Wow! What a response! (Whats new at bluehost!)

Well, it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I emailed everyone about the blog, and I already have 230 comments! Not too shabby! Many have asked what our plans are in the future, and what we can further do to increase customer service at bluehost. I would like to address those topics with this post.

The future at bluehost looks great! We are now in the top 10 fastest growing hosting companies in the world. The thing we want to strive for the most in the future is to make our EXISTING customers so happy that they would never consider hosting anywhere else. While I think we are doing reasonably well on the service side, there is still MUCH that can done to improve things. Let me get to some specifics that will happen in the future here at bluehost. First, we are experimenting will ULTRA fast MySQL database storage capabilities to add to our servers. My background is in computer hardware, and because of that we will ALWAYS build our own servers instead of buying prebuilt Dell/HP, etc type servers. The main slow down with servers is MySQL/Database related. With this new implementation the SLOWEST response times we have had are 10x faster than our current server setup. We have even experienced speedups in our tests of up to 50x faster. We have also moved to quad processor machines instead of the standard dual processor xeons that you see with almost every other host. The MySQL support (Super fast support) should be online starting around March 15th.

On the service side of things we have always been a Mon-Sat 6AM-10PM Mountain time shop. This is about to change! Starting tomorrow night we will be 24×6 (Mon-Sat) 24 hours a day, and on March 1st we are planning on going 24×7 support except new years and Christmas. We simply have too many customers worldwide to not have 24×7 support. This is something people have been asking for! We are now prepared to make it happen. I know this has been an issue for many in the past, and I am very sorry for the delay. We are training the new weekend personnel now, and they should be ready and willing in the next few days!


Matt Heaton / Bluehost.c om

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  1. Mike says:

    I like this 24×7 support.


  2. I’m glad to hear that you guys are growing, however I just hope that it doesn’t affect the current level of service. The last web hosting company we were with started out with great service for a year. Then they started getting popular and were signing up left and right. Then their servers started dying and they didn’t have enough tech support, yet they continued to sign up more people without being able to address the issues of the existing customer base. But I have faith in you guys :) Your service has been great in the past 2 years and hopefully it will stay that way.

  3. Laz says:

    Matt, I really like your service. I recently signed up and had paid for a year upfront and was beginning to add on domains. (3 at last count) Unfortunately, I have to leave since you currently have no reseller programs available and I am in need of this. I really hope you’ll have this eventually in the future since no one out there compares to your pricing and support level.

  4. Leslie says:

    Hello Matt! Great work. Me with a technical background but an entrepreneur soul can relate to some of your experiences. I would love if Bluehost would add hosting for java environments. Tomcat, JBoss, multiple JVMs, etc. As a developer it would be great for me to have all my hostings and clients as well under the same roof. Any plans for java?

  5. Mike King says:

    I am new to the web site business and was looking for a good hosting company. I am a professional trainer for a major communications company with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Engineering. After much research I found BlueHost and have been very pleased so far with the excellent service.

    The one thing I would like to ask is if there is anyway to get some documentation on all the different services that you provide.

    I am trying to learn how to set up databases and could use some good documentation on what is supported from your service.

    Also, as I begin to implement my on-line training service it would be nice to add on to my existing account, i.e. bandwidth, databases etc. It is great doing business with you and I look forward to many good years with your company.

  6. Betty Brooks says:

    Having just started with BlueHost this week, with one domain name, I am glad to see all the kudos, and having just had a 30 min toll call, phone coversation with another hosting company that I deal with, ( virtual dedicated server) where the customer is never right, it is very likely that I will be moving all of my customers websites to elsewhere.
    My only problem so far is the ability to host more than one domain name under this account, I know I can, but haven’t quite figured it out yet.
    Guess I’ll call tech support

  7. Marc says:

    Bluehost is THE hosting company! Of course this is coming from a newby. But my experience has been one of delite. Thanks and Keep it up.

  8. I am a web programming novice and just started developing a blog. Learning code is freaking me out. I chose BlueHost over Yahoo because Yahoo’s sign up pages were malfunctioning. Yours did not. I’m very, very glad that I signed up with you though after my first call in to support. I was delighted that my call was answered within a few minutes and that your support stuck with me as I asked a dozen or so stupid questions. Each of my calls were met with courteous, patient, professional help. Please keep up this level of service. If you do, I’ll be with you forever.

  9. Shannon Fong says:

    Hey Matt,

    I knew, love the customer svcs, love so many customer are happy, looking forward to a great hosing future.

