Adult hosting…

As many hosts try and find their niche in the marketplace many hosts have chosen to cater to the adult/porn hosting community. As adult content is estimated to be be as much as 50% of the internet traffic you can’t blame them right? WRONG!

Bluehost does not and will not tolerate adult material of any kind on our servers. Sometimes profit comes second and personal responsibility and ethics come first. I am not telling other hosts to not provide adult hosting services, but I wish that they would come to that conclusion on their own.

Adult material hurts people in so many ways that I won’t even argue the point here. Aside from my own beliefs about why it is wrong, I don’t think that any clear thinking individual would argue for the merits of porn. It is a business that I will never practice or enable through our network.

If many of the other hosting services out there didn’t make it so easy for this type of material to be so readily available maybe the problem wouldn’t be so severe. I would suggest to other hosting companies out there that service this market to reconsider what you think is important in life. Is this really the type of thing you want to peddle to the community? The hosting providers are just as guilty and the content providers in my opinion.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, and it finally came out now. I am sorry if anyone is offended, but I am not sorry for my position. I will stick to my guns on what I believe in and this is something that I firmly believe in.

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. John says:

    Kudos Matt!

    Thank you for holding to your beliefs.

  2. Thank you for keeping your ethics a part of your work.

  3. Brian says:

    I’m proud to have my site hosted by a company where the CEO takes a stand on this issue and isn’t afraid to share his beliefs.

    Thank you for your honesty!


  4. dan m says:

    what do you consider “adult”? are you referring specifically to porn? because i am thinking about switching to you guys as my host. but the content at Pokerati might be considered adult as we discuss news and politics related to gambling … regularly (but not gratuitously) use “colorful” language … and occasionally show a boobie.

  5. Janice McBurnie says:

    You are wrong. And the reason you don’t explain why “adult material hurts people” is because you know it doesn’t. You just want to try and look morally superior.

  6. Just a passerby says:

    It’s nice that you put personal integrity above profit. And you’re free to allow or disallow anything to be hosted on your business as long as you don’t break a contract. I applaud that stance, that way people who do not want to be affiliated with porn can pick a host which suits their needs.

    However, the statement that porn hurts everyone is plain unproven. For reference, I’ll add a number of links to scientific studies about porn.
    When reading, remember: correlation is not the same as cause and effect

  7. Chris says:

    While I do not disagree with you with regards to pornography and how you are not willing to provide service for it, I think you have taken it a step to far.

    You refuse to host sites that discuss sexuality in an educational manner. In fact I find it ironic that you decided to take down based on your policy. While sex is discussed, it is not an explicit or pornographic manner. This is a site about the lack of sexuality and how people have dealt with this in thier life. There is no dirty pictures on this site, what has been written on the boards has not been any more explicit then what can be read in any newspaper, and the site is almost entirely educational. What is truely ironic is based on your TOS you took off the only site on the internet about people who are not sexual.

    Discussing sexuality in an educational manner is not pornography or adult material. You have a very black and white view of the world that is harmful that prevents serious educational material from being included on your server, and ultimately you are probably doing your business more harm then good.

    While your belief to exclude porn is understandable, you need to know the differance between adult content and educational content of human sexuality. It is pretty obvious that you do not know the difference in the most extreme manner possible, by taking down an educational website on ASEXUALITY.

  8. Deana says:

    Whats wrong with talking about not wanting to have sex and not wanting to see porn?

  9. scott says:

    I should say first that I really have no stake in this at all, I’m simply an observer.. but I must say I find it a bit bizarre…

    On the one hand, I respect the owner’s right to restrict content at his discretion. It’s not the choice I would make, personally- I don’t believe in censorship of any kind. Fair enough that someone who owns and rents out a server should have some say as to what content is or isn’t allowed, but in my mind it would be analogous to someone who owns and rents out an apartment building saying, for instance, that non-whites, non-christians, and non-heterosexuals are not welcome to reside on his property, and anyone in disagreement is free to take their business elsewhere. Should someone be allowed the right to discriminate on that kind of basis? I would think a tenant (in a literal physical sense or online) should be free to do more or less as he or she pleases, being given notice of eviction only upon illegal or disruptive acts (bandwidth abuse, hosting pirated software, etc.). But obviously it’s debatable as to whether my comparison is valid.

