New Projects And Some Fun Stats

Hello again! Its been quite a while since I have written and I thought its about time I got around to updating you on some of the new things we have been working on lately.

Some of you may know that in addition to shared hosting I have several other small/big projects that I like to work on in my spare (haha) time. I’d like to tell you quickly about some of those and then briefly mention a few changes to Bluehost and perhaps a couple of interesting stats about our business.

1st – Fibre Network – I have been working hard trying to piece together our own nationwide (Soon worldwide) fibre network. This becomes an integral part of some of my other projects that I am investing my time in. We will have a robust peering network with many tier 2 participants and hopefully soon (With enough bullying on my part) a tier 1 provider or two! The first part of this project linking Los Angeles to New York will be live by the end of this month (Hurray!!)

2) SUPER COOL caching service (Think CDN – Content distribution network). This one is kind of hard to explain, even to those in the business. We have a fundamentally different way of implementing internet edge caching servers that I think will change completely how the game is played. Look for this stuff to be out in about 6-7 months. Akamai – I know you have a $7.5 billion market cap, but our technology is better :) Keep a close watch on what we have coming out. We are gunning for all your business!

3) CPUD – I/O Throttled: These two technologies are what allow us to provide VPS like services in a shared hosting environment. They will work on any linux box with a 2.6.32 kernel and above. They were developed almost exclusively in house and work extremely well. We haven’t sold this to any company because of the difficulty in making it work with older kernels, but all that will change when Red Hat releases version 6.0 of the RHEL distribution. Once Red Hat releases that version we will offer a simply RPM install of our product and everyone will finally be able to purchase this product! Sorry to the over 125 companies on the waiting list for this product – It will be out soon!

4) New Premium Data Center – We have been working on our new data center for a while now. It is scheduled to be done in December, but its looking like January 2011 will probably be the real date. Its not huge by data center standards, but it will give us 5 megawatts of power for 400 cabinets (47U each). It uses a VERY nonstandard cooling system designed by us in house which will save us a ton of money on cooling costs, and is located right in our office building where all our employees are located. This ensures best quality service for all our customers.

5) Quick Backup – we have a very cool backup product that is also developed in house. It uses custom kernel mods to enable an extremely fast backup process for our Cpanel customer servers. What used to take us 10 hours to accomplish now takes about 45 minutes. It is a complete drop in replacement for Cpanel’s backup system that is totally compatible with their restore process, but uses about 1/3 the space that normal Cpanel requires. We are using it live right now on about 60% of our servers and only need some additional hardware to put it in place in 100% of our network (Happening right now).

6) I guess I should mention that the old main site has FINALLY been replaced with something decent. It was never that great to begin with and had morphed over time into a complete mess. That being said, it had great search engine rankings and helped us sign up more than 575,000 accounts! But alas, I am sad to see it go :) Its been like an old friend these past 7 years!

7) Oh, I forgot to mention this. I wanted to announce when we finally hit 2 million domains hosted. I got lazy and never mentioned it, but now we are almost at 2.2 million domains. So lets this be my official announcement that we are now *officially* over 2.15 million domains hosted! Yeah!

8) We are now (I guess we have been for awhile) the 5th fastest growing registrar in the world. For those that are wondering what a registrar is it is an ICANN accredited company that sells domain names. Whats interesting about this is that you can’t even purchase a domain name from us unless you are a hosting customer. So to be the 5th fastest growing is quite an achievement given the requirements we place on the customer.

9) We are now the 10th largest hosting company in the world. Yeah! And 2nd or 1st fastest growing hosting company.

10) We have now surpassed Yahoo in domains hosted and hosting accounts. I’ve heard of Yahoo? I think they are one of the bigger internet companies :)

11) We FINALLY got a very nice front desk in our main office. Long live the plastic table that we used for the past 18 months :)

There you have it. Those are all my significant technology related activities as well as a few interesting stats about Bluehost. Thanks to everyone out there that has made Bluehost/Hostmonster/Fastdomain possible. We appreciate all you do for us and hope to live up to your expectations as a hosting company!

