Persistence and patience…

Nothing really worth doing is accomplished in a short amount of time. I’ve said this a million times before. It is the journey that is the reward, not the destination. Persistence is the fuel that gets you to your destination. Rarely do you succeed in life without true persistence.

Let me give a simple, trivial example of what I mean. Although the following example perhaps wasn’t the most worthwhile activity for a teenager, it was fun and showed a little of the quirkiness that makes me ME! When I was 15 years old I did what any self respecting teenage kid did all day long, I listened to the radio. Unlike other teens though, I thought, this is silly. If I am going to listen all day long I might as well get something out of it. I got out my trusty 2400 baud modem, turned on my terminal software and typed ATS11=33 and lowered the 33 figure down until my 2nd phone line dialed as fast as a well tuned Ferrari :) With my modem properly configured, and my other phone line in hand I proceeded to win 75 times on the radio.

Seriously, I am not joking. I won 75 times on the radio. My modem dialed and hung up as fast as possible when it encountered a busy signal. I dialed by hand on the other line. I won a trip to LA (Had to give it to my Bro since I wasn’t 18), I won many cds, concert tickets, show tickets, food, you name it! This was “way cool” for a teenager. I kept a little tape of all my time on the radio, and when I was older I would get a kick out of listening to it.

Persistence is what makes things happen. You can use it for things that are fun, but basically worthless (like winning 75 times on the radio), or you can use it to make your life better for yourself and others around you. The difference between those that succeed and those that sit on the sidelines is persistence and patience.


Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Your not going to let us listen to your tape are you 😉

  2. MOM! says:

    There is more than persistance and patience — as I’ve taught you all of your life — namely GOD given abilities — for which you must thank HIM several times a day all of your life!

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