    What I find strange is the thought that sexually-oriented material of *any* kind should be considered so taboo- it seems like a very unhealthy attitude to hold. Sex isn’t bad, and it isn’t something that should be hidden away or denied, it’s essential to human existance- why should it be censored in its entirity? I would like to know how the original poster, being evidently morally superior, was brought into this world.

    Moralizing and denying the existance, necessity, and intrinsic positive value of sex won’t change the world, at least not for the better. I find it hard to believe that someone could consider that sort of action to be taking a positive stance.

  10. Mike Power says:

    Adult toys not allowed. What about guns? Do you allow sites dedicated to Smith and Wesson? Or The Winchester? Would something like The be allowed.

    Banning vibrators?

    From my dead, cold hands?

  11. Matty says:

    I’d just like to say well said. I’d say from what I’ve read we often think in similar ways. For some of you, why complain about a rule which you agreed to when you signed up?

    For those of you mentioning the strictness, it’s not uncommon to cover all your bases, it’s better to be over stated and let a few things such as the AIDS example slide then understate it and have an argument over whether porn is acceptable.

    Since I started here I’ve had very few problems, and every one I have had has been explained, appologized for and given future prevention where possible. And with already excellent features it’s continually being improved at no cost.

    我是澳大利亚人. ^_^

    For those of you who say it’s legal, you may be interested to find it’s not here, that’s exactly what you agreed to when you accepted the licence agreement. In school were you allowed to display pornographic material around the school or on school notice boards? If a school can say no it’s not acceptable, why should it not be ok for Matt to say you can’t place such materials in his business/property?

    The law is generally based on what is considered acceptable by maority of people society, what is right and what is wrong. Why is capital punishment accepted in some countries and not others? It’s all about ethics, law is meant to reflect ethics, what is acceptable some places is not others, learn to accept that the world is not always the way you want. This issue is the way I want it now, there’s always winners and losers.

    Congratulations Matt on taking the chance to publish your opinion on such an open forum, at least it shows me your resolve is strong and strengthens my faith in your other posts that when you’re trying to resolve issues. I look forward to seeing BlueHost continue grow.

    I also admire that I’ve never had to wait more than 30 seconds for a reply on the support live chat.

    Keep up the good work and keep strong to your ethics, in the long term an ethical business stratergy is always better than an unethical one, though I’m really too lazy to find all the articles from my studies. Plus they’re in Australia and I’m in China now. Those who say it’s a bad business decision and that he’s stupid, you should really go back to university and take up business ethics, and learn more about how such things can truely affect business success, you may be supprised at the extra success they may achieve from such a stance. Don’t take such a naieve and unthoughout view that because it doesn’t make immediate money that it’s a bad decision.. It’s not so simple as such an unjustified argument.

    And lastly for those “it will always be out there”.. just because it will be there doesn’t mean we have to support it.. We’ll never beat software and music piracy, but it doesn’t mean we will support it..

    Thankyou and Regards,
    Matty ^_^

  12. Asexual says:

    You are entitled to your beliefs and to run your business the way you like but please be careful about which sites you pull the plug on. I am a member of an asexual community website that Bluehost recently took off their servers for ‘sexual content’. Now, bearing in mind that this is a community of people who are not interested in engaging in sexual activity, just how does this go against your beliefs? These people are not posting pornographic content – they are merely discussing and coming to terms with their own absence of interest in sexual interaction. Hardly offensive, in my humble opinion.

  13. Mike Power says:

    Oh the irony! Being congratulated on your policy of prohibiting not just pornography but any content related to human sexuality by somebody living in China, a country which rigourously controls it’s ‘citizens”’ use of the internet, must bring a warm glow to your heart.

    I’ve only recently signed up to Bluehost. Had I read this post (and the Walmart one) beforehand I would not have proceeded. The cost of hosting here is peanuts so I could continue with no problem but I’ve decided I don’t like the attitudes displayed in these post so I’m off. Bye!

