Are Macs Better?

Are Macs Better? The short answer is yes. About 3 months ago I ordered a Macbook Pro (Intel based Macintosh notebook computer). It was brand new, and still not shipping so I waited about a month to get it. I have never had a Mac computer before. I had always heard everyone that had a Mac say how much better they thought it was etc, but I was happy (As I could be) with my very fast dual opteron windows xp machine.

The main reason I ordered the Mac was to make sure everything on Bluehost worked flawlessly for our Mac users. We always want all our users experiences to be as good as it can be. To make a long story short, I now have my Macbook pro that I use here and there in the house, an Imac in my home office, and an Imac at my “real” office. To be fair, I have 3 windows notebooks, and 3 windows machines at home (I have 4 kids that are geeks like me and need computers of their own – Even my identical twins that are 3). I don’t hate windows, I just LOVE Macs. At first when I used my Mac I didn’t feel totally competent. It works differently than windows. I made the decision to use it exclusively for 2 weeks to make myself become somewhat proficient with OS X (The Mac operating system). When I started using windows again I quickly realized I had become spoiled. I use windows only when necessary now. The Mac design is just SMART. They THINK about how things should work.

The next time you are running some software uninstall program on your windows machine, think about how I simply drag an icon to the trash folder to uninstall a piece of software. I would be interested to see if there was ANYONE out there that had used OS X for any length of time that prefers windows.

The new intel-based Macs even run Windows XP flawlessly now, so when you are FORCED to use windows on your Mac you can. I have tried it out on all my Macs and it works great. Now there is no reason to NOT buy a Mac except that they are generally 50% more expensive than the equivalent windows machine. Some things are worth it :)

Matt Heaton / President of and a NEWLY CONFIRMED Mac user for life!

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  1. Jason Frost says:

    Hey Matt,

    Great to hear it! After being frustrated with Windows for years, I made the radical switch to OpenBSD. When I learned that OS X was based on FreeBSD, I couldn’t resist. I’ve been a diehard Mac user for years now, and I definitely feel spoiled by how intuitive and natural it is. I’m an extremely pleased Bluehost customer, and I feel even better about my hosting decision knowing that you’re looking out for and catering to us Mac users. Thanks!

  2. The thing I’ve found about PC vs. Mac pricing is that it’s often hard to find a direct comparison. But, if you actually do take the time to configure a PC to roughly include all the options that Macs include, then the price differential, if anything, is negligiable (on the order of $100). It’s true that Apple’s low-end offerings do not match your typical PC manufacturer’s low-end offerings in price, but they also usually include many more options that are add-ons on the PC side.

    For example, when you compare the MacBook Pro to the Dell E1505 (which also ships with the Core Duo processor), you find that to get a comparable system, you have to upgrade the processor speed, upgrade the OS (let’s be fair, Mac OS really ought to be compared to the Pro version of XP), upgrade the video card, upgrade the video system, add Bluetooth, etc. Suddenly the machine that started out less than half the price of the MacBook is nearly on par.

  3. Tom says:


    I am a Mac user. I have to say that Macs have worked well for me. I thought that I would let you know that all of your features work just fine on Macs for me. My computer does everything else I need it to do, and excells in the graphics area. Also, they do not get viruses like PC computers do (so I have heard.)

    Thanks for such a great hosting product. I have heard many horror stories from customers of other hosts, which I thankfully haven’t had to deal with, as my site was born when I signed up for BlueHost about four months ago.

    Thanks Again!


  4. i love mac navigation. truly rocks. but there are so many programs that are written just for windows only…sigh. this forces many pple to use windows.

  5. Avi Goldstein says:

    I bought a PowerMac G5 in September 2004 and love the machine. It was my first Mac, so I decided to go all in with the PowerMac. It’s a great, powerful machine. I use it for everything except gaming and VoIP (though I do some gaming on it.)

    While I otherwise do use Windows, it’s only because of the gaming issue (lack of game support for Mac OS), and, of course, the price. All the future computers I buy will likely be Mac’s. It’s really a great system that, once you use it for a while, you’ll love it.

