Time with the family…

Well, we just launched a new company last week. We have over 50 people at work. There are some issues with some of our raid controllers. We are looking for a bigger office. Blah Blah Blah…

I have all these issues to deal with at work, but you know what I did the last three days? I swam with my kids. I swam on Thursday (With wetsuits even, since the pool hadn’t heated yet) :) , then on Friday for a couple of hours, and then today for another two hours.

Work is extremely important to me, but my family is infinitely more important. I have tried to structure my life so that work can excel and still leave time for my family. I realize not everyone is lucky enough to have it that way.

When my 3 year old twins call me and say, “Daddy we want to swim, when are you coming home?” What can I say? I have to come home. They are only little once. I want to take advantage of every single chance I get, and you should too!

Next time your kids asks you the best way to make a lego spaceship I hope you can take the time to show them how important their interests are to you, I know I will. I don’t want to be the Dad that says, “Ok, just let me finish ____ first” and then never gets around to it.
Ok, enough preaching, my kids want me to watch survivor with them. I gotta run…


Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Matt,

    I just checked out the new Site Builder and i just wanted to let you know that you are going into the wrong direction. I don’t know how other people feel about this, but i think most people that use your server are already pretty sophisticated (SSH, Linux, RoR, PERL!!!)…
    Having free templates that people can download is prob. not a bad idea but there are plenty of template sites out there, but i would much rather welcome cool Internet Marketing Tools / plus streaming tools… that make it easy for people to add flash streaming to their sites (via bluehost control panel)— kind of like instantaudio.com / instantvideo.com :) :) (in the end it’s just a simple flash file using a flash streaming file… but there are plenty of streaming servers avail. on sourceforge… Maybe you can find a way!!!… also…maye link analyzers… affiliate mgmt…. :) —> you said somewhere in the blog that you created your own affiliate mgmt sftwr… maybe you can make that available. (i am prob. asking for too much!)

    anyway,… just some thoughts…
    love what you are doing!!!

    warmest regards,

  2. chrys says:

    Nice to know that moguls stay grounded enough to keep priorities straight. Great that you aren’t getting lost in your work when it comes to your family!

    Different levels of sophistication floating around. Site builder not business builder!! Dang Daniel needs Dupal or something?!

    Check out the pieces that are available in “Fantastico” and add to the site – site builder creates! Templates and easy builds still seem like the main purpose of a “site builder” application.

    If someone needs such an advanced level of “stuff” – maybe they need a personal tech employee also?!

  3. Nothing like a good break to recharge the batteries Matt, and good luck with the new company.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Any consideration to adding Round Cube?


  5. matt says:

    å¬è¯´ä½ ä¼šè¯´ä¸­æ–‡ï¼Œä½ èƒ½å†™å‡ ä¸ªä¸­æ–‡å—ï¼Ÿ

  6. jrh says:

    I agree, Matt. Nature, also. Computers and work are great, but people, family, nature, and hands-on crafts are good for the soul, too.

  7. Paul C. says:

    When will the madness end matt?? I just got the email about the 15gigs of storage space! You guys are nuts! :)


  8. Klondike says:

    Yeah, awesome upgrade on the 15G of space! I’m hooked on bluehost. You guys are quality people.

  9. bawbert says:

    It goes to show that youve managed to organise your company to be capable of handling itself in your absence! I envy the ability to delegate work to competent individuals. Alas, I am plagued with the disease called micromanagment.
    And as far as the extra disk space and transfer goes, bluehost is unparalelled! you guys never cease to amaze me!!

  10. Alice says:

    I think it is really very important to spent time with your famaly, especially with your children! You shouldn’t be an egotist and shouldn’t find time only the business! In the end you can miss your family and your business.

  11. Ahhh if only I had a family! you are right! family are eternals! a job is only a job, even if yours is very cool!

  12. Erik says:

    With all of the hosting plans out there, I purchased this one for this very reason–values. If you place the correct values where they need to be, everything just seems to work out. I’m happy to say that I’ve switched for good from godaddy. Do you guys have premade “post till your blue” buttons, or something like that that I can put on my sites?