  14. torn says:

    Well, I did skim the TOS, but must have missed that part. Frankly, it’s your company, but I would really recommend that if you are going to take such a harsh stance on the subject, it should be listed somewhere in the potential buyers’ faces.
    I have a feeling that this would cut down on having to remove people that wish to take part in the content you find so “offensive”. Putting something like this in the TOS then complaining in a blog is hardly being “up front” about it. This post will be buried in a few months, and people will continue to skim the TOS.
    I don’t know how you are handling situations of removing “offensive” sites, but it would mean less people annoyed as they are cut off before their contract is up, without a refund. (Do you refund for time unused? Even so, posting it out in the open would save yourself some trouble with decent people using their talents to do things like create art or raise awareness.)
    I, for one, hope to find another host whos service is equal to yours where I don’t have to fear for my sites. (I create art, not porn. You wouldn’t beat off to my pics and most don’t even contain nudity. But even still, I worry for them. $166 may seem like peanuts to some, but I make no money for what I do..)

    I guess I just wish I’d known this before I signed up.

  15. Dan says:

    BlueHost actually sounds like an adult hosting company =/

  16. Steve says:


    I have been searching for a new hosting site, and I think I have now found it. What sent me over the edge is this statement about not hosting pornography. Stick to your guns! There are more of us out there that respect this stand than those that want to rationalize internet sleeze. I wouldn’t even waste my time arguing with those want to rationalize pornography or cloud the line of pornography. Each of us have a conscience and know better, including the rationalizers.

  17. SAW says:

    Kudos to you sir for taking a stand concerning what you will not provide hosting for on your servers. It is your prerogative to deem allowable content.

    However, this is a two edged sword you have drawn. Drawing a line between what is and isn’t should be up to Utah state law instead of just one person’s convictions…even though that one person is the owner of the company.

    Outright pornography (which we all know the true meaning of) is one thing but, the discussion of it is another. Also, the portraying of “nudes” in an artistic setting (which we all know the meaning of that one too) is yet another thing.

    Basically, it’s really down to this: “If you don’t want to see it, don’t look. If you don’t want to read it, read something else. If you don’t want to hear it, change the station.”

    We are all adults and are quite capable of making our own decisions.

    Again, I offer my kudos to you for taking your stand but think you are being a bit short-sighted on this topic.

  18. Joshua says:

    Good for you. Wise decision.

  19. Eugene says:

    Thank you Matt for this. I am encouraged and very proud to be hosting with you. Three different accounts and still counting … I wish others could be as consistent.

  20. Neil Clayton (BH customer) says:

    Godd stuff. I just wanted to say that I support what you’re doing.

  21. […] I assume you’ve noticed the past-tense. Yesterday, this love-affair with BlueHost ended. Yesterday was when I read — or rather, was preached to by — a post on BlueHost CEO Matt Heaton’s weblog. […]

  22. Dave MacDonald says:

    Well done and God bless you as you stand up to this corrupt industry which has sadly destroyed many marriages and lives – your stand on this topic convinces me even more to host a website with yourselves.

  23. Tim says:

    I agree with you 100%. It makes both moral and business sense. If I own a restaurant or any business, I’m under no obligation to any group to provide for their personal desires. I simply offer the products I choose, guided always by my personal values. What else can guide us?

    We also live in the most open society, so if someone wants to create their own hosting service to serve a niche another does not, then they should do so.


  24. Jeff says:

    I currently use a web host that prohibits adult content simply because of the demands it puts on network performance. But you have made a stand against adult content based upon “right and wrong”, which has causing me to seriously consider switching to Bluehost on that principle alone. I receive excellent service with the company I am with now but a service that puts values first and dollars second has a tremendous appeal to me.

  25. Arum says:

    While I don’t exactly agree with your point of view 100% on this, I do respect your right to assert this but ONLY if you make it clearer to people who sign up to your service BEFORE they pay you.

