Wordcamp Utah!! Come join us!

WordCamp Utah is coming up this weekend Saturday August 28th from 9am-5pm. For more information about the event visit: http://2010.utah.wordcamp.org. BlueHost does not normally sponsor events or setup booths at tradeshows mainly because its too much of a hassle just to try and get your name out there :) WordPress on the other hand is one of our favorite and most popular open source products available. Over 650,000 WordPress blogs are hosted on our servers and that number grows by hundreds per day.

The keynote speaker at this event is Matt Mullenweg who is the founding developer of WordPress. There are also a number of great learning sessions that can help you get started or enhance your current web presence using this amazing FREE tool. See the full schedule at: http://2010.utah.wordcamp.org/schedule/ for more information on the speakers and sessions that will be available.

Also, BlueHost is buying lunch for EVERY attendee, and we want that bill to be HUGE. So if you haven’t signed up for the event yet go register now at: http://wordcamputah2010.eventbrite.com/ and make sure to stop by and say “Hi!”. I’d love to meet some Bluehost customers in person!

Matt Heaton

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  1. Kevin J says:

    Looks like I missed it by two days! Really wish I had checked earlier, sounds like it would have been a blast!

  2. Sorry for the blatant url & anchor text (btw, you should moderate this blog, if possible!) but….


    I paid for 1 full year… but didn’t do much =) And then switched to 1and1 thinking ‘yea, it’s cheaper’ but their Cpanel sucks big time so now waiting for my clickbank cheque to come so i can order bluehost for 1 year. =)

    Can’t wait. hehe!

  3. St Louis Tim says:

    I trust that event went well. WordPress plus BlueHost is a great combination.

    Right now I can’t imagine how either would improve, but it will be interesting and exciting to see what transpires over the next few years.

  4. nick manderfield says:

    Hey Matt,

    I have been using bluehost for years now, for multiple clients, multiple personal domains, and have referred countless friends to host here.

    For years I had no issues, until now I have added two new clients to a new bluehost server. Last Thursday the site was down for 6 hours, another two hours Saturday, and another two hours on Sunday. It’s now Tuesday night and the server is down yet again.

    Each time I get told from someone in your live chat that it’s a scheduled maintenance, and will be taken care of within 15 minutes, but the issue seems to be endless, and nobody has assured me of anything. So far it hasn’t taken 15 minutes. My client loses money every time his site is down.

    After doing a little bit of googleing, people have been having more and more issues over the last few months, what happened to the old bluehost everyone loved?

    Much appreciated.

  5. Hi,
    Here in Silicon Valley, Bluehost is very popular. I have 3 sites with you, but I have been by the stability issues over the summer and last week. Our site has been down 2 weeks in row every Monday morning! we’re marketing a conference and could be losing sales because nothing works. Just thought I’d complain to the top. Will these issues be resolved. The client is asking me to move the site if it happens again.

    Alison Murdock

  6. Haha… I just saw this post. I actually attended WordCamp. Too bad I didn’t rack up a bigger bill and eat more lunch! The lunch was excellent… bbq from Sugarhouse BBQ. I’ll be eating there again.

    And WordCamp was interesting. A lot of “I already know that” but some precious gems of information that have saved me hours of time with my wordpress development. Thanks for the lunch Bluehost!

  7. Matt,

    This sounds like it was a lot of fun I would have loved to have been their and had lunch on BlueHost…LOL.. since i spend a ton of buck with BlueHost… maybe next year.



  8. study abroad says:

    It’s been nearly two years since the first WordCamp Utah, a packed house at the Novell campus in Provo. Now plans are in place for a WordCamp Utah 2010!
    for study abroad

  9. Matt,

    These are exciting times indeed. Bluehost has been a strong ally in my own efforts to transform higher education’s notions of what the Internet and the Web can do for students, faculty, and staff. Recently, however, I received an automated email from your Terms of Service people stating that I had too many tables in my database and would have my account deactivated as a result. The tables I have in that database represent the work of many students, faculty, and staff in a growing pilot program featuring blogging and content aggregation. Now I find I have to migrate to another provider. The tech support people cannot help me. The terms of service people cannot help me. I cannot even get a modest grace period on the deactivation. Apparently the machinery has been set like a self-destruct clock in a bad sci-fi movie, and no one can give me even another two weeks to try to move this precious content to another ISP.

    This is not the customer service I expect from Bluehost. It is also a clear contradiction to all the full-caps “unlimited” claims you make on your front page. There are obviously very hard limits being invoked here, limits I was unaware of until a week ago. Needless to say, I am angry, hurt, and deeply disappointed by this turn of events. But the worst part of all is the potential effect on hundreds of people pursuing transformative educational work at a major university.

    I would think Bluehost would be ashamed to act as it’s acting in this case. This is certainly a different company from the one I have happily used and repeatedly recognized–publicly–over the last six years.

    Can you help me, Matt?

    Sincerely yours,
    Gardner Campbell

  10. What a terrible experience with your customer support today. The deactivated my account, but failed to call or email. So, when I went to use my email it didn’t work. I contacted your support, spoke to “Luke” who was very unprofessional. Kept telling me to contact a consultant and my account was deactivated. He would not explain the issue. Very disappointed customer. I am not sure why the bluehost team is so unprofessional.

  11. makuta.com says:

    We attended and were very impressed by the organization. Kudos to you! It’s great to see such young business professionals making waves.

  12. Brian Benson says:

    Hello Matt-

    How would I go about being employed for your interesting company?


  13. Oz Balfour says:

    Hello Matt, Thanks for your vision. You are both a techie and entrepreneur. Is WordCamp Utah being held this year? I hope that it is. BTW, I can assist with organizing events.
    Oz Balfour 801.842.5630

  14. jinlala says:

    Thanks for your vision. You are both a techie and entrepreneur. Is WordCamp Utah being held this year? I hope that it is. BTW, I can assist with organizing events.

  15. lead seals says:

    Thanks for your vision. You are both a techie and entrepreneur. Is WordCamp Utah being held this year? I hope that it is. BTW, I can assist with organizing events.

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