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Jordan says:

    best hosting service. i use it for all my clients.

  2. Angel says:

    Congratulations, your company continues growing and giving a better service.

  3. Russ says:

    congrats Matt on the new design and hitting the 2 million mark. That is a great accomplishment and I hope Bluehost has a great 2nd half of 2010 …

  4. nate says:

    Glad to hear things are going great. I’m so glad I found bluehost years ago, you guys have been awesome.

    Speaking of redesigns, what about a blog redesign for the official CEO’s blog? :)

  5. The quality of your services have been dropped drastically, I have 12 websites with (we are a marketing company) and I am extremely disappointed with your services at this point. My last account ( was created on friday and it went down on Monday for 2 hours and today for an hour so far. I tried to find your email address to send you an email but could not find a way to connect to you. I hope you read this comment and hear directly from one of your customers.

  6. Great work Matt and I’m A blue host fan I host many domains with you guys and appreciate the great support!


  7. Tom says:

    I love your service…you make it easier to do things right than to do things wrong (from a beginners point of view).


  8. Craig says:

    I read through some of the comment in previous blog entries, and I just shake my head at any negativity whatsoever.

    Some “fortune 500” genius in here droned on and on about wanting his website ported to a “more reliable server” and complained like McDonalds just screwed up his order. All I know is, the server JUST went down an hour ago and, despite it being 11:45pm here I could click on Tech Support live help, ask a “real” person when is it coming back up, the guy says in about 30 minutes, and 30 minutes later its back up. THAT is the reason they have hit 2.2 million domains.

    ..and I haven’t even touched on the fact that we have a CEO here that’s down-to-earth enough to take the time to address his clients in a blog.

    Gratz Matt.

  9. Sidd says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the update. I’d really like to congratulate you on the progress and your spirit of moving ahead. I’ve not had any trouble with my first year of hosting and will renew it shortly.I am hosting many clients with this one account.

    I have heard many things about from friends who are with them, but I am still not convinced about ending my relationship with and making the move. That’s because I have nothing to complain about

    I hope you work at making things even better.

    Congratulations again on the 2.2M mark.

  10. Trent Jessee says:

    Matt, I’ve been following your blog for a while now, I have all my sites with Bluehost and I’ve been thoroughly impressed! After going through 4 other hosting companies before Bluehost, I finally found the right home for my internet businesses. Thank you for running an outstanding business that treats people right, and goes the extra mile! You and your staff deserve the success you have. Take care

  11. John Cooper says:

    Matt, I have two accounts with you and the CPU throttling really does make a difference. You do have the best Linux hosting around and it is really flexible. I would like to see web access logs with just an IP address (turn off reverse DNS lookups) as some anon proxies have a reverse DNS of dot (.) which means I can’t block unwanted activity using apache htaccess. Your support say it has to be a global change on the server so unlikely to get implemented.

    Regards, John.

  12. T says:

    Thanks for the update. Love the service and speed of bluehost. Keep up the good work.

  13. Kym says:

    I wasn’t sure where to submit my praise so I thought i’d just post it here. I am a new BlueHost member and I am SO impressed with your customer service. The 24/7 support is AMAZING and so necessary especially for people like me who suddenly think of tech questions at 3AM and need it answered right away. I really appreciate it and I am excited to continue to explore the different things BlueHost has to offer. THANK YOU!

  14. Hassan Yate says:

    Well done Matt and company (:

    I’m not as sophisticated as I’d like when it comes to web technologies so I end up using the control panel on Bluehost for my maintenance tasks. It would be nice if there were less intrusive adverts when logging in, there could even be more advertising implemented but just in a neat and non pop up way. I hope you don’t mind the feedback!

  15. Hi Matt,
    Always nice to read a success story – well done to you and the team. I moved to you a few months ago and love the service.

  16. Martijn says:

    Hi Matt,

    I just heard that you killed off an entire network of sites without cause or explanation? Have fun reading this one:

    I dare you to leave this comment on here.