    Also, do you ever reply to any of your blog entries responses Matt? I by no means read all of your entries so it’s possible I have missed it, but those I have read you never respond to the responses, which I find a bit odd.

  26. Hotness says:

    Well, to all the people saying that “porn is legal”… Does that make it “ok”? Does it make it “right”? And hey, prostitution isn’t allowed is it? So wouldn’t nearly all porn become illegal? And concerning amateur porn movies, I’d think that a fair share of them depict a woman that has been talked into doing it and had no idea that the movie would be released on the ‘Net. Just because people ignore the fact they’re often pretty much watching a glorified rape act, does not mean women(and to a much lesser extent, men) aren’t emotionally and physically damaged by the porn industry.

    I think that adult people should be able to take their own responsibility when it comes to watching porn. It’s their own choice to watch it or not. But it’s not like only adults watch porn. Those “18 years old ONLY!” stopsigns won’t stop a fourteen-year-old boy/girl from going right ahead to check it out, I sure know it didn’t stop me.
    This IS NOT CENSOR. Unless of course you want to allow child pornography, nazi propaganda, terrorist sites and what have you.

    People seem to like only seeing the end product of the porn industry. That blowjob wasn’t made in some dream world where everyone likes to have sex two-three times a day, sometimes with more than one person. The “morality question” doesn’t only concern people being damaged from watching porn. That’s their problem, as long as they’re adult and they’re not doing anyone harm. It should be more about the humans on the other end. They’re not “sinners”, they’re not “crazy” and they’re certainly not the kind of persons who like doing what they are doing(except for, I imagine, a great part of the men and very few women). They’re normal people in severe need of the money.

    On “asexual”‘s post, and some others:
    Yeah, that’s just stupid. I think not allowing pictures or videos is fine, but barring discussion of sexually related topics? No. In that case, why isn’t this blogpost “wrong”? Set the rules straight.

  27. Joel says:

    Having two Christian sites hosted with Bluehost, I am very thankful that Mr. Heaton takes a principled stand against pornography of every kind. It’s reassurring to know that I don’t share a server with a porn website.

    And I will echo what several others said: Just because porn will always be around doesn’t mean that Bluehost has to support it. I just wish that all other hosts took a courageous stand against pornography.

    It’s great to know that Mr. Heaton has the guts to stand for what he believes.

  28. Chris says:

    Go Matt.

    As a Christian, I appreciate your values and am excited to see an example of Christian ethics applied to the business world. As a young man I appreciate the opportunity to utilize a service where such things are disallowed. May God bless you in all your endeavors.

    Attacking others’ beliefs/ actions in their private businesses is not likely to change their stance; however, comments like those by Shaun Morrison are constructive in that they helped to solve a problem (whether or not Mr. Morrison will be able to continue hosting his site with this company). Though this may not make a real difference I still feel compelled to say: “Flaming is pointless and annoying, if you wish to argue an actual point related to the subject please utilize a logical argument, not one based upon opinion.”

    Finally, regarding the asexual website: I would be willing to guess that there was a lot of discussion about sexual items on the site whether they be body parts or actions that the community was referring to is somewhat a moot point. These items were obviously felt to be objectionable by the company. When the site owner/ manager chose to utilize this web hosting company they should have inquired about such a phrase (‘anything related to human sexuality’ as asexuality is obviously related to sexuality (NB: they share the same root word)! Regardless of whether or not you see the connection Matt did and, since it’s his business, can refuse service to said website. Here’s something to consider: did Blue Host allow retrieval of the website materials or (possibly) even refund a portion of the funds paid to the company because they weren’t required to do either. If they did, then it simply evidences the high moral character involved in this business’ practices.

    Enjoy! Oh, Merry Christmas!

  29. Patrick says:


    As an adult male who is ADDICTED to pornography, all I can say is “Thank you for taking a stand!” I have been in recovery from my addiction to internet pornography for two years, and it is extremely encouraging to see a business leader foresake easy sleazy profits for the greater good of society. I’m also glad that you are using your visible position to get the word out that there really are victims of what are generally viewed as victimless activities…making, hosting and viewing porn.

