Kids… They are the greatest!

I am busy! I have Bluehost and other web companies that I run. I have over 100 employees, I have several properties that I own/manage (A TOTAL pain), and most importantly I have a wife and five kids to contend with. Of all those responsibilities family comes first and usually that means my children.

My kids absolutely wear me out, and I love every minute of it. My children range from 7 months to 9 years old. For those that don’t have kids it means that I am now an expert basketball coach having done it for 5 seasons in a row for various children. It also means I am an expert on “Dora the Explorer”, the start times of every “Sponge Bob” episode, and I can choose underwear wisely based on which cartoon character is imprinted on them. This all goes with the territory and is something that most parents cherish as their time with their little ones goes by so quickly.

I know this is a bit of a sappy blog entry, but I think I have finally arrived at a point where I truly realize that my family comes first and everything else comes second. I would never even consider missing one of my kids basketball or football games to get something done at work. Don’t get me wrong, I still stay up late working every night after everyone goes to bed (12:15 in the morning right now), and I still love doing web hosting, and I still have a hundred things that I want to improve and get done on Bluehost. I simply know that those things come after playing “Puzzle Bubble” with my 4 year old twins for 20 minutes before I go to work because that is their favorite thing to do with Daddy.

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Jason Silver says:

    I like you Matt. You’re a cool guy, and you’ve got your priorities in the right place. I wish you would blog about your history. I understand that you used to be on the mission field– yet at some point you started to do the business thing with buying property, web hosting, and so on.

    I’m a music director/worship pastor in a church, and also a computer programmer/ web developer. I was offered a job last night to program a very important front-end to a health open-source database system called OSCAR by its original creator!

    I’m torn with what to do. Any thoughts? I’m a 38 year old guy– I feel called to the ministry, and love to serve in that respect, yet also value spending time with my four children… as a pastor, my weekends are always taken by the church. I’m a talented musician and leader, and have had “successful” ministries– and yet the church is so unstable… every five or six years it seems I have to move on. I have other churches interested in hiring me now, but that means relocating my family! Ugh.

    I would love any thoughts you have.

  2. Paul Denlinger says:

    Hi Matt–

    I am a current Bluehost customer and have been pleased with your service.

    Lately, I have been learning Ruby on Rails, and have been very pleased with how it simplifies the whole web development process. I have started thinking about several projects I would like to develop on RoR, using MySQL or PostgreSQL on the backend.

    Here is my question:
    I have been looking at what hosting companies provide good hosting solutions in the RoR environment. This is an area where Bluehost appears to lag behind; I have read a few postings on the RoR forums where the feedback on Bluehost’s support for RoR has been less than stellar. Specifically, Bluehost has been slow on deploying the most recent packages of RubyGems which support RoR. For this reason, I assume, Bluehost is not even listed on

    What are your plans to increase support for RoR? Everything I see indicates that RoR is catching on fire as the preferred framework for Web applications; I would think that this would be a high priority on your “To Do” list?

    Thank you.

  3. Bill says:


    Kids are indeed great, (I have 4), but I’m finding out grandkids are pretty cool too, (I have 4). I’m real tight with Bob the Builder, Max and Ruby, and the Backyardigans. We are both truly blessed!


  4. Wang Cheng says:

    You very happy, you have five children, and I have only one child, I have always with him playing ping pong. Families and children is the primary for man, even though we are the boss.
    Your blog very moving.

    Wang Cheng

  5. Brett says:

    I respect your commitment to your family. I have children myself. I understand how challenging balancing family and business can be. It is always worth it because we can look back after 20+ years and know for a certanty that we did everything right with no regrets.
    I would also like to comment on my great experience here with bluehost. I just registered a domain, and uploaded wp to start blogging. I chatted a little with one of your rep’s and you are right, bluehost does specialize in customer satisfaction! I was helped with what I needed and it was also a very pleasant experience – easy. I really like how intuitive the cpanel is. I will not mention a competitor, but after using your hosting service, I am a customer for life! Keep up the great work, and I look forward to every upgrade, and everything new in the future….Thank you!

  6. Ted says:

    Good luck

  7. Wendy says:

    …….You’re right on Matt!!! Our kids are the world’s future and hope…..our hearts need to stay with them!

    My business partner Amy and I have been very satisfied with our service at Bluehost, and look forward to continuing our business relationship with you :O)

    Blessings to you in your endeavors of balancing career with family! Your family will cherish you for this!


  8. Kudos for getting all soft and down-to-earth on your blog – especially as a Dad. It’s expected of us moms, but it’s always refreshing to see a dad go there, especially when it’s not entirely on-topic.

    I knew I loved your company for the great service (Todd in tech support ROCKS!). But it’s even cooler to see that there’s real people with a heart behind the servers my site is on. Since I put my own heart into my business, it’s great to be a client of people who do the same. :)

  9. Kitkat says:

    I have kids myself, most of the time they are cute and awesome. But there are times it’s a hard chore taking care of them. :)

  10. Jim says:

    Hats off, Matt. Another reason to be pleased with my choice of Bluehost. On top of my own family and children, I am a Scoutmaster and a technology manager. I understand all too well the importance of commitment to family. When your priorities are in the right place, the quality of both work and life improve.

  11. Christine says:

    I love the bit about underwear selection. :-) Your priorities are wonderful.

  12. Karen says:

    I want to thank you again, Matt!
    I’ve been on Bluehost for a couple years now and have been very happy with the service! I’ve used some others in the past and none of them can compare!
    I am a single mother of eight children and they have always come first in my life. I was very touched by what you had to say about your children. You sound like a great Daddy! Bless you!
    I recently had to quit my full time job due to a back injury and I’m working hard right now to get my web design business going, which up until now I was just doing on the side. I’ve already brought a number of my customers to Bluehost and they have all been happy with their sites and the service here. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.
    If you ever have any job openings that I could help with I’d be very interested to be a part of Bluehost!
    all the best,

  13. T. C. W. says:

    Hey Matt,
    I’m a 10th grade student who has taught herself HTML and some other stuff over the past year and now I’ve been asked to run the website for a major Canadian Jewish organization, which currently doesn’t have one. The director of the organization set up an account with, but it only allows him 5 pages and no uploaded pages. I’m trying to convince him to switch to Bluehost…it looks a lot better.
    BTW I’m second oldest in a family of more kids then yours. Kids rock!! (okay, I’m sure I give my parents a headache from time to time, but whatever.) Your kids should be each other’s best friends, not worst enemies.
    T. C.

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  15. Ed Rodatus says:

    Matt, After receiving your general email about Hostmonster speed issues, I am impressed with the clarity and frankness which you demonstrate. I wanted to thank you and found this blog. So I read on about your family priority and I am doubly impressed. Thanks, Matt, for doing such a great job in both your business and personal life.

    Ed Rodatus

  16. MUM says:

    You are a GREAT! young man! You’ve got your priorities straight! Enjoy those children. I still enjoy mine and my grandchildren, too! Life is gooood!

  17. Joe Cox says:

    I totally understand….my three year old has a meltdown if his Star Wars underwear is not clean. We had the Spongebob underpants to begin with, but he quickly got attached to having Yoda on his butt :)

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