  17. Andry Lie says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am one of your client. Love your service, love your blog. Congratulations on those 2.2 mark. Certainly hope to see you hit 22 mark :)

    Warm Regards from Jakarta, Indonesia.
    [it’s 82-90F all year long]

  18. The Internet Book says:


    I thoroughly enjoy your ramblings and I offer my most sincere congratulations on building the company you have created. There are few people who can appreciate what a feat this has been – more than me. I was an Internet ‘pioneer’, co-founding a company in Dallas way back in ’93. That was before the Wall Street hype and we were the largest ISP in DFW for a time.

    Netcom acquired my company and our division built their hosting & web design business. We grew our hosting from about 300 domains to over 26,000 in about six months… quite a feat in those days. Anyway, Netcom never figured out the business they were in and the company soon sold to MindSpring – then Earthlink. I had left long before any of that happened.

    I’m still in the Internet business, but on the other side with consulting and various marketing ventures. I thought you would appreciate knowing that I recommend Bluehost to all of my clients and have probably brought you 20+ accounts in the past few months.

    You have built an outstanding company offering the best hosting value available today. Kudos to you and your staff!


    Oh, BTW… I host my personal site with you, too 😉

  19. Well done! I’ve seen Fast Domain’s eye-catching domain growth rate and given the fact domain’s are only available with a hosting package, it says a lot about the quality customer base you’ve created.

    Best wishes on 2.5!


  20. Tony Kummer says:

    I would love for you guys to offer something semi dedicated (maybe a limited # of accounts per box) in the $100 month price range. My little website just has too much traffic for the standard account.

  21. Dave says:

    I was with bluehost for a couple of years and enjoyed the ride, but I feel Bluehost has peaked and will begin its downhill slide if some things are not changed.

    The CPU throttling is the _worst_ thing Bluehost has implemented. It may make Bluehosts task of fitting 800 sites on 1 box easier to manage, but it plain outright sucks for a little ole user running a phpBB site with constant throttles on a vanilla setup.

    Alas, I think Bluehost has squeezed too much blood out of that stone to make it a worthwhile solution anymore.

    Just one of the problems I’m sure is faced with a company that may have grown too fast.

  22. John says:

    Great job !! You guys are amazing!! I am so glad my friend recommended your company.

  23. Matt,

    First of all congratulations on a services that continues to grow – I use it extensively (you are welcome 😉 )

    Do you have any more details of when your caching service will be available – is there a separate website with technical details of what the caching strategy/algorithms are? Much earlier on in my academic career I wrote a few algorithms for “web proxy server placement in ring networks” – a decidedly academic and probably impractical setting, but hey that was 1999.


  24. Salman says:


    I’m a bit confused, you mean to say you don’t tweak and tweak your main page? I would have thought you to be an expert in conversions/funnels/a/b testing etc.! (with so many signups under your belt)

  25. Barry says:

    Hi Matt:

    Can you please expand a little bit on your new backup service? In particular, where is the backup data stored? You have separate servers for backup data, or is the data on the same physical server? What about protection for power faults — like a lightning strike, or UPS going crazy? Or the backup servers on separate power buses?

    Your new paid option looks like a great deal, and I’m seriously thinking of signing up for, but I want to make sure that it’s secure. I made a serious mistake of trusting the courtesy backup only to find out after a system crash that the backup was on the same physical hard disk.

    Regards… Barry

    PS: Your staff could do with some training on new products, I called tech support and asked him this question and they didn’t have a clue!!!

  26. Robert says:

    So you decided to not use OpenVZ and went with Linux Containers for your VPS hosting?

  27. Robert says:

    Guess not, I figured that the kernel requirements you mentioned were there because of the group scheduling added in for the LXC support.

  28. SUPER COOL caching service is really super cool……….I like it most…… a customer.

  29. I like the fibre project … cool

  30. jinlala says:

    I like the fibre project … cool

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  32. russ says:

    how is the new datacenter coming? look forward to hearing more about this project matt

  33. Gouri says:

    Love the service, I am both, customer as well as affiliate!

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