Pingpong Challenge!

Its Hostingcon time again this year. This year its in Austin, Texas. Its nice to see all the email addresses actually
have a real person associated with them :)

Every year that I attend I run into Jack from Parallels. Jack is Parallels #2 guy. A few years back I challenged
Jack to a pingpong match. Now, I think that I am pretty good at pingpong, but Jack beat me by 2 points in the 5th
game a few years back. I am now trying to use my blog to get Jack to play one more match! So what will it be
Jack? A rematch :) If you beat me I will get up publicly say that I think Parallels way of doing things is better than
Bluehost!! What could be better than that? Don’t tell me a Parallels guy is scared of little ole Bluehost :)


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  1. Jonathan B says:

    From what I heard… He got scared.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Now I like bluehost’s new homepage.

  3. We’ll have to challenge ya..i throw and pretty good hand at ping pong :-)

  4. Lee P. Gagliardi says:

    It was rather foolish what your company did to Scott Johnson’s Frogpants network today.

    I have no doubt you will have a loss of some customers due to this.

  5. Peter says:

    To: Matt Heaton, President and CEO of Bluehost

    Mr. Heaton,

    Today, your company dumped a good customer without warning or just cause. Out of the blue today, you made the decision to unplug all of Scott Johnson’s Frogpants network of podcasts, blogs and social media. It is difficult to estimate how many potential customers you have given error to today, but in iTunes alone, you have refused service to possibly 100,000+ people. Those people need to know who is suddenly preventing them from accessing what they’re looking for.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you – since it’s your job to know such things – but you have just dumped:

    An entire network of podcasts and blogs, comprising a dozen very successful podcasters who have disparate audiences of thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of listeners.
    A massive web of highly effective social media mavens, most of whom have thousands of followers in Twitter.
    Media that has an unusually high international reach, with well above-average numbers of listeners outside of the United States.
    One of the top 100 podcasts in the world, according to listeners in iTunes, The Instance.
    A cursory glance at your own Twitter feed makes it clear that you don’t understand or value the power and utility of social media. Today’s bit of bad business by you was clearly the result of cold, hard calculation: you made an agreement with Scott Johnson that appears to be less profitable than breaking the agreement. So much for almost every claim on your website “guaranteeing” “unlimited” “reliable” hosting that is “better” and “professional”. The statement on your site, “we specialize in customer service” can now be considered laughable.

    Of course, everyone involved with the Frogpants network will be henceforth opposed to patronizing your apparently fly-by-night operation. The Internet meme you might become aware of is this: Get out of the blue.

    I encourage any and all customers of to get out of the blue, before suddenly leaves all of your content un-hosted. Get out of the blue as soon as it is feasible for you to stop paying a company that cannot be trusted with your blogs, forums, videos, podcasts and pictures. I am not suggesting that any customer stop payment if you owe money. Don’t be like them, and break an established agreement. Just take the first, honest opportunity to get out of the blue and take your content to another host.

    Mr. Heaton, I sincerely hope that this letter finds you well, and that you take the opportunity to comment below if you have anything to say here. Internet 2.0 is not a bum’s rush. Rather, it is an open and ever-expanding platform upon which those who speak have every opportunity to guide discourse, and those who remain silent increase the value of nothing.

    Those who attempt to do any silencing will find such an attempt to be utterly impotent.

    Thank you.

  6. Woodstone says:

    Hey Matt any chance of a statement regarding the Frogpants websites? You have let down a lot of people by taking them offline. Did you give them good notice before doing it or was it really just turned off without warning.

    If it was the former then that should be shared if not then why not? Bluehosts reputation is taking a hit and that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

  7. Wan says:

    Hi Matt,

    As a customer of Bluehost for more than 4 yrs now, and might be more for the rest of my life, I REALLY REALLY hope Bluehost could increase their plan with currently 50,000 files is the limit on all our plans.

    It really limits my ideas of what i need to insert in my blogs, forums, websites…etc..

  8. I’ll actually be there too. It’s my first year going but I live in Austin so I figured why not. Can’t wait for the crazing hosting parties.