  6. joon says:

    Congratulations on your Mac purchase. :) I’ve been using it since 94′ and it has come such a long way. Once Apple throws in the capability to run Windows Apps side by side with Mac programs it’ll be all over. πŸ˜‰ Maybe in 10.5 Leopard? Mr. Jobs is no idiot. I’m sure it’s in the works.

    I just purchased my first PC not too long ago piece by piece.. AMD64, Lian Li case, DFI board, sweet graphics & sound card just to play games. It was fun half the time -getting the hardware together, the other was just plain frustration with conflicts -software.

    There weren’t any expectation that it’d go easy but I have to say overall I was disappointed. I’m sure it would have been smoother with more experience but I have no desire to learn how to trouble shoot it any further. It’ll be running Linux soon when I find a killer distribution. Only if I waited I could be playing PC games on the MacBook Pro.. sigh.

    btw, LaunchBar is a must.. I can’t use my Mac without it. Think Spotlight but a lot smarter.

  7. Garth Hall says:

    Great to hear this. As a very recent convert to the BlueHost cause (and a Mac user since – well, seems like forever – c.1988) its good to know that the Mac interface with BlueHost is assured.

  8. Dena says:

    Amen to that!
    I love Macs, have been a user since 1997. Despite the price difference to PC’s, there is an elegance and stability to the platform that makes it worth every penny.

    Happy Easter,

  9. Andrew says:

    Agreed. i have been using Apple for at least 4 years, and once you get one your are hooked. I’ve begun to hate windows, and the spyware, virii etc.. you get with them.. .

    The apple just works!

  10. Jon V. says:

    I must admit that it has been a three year journey for me to the land of Macs. I never upgraded to XP as I never liked it, and about 3 years ago switched to Linux. After a few years, and a few headaches, I switched to an iBook and a Mac Mini and love both. If they only weren’t so costly!
    On an unrelated note, I think the biggest dissappointment for me is how Windows/IE dependent some sites on the web are. I have been surprised at how much switching one’s OS changes how a web page renders. Too bad more people don’t follow standards that make it a little easier. :)

  11. sesstreets says:

    Hope you enjoy your wonderful mac lavishness. I may prefer xp just because Ive used it so much, but if I had the money. Straight to for a macbook pro. I wouldn’t have any second thoughts.

  12. Lee says:

    Macs and Bluehost, two things I love. I think I should also get a MacBook Pro to see how it works with Bluehost… just to confirm your findings if you know what I mean. Till then, I’ve been loving web development and other multimedia work on my iBook. Thanks for a great webhosting service.

  13. Andreas says:

    I just switched to Bluehost last week after 7 years with another hosting provider, and I was thrilled to read about your Mac switch — for some strange reason it confirmed that I made the right choice. I have been using Macs since 1989, and have over the years converted dozens of friends and famility members — not one has ever switched back. Since the arrival of OSX, this has truly become an amazing computing platform for casual users and real geeks alike. And about the cost differential, if it was only about that we would all be driving KIAs. Take the amount of time you spend every day with your computer, multiply it by 2 or 3 years, and you’re literally talking pennies per hour. Well worth it considering the pain you’re saving yourself, and paid back many times over in increased productivity.

  14. Mhayes says:

    Elegance… would about sum it ALL up. Smooth elegance. I’ll try not to date myself too bad… started on the Apple IIe and Mac Plus from back in the day! Probably dropped close to 2g’s on that first Mac Plus system all in all. Even acquired a Powerbook 165 (smoking 4 mb of ram w/a 33mhz processor)–actually more than competently ran a whole automated music/concert show back in the day before software BLOAT!

    Anyhow the cult like approach of early Mac finally pushed me the way of windows and (from an investment standpoint) I hadn’t quite been able to get back just yet. Been looking over the fence… hope to get back into the fold in the future. Mac Mini and the OS X has been tempting me–hadn’t made it yet but you all enjoy! ;-D

  15. Karl says:

    Great to hear that about the new Macs. I have been preaching Apple and Mac since my first Apple IIe. Talk about a journey back in time!
    I am totally impressed with OSX. I have been using it for 2 years and am spoiled by the outright flawless stability.
    I have built my new web site using Apple’s iWeb program and it was a snap. I was relieved to find that the top rated web site host was also not only Mac friendly but a Mac advocate. I will be getting set up with you folks today. By the way, my second favorite product to Macs is AMSOIL. Check it out.

