New Data Center Up And Running!

Its been many months since I last wrote on my blog – I apologize for that. Its been a very busy few months, but perhaps I can settle into a routine and write a little more often. I am writing today to finally announce that our new data center is up and going! Its the first data center that I have built and we did *MANY* things that are very nonstandard as far as cooling and power management. It really is a great to see it finally come to fruition and get some use. I thought you might be interested in a few facts about our new data center.

– Approximately 12,000 sq ft in size
– 4.7 Megawatts of power available for use
– 720 tons of cooling capacity installed (Can you say windtunnel!!)
– Actually uses 100% outside air cooling for about 7.5 months per year (At significant power savings!!!)
– 20488 U of total server space – (Total of 394 8′ cabinets full of computer equip)
– 300,000 CFM of heat exhaustion out the roof (More important to get hot air out than cold air in!)
– 2x 2 Megawatt generators (Room available to add a 3rd 2 megawatt generator)
– 4x 750 KW UPS (Plus an addition pair on the outer edge if we end up needing it)
– Has capacity to deliver up to 15 KW of power per cabinet with proper cooling ready to go :)
– 36″ raised floor across the entire datacenter
– 4 separate physical fibre lines brought directly into building through two diverse entrances with access to all major IP/transit providers
– Keycard/Hand scanner access for each hot aisle and each cold aisle as well as cameras for each aisle
– Complete isolation of hot and cold aisles
– Variable on the fly settings/tunables for exhaust fans, supply fans, heat exchanges (To heat up the air when outside air is too cold), chiller pumps, CRAC units. Everything literally adjusts itself every 30 seconds automatically so that you never pay for too much cooling and never cool air when its less expensive to use outside air. Its really an AMAZING system!
– $8.5 million to build (An existing outer building) – That is actually really inexpensive for the capacity/features we got out of it! Thanks to Noel for getting the price so low and under budget! The engineers told us it would be impossible to build for the price we wanted – to them I say 😛

I really need to go in and take some pictures to show how it works. I know most of you just want your hosting to work better and I promise this new data center will help uptimes be better!

The data center is actually not owned by Bluehost/Hostmonster. I built this to be a separate business entity completely. Bluehost/Hostmonster actually only take 25% of the total capacity of this data center. I guess what I am saying is that if you need data center space give me a call! We have 15,000 U available right now in a brand new data center. We also sell bandwidth for very very inexpensive prices and never make you sign a long term contract. You can buy 500 megs or 20 gigs of bandwidth a month with no commitment at all on bandwidth or term. Who else does that?

Now that its done I find myself wondering how big the next one will be? If this one goes well I would like to build a 75,000 ft facility. I think I already found the land for it :)

Matt Heaton / Founder

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  1. Janine says:

    I am not pleased that BlueHost sends out a ‘customer appreciation’ email stating BY INVITATION ONLY for ‘current customers’ to pay $3.50 a month on hosting but LIMITS IT TO NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY??????


    Shame on you for lying and deceiving your really good customers!

  2. Congratulations, Matt, on your new data center.

    Our (my employer’s) latest data center just got approved and we should be moving in around the end of 2012. Just today we got our latest look at the layout: a two-story design, also utilizing the cold outside air for cooling. It seems that the size of ours will comparable to yours but with less Mw (?) of power, at about only 2-plus. Still, we’re really excited and, for once at least, I’m kinda looking forward to winter (NOT!).

    Anyway, Matt, enjoy the new facility and I’ll be looking forward to no downtime from here on out! 😉

    Brian Sanburn

  3. Boris says:

    You guys crashed our site as part of your ”solution” to a DDOS attack. Extremely poor management of the situation. My site has been down for hours and Im getting nothing but run around from support about when its going to be fixed. To add insult to injury they restored an old backup unnecessarily causing a days loss of data because ”the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing” and the site is STILL crashed. Terrible! This is not 99.9% uptime!

  4. Boris says:

    You guys have been handling a DDOS that has been going for nearly two weeks in a COMPLETELY incompetent fashion. You have completely crashed our site for hours on end and your support team / engineers only provide inaccurate or vague information. I have been told it will be fixed in: 24 hours, 15 minutes, I don’t know and ‘by tonight’. The first time I was told 24 hours was over 24 hours ago. Your ‘solution’ for the DDOS is much worse than the attack itself. The attack was only causing slow performance – you have COMPLETELY crashed the site. To add insult to injury one of your support reps unnecessarily restored a backup from yesterday causing us a day’s loss of data because apparently at bluehost ‘the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.’ This is absolutely terrible and inexcusable.

    Further more since you KNEW you were going to do this resulting in total a crash of our site – if we had known in advance we could have at least moved to a new host in advance thus preventing the downtime. Weve been getting nothing but excuses and inaccurate information from your support team for weeks now.

    You guys TOTALLY screwed this up!

    What exactly are you prepared to do to compensate us?

  5. Barry Moore says:

    Been a loyal customer for several years now, but I’m very displeased with HM taking away the full backup and at the same time trying to charge for backup…. talk about how to generate bad will!!!!

    I might consider your solution, if it creates full backups ad hoc (and it doesn’t look like it does anyway) but I won’t be blackmailed into it.

  6. andy says:

    I’m so very pleased to see this blog here, why have I never seen it? Keep adding to Bluehost, it’s such a phenomenal service.

