GoDaddy! (Not anymore…)

When companies grow from the mid size range to a “large” company things usually change. I don’t mean this in a positve way! Managing growth is a difficult thing. You MUST keep the customers needs as the #1 priority and work from there. Success in a certain market usually means a poor customer experience. Need some proof? When was the last time you called your cell phone provider and had a “good” customer experience. I rest my point.

I normally don’t complain about specific companies on this blog (Except Delta Airlines who’s level of service is so bad that I simply can’t restrain myself), but I find I must mention a company who I used to respect a lot and who we do a LOT of business with. This company is GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is an interesting company. They did the right thing at the right time. They decided to give great value for domain names when everyone else was sticking it to the consumer. Consequently they grew very fast until they now rest comfortably at the top of domain registrars. Unfortunately their service and support has gone down as their numbers went up. We spend about $70,000 a month with GoDaddy (Actually Wild West Domains – GoDaddy’s reseller arm of the company). In fact, we account for about 22% of the TOTAL monthly domain sales for their Wild West Domain division. We are either their #1 or #2 affiliate for all of GoDaddy. Sweet! We must get a little extra attention because we are a valued customer. I WISH! Our level of service that we have received from GoDaddy is the WORST that I have ever had. We give 10X the service levels for a $7 a month customer than GoDaddy gives us for $70,000 a month.

Yesterday they decided to charge us $2 for each domain name that we “returned” if a customer decided to cancel or a fraudulent transaction takes place. They called us and let us know 8 hours before they turned it on. 8 HOURS!??! We have a high fraud rate on our site. We catch 95% of it the first day, but we have at least 25 fraudulent orders a day. In my book GoDaddy is simply stealing $1500 a month from us. That amount isn’t significant enough to do any damage to our company, but I simply won’t put up with it. This is just the latest in GoDaddys arsenal to disgruntle the customer.

We will be moving 125,000 domains off of GoDaddy in the next 3 months. I can’t wait to do it. The best part will be when they call and ask why we are moving. We have told them 10 times already, but they just don’t get it.

We are launching our own domain registrar in the next 3 months that will be less expensive than GoDaddy with more features and better service. I encourage EVERYONE to move your domains to our new service when it launches. It will save you time and money. When enough people move maybe GoDaddy will finally get it. It won’t matter, by that time it will be too late.

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. hmeister says:

    Blue Host has done me well!
    Thank you for the ride…
    2 yrs. and going strong.
    We know about the power issues. I work for a utility in Florida! (a big one)
    So, stuff happens. Blue Host picked up and dusted us off after the power issue. Other than that, 2 years solid up to then…
    I am staying here. Good server and great uptime….
    Thank… 😉

  2. I have quite a few domains that I would like to move from godaddy. Will you be offering to add the time that they are already registered for and then adding time that is paid for?

    I also was with for 5 years and had quite a few clients there and have been moving them to bluehost as the sites are migrated.

    Here at bluehost, you dont get nickeled and dimed like has become. Also, all users can now contact users, this was constantly a feat to accomplish using powweb services.



  3. Toni says:


    I’m with you.
    I do have some domains in GD.
    And I know that site stinks.
    So will move all domains soon.


  4. Joe says:

    A person have to be pretty stupid or uninformed to have Godaddy as his/her domain registrar. The biggest fear you could ever have -you losing your domain for no reason- is there present at all times. If I don’t like your domain content, or you got me banned from your forum, I forge an email with your domain address, contact ABUSE at godaddy and they’ll cancel all your domains in your account immediately! All it takes is a forged email with your domain name in the body or from of the email. Then you have to pay $199 for each domain to get them back! I don’t think that’s legal as the domain is your property (Supreme Court) and they are acting as judge and judy, but that’s how Godaddy works.

    Why are you still with Godaddy as your registrar is the question. There is namecheap, bluehost, and others.

  5. felician says:

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  6. Vladas says:

    Well, it’s May of 2007 already, way more than a “few months” have passed. I think it’s time to post an update on this issue. I currently have 40 domains registered with Godaddy and would be happy to move them to Bluehost ASAP. Godaddy has become a menace of the Internet, a sort of the Internet Superhighway robber. They now suspend any acocunt “at their sole discretion”, take over the ownership of any domain they like for any possible crazy reason, such as “we called you on the number listed in your Whois registration, but there was no answer”. Just enter “godaddy horror sotries’ into google or see

    I hoipe Bluehost will never become such a menace.

  7. Laura says:

    Well I would just like to know why Bluehost transferred only one of my several domains away to Wild West Domains, and listed a bluehost email address as administrative contact. ?? I am unable to do anything at this time with my soon expiring domain, and am very frustrated. I am being told to do it myself, but I never transferred it in the first place, and Bluehost is listed as the email address so I can’t!

  8. […] After much searching, I decided to go with Bluehost, especially since the Bluehost CEO Matt Heaton maintains a personal blog and he adopts an open approach in dealing with customers and the public, even going to the extent of talking about the problems he’s had with the 800 lb gorilla of domain names GoDaddy. […]

  9. Basil Samara says:


    I really and truly liked working with those guys until tight t-shirts and loose work standards caught up with them. I always except the fate of the Roman empire, or any empire for that matter, to befall those who do not learn firm history.

    So down with the King and hail to the New Republic!

  10. James says:

    Will you support SQL better that Godaddy. I have a simple issue that needs to be resolved and Godaddy will not assist. I wonder sometimes what they can do because it seems more recently they can do less and less.

    Am I paying for service. I thought I was.

    I look forward to looking into BlueHost


  11. thomas says:

    Geez.. i just purchased ssl deluxe and domain verification from godaddy.. and guesswat? the first one is not supported becuz my company is based in vietnam.. oh yea, but they can do verification for togo, nepal and timor huh…?? the second package only applys if your domain is hosted with them.. Sheesh.. even geotrust does not have problem wif domain verification hosted on third party servers….i only wish bluehost or its staffs told me about it when i relating to them aboutbuy an deluxe ssl from godaddy… btw, i’ve being hosting on bluehost for 3yrs now.. and ilike their online support.. always helpful and patient..and with their own forum which is real sweet and cosy… unlike others.. who spills up emdless list of emails and numbers to confuse you.. the last icing on the cake is now i gotta call direct to godaddy office in US to cancel my subscription? wth??? i’m pissed alright!!

  12. Alen says:

    Backward integration definitely makes sense in this case. I’m surprised you hadn’t done this sooner. :) Domain name registration and hosting generally go hand-in-hand.

  13. Ian says:

    Go Daddy just drives me nuts…

  14. Matt,

    I’m with you. I do have some domains in GD and I know that site stinks.
    So will move all domains soon.

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