Going to the movies…

Did you know that when you go to the movies at a movie theatre that often times the only money made by the theatre is on concessions (Popcorn, etc). On big box office movies like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings 100% of the ticket revenue is given back to the movie studios. Not a single penny goes to the movie theatre chain. On mid range movies 10-30% of the ticket sales will stay with the movie theatre chain. This being the case why don’t movie theatres take care of their customers as effecient as possible to maximize profits and customer satisfaction?

I live in Utah where on Friday and Saturday nights movie theatres are normally packed with people. Utah is inexpensive compared with many other states as far as ticket and concessions at the movie theatre, but you still can’t get a large popcorn and drink for less than $8. Why don’t these companies staff enough people to service their customers?? I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a movie and wanted popcorn or candy but purchased neither because the line was too long and the movie was starting. It only takes one more popcorn and drink sold per hour to pay for another highschool or college kid to work the counter!
Movie theatres consistently get it wrong. They staff for the average sales instead of the “rush”. They lose SO MUCH money because of their complete lack of understanding with regard to staffing issues. Many fast food companies do the same thing. Waiting in line is the death of any retail store in my opinion. Many customers will happily wait in line, but many won’t. I am one of them. If the line is long they lost my business. Period. My time is too valuable to me, and companies should realize that.

At Bluehost we always try and hire enough people to do the job right and fast. With well over 100,000 current customers that is sometimes a very daunting task, but one that we consider paramount to our ongoing success. We have hired more than 30 members of our team in the last 4 months, and will probably hire another 20-30 in the next 3-4 months. As always thanks for your business!

Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com

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  1. Isaac Grover says:


    With short hold times and quick responses to support request emails, your dedication to the satisfaction of your customers is readily apparent. I originally started hosting my primary business domain here well over a year ago, but have since expanded to over 40 domains since you cater moreso to the needs of my business than my previous provider.

    Thank you,
    Isaac Grover

  2. jim says:

    Good post. I was recently in San Francisco. We stopped into a deli in the financial district at the height of the lunch rush. There must have been 30 people in front of me. I had my lunch and was out the door in what had to be 5 minutes. They had the staff and system in place. It was impressive.

  3. Farzad says:


    Bluehost.com does not give a price on its main page, making it difficult to compare to other competition like IXwebhosting. As a consumer, I would not buy something that has no price tag.
    Just thought you might want to know.
    – Farzad

  4. Matt,

    The main point that I stress to anyone that asks about the service at Bluehost is the fact that I have never had to wait very long on the phone for technical assistance. With my being fairly new on the internet, I have called often.


    Charles Oxford

  5. Jan says:

    And what about buying some more servers?

    Server load is up to insane amounts the last couple of months (load average > 30) and a frontpage of a Joomla-based site can take 10 seconds to load, and this is just the html, not the images! Even editing some file through ssh goes painfully slow.

    I also don’t like to wait, your company should realize that.

  6. Hi Matt,

    I’m glad you’re aware of the problems your rapid growth is causing for your customers and doing your best to increase your capacity to handle that growth. I initially selected bluehost because people answered the phone, quickly, when I called. But today, after a twenty minute wait, they hung up on me when I got to the head of the line. Not good!


    Thomas Robert Frederick
    President, Frederick Group Inc
    Fort Collins, CO

  7. BRB says:

    “I’m glad you’re aware of the problems your rapid growth is causing for your customers and doing your best to increase your capacity to handle that growth. I initially selected bluehost because people answered the phone, quickly, when I called. But today, after a twenty minute wait, they hung up on me when I got to the head of the line. Not good!”

    Perhaps there were alot of late employees, or a couple of employees who decided not to show up for work. :) http://mattheaton.com/?p=60


  8. Tony says:

    Bullseye observation regarding going out to the movies.

    The expierence is at the same time far removed from the good old days when you wouldn’t think of sitting down without a popcorn and and icy coke, and having become a business model dependent on the sales of those staples of the genre.

    One more popcorn and pop an hour to pay for someone who would easily sell 30-40 of those an hour in a modern ciniplex. Guess they’re doomed. Thank goodness for plasma screens and netflix.

  9. I for one am completely happy with the company Bluehost.com. Maybe im not the corporate

  10. Matt,

    I have been using Bluehost for the past year for some simple hosting services. My experience has been reasonably good up until now. I recently tackled an e-commerce project that required an SSL certificate and I have been hitting walls ever since. I have had difficulty in getting your staff to facilitate the purchase, real problems in getting it active, and now my merchant site won’t recognize your cert. I know there are issues like these to get past, but I don’t see timely action from your support staff. We are two weeks in and still no success. Your on-line ticket system seems to be ignored. The ticket I filed Sunday Dec. 17th still has not been assigned to anyone as of 8:00 AM today Wednesday Dec. 20th.
    I have to ask, “is the security certificate beyond the capabilities of Bluehost?” I have asked your support staff to escalate this and start giving me some information. If they can’t, I guess I will need to re-consider the cert purchase.

    I apologize for the negativity in the holiday season, but I can’t just stop and wait for January.


  11. Nemuel Cruz says:

    Hi Matt,

    Bluehost is the best Hosting company that I have used. I am staying with you guys. I would like to mention something, I am interested on Reseller accounts, also, on a VPS type server, where you can have more than 6 addon sites per account. Is Bluehost looking into any of these options?

    Just wondering,

    Wishing you the best,

    Nemuel Cruz

  12. Sabina says:

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  13. Gene says:

    Real good stuff. I use BlueHost on a couple of my sites and found the service to be top notch. This is a good article for people who would like to know how to top in their industry see good customer service and staffing.

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