  13. Todd J. says:

    You have your priorities straight. I applaud you and your family and I thank you for running such a great hosting company!

    Thanks for the free upgrade to 15 gigs!


  14. Zara says:

    Totally agree about the kids/family thing too. (I also have 3 yr. old twins, they are too much fun) Oh, and off the subject…I like the beard!


  15. timothy says:

    Do telll more about the new company.

  16. Samantha says:

    It’s great to see that you put your family above your work. Family is more important for a lot of reasons and they’ll stick with you through thick and thin.

    BTW thanks for the great upgrade!

  17. Ayan says:

    Man, I love Bluehost! 15Gigs? That’s amazing. I’m glad to hear that you have your priorities straight with the children and all. Keep it up!

  18. Andrus says:

    3 days of swimming? Good for you.

    I live on the island of Maui and havenʻt made it into the water in more months than I care to admit. Iʻm goinʻ tomorrow.

    I just signed up with bluehost a month or so ago and figure Iʻm one of your repeaters. Thanks for the 15 GB upgrade, I think you are nuts, but then thatʻs okay. I picked Bluehost for the Ruby on Rails and was pleasantly surprised by the SSH access. Great!

    I am using Textpattern to power my site, and have installed Roundcube (alpha) for my IMAP webmail. Textpattern has some features that often requre a bit of .htaccess fiddling, but it works out of the box at Bluehost. These would be good additions to the CPanel Fantastico installer for people like BigDog above.

    Keep it up!

    Now, if I can just figure out a way to max out my 400 GB/month allowance…

  19. Dino says:

    I’m a new visitor in your blog but have been a satisfied customer for several months already. It’s great to know you balance your life properly.

    That’s very basic but most workaholics forget that.

    Keep it up!


  20. jrh says:

    Andrus, don’t discourage Matt. He’s not “Nuts.” He’s a very smart businessman, and I appreciate the upgrade. More than appreciate it. He will engender loyalty with this. He knows what he’s doing.

  21. BrandonK says:

    I’m only 18 so I have some time…but I can’t wait to have a little boy or girl….I don’t care what I get as long as their healthy. :)

  22. ken says:

    Thought I’d let you know. Since I read your bit here, it triggered a positive chain effect … The other day I was doing some gardening and my young son asked me to play soccer with him in the backyard. I might have said later, but you know what. I said ok let’s do it now. After a twenty minute stint, he was really happy when mom asked him to come up for dinner. Kids first. (Remember the song Cat’s in the cradle?)


  23. Ben Neumann says:


    My boys are 3 and 5 years old and I hear nearly the same words sometimes when 5pm comes around…. nothing I can do about it… I’m out, playing in the pool. Good to hear that there’s always a human side to our industry. My congrats to your continued success in business, but even more to valueing your kids much higher than your work.


  24. john abbott says:

    Matt, I’ll be 56 next month, with two great kids (16 and 18) and a terrific wife of 28 years. (I suspect you’re a bit younger then me!) You are absolutely correct with your approach to family and kids. They really DO grow up before you know it, and it is imperative that you spend as much time with them as possible, whether they’re three months, three years or 13, because you can never replace those moments. I have always put my family before my career. Because of this philosophy, I have turned down several lucrative career paths over the years, and this has cost me financially, but I don’t regret it one bit.

    After 30 years in corporate life, one of my earliest observations about people that I have worked for, with and against has proven to be immutable: the person who is true to his family and friends is the person who can be trusted to be the best colleague, boss or competitor…the better person to do business with. After all, if a person is not true to their family, how can you expect them to be true to you?

    I don’t need a domain or website, etc. But if I do, I’ll go with Bluehost. Best of luck in your new endeavor…and give the kids a hug for me. John

  25. 我是中国的..
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