    For this reason, I moved my website to BLUEHOST yesterday. I was dissatisfied with my previous hosting company and in my research, came across several firms like yours that do a credible job of customer service. The blog on your NOT supporting pornography made my decision easy.

    You are absolutely on the right track. Your decision not to host porn proves that you really care about your customers. I have no doubt that you will be blessed for this courageous business decision.

    I look forward to a long and lasting relationship!

  30. How exactly do you define adult material? Would you refuse to host, because they sometimes publish a naked picture? Are you going to shut down my website if I post something that you disagree with or are offended by? It is a slippery ethical slope. I’ve never had a problem with BlueHost, but what if I did? I’ve put lots of time an effort into moving my websites to Bluehost. What happens if I offend you? For all these reasons I find this post disturbing.

  31. Bill says:

    God bless you! I’ve been looking for a hosting company and now, I’ve found it. I appreciate your committment and will tell anyone interested in a web host where to go. Have a great day!

  32. Adam says:

    My brother had recommended Bluehost to me as being better than the hosting company I’m currently using for my website, which is a not-for-profit site in the humanitarian category and has absolutely no commercial advertising. And to me it does look much better, in terms of features and support.

    But now he’s changed his mind and is recommending a different host because of the ambiguous TOS here. He specifically pointed me to this blog entry.

    I agree that it’s really ambiguous.

    Line 2 of the TOS says, “No pornographic, adult content, anything related to human sexuality, or links to such material allowed.”

    Shaun Morrison posted above that the Bluehost Support Center has an entry stating, “Nudity (including photography and art sites) – Women must be wearing a top and bottom (not see through). Men must be wearing clothing on the bottom.”

    That could rule out linking to
    ( )
    and to wikipedia
    ( )
    and many other very reputable non-adult sites that show world-famous great works of art.

    What about an image of a topless woman from the waist up, from behind? No breasts visible. That’s prohibited by the Bluehost Support Center entry I referred to. But they might make an exception. Or is a woman’s upper back considered obscene?
    Maybe it’s human female nipples that are prohibited? Perhaps the nipple and surrounding areola? Or the entire breast or any portion thereof? Or maybe it does really include the upper back?

    The part prohibiting “anything related to human sexuality” would rule out the Bible too. Either on a website or even a link to a site that has the Bible online.
    The Bible has a lot to say about human sexuality, as anyone knows who has read it in its entirety (or even partially).
    In fact, many parts of the Bible are extremely obscene and explicitly refer to many sexual perversions. That goes even further than “related to human sexuality” as mentioned in the TOS.

    So if sites advocating safe sex or educational sites mentioning sexuality are prohibited, then the Bible must be prohibited too. Either on a website or linked to.

    I’m sorry, but this is just too ambiguous for me.
    And no, I can’t just use “common sense”. To me, not all nudity is obscene or pornographic. To another, any nudity might be both obscene and pornographic.
    (To me, war is obscene!)

    Not that I want to have anything online as indecent as famous works of art showing breasts.
    Not that I would put literature containing obscenity such as the Bible on my site.
    Just because the TOS here are so ambiguous that I might lose my website because of Matt Heaton’s beliefs. Or the interpretations of his beliefs made by the “system personnel” mentioned in the TOS. I just can’t risk having my “account immediately terminated without notice”.

    I might contact Mr. Heaton to get the ambiguities explained to me. But I’d need it in writing. I’d anticipate that he might allow the Bible online, but that would be making an exception. That means I’d be asking about other possible exceptions as they crop up, or just out of curiosity to get a better idea of what their TOS really means.
    I’d be tying up a lot of their customer support time asking about every link, sentence and image before putting it online. And I’d require their written permission to put it online. Yes, that would be ridiculous!
    Why should every customer or potential customer have to ask for clarification? Why not spell it out in detail for all to read in the TOS?

    I still find it amazing that according to the current TOS having the Bible (or links to it) on a website would subject a customer to having his/her account (and site) immediately deleted without notice.
    And that IS what the current Terms Of Service state!