  16. Kenton says:

    If Macs are “better” then why don’t you run BlueHost on Macs??? You really made an ignorant statement. Macs are better… for kids! That is all!
    I really don’t know why you put this “personal comment” in your blog? You have to remember that you are supposed to be representing a company that you want customers to feel secure with. I came to this site to consider transferring my many domain names and hosting solutions but the ridiculous Mac comment has COMPLEATLY changed my mind. I really think that you should remove this from your Blog.

  17. Lee Busch says:

    Welcome to the Mac club, from a charter member (since 1984)!
    I’m also one of those long-time Bluehost customers you just wrote about. I’ve been with you at least 3 years now, and have recommended you to many clients. Very glad I found Bluehost after putting up with unreliable service from quite a few hosts.

  18. […] Now, you may remember a recent post of mine about how I have fallen in love with Apple all over again and would be returning to my native platform as soon as I can scrape together the $10,000 or so they want for my dream setup. While I am forced to admit that I may not have convinced every single one of you, my lovely and appreciated reader(s), of the absolute GREATNESS that is Apple, perhaps the CEO of, Matt Heaton, will succeed where I – at least theoretically – failed. […]

  19. Yuri Baranov says:

    It’s a typically American obsession with Macs. They look great, that’s true, but other than that they don’t offer any advantages because it is SOFTWARE not HARDWARE that makes computers useful.

    With Mac you either miss a lot of software titles or have to go to extreems — emulation, etc. Also, it’s vulgar to see another stupid hero hack into a super cryptic system using a Mac in every Hollywood movie.

    Once they enable full-fledged support for Win XP, they will finally enter their niche of aesthetic, overpriced systems.

  20. Anton says:

    With all due respect Kenton.

    I find this personal comment by a CEO of a company very attractive. It makes him human, something you rarely see in companies nowadays.

    Running bluehost on macs, now that is not a bad idea lol.

  21. Arul says:

    Macs are better than Windows for the average user. Windows users who have used Macs have rarely gone back to Windows if given a choice between the two.

    By the way, I use Gentoo Linux. The Bluehost interface works perfectly fine on my laptop unlike some of the earlier hosting companies I’ve been with.

    Kenton: Matt was talking about accessing the Bluehost interface from the Mac, not running Bluehost (servers) on Macs. Also, this is the best hosting service I’ve been with. The customer service is excellent, very prompt and helpful.


  22. Luis says:

    I’ve been told so many times that Macs are better. My sister… she absolutely loves them, and just recently ordered a Macbook Pro. She is an artist/designer goddess and she always tells me how frustrating it is for her to sit down and use a Windows based PC.

    I’m an ignorant when it comes to Macs. The last time I used one i didn’t know how to minimize some damn program (haha). Of course, I’m a programmer geek who loves Unix and Windows (actually I really like Windows because of all games being available for it). I will definitely try a Mac soon; I would really love to try Windows on Mac/Intel based hardware just to see if it is really true.

    I really like people who like to test stuff rather than just stick with what the know (like most Windows users do… including myself). I really liked hearing you love Macs.

    For the guy who posted “If Macs are ‘better’ then why donÒ€ℒt you run BlueHost on Macs???” I think you are wrong. I think this post was about Macs being better and easier to use than Windows based PCs. Nowhere in this post did Matt say ‘Macs are the best web hosting servers’ or something like that. I recently signed up with Bluehost after browsing thousands of web hosting sites and asking lots of friends. Bluehost is without a doubt the best web hosting company out there.

  23. Well done, Matt! An objective switcher! :) I’ve been a Windows user all my life (except for a few brief years way back when I used an Apple IIe). My first experience with Macs came when I took some video and graphic arts courses at the local community college. I really liked the interface and the way things were easy to find and manipulate both in the OS and the apps (especially, of course, the Apple apps).