  9. Bob Gall says:

    Mr. Heaton
    I thought I left a comment but don’t see it in the list. So here is my feedback again.
    First, I have been using Bluehost for some years and have recommended it to several friends. But I was very disappointed in you handling of the recent server crash. We have worked hard to build traffic on our blog,, and when the crash occured it cost us two and a half days of trafffic. Worse, there was no error message posted, all our readers got was a white screen that eventually timed out. We had gotten to the level that we recently were accepted by an advertising aggregator, and they check their sites each week. I can only imagine they wondered what we had done. You should have done something to post an error message and admitting the cause of the site outage.
    I will probably remain with Bluehost, but now I will always worry about another crash and know that you won’t support us with a simple error message. If you are truly committed to high quality service then I suggest you do something to at least explain and apologize for this incident. Oh yes, I only discovered the problem when I called to ask why my site wouldn’t load.
    Please do better.

  10. 任鸟飞 says:


  11. totally up for the ping pong challenge

    increase the limit of 50k pages!

  12. Alex says:

    That is very nice to organize an ping pong tournament I wish I cood be there to, the only problem is that I am in New Jersey:)

  13. sulfikar says:

    I just want to say thank’s for my first payment from Bluehost affiliate… and Great job for new bluehost homepage.

  14. I will be there for sure! Go Matt!!

  15. Saver says:

    Why does everybody think that they are good at ping pong?

  16. Phil says:

    To back up bluehost’s policies (and answer Frogpants site question):

    If you are hosting that much content, shared hosting isn’t a viable option, you seriously need a network of servers that are load balanced. I’m amazed that your site was even up once in a while.

    CPanel hosting (bluehost’s specialty) is meant for small to medium websites that aren’t that popular and for website owners that don’t really know much about hosting. The more popular websites like my blog have to be on their own servers (that I end up managing myself) because the traffic and resources they require is simply too much (I’d imagine the TOS says that too).

    When you are sharing a server with hundreds of other people (I’d imagine bluehost has ~100 people per server), you impact not only your own website but all those other people. I’m sure that bluehost saw that and that is why they terminated your account (with warning I hope). If you are getting that much traffic, you should be looking at a VPS or Dedicated server, and paying a lot more money per month. Bandwidth and server space in a datacenter is very expensive.

    The one thing that I don’t like about bluehost is that they offer *unlimited* everything, when I know that resources are finite, although for the price, common sense tells me that I shouldn’t put something like on bluehost’s shared hosting plan (rather, it should be in a datacenter hosted from hundreds of servers if not more).

    To back up their 50,000 file limit, bluehost takes nightly backups I’m sure. Backups really hurt system performance, so putting a limit on the files will ensure that backup times remain short, so that your website is only slow for 10 or 20 minutes at 3am in the morning when backups are typically performed.

    Bluehost is probably one of the best hosts in the shared hosting business and I really appreciate their efforts of trying to create process and resource separations among shared hosting customers, that task is a very complex and difficult task to do given their environment.

    Philip Matuskiewicz
    University at Buffalo Computer Science Grad Student

  17. KARPOLAN says:

    It seems that can do only a pingpong :)

    I’ve opened account, it was deactivated, and after that “has been canceled at your request” just in few hours!

    It’s fast like pingpong! 3 messages from you, 2 messages from me. Game over.

    My account was deactivated just because I’m from Ukraine! And off course, I don’t send requests to cancel the account…

    Your service sucks! I’ll inform about this as many people as I can.

    P.S. Good luck in pingpong trainings :)

  18. Hi Matt:

    I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad to be here.

  19. Ping Pong is not a sport…you guys should have a boxing spar instead 😉

  20. Jacob says:

    I have had 4 sites with Bluehost for the past year now. I also have many other sites with other service providers that have completely different setups (specifically with the FTP and file managers)
    cPanel is very easy to use simple, logical layout and I love it.

    (I hear from a lot of people that search engines like the logical layout of cPanel but that’s about it). I would like to put into perspective as to why cPanel is “better” and why so many use it (besides the layout).

    What are the advantages of using cPanel versus other file managers?

    Jacob S. ~

  21. Ryan says:

    I will challenge, I’m pretty good at ping pong and playing for about 4 years.

  22. Franko says:

    I’ll be going also, I love ping pong!

  23. jinlala says:

    I’ll actually be there too. It’s my first year going but I live in Austin so I figured why not. Can’t wait for the crazing hosting parties.

  24. Vps Reseller says:

    Rematch rematch rematch lol.

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  26. i think that it seems that can do only a pingpong.

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