  33. Tamim says:


    This is one of many reasons why we chose BlueHost. I can’t believe that some people are using the tired excuse of “If you don’t do it, someone else will”. Yeah, but the point is that it won’t be on your conscience, so I’m glad that you’re making a stand on this. As for my own business, we deal with anime collectible figures, and we’ve had numerous requests from customers to carry hentai, but I refuse to do so because of my own personal and moral beliefs and if my customers won’t respect that, then those are not the type of customers I’m looking for. Being able to sell/not sell what I want was one of the main reasons why I started my own business and I’m glad that you are taking the same approach. The Joe who wants porn hosting can go elsewhere, but as I said, at least it won’t be on your conscience 😉

  34. Ted Zepp says:

    For several months I have been researching web hosts for The One I was going to use for multiple sites for my family. Blue Host continually popped up in the top 10 and even though your offerings far exceed our meager needs, I was sold. Er, *almost* sold. I looked for your terms of service… not very easy to find buried a quite few clicks from the main page, if you don’t know where to go (TOS *not* on About Us page?!?).

    The broad and vague restrictions listed are about as un-American a thing as I have ever seen in the various host sites that I gave more than a cursory glance too. I do appreciate that some Americans will laud you for taking a stand on casual nudity (God invented the nude form, no?) and a possibly ant-nursing stance (even though b**bs are food to infants), etc. As much as I might or might not disagree, prudishness is the right of every American.

    It would help, however, since you intend your product to be used by a SPECIFIC Americans (as defined by you) rather than all Americans, that you would advertise that fact more obviously on your site than you do. I find it kind of deceitful that you don’t, and count myself lucky that I stumbled upon this blog by accident so that I know now to take my business to a company that believes in America and ALL it’s ideals.


  35. Daniel says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding , but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  36. Rick says:

    I’m glad i inadvertantly found this blog. I have had a site with Bluehost for a while now, and after reading this blog i will soon be transferring it off this server. My site does not contain p0rn, but i do create surrealistic or fantasy style images that do in fact involve nudity. I have no issue with p0rn personally, and to be honest am getting rather tired of all the moral ‘high horse’ attitudes in this country. We’re not talking about illegal content such as child pornography, or other forms of unacceptable material that involve torture or mentally unstable sexual acts…..we’re talking about human sexuality.

    I will be moving my site to a different hosting company within the next week. While Matt seems to think that he’s taking some moral high ground here and preserving the world from what ‘he’ apparently feels is unethical or immoral websites…i personnaly have little use for this type of thinking. I most certainly wont be paying someone who thinks this way to host my site.

  37. Looking for free dating websites and i saw you , while your post may be unrelated to what i am looking for but i still appreciate it, it is sensible compared to the others i have come across – wish you all the best.

  38. Christine says:

    I would have to agree with you All adult/porn and Child porn NEEDS to be taken off the internet. As you said it the material that is out there on the internet and not only that but in stores can hurt people in so many ways.

    Even Children porn on the internet these children need our help to fight what is going on in this world.

    When will this all stop?

  39. Bryan Dorr says:

    From a technical standpoint, adult sites can hurt your customers too, especially those who are on shared IP addresses. An IP address blocked because of an adult site can also block a family-friendly personal or commerce site too.

  40. Jason says:

    Matt, I LOUDLY applaud your’s and BlueHost’s decision to not host porn websites. Many people these days have VERY ignorant perceptions of what porn is and what it does to people. Most of the time those people who are trying to defend porn have been so desensitized to its effects on them they don’t even realize it. They think people are being “prudes”, or even “ignorant” in your case since you’re cutting your bottomline gain by choosing not to host the crap, but there is a reason our society is so screwed up now and it is because of the sexualization of our culture. Of course, you start saying that and the “free speech” people start hurting everyone’s ears with all of their blathering on about how “we shouldn’t let the ‘moral majority’ tell us what to do.”

    The “free” part in free speech doesn’t mean “free to do and say whatever I damned well please”. According to the second amendment, I am allowed to carry and fire a gun. That doesn’t mean I have the right to point that gun in whichever direction I want, regardless of what (or who) might be in that direction, and pull the trigger. I am expected to use common sense, accountability and moral reasoning if/when I use that gun.

