New people, new features…

Well, very soon we will be adding a new senior programmer to the staff (Scott), and another system administrator. I believe with the addition of these two people that we will now be at 50 people working at bluehost. Two years ago there were 3 of us, so its grown fast. I think with the growth has come increased stability. The thing I am most concerned about is that we can take care of all our customers “little needs” as we continue to grow. Right now when a customer needs something special, the support engineers have access to all the admins to get things done immediately. This is something we want to make sure stays with us as we grow. We see the ability to have harder problems solved quickly as one of the primary reasons for our growth.

With the new additions to the company we plan on adding many new features. We announced Ruby on Rails a few days ago, and it will go live “Officially” on Monday. We are working on a REAL spam blocking alternative for our clients, and we have the coolest new webmail product coming out in a couple of weeks. Basically, I am saying that we aren’t resting on our laurels. We want to make the bluehost experience the best we can!


Matt Heaton /

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  1. Dear Matt,

    Thanks for letting us know that a new senior programmer will be added to the staff and New features are coming up.


    Jc Omary
    Free and Paid Business Directory

  2. I can only say that I’m very impressed with bluehost. It is really nice to hear you have a big staff, and can deliver the service needed by we, the customers.

    I myself have been really impressed with how quick your service is. When I registered my domain, it was active on the net within hours. I just had a service-request an hour ago, and it was answered and handled within 10 minutes. I have never experinced such good and fast service with the providers I have used before.

    Kind regards

    Thomas Boesgaard
    Copenhagen – Denmark

  3. Mike Jonas says:

    Wow congrats on the huge growth of your business. I’m jealous :)

  4. I love the idea of the blog. I actually helps us to understand there is a human element to everything.

    I guess there is one thing that has bothered me for a bit and it has been with the control panel. When you fist login you are in the old style. You click the link to the new style but you have to do that everytime you login. Now I think it should be a user selectable option somewhere as I much prefer the layout of the new stlye. Just a suggestion and looking for one less click to find what I need.

    Aaron Theriault

  5. David says:

    Thank you Matt again, the “REAL spam blocking” and “the coolest new webmail” are what we want.


  6. Toni says:

    Here is another thanks for the great service.
    This Blog is a nice way to show the human face behind



    Powered with …
    others coming soon ….

  7. Duke says:

    First off, thanks! After using several hosting companies, I recommend bluehost all the time. In fact, the affiliate program has paid for one of my hosting accounts with you for two years now. But I will say that I have longed for a little bit better email client and was considering installing webmail. Now to hear you have a new one coming? I can’t wait!

  8. REN JIN LEE says:

    Matt! is revolutionary! And I know about revolutionary and you are! Thanks a billion Matt! You’re Brilliant!
    – ren jin lee

  9. Jacques says:

    Where is the RoR to be found? Had a look in my cpanel, can’t find anything though.

  10. Taresa says:


    SquirrelMail just doesn’t cut it in the age of Gmail.

  11. John says:

    Try Horde – I actually like IMP webmail a lot. I’ll try the new webmail, but I presume you’ll keep the other options available?

  12. Josh Jarmin says:

    I really want to thank you for this blog, I really enjoy reading it. I hope that the new webmail is RoundCube or some similar AJAX based solution. While the improved control panel is nice, I would like to see it done in AJAX and maybe organized a little better. Keep up the great work!

  13. phil zhao says:

    i am very glad to see rubyonrails available today! i like studying new tech very much,and this time it is rails! thanks!!!!

  14. bo says:

    Can we have a hint as to what the “coolest new webmail product” will be?

  15. PDH says:

    Spent the last week shopping for a host that offered ruby on rails. Hadn’t pulled the trigger on one yet when I got your email announcing support at bluehost. Good job!!! You added it just when I needed it.


  16. Edmon Begoli says:

    Thank you for Ruby on Rails.
    Great move for this otherwise excellent framework and hopefully for your company.

    This will make me buy at least one or more hosting plans from you.
    I am already pleased to see that you guys are staying very up to speed with open source, value added features.

    Now with RoR you will be on the top.

    I advertised this great news through my blog to the the broader IT community.


  17. Ewald says:

    Don’t realy like blogs, but this was irresistable.
    Ofcourse this sounds like a broken record but Bluehost is just simply THE BEST. I’ve been and will keep moving all my clients sites here. I had only 1 host b4 you guys. They were ok, but offered about only 20% of what Bluehost gives for the same price.
    I moved here after they had a dos attack and i was looking for an alternative. Then I found you guys as the cheapest yet best rated host and i agree. I can’t imagine a better host. I’m very happy to hear you’re coming with a new webmail (never liked that squarel and horde). Its the first I hear of Ruby, i’ll check it out, like to learn new(for me) things.
    Keep up the good work…and you guys at Bluehost deserve all the praise.

  18. Steven says:

    Thank you for the Ruby on Rails.

    I’ve been a Bluhost Client for about over a month now. I am excited and pleased with everything I can do so far. Bluehost offers me the freedom to do more and I LIKE IT! When word was out that Ruby on Rails was being supported by Bluehost I nearly jumped out of my skin in delight…


    and thank you for the freedoms to express myself.

  19. Brian says:

    Any update on the new web mail app? I haven’t seen anything yet…


  20. Stan Hieronymus says:

    Since we’re now 16 days past the 2nd, when the question was last posed: Is there an update on the web mail app?


  21. Duke says:

    Since we are now over 3 months past the 2nd, is there an update on the web mail app???

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