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Ok, its like this. I am GREAT at table tennis (Thats pingpong to the lay person:)) I am so confident at pingpong that I want to give away free hosting for anyone that can beat me. If you are in the Orem, Utah area anytime soon stop by for your chance to have your picture on the blog and free hosting for 2 years IF you can win.

Others are good at basketball, baseball etc. I was cursed with talents at Pingpong, computers, and Warcraft II (Which the same offer goes to you if you beat me in Warcraft II as well!)

Now I can get back to writing normal blog entries. I just had to get this off my chest. I feel much better now.


Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

22 Responses to “Want a free account?”

  1. Yanni.Zheng says:

    very nice

    I am pleasure to beat u ,if you are here in beijing 2008.


  2. Roy says:

    If u come to China,I think we can get the present 😛

  3. Juan says:

    Hey Matt,

    What about StarCraft!! any Challenge on that??

  4. Klondike says:

    Hell YEAH on Warcraft 2. I enjoy that game more than its sequel. I’ll play you for fun if not for profit. Good taste man.

  5. meshell says:

    how many years have u played it? my girlfriend does it well too:)!

  6. Anton says:

    Warcraft II is awesome. I will take up your challenge on that over the internet.
    Got any other good games tastes? Perhaps Ages of Empires II: Age of Kings.
    Will love to play with anytime, even it is not for the competition.

  7. Hey Matt

    Whats the computer challenge? im a 18yr old student doing web development from home, as a job happy to give you a challenge.

    just mail me what you want doing? and i bet i can do it! or at least try!

    See ya!

  8. anton granik says:

    I’ll beat in TT you if you come to Russia. 😉 Or if I come to USA though I don’t want to come. If your country bomb Iran. :((((((((((((((((((

  9. Mark says:

    I got some ping pong skills – next time I visit my brother is South Jordan you’re on!

  10. ThermoWorks says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am in Alpine and would love to accept your challenge. I don’t know if I would consider myself Great but it would be fun anyway. I could even have my bro in law come cheer me on.


  11. Bruce says:

    Wow, you have to be the BEST web hosting owner ever!! haha, ping pong challenge!

  12. will petorne says:

    Actually BlueHost could add Googel Adword coupons for members as a benie. your services have improved by the way. there is more that you could offer members that have shopping carts such as SEO, Google xml sitemap pgms, etc etc.

  13. Marco Ponti says:

    I, I’m Italian, if i comes here in Italy (Bologna) I’ll offer you a portion of Tortellini and a big Ping Pong Match !!
    If I win I accept a free account, but I’m waiting for a hosting with windows platform (Asp and Asp.Net) with Blue Host !!!!!
    I love your hosting services !!!


  14. RinCe says:

    Hey, I love warcraft 2.. Played it for years havnt in a long time but if your up for a game.. well bring it on! on battle.net of course.. as i live in scotland :P!

  15. Ryan Gubler says:

    I will take you on in ping pong. I will even promise to buy two years of hosting if I lose. I live in Draper and work in American Fork. I will use the free 2 years of hosting to create a web page for Utah Table Tennis. I play at the Wasatch Front Table Tennis Club and in general I am considered the best in the state, but it appears that you think otherwise.

  16. Mikal says:

    I work two floors above you in Bldg. D., and would love to play sometime. Please e-mail me to arrange a day and time.

  17. Hey Matt,

    What about StarCraft!! any Challenge on that??

  18. If u come to China,I think we can get the present Hey Matt,What about StarCraft!! any Challenge on that??Hell YEAH on Warcraft 2. I enjoy that game more than its sequel. I

  19. zhou yang says:

    If you come to China,I think I can beat you!^^
    And if I go to the US, I have to pay more than the host.

    I will have a account one day!

    thank you!^_^
    Middle School Student itsinghua

  20. helen says:

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    If it is not the information you needed, please don’t open it, if we bring you inconvenience, we make apologize, if you have interest, please contact us hebocst@163.com or helen2008_xi@163.com



  21. daniel says:

    hi . I am daniel , I am good player pingpong I want come to , usa or china please I need help to come help me please thanks . bye…….bye…

  22. I think I am pretty good at table tennis as well. Pity I live in Australia so .. no challenge. We could however play World Of Warcraft online. I am good at that as well

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