Podcast on hosting issues…

I am thinking of doing a weekly podcast on hosting issues. Please tell me if its a waste of time, and you would have no interest as it would probably be a moderate amount of work. I was thinking of inviting many of the bigwigs in the industry to throw around their genius on the podcast (That is if any of them will talk to me :) ). Anyway, I am interested in doing it and if you think it would be a benefit to the community at large I would be happy to do it.

Please let me know any thoughts or suggestions you have on the idea.


Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Pod-casting is an excellent idea full stop. It’s a very simple way of sharing your knowledge to the people who are inspiring to be just like you.

    I would find it fascinating to hear how the “bigwigs” as you put it, have made a success in their given industry and to give us the “little people” an insight into how it done, and how we can learn from you.

    Go for it! – Superb idea.


  2. Andy says:

    Go for it! Actually it would be neat if you organize one for the whole industry, of course putting bluehost in the point of attention. And if you do, consider video podcast 😉

  3. geirsan says:

    I think that’s an excellent idea. So much happening on this front, so many offers and options, so little time. A podcast would do the job for me….

  4. dvessel says:

    Interesting idea. The business end is good to know but we as website operators might get more out of it if you and your lead techs and talk about the technologies behind your servers. Discuss what’s up ahead, take Skype or Gizmo questions and just give everyone out there a sense of what’s possible with what you provide and beyond.


  5. vaXzine says:


    A Podcast such as the one you describe seems to be the next natural step in MattHeaton.com’s evolution towards real-time transparency.

    Your decision to be digitaly archived and visibly accessible (via this blog) is what allows us the “little people” to better trust your leadership. A MattHeaton.com podcast would be even more proof that there is a voice in the machine… a true heart within the warcraft.

    In regards to ‘wasting time or bettering the community’, I too agree with stuffonmydesk’s above comment:

    “Its a simple way of sharing inspiration..”

    Your blog is not a waste of time but rather a direct reflection of your physical/digital world intentions.

    Furthermore, the richer in “sense” that your content is, the more senses it will speak to. If in deed you do commit to uploading your voice (and the voices of others you revere), you should also consider publishing short digital films (v-cast’s). Maybe a weekly audio-dose of motivational and industry specific podcast’s… and a monthly video that showcases the many colors of blue…??? There’s a world of possibility.

    Doing this will even more so substantiate the “little peoples” decision to choose (and stick with) Bluehost. Besides it’s a great tool to stay in check with the man behind the mirror.

    Anyway, MattHeaton.com is the primary reason that I am choosing Bluehost as my host. the real reason that I’m commenting on your blog is because an anonymous Bluehost employee mentioned that I should propose the following deal:

    If I beat you (MattH) in StreetFighter can I have some free web hosting? I suck at ping-pong…

    Optimistic regards,
    J. PARKS

    “Got IT”
    “Although I have been involved in other successful hosting ventures it wasn’t until we started Bluehost that I really “got it”. In an ultra competive market like web hosting you have to find a way to stand out. For mosts hosts it is all about price. It is for us as well, but there is WAY more than that too.” – M. Heaton

  6. Zonteck says:

    I also agree, a podcast from yourself would be an excellent listen. I enjoy listening to a couple of other IT related podcasts currently and would love to hear one from my webhost.

    But yes please include some interviews with others from the industry.

  7. Marc says:

    I second that. Go for it!! I know you’d have my attention.

  8. neworbits says:

    I think it’s better to concentrate on the user interface, always redesigning so that from purchasing the hosting package to having everything the way the user wants, is logically sequenced in the natural order of the uninitiated user’s need to know.

    I have a programmer, so that’s how I did it, but it would be nice to have been able to simply interact with the bluehost user interface, and have it dialogue out all of the options with me as I set the system up.

    I am actually going to buy another Bluehost package, and write an idiot-proof procedure for doing this, and then test it on people who are completely ignorant of setting up a website and see if I can work this out in a detailed but simply-presented procedure.

  9. Chaz Requina says:

    Hi CEO!

    I think this is a really cool idea. You already have an audience of all the peeps you host! There’s no way you could pass up an opportunity to try, do it! It’d be more interesting to me if you also interviewed really active websites you guys host. I bet there must be some pretty cool ones. Is there a directory somewhere of all the sites you host? I know its cheese, but http://hackersafe.com/HackerSafeSites/ is a nice example of a site directory of service users.