    Anyway, I’m ranting. I just want to again thank Blue Host, and even Host Monster, for your anti-porn policies. And do NOT listen to anyone on this forum who calls you or your company stupid for not buying into the BS.

  41. Jon says:

    Go Matt!

  42. nevermind says:

    I was about to sign up for hosting here when I came across this post. I read through the TOS but didn’t realize that all sexual content is a banable offense. That means no dirty jokes? 0.0 lol
    There are too many innocent possibilities that it just isn’t worth the risk. Someone may not agree with what someone on my website says and my service would be shut down. I was all for it until I saw how far BlueHost’s definition of sexual content went.
    If I said “she slapped my butt and finished her beer.” would that be going too far? Is this post going to get deleted now…? This changes everything.
    I was excited about coming here because I heard this was a good host. Oh well.

  43. amole says:

    great! keep ethics in business.

  44. TJM says:

    It’s your business, so you have the right to determine who you do business with (although a site banning Mormon-related websites because of an anti-cult ethic might have some of your flock hollering as loud as the free-speech people are doing here). But isn’t it really about (or at least some of it about) the fact that porn sites drain resources with their huge bandwidth?

    Stick to your guns, by all means, but really to be the ethical company you are trying to portray, you need to be a lot more upfront about your policy and what SPECIFICALLY will not be tolerated.

  45. Fletcher says:

    As a very clear thinking individual, I will argue quite strongly for the benefits of porn, at least for those who use it as a healthy form of sexual expression. You will find that will most experts in psychology and sexology would do the same.

    Putting that aside, however, why on earth would you censor a website like I mean, you’d have to be totally nuts to consider something like that obscene.

  46. Prof. Humez says:

    “Adult material hurts people in so many ways that I won’t even argue the point here.”

    No, you won’t, and I don’t think you’d stand a chance of winninhg such an argument if you did. There is in fact no evidence whatever that adult material on its face hurts people in any way whatever. What people may choose do do who also look at such material depends on the person. Clarence Thomas’s subsequent behavior after viewing sexy films is well documented, but you cannot blame the adult material for that.

    This said, you are free to set whatever rules you wish as far as your own service goes, and provided you state them in advance. The recent case of Devlin and Poppy seems to suggest that you failed to do the latter, and for this you have a moral obligation, and probably a legal one as well, to refund them any funds you have appropriated under false pretenses. In my personal judgment, you ought also to indemnify them beyond that amount for the time and trouble of moving their content elsewhere, none of which would have been necessary had they been properly informed of your particular ground rules covering such material.

    But punitive orthodoxy is increasingly endemic in our society. No man of good faith will engage in the vitiation of good-faith thinking, but there are an awful lot of people out there who feel they can tell the rest of us what to think, and claim (without any evidence to support it) that there are pernicious effects to failing to think and behave as they do.

    This is contrary to the spirit of a free people. If some of those people choose — and I stress the word choose — to abuse what is available in libraries, bookstores, television, the Internet, or shoe stores, I am sorry for them, but I think that censorship and prohibition have a very poor track record in achieving the results their advocates desire, and in any case constitute the greater evil.

    If someone has an addiction, the solution is proper treatment FOR THAT INDIVIDUAL. Without such treatment, removing the object of his fetish cures nothing, for he will simply find something else to play with that serves the same psychological craving — such as being a dog in the manger for other people’s perfectly healthy exercise of intellectual choice.

    The danger in supposing our little world to be the only one is how very much the former excludes from a vast universe of discourse. Meanwhile, it must be very dark in there. Break open the vault under which you entomb yourself and you may be very surprised at how good and pleasant the rest of reality actually is.

  47. DataSex says:

    I’ve only recently signed up to Bluehost. Had I read this post (and the Walmart one) beforehand I would not have proceeded. The cost of hosting here is peanuts so I could continue with no problem but I’ve decided I don’t like the attitudes displayed in these post so I’m off. Bye!

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