Hostingcon (The human side of hosting!)

Well, its Sunday afternoon (July 16th) and I am sitting in my “suite” at the Mirage in Las Vegas in preparation for Hostingcon (An annual hosting conference in its second year). I am excited to meet many of my “competitors” in the industry as well as those who I have a business relationship with. I like the human side of the hosting industry. There are many people that I talk with on a weekly basis that offer insight and an outside perspective on Bluehost that is invaluable to me. I also try and help where I can for those that seek my opinion.

Come Monday morning I get to put on my Bluehost CEO hat and run around and pretend that I am a business person, when I all I really want to do is go to the Olympic Table Tennis training center in Vegas and play ping pong. Yes, I know! Ping pong isn’t a real sport and all that, but I am pretty good (Forest Gump good!). Regardless, I will be on the prowl for the newest innovative offerings to add to Bluehost and hopefully can get some info on the newest Cpanel for Windows that is supposed to be announced tomorrow.
I will do a quick writeup on Monday or Tuesday and let you know what I think about the whole Hostingcon idea and IF I think it was worthwhile or not. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and so the whole downtime/strip thing in Vegas doesn’t interest me all that much, but I still think it will be an entertaining experience. I really came to meet the people that I do business with and to firm up relationships I have with others. As long as those things come to fruition it will be a valid and successful trip.

More details in a couple of day…


Matt Heaton / President

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  1. jackie says:

    Have a great time!
    Thanks for showing us the ‘human side’ of hosting. Also for the emails when you admit things go down. The more I understand what the hosting situation is, the better I can help people w/their websites. “High tech – high touch” used to be the catchword, I think, for this sort of balance. More power to you and I hope you are able to keep your intentions. Appreciate the communication –

  2. chrys says:

    Hostingcon – guess there’s a meeting for everything. I know you’ve been more than busy with glitches of no “Blue Host” falt this month – hopefully this will be a bit of a “break” in the day-to-day dragon slaying obligations. Maybe they’ll even cover the Cogent/Level 3 peering carnival. Will check back for your notes on this experience.

    AH HA – opportunity to price fix?! ;-D NOOOOO

  3. ande says:

    You might want to tell the CEO of site5 that his servers are down 😛 look at this thread to see whats happening at your competition….


  4. [quote]”so the whole downtime/strip thing in Vegas doesn’t interest me all that much”[/quote]

    Hehe, You said ‘downtime’ instead of ‘downtown’, An Un-subconscious typo of being a web host CEO i am guessing.

    BTW, Cheers for hosting us (, Your response team are brilliant (Never had such fast support), Also after having support problems from my domain registrar (powerpipe) who still ain’t responded to a simple request (after 2days of there system crashing to change DNS entries) i am glad i chose a host with the best support system rather than the rivals who could not even be bothered to take time out on pre-sale questions (regardless of there fake incentives, nothing can be ‘unlimited’ in a physical quantity).

    Just so you know why i chose your hosting as informative feedback:

    After months (around 4) I was going to sign up to a rival company (As there staff seemed friendly) but noticed they deleted on there company forums complaints about there service I had seen before deletion, hence i lost trust right away.

    Then I Found an awesome host review site which unlike other similar sites ain’t paid to simply promote who pays them ‘backhanders’ is how i stumbled upon your hosting service. Also they ain’t fake just to promote there re-seller accounts or fake reviews (Even the site that hosts them is not number 1 in there chart… You are!).

    This site, which i hope you do not mind me advertising, is which is the ONLY decent review site i have found (BTW i am not affiliated with them in any way, i just found they where spot on and glad i found them as it got me hosted by you.

    After finding you on them and reading up i checked your forums and your CEO blog (which was the clincher for me to signing up our members donations to change to a faster and more reliable host).

    Anyway have a great time out at the conference.

    Concerning your love and obvious ‘modest’ (:P) attitude about your skills at ping-pong, i am more a badminton person myself (although i ain’t too good at it these days).

    Take Care and keep up the great work, commitment and personal approach at bluehost (You have restored my faith in there being a reliable and supportive host… i just wish we never wasted 3yrs with our previoues host and found you sooner).

  5. Rafael says:

    Maybe just maybe you should be back in the office taking care of business. Emails I send out yesterday where received by my client today. I call tech support only to be informed that the mail server was backup and it took several hours to catch-up. You guy at least should place a message on the Bluehost page. I guest that tech support is still milking the power outage of last week.



  6. dR|J says:

    Awesome. But I think you should stop accepting orders and fix what problems you have now.

  7. Will says:

    Sounds cool. Here is to hoping you find some new LAMP innovations in the goings on at the con.

  8. Ryan says:

    Maybe you should see if they have any kind of power backup…like, maybe the generators you claim to have? That would probably help with issues like today’s 3 hour downtime and the one last week for the same reason…no backup power.

    Sorry, but losing service for 3 hours becuase you lack proper backup power is a very poor excuse.

  9. Marc says:

    “To err is human, to really screw things up you need a computer”
    — Anonymous

    One would think that having your server go down because of a power failure would get a person motivated enough prevent it from happening again. Wondering what the expression is going to be on Matt’s face when he returns from his trip and learns that his entire service went down again due to a power failure and the update had to be posted on the home page just to let everyone know what is going on.

    Guess today wasn’t day to work since the power in my area went out last night due to a huge storm in the area and was out for a long time. After putting forth some serious effort in getting a generator on short notice so that I could power my computer, it was nothing short of staring into the abyss when I saw that went down because of their own power failure shortly after I got myself up and running. Hopefully there is something at the conference that will help Blue Host expand so that it doesn’t have to keep all of its eggs in one basket and minimize the downtime.

    Murphy’s Law: Nature is a Mother.

  10. bgqzeefwyua says:


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  11. Charity says:

    Table tennis is a respected sport where I am. If webhosting doesn’t ultimately suit you, you can always move to Japan and become a champ. They even made a movie that makes it look super hard-core, called…yeah…”Ping Pong”. The movie is wonderful, so please check it out if you know where to get a copy that’ll play on your DVD.

    Sorry, no technical webhosting talk in this post.
    I know you’re disappointed! 😛

  12. Matt,

    Please put resources into Pagewizard. Both the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox versions are very, very buggy. I am using Pagewizard for my website and things that should take a few minutes can take an hour or more to construct and upload.

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