    It’d be neat to see what everyone else is building with their accounts and I bet lots of us would share that. If you did a podcast you could even do slides/pics/screen shots on chapter marks. You know you can easily record interview podcasts in garage band using iChat video? I’ve done it and it’s really simple and very genius.

    I don’t really understand the hosting biz that much even though I’m Techie so I’d defs subscribe to your podcast – and even if the host biz ends up being a bore I’d be interested to know about your hi-tech toys, I just bought a black MacBook and I swear I’ve looked at 5 blog posts of people unpacking and then reviewing their black MacBooks, I’m obsessed. Ha ha.

    I’m working on a videocast right now for a cute online boutique and its tons of fun. I put it up on iTunes last month, its called The Fred Flare Show (where I’m Web director at, http://www.fredflare.com). I’ve found that its not the best marketing tool to increase biz sales but so many of our customers have contacted us saying they have our theme song suck in their heads. Haha! I knew there would be a way for a website to get a jingle into consumer heads! Muwah hahaha!

    I just started a blog (registered account/domain at bluehost.com 5/31/06) and it was nice to get a host that installs WordPress for you and also hosts the CEOs own WP blog, maybe someday we could be WPFFs! Good Luck!

    Craze, super long comment… you just got me thinking. Thanks!

  10. Klondike says:

    I’d love to see a podcast on hosting issues, though much more so if it’s with multiple hosting companies represented. A “Bluehost podcast”, as much as I love your company, I couldn’t see holding my interest very long. So I hope you do get those bigwigs (yourself being one of them!), and if so start podcasting away.

  11. dwyn says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been following your blog, and i hope you keep doing it.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on this whole net-neutrality thing, too. What does it mean to you and your customer (me)?

  12. John Ong says:

    I heard about BlueHost from Coverville, one of the most popular music podcasts.
    I have also been podcasting since the beginning of November 2004.
    I switched over to you guys because of the wonderful package, especially the add-on domain.
    Yes, I’d love to see a podcast from you. It will also add a new sort of relationship between your customers and you. It’s good for us to know the inside stories, and it’s good for you to get some honest feedback.
    I’d say, it will be another marketing tool for BlueHost. Viva!

  13. Dan McCabe says:

    I’ll bet you will read these comments rather than have an assistent read them to you.

    I’m probably in the minority, but in learning new information, listening is much slower than reading. It might be good for those with a long commute, who can only listen while driving. But in most situations, it’s too slow. However, sometimes a picture is worth a, well, you know, and videocasts can be very effective for some types of topics.

    The general public (in some countries) is enamored with audio and video, perhaps because reading stopped being heavily emphasized in our schools at about the same time that affordable videogames and portable music took off. Having said this, your podcasts would not be going to the general public, but to people especially skilled in absorbing the written word with ease and speed.

    With great respect for the others here, perhaps the overwhelmingly positive comments before mine reflects that individuals who are most enthusiastic are the ones more likely to post a comment.

    If you feel making podcasts is the best use of your time, so be it, but maybe companion transcripts could be prepared by your office assistants for those on the receiving end seeking efficiency (higher speed input). I certainly want to hear, er, read, what you and other gurus have to say.

  14. Great idea! Go for it!

  15. Minh Nguyen says:

    Hahaha I’ve said it in one of your earlier posts. But what you should do it publicly talk about how certain individuals are expressing problems with BlueHost, and what you have done to address their specific issues. That would be “perfect” tech support.

  16. Mercedes says:

    It’s a great idea, specially because will be a sort of knowledge sharing. Great companies share ! I love the idea !

  17. halcyon-tone says:

    yeah, do it! how often do you get to hear the brains being picked of geniuses? forget the tech support, the chat thing oughtta solve that. help us get recognized!

  18. Marco says:

    Love the idea! But if you can solve the problem with a simple email or post, then it’ll save you time and money. SO you can improve the services of bluehost. lol.

    It’s only the really crucial and important issues that should be podcasted, I think. Otherwise, it’s a unwise allocation of resources.

  19. Guillaume Maury says:

    I’d definitely interested ! Go for it !

  20. WeLoveWp.com says:

    I love podcasts regarding anything net related, with newbies always looking to learn, and with all the changing technology, its important for someone to give the truth and nothing but the truth……..

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