    So I bought one, and now I use my Mac and my XP box about equally — XP for work, Mac for everything else. I’ve had about 20 times more problems with XP (including finding settings and crashes) than with OSX. My next laptop is going to be an Intel Mac.

  24. Vic says:

    Welcome to the MAC world Mr. Heaton! I’ve been a Mac user for over 10 years and yes the first computer I ever touched was a PC but then just like yourself I was spoiled. Our company depends on Macs for business and have been in contact with many companies where they were PC based and have switched over because of the stability these machines offer. As someone said above, I don’t think PC’s are bad either, but I do know that if your dealing with any kind of design software such as the ones produced by Adobe you are better off using a machine that was designed in mind and optimized for it.

    As for Mr Kenton who made a comment on April 25th who said that Macs are made for kids maybe he should try loading Photoshop on his PC and borrow a Mac for a little experiment… Maybe after that he will realize how wrong he was. I really feel he threw the entire comment out of proportion! All I have to say is that it’s his loss for not signing up. I just did a week ago and so far I love the service. I pay a bit more but I get live support which I did not before. And most important of all 24/7 (wow!) because sometimes we do work very late and need the support. Thanks for a great company!

  25. Ricky Austin says:

    Glad to see you have tried the macs! I got mine Sept 04, after being a Windows user my whole life… and I agree, it is just smart! It works… More than I could ever say about every single Windows machine I had ever used. I didnt think anything of it because I didnt know there was anything better, until after 30min on my 12″ Powerbook.

    I don’t think it’s a comment you should remove. You never said anything wrong. Some people need to realize that just because you’re a CEO, doesn’t make you unhuman, and you don’t have opinions. If he won’t use bluehost because you appreciate the ease of the MacOS, then he probably won’t appreciate the ease and customer service of bluehost… I think your company will be better off.



  26. Mac’s do indeed run Windows “….flawlessly” as the following confirms:

  27. Why do people try and bash Mac users and Mac’s all the time? I genuinely believe they can’t have been anywhere near one to have a blinkered view of them. I use Windows at work, Windows at home for games etc… I’d love to have another Mac, if cash were no object. All the built in software just works, and works very well. iPhoto is still the best photo manager I have used.

    Buying a Mac to run Windows on is missing the point, as Windows is the thing that everyone gets annoyed with, not the PC technology. As others have stated, it’s all to easy to get a virus or worm, trojan or other nasty. My company laptop crashes at least 3 times a week and has so much software on, hust to keep it running smoothly!!!

    Try Mac and you won’t go back, you might just have a PC and a Mac!

    I bet if you did transfer over to Apple xserve webhosting, few people would notice unless you told them.

    Tra from UK


  28. Josh says:

    With the Intel Duo on the MacBookPro, I finally ran out of excuses and gave it a try.

    I had been using various Wintel/IBM clone machines for 20 years.

    The best way I can explain it is this: after booting the Mac for the first time, it felt as though I had just jumped 10 years into the future. The UI is crisp, the machine responsive, and everything is so wonderfully intuitive that I was able to use it with confidence after a only few hours. (I hadn’t touched a Mac since an Apple II circa ’88)

  29. If mac software was as easy to get as windows, I’d be a mac convert.

    I like macs for Adobe products. Their line seems to run less error prone than on the PC. Must be that risc processor. πŸ˜€

    I can’t say which I like better cuz developing gets to a point that once your locked into an app producing goods, if it works, who gives a crap what OS it is?

    I havent had the time to make mac software compat with all my boxes. from sheer laziness and the desire to keep working what works, makes macs an unnecessary desire. in the long run, when i take up fly fising, i’ll prolly get one.

    MAC86 FOREVER!!!!



