted to show you that Bluehost didn’t just pop up out of no where. It was there all along. The seeds were sown on the first day my BBS went live. It started with my first GFA (A form of BASIC programming language) program to do “online” transfers. It was there when I got my first dedicated phone line (16 years old) to invite others around the US and Canada to log on to my computer and join my community.

Thanks everyone for joining OUR community at bluehost!

Matt Heaton / President

13 Responses to “The good ole days…”

  1. Ximensions says:

    ..and I might join soon. :)

    You’ve gotten fantastic reviews around the web and I really like how when I log onto I feel like I am dealing with real people – you’ve really given it that personal touch. Keep it up.

  2. Dena says:


    I love reading your Blog entries. Please continue to share advice and insights about starting, running and growing businesses. I find your words of wisdom and experience to be helpful and inspiring.


  3. Obi says:

    Not sure about the service. I tried setting up WordPress on my website and Bluehost tech support can’t even help me to get it to work.

  4. tzvee says:

    are you coming out with a new webmail product? i thought you said you were a while back…………..

  5. N. Alcantara says:

    I received an email from you guys last week…signifying your commitment to help us…your clients.

    I need that help very badly…as I purchased an account with you and geez…do not know how to start…Much like a guy buying a plane and still has to learn how to spell TARMAC…(don’t ask me why I bought it…I might as well make use of it and make money if I can)

    I will be asking your help one of these days…but I cannot call, as I live in faraway small country…Email will do. Hope you provide help fast for email help users too!

    Thanks again.

  6. It’s good to hear that you have a passion and not just a job. I love dealing with the Bluehost community.

    C. Oxford

  7. magnets says:

    I remember when i first connected. I had an Amiga 500 and i had painstakigly learnt the entire AT command set to me Codex modem, i connected to a local bbx at 1200 baud, the white text scrolled by and i browsed the files. then the page moved up a line and the sysop was typing to me, It was JUST LIKE TALKING BUT WITH WORDS and it blew my mind. been hooked every since.
    BTW, good work sir, while i don’t do alot with my site i’ve had absolutly no porblems with it ever. That counts for a lot in my book.

  8. Bob Morris says:

    I was on BBS too, primarily the Ilink net of PC Board BBS’s. At one point there were 500-600 BBS on that Net worldwide. Fun times, but I don’t miss 2400 baud modems at all.

  9. Tim Matheson says:

    I have been a client for a little over a year now and I can say that has excellent tech support. The staff are friendly and very eager to help you. Even if the solution is beyond the scope of their job description. That is why as a freelance web developer I recomend to every client. I stand behind them 100% oh and theres always that $65.00 per sign up ;). Great work Matt am very pleased with the service. Tim Matheson Freelance Wisconsin Web Designer

  10. Hammo says:

    Oh stop it !

    It’s been awhile since I’ve heard such IT Jargon from the past and it makes me feel old. I always dreamed of a VIC 20 but eventually settled (when pocket money permitted) with a C128. Happy Days.

  11. Slow trouble-ticket response

    I have only recently moved to BlueHost and find the tech support very except for the Trouble Ticket response time. The other hosting company I continue to use gets a response to me in less than 15 minutes, always, but with BlueHost it is more like 24+ hours.

    It is very discouraging to wait for what already seems like a long time for an answer to a problem that needs to be handled right away, then to log on to your ticket site and find that the response is “due” at something like 7:00 p.m. the following evening. If you cannot respond with this system within a more reasonable time-frame, you might consider at least letting customers know up front that if they need an answer right away, they should telephone.

  12. Mike says:

    Oh those good old C64 days! I still miss resetting the computer with a paper clip just to be able to hack into the code of other people…

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