  10. Angel says:

    I am a transfer to your webhosting service. I love it, fast service response, i love the c panel and great features! Keep up the good work~
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  11. CHuck says:


    Great Hosting service and support! We host with you and and very satisfied with everything your company has provided and at a price point that can’t be beat. On several occasions calls were made to your technical support team and everything, and I mean ALL issues were resolved that we had questions about.

    I have had a link to BLUEHOST from day one on our site and recommend your company to everyone I can. Thanks for the great service!

    -Chuck of and

  12. Jimmie Tryon says:

    Hey Matt,

    I transferred from another web hosting provider to Bluehost and I am impressed with the level of service. The support team is knowledgeable and has answered all of my questions.

    I look forward to the super fast MySQL and 24/7 support.


  13. Matas says:

    My subscription ended with previous small web hosting company and I decided to move somewhere else. My choices were Poweb and Yahoo at first. Now, Yahoo is awesome as far as uptime is, but their control panel offers nothing what so ever even for a beginner PHP/MySql programmer. Then, I decided to look for hosting that has cPanel, which basicaly allows to do ANYTHING you want, and found BlueHost.

    All those three months I been with you guys the service been unbelievable, even though I only use e-mail for now, I have plans on finally getting my personal web site launched. I always thought you were a small company hosting few hundred to few thousand sites, but now I see that you have almost 100,000!

    I think I’m going to talk my dad onto switching to BlueHost since I cannot do anything on thad Yahoo control panel, as mentioned before.


  14. StrifeJester says:

    Matt I am have been with Blue host for a while but the power of the site is amazing compared to every otehr angle i have looked at, even those with much higher pricing. I will continue to refer everyone i know and run the affiliate ads for your company. There is one small request I have though and i hope you get a chance to read this. DNS management would be the only thing left desired, the ability to do more than jsut forwarding, such as adding a CNAME or other A names. Just an idea but even with having to call it in and have it done the response time is great.

  15. Yan Gao says:

    New World Domination Plan for Matt: Host all the domains in the world then start your own search engine service. If I were you and I had the money support, low the hosting price to dirty cheap, like free, then start your domain search service to beat Google. Something to think about. Or, you pay first three name for domain transfers, like the credit card company.

    Tracking function on our domain is lacking. Search submission can be improved. If not google, how about submission to Yahoo. It is still free to submit to Yahoo, right?

  16. Paco says:

    Hi from Seville-Spain!

    I’m talking about bluehost to everyone. Just one advice: an spanish version. Some friends and partners are thinking about moving to bluehost, but most of their employees don’t feel comfortable working in english, so a cpanel in spanish would be a plus.

  17. Bluehost are exceptional, Matt – whenever I’ve had any problems with my set-up, you are helpful, and just fix it, fast. And I have not had many problems at all, because your system is amazing. And great value.

    You make UK hosting companies look like complete dinosaurs. Trusting you with my web hsoting is a real no-brainer! Thanks!

  18. Stephen says:

    Hi Matt,

    You’re doing a great job. I’ve some other sites hosted elesewhere that also use CPanel. I have to say that the guys on the other site provide excellent customer service too, but the loading times, time-outs, and numerous other problems, which I had come to believe were simply a feature of inexpensive hosting, simply don’t occur with Bluehost.
    Living on the other side of the world 24/7 contact will be a boon ~ the time difference has been my sole reservation about Bluehost, and now you’ve resolved it even without me asking. Great!

    P.S. How about some pictures on this blog ~ let’s see what you all look like!

  19. chrys says:

    Best hosting so far – AND – I know a lot of them!! I’m not techie enough to ask for anything more than what you’ve given us – maybe later! Thanks for perfection ALSO – when I did call for help, upon my start here, most professional, patient and helpful people I’ve run into. Yahoo – eat your heart out – I’d never go back there or typepad after landing at “BlueHost!”

  20. Darren says:

    We’ve enjoyed our bluehost service but need to make two BIG requests:

    1. GOOGLE SITEMAP GENERATION (many hosts are offering this service free of charge and no one is in a better position to make this happen than the webhost)

    2. PLEASE UPDATE PROGRAM BUILDS MORE QUICKLY (why do we have to manually upload a new build of wordpress or CMS? We shouldn’t have to wait up to a month and more after these releases, often security-related, are released before using the automatic update features of Fantastico).

    Thank you for everything you DO do right. We really appreciate your hard work to keep the system running smoothly.

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  21. Matt — I administer a couple of sites for small, local nonprofit organizations and clubs so I don’t have much budget. I really appreciate your low rates and the ability to host addon domains on the same account, since none of my sites needs a lot of server space. I did a lot of research before signing up with BlueHost and I’ve been very pleased with the value and service.

