BetterLinux Released!

BetterLinux software was officially released at Hostingcon 2012. What is BetterLinux you ask? Its a new software product that does what its name implies. It makes linux better by allowing a system administrator to be in complete control of the linux system.

You no longer have to let out of control cpu or disk I/O intensive processes take your system down or slow down other users or more important processes. You can also set alarms that tell you when certain processes or users exceed specified cpu, I/O, memory, processes limits, and many other system activities.

Database admins will be especially pleased to know that BetterLinux can now detect and deal with abusive MySQL queries so that no individual MySQL users/dbs can negatively impact the performance of any server running our software.

Whether you are on a shared server, a VPS (Virtual private server), a dedicated server, or a cloud server it doesn’t matter. We will make your over utilization of system resources problem go away!

In addition, as cloud server usage continues to erode the traditional shared/dedicated server markets it becomes imperative to guarantee network storage I/O speeds. BetterLinux can do that for you. Our software works from the lowliest thumb drive to the fastest SAN network storage. Now you have the ability to set IOPs (I/O operations per second) or exact disk bandwidth limits per user or per process. You can also allow bursting to ensure that 100% of the cpu and disks are utilized if you would like it be. It also works great for local storage, network attached and virtual network devices such as NFS, ISCSI, etc. LVM is 100% supported as well.

We are so excited to finally be releasing BetterLinux. This multi-year project has been the passion of many people. Please help us to make the product as good as it can possibly be! Try it free until 2013.


Matt Heaton / CEO BetterLinux

15 Responses to “BetterLinux Released!”

  1. Peter Andias says:

    Hi Matt,
    i just wanted to know why, when i have been with you guys for a long time, does it cost me $7.99 to renew for 2 years, a service that i had been paying $6.95 per year for ?
    Then when i say to one of your sales staff, well I could just sign up for a new account at $4.95 per year on special and transfer all my files over, to which they reply,”I guess you could do that”…
    Doesn’t that just sound silly?
    Would it not just be easy, less stress, confusion and the like to say… Hello Loyal Customer, thanks for being with us for the last 5 years… just to let you know we are unable to offer you the current special at the moment, but dont worry, we will honor the $6.96 that you have been paying for the last 5 years.

    The way i feel at the moment is shocked and saddened, feeling entrapped by the prices..
    Thinking that 6.95 will see me on the way for the next 2 years… but no its now up $1.00, which is little but times that by 24 and it doesnt seem small anymore.

    Just a shame , a real shame, that 99% of the reason that I joined up years ago was to support small business only to end up feeling like Ive just been robbed by the big guys again….

    Im not asking for free, im asking for loyal + same same..

  2. Dan Andreana says:

    Well Matt,

    It was a good run. I only discovered just now that you threw in the towel. Right when I was about to hit you up for a job and future biz prospect (lol pm me for details) while bragging on your fantastic service.

    I have been with Bluehost for a long time and have brought many satisfied customers on board. I can only hope the service continues.

    Good luck to you in your endeavors!
    Best Regards,

  3. De Throttleme says:

    You’ve throttled my little website for the last time. I’m quitting BlueHost and going back to GD.

  4. James Parker says:

    I really enjoy checking in on your blog every few months Matt, you’re always creating smart new endeavours and innovations. Something like BetterLinux has been needed for a long time. Kudos for taking the lead and envisioning this new tool.

  5. I have been with Bluehost for a long time and have brought many satisfied customers on board. I can only hope the service continues.

  6. esl says:

    i enjoy your company webhosting. it really great. thanks for your golden service.

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  8. Liam Greely says:

    Why has Bluehost’s server been down 4 out of the last 5 days for me? Are you at teh top away of this? I’m a very unsatisfied customer shopping around for new web hosting.

  9. Bruce Decker says:

    It is my experience and opinion that Mr. Heaton is involved in disreputable computer companies such as BlueHost. Their disreputable practices are legendary and a simply google of his name or those of his companies tell the story. I caution anyone thinking of going anywhere near anything he touches to use extreme caution.

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  11. All my blogs are hosted on BlueHost and I am much pleased with the service provided. Thank you.

  12. Sandra Ve says:

    Amazing…it is one of way for better future

  13. BetterLinux rocks.

    I was so sick of managing system resource problems it’s not even funny. Have turned a few of my friends on to this as well and they are very thankful indeed!

    Great work!

    Chris from BMHQ

  14. iddaa says:

    I have been with Bluehost for a long time and have brought many satisfied customers on board. I can only hope the service continues.

  15. Rusty says:

    I believe that Bluehost will have to keep prices around $4.95 to be competitive with all the other hosting companies out there in 2013. just my take

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