  30. Brian Carlson says:

    I think saying Macs are better is the wrong way to say it. Macs are better for a lot of things. I think one thing that most people don’t like are the gaming options. In terms of OS: OSX > XP. Interface: Mac > PC. Professional application: Mac > PC. Less Prone to viruses and crashing: Mac > PC Winner—>MAC. So is a Mac better? I guess it depends if you’re a gamer or not. If you’d like the stabilty of a Mac, but you find yourself playing a lot of games, then get an Intel based Mac and run OSX for everyday internet browsing, music downloads, etc. When you want to play your buddies in a LAN game of Halo, just boot your Mac in XP. It just makes more sense to have a Mac. THEY JUST WORK. Also if you like gaming so much, why don’t you just go out and buy you a dedicated gaming system? They’ve been selling them for years now. I think they call them the Xbox (360), PS2(&3), Gamecube, and coming Nin Revolution. I can only imagine how awesome an Apple gaming system would be. The best of both world. Best graphics and best user interface.

  31. Likely says:

    Nice switcher story and proves that real people run hosting companies and can relate to their customers, get a bit sick and tired of hearing how Macs are no good for games blah blah…and not enough software, old news !!! I never bought my Mac to play games, we have a Playstation, Gamecube, etc for that and cheaper than any PC to play the same quality of games without the headaches.

    We bought our Macs to do what we wanted it to do and they have all performed flawlessly since 96, had 4 since then, Performa 475, a freebie, an early iMac DV, still worked after 4 yrs and sold on to a friend who still has it, that was replaced with a G4 and 15″ LCD screen, both are in front of me still after 4 yrs of continued use and runs both Panther Retail and Tiger Server without a hitch on seperate internal HDs, and daughter has 5 yrd old SH iMac in room, have upgraded G4 with PC and Mac hardware:

    USB2 PCI
    Belkin Wireless PCI
    19″ iiyama Monitor
    Even an old IXMicro Graphics card works with hack for dual monitor use.

    so no issues of compatibility and no issues with available sw either plenty to choose from since unix was implemented and not yet had to install any 3rd party drivers as everything is pretty much built in, used with Casio, Fuji, and Nikon cameras, all recognised out of the box.

    There are 5 kids in our household who use PCs at school but much prefer the Macs @ home, eldest has the iMac in room and used for writing and music production with 3 KBs attached through midi no problems and runs Reason and NI FM7, their biggest complaint about school Pcs is they never work properly ! not like at home ; ) Kids eh! what do they know.

    Oh and never been affected by any virus in all this time.

    Our friend Kenton obviously has never used one.


  32. Likely says:

    Oh! almost forgot, no good for gaming eh! tell that to a friend who works at PC World. with his G5 and 8gb of Ram with 30″ Apple Cinema HD Display, lol.



  33. stereotype me says:

    Sorry you guys couldn’t figure out “frustrating” windows, perhaps you should not touch a computer because you are illiterate, now you’re mad because I told the truth but you don’t want to hear it.

    There is a reason macs are barely 3% of the computer market around the world. Most people already know how to use computers properly.

    Now have fun with your mac pro, that price tag should have caused you to slap your self when you even thought about paying double for an outdated gpu and can’t upgrade.

    Proceed with your pre loaded arguments about apple products as they rape you and laugh.

  34. Chris says:

    That’s a pretty ignorant comment “stereotype me”, Windows is not difficult to operate at all, it is just not stable, slow, a waste of productivity and quite lame… let’s face it Windows just is not cool, Macs are cool, more productive and fun to use. Anyone editing film or any heavy processing tasks will tell you, don’t use Windows, you’ll lose hours of work due to crashes and want to kill yourself. This is why most creative industries choose Macs, the only place for WIndows is typical offices where all you need to run is… you guessed it, a simple office suite. So Windows has it’s place, it is cheap and basic enough to run a Office suite so companies tend to prefer it to keep cost down.

    Also most people don’t buy Macs because they can’t afford them or they are not comfortable, they are just comfortable with what they know, which is Windows. These are the two reasons why people stay with Windows, they see Macs as taking a risk into the unknown and at the expense of a Mac it is a risk not many people are willing to make… but this doesn’t mean PCs are better just because more people use them, that is like saying Kool-Aid is better than Champagne because more people can only afford Kool-Aid… but everyone knows Champaign is far superior.

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