    About the same time, I became interested in content management systems and found Mambo available through Fantastico — I love it! You’ve simplified my site maintenance, asved me tons of time and even made it possible for some of the club members to enter their own content, so they love it, too! Thanks so much!

  22. Philip says:

    Well done is all I have to say at present.
    Great service & good rates.
    And the support is pretty good too. :)
    The only thing I would like to see is more throughput availability on emails.
    We can 2500 email accounts but are limited to 500 emails an hour.
    I have a few clients who will go live within the next three months who may require a greater amount of traffic. being one.
    Is there any hope?

  23. Dear matt,

    From a business point of view, we think investing in Computer Hardware is one of the best business decision you ever made with bluehost because this will enhance the Bluehost system stability, reliability and performance.

    As a growing Free and Paid Business Directory engine helping people find Business to Business and Home based Business in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Germany, database connectivity and server performance (speed) are very essential to us.

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  24. Irish John says:

    Excellent (again). Look forward to it!!

  25. Hosting through Blue Host I have experienced very reliable service and good customer service when I have phoned in. I really like the option to host more than one website/domain under your account and have been able to use this. One of my sites is an online store built with Zen Cart. Blue Host and Zen Cart work very well together and as a novice at building e-commerce stores, it was relatively easy for me. I would not hesitate to continue hosting through Blue Host.

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  26. Jacki says:

    hey I even enjoyed clicking on the links of your fans. it was fun

  27. gazzer says:

    well,i’m flabberghasted at matt and bluehost’s efforts to maintain such great customer relations.

    wake up world and see what bloody good competition you have from bluehost!!!!!!
    keep it rocking matt

  28. Hi Matt,

    I just wanted to say how happy I am with both the product and the service that I recieve at BlueHost. The hosting has been reliable, and and the wide range of products and additions are great! From a customer service standpoint you guys are #1. I don’t think I have ever waited more than a hour for an email response!

    Keep up the good work guys!

    Domains hosted with Bluehost:

  29. Jim says:

    I love the customer service I receive with my Bluehost account. For the last four to five years I’ve had my site with another web hosting service. The cost was almost four times what I’m paying for Bluehost and I always had trouble getting through to the right people when I had problems or questions with my account, plus I’d constantly get hit with overage charges.

    Another great feature/benefit of Bluehost is the c-panel. A big improvement over the control panel with my other hosting service.

    Keep it up!

  30. Jenny says:

    My experience with Bluehost so far has been only positive. Customer service is great! And what an oxymoron that statement usually is. Add great service to the price and the great features and Bluehost just makes sense.

  31. matherman says:

    I was just offering up another agreement with Trevor. I think that if i needed it in the future i would like to be able to add more domains or more bandwidth without buying another account. But I would like to say that the hosting is great, the price is good, and the support is top notch!

  32. Great template, did you pick it out. I couldn’t agree more with the comments. You made my day.Thanks :-) You :-).

  33. Michele says:

    > On the service side of things we have always been a Mon-Sat 6AM-10PM Mountain time shop. This is about to change! Starting tomorrow night we will be 24×6 (Mon-Sat) 24 hours a day, and on March 1st we are planning on going 24×7 support except new years and Christmas.

    So, what happened to that? I had an issue this past weekend in which I was told that there was no weekend support. If my stuff goes down again on the weekend, I was told I’m out of luck until Monday morning.

    Simply answering the phone is not “support”.

    I sent details in an email to

    I am not a happy customer right now.

  34. Oscar C. says:

    Great service! BH team respond tickets sa fat as they can. It seems like they’re having a race in the center for the fastest responder…

    My only concern are the skins for the carts, specialy for Zen cart. I’ve tried to install couple templates that I’ve bought from and they don’t work. I’ve followed every step and still, I’m tied to the green default template.

    I think that by improving compatibility with cart templates will boost clients aquisition for BH.

    By the way, if anyone knows about good zen templates for purchase, or designed by order, please, let me know (, or any instructions about how to install a zen cart skin in bluehost will be appreciated!

  35. wow accounts says:

    Hi, its great to know now they have good customer support, i will definately think about to tansffer my other domains on bluehost .

  36. Gouri says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog. After Matt from wordpress & Matt from Google, I am excited to see this blog of Matt from Bluehost. Are all Matts in US born to be big? I mean, does the government there have some kind of scheme in which you can register a name called Matt & the rest is taken care of… :-)

  37. mv says:

    I’m a customer of Bluehost I love new skin website.

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