    With out which, I would have never been able to create the job I have today.

    Thanks for blogging, friend :)

  7. Mark Dillon says:

    I have a suggestion that could possibly reduce bandwidth usage on your end. I’m not the most familiar with the server side of things but the following just crossed my mind.

    What if you had a [completely optional] checkbox within the Control Panel that said something akin to: Would you like to give Bluehost permission to optimize images on your sites? This will speed up the loading time of all website pages that include images.

    If the customer checks that box they would basically be giving Bluehost permission to crawl their account for images and re-save completely identical, but optimized, versions of the images.

    I’ve just been thinking about image optimization a lot lately as I’ve been using the open-source (Mac) application ImageOptim. I’ve really had some great results—sometimes reducing as much as 50-70% of the file size. Bluehost must host billions (or trillions?) of images so I would imagine this could be something at least worth considering. Feel free to email me if you feel like chatting more about it. I could also be way off here, who knows! :)

  8. Mark Rogan says:

    Very, very impressive!
    I’m a relatively new customer, but I tell all my business associates about how great your service is.
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Rick says:

    So how big is your monthly power bill in this new building?

    Congrats on finishing your building.


  10. Mike says:

    What is the name of the separate business entity?

  11. I would love to see some pictures :)

  12. and oh, congrats guys.

  13. Ron says:

    Hi Matt – Great news from March. did u get the photos up anywhere? Also, do u use twitter? I’d love to follow u. I’m a Bluehost customer in Australia – getting more serious about ‘cloud’ stuff and may need more serious hosting etc – and looking no further than yourselves at the moment.

    Kind regards,


  14. Gerry says:

    Very informative facts about data centers especially about heat. I’ve been a customer of Bluehost and I have found your service very reliable. It’s good to know that you’re always striving to provide a better service all the time.

    I hope more business comes your way and keep up the great work.


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  16. Jesse Alex says:

    Hey Matt,

    I can’t believe no one posted a comment yet on this post.. this is so cool.. I always wanted to know how your Data Center looked like.. and here I get to read bout it.. and it looks so cool.. can you put up some of the pics of the new data center?? would be really cool to see them :)

  17. Jennifer says:

    I wish you would have considered building a datacenter that used green energy. I know cutting your costs is great, but I would have totally backed your use of green energy.

  18. Eric Werny says:

    Matt, you should of said in your blog that you like “Shiny Blue Things”.

    You’ve done an amazing job with this company. Your next “ride” need to be metallic emerald blue with a Linux penguin embossed on the hood.

    Thanks for providing the best hosting out there.


    Eric Werny
    Network Creators

  19. sai says:

    Hi, Here in east india, where i live is a great place, surrounded by mountains 2 sides 1 side with ocean, makes it a great place for a Co-location data center, i have conceptualized a Data center with back using 3 forms of renewable energy and all are possible here and we have a great HILLS where u can set up the data center…….

    its a city so man power and other things are easy to find… so if u have any thoughts of starting a Co-location data center here in India… do ping me…..

    sai emai:

  20. jinlala says:

    Hi, Here in east india, where i live is a great place, surrounded by mountains 2 sides 1 side with ocean, makes it a great place for a Co-location data center, i have conceptualized a Data center with back using 3 forms of renewable energy and all are possible here and we have a great HILLS where u can set up the data center…….

  21. Bianca says:

    “I really need to go in and take some pictures to show how it works…”

    It would be great to see some pictures. Keep up the great work!

  22. Ethen MG says:

    Thanks for passing along such awesome facts about the data center. Nice post….!!

  23. coolll very happy to know that , congratsss for the new data centre matt :)

  24. Imraan says:

    i am really glad to know such things about our best datacenter.

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  26. Dave says:

    Whats the name of Matt’s new datacenter? Whats the cost to rent cabinets?

  27. Tech-Pill says:

    I am really excited to see the pictures of how the new data center is working.. Because it seems to be a really big one.. :) and about this blog.. it is seriously amazing because we usually take up a hosting plan and don’t usually know about how things work on the back end.. but in this blog you almost share everything.. !
    Keep up the great work Bluehost.. !!


  28. brant says:

    I have been very pleased with Bluehost. I have a handful of domains hosted here, such as, and it has been great service. I would def recommend to others. (And have:)

  29. airgle says:

    Very, very impressive!
    I love to see vendors are adding new facilities.

  30. Airgle says:

    our web designer recommends bluehost, and we are testing to see if it’s really as good as the designer said.

  31. rusty says:

    this is so cool about this datacenter – would love to see some pics. Great place to post some pics about your new datacenter.

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  33. abc says:

    Thanks for passing along such awesome facts about the data center. Nice post….!!

  34. hi we hosted our site with godaddy earlier it failed but when i heard about the new data centre of bluehost we joined bluehost.
    And our migration is excellent
    Thanks bluevoda keep it up and running like this
    weddingbee india team

  35. ehmud says:

    It’s realy amazing building hosting empire in 8 years :)

  36. Gouri says:

    Great Going BlueHost. Nice to see the good people grow! I will soon post a review on my site!

  37. Jonny says:

    I would love to see some pictures. It is a lot of fun when a major project comes together.


  38. Nice to see a business expanding. At the end of the day it all results in better service for end users.

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