Myspace and Corporate Idiocy…

I was reading and article the other day about how Myspace is angry that other businesses are building themselves up on the backs of their service. Their logic is that because their users are on Myspace that all content should come from Myspace tools and plugins. They think this is desirable because they want 100% of the advertising opportunities to be monetized through their offerings. Their main example is youtube. Myspace argues that youtube would have never become popular if it wasn’t for Myspace users putting videos up on their sites. They now believe that they deserve a piece of the pie and so are limiting these 3rd party services from being used on Myspace sites.

This is complete idiocy! Don’t they realize the synergy between their services. Myspace benefitted at least as much from allowing users to post youtube vidoes as youtube did. Myspace can’t create every tool that users want, and frankly they shouldn’t even try. These 3rd party offerings are what makes Myspace usable for their customers. When corporate greed gets in the way then foolish decisions are made.

I look at it from the point of view that plugins and 3rd party offerings are what makes Bluehost so successful. Fantastico in our backend is used hundreds of thousands of times a year. It is a product that allows the installation of 3rd party sofware with a single click. There are almost 50 different choices of software, in many categories. I don’t look at Fantastico as competition or something to make money on, I see it for what it is – Added value for our current customer base. Customers appreciate the 3rd party offerings we provide and they show it with their renewals. Why does everything have to monetized in todays economy? Sometimes it is enough that it provides benefit for the consumer.


Matt Heaton / President

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  1. rand says:

    There is an old saying that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. The history of technology is full of has beens who did not want to let others play. Anyone wonder why Apple has had to fight to stay in existence. Back when I was in High School (shortly after we moved from writing on stone tablets) Apple fought those who tried to make clones. IBM did not and PCs became much cheaper than Apples. The software followed the machines and Apples nearly faded away.
    Likewise, Sony had better technology in BETA but VHS let multiple vendors hop in. Most youngsters today have never heard of BETA even thought the cassettes were smaller and the pictures were better.
    Those who want to be hogs will eventually get slaughtered.

  2. L.Rader says:


    I like the way you think. I cannot say enough good things about Bluehost. Also, I like the fact that in spite of your busy schedule family comes first.
    Keep up the good work.


  3. Paul S says:

    If MySpace actually provided a good quality service they might have a point but it’s the most appalling example of a website I’ve ever seen. It’s even worse than ebay for being hashed together from something smaller that was never intended to get so big.

    If you want MySpace with a little thought try 😉

  4. Zanson says:

    -_- and this is what happens when you create a site everyone likes, then you just want more money.

    i will laugh when myspace dies because of this stupid crap.

  5. To be fair, Bluehost already has our money when/if we use Fantastico, whereas Myspace is a free service for most of its users. So I could see where they’d have more of a cow over 3rd party modules distracting potential viewers away from the ads. That being said, Myspace should probably work harder on actually making their site work without “Unexpected errors” every third page before they start griping about YouTube links.

    I will also say this: if Myspace had the kind of user friendliness and hands-on customer support that Bluehost has, I’d be more interested in what they have to say about anything. My service with Bluehost has been above and beyond all my expectations, and so I can only assume you’re doing something right.

  6. BlueUser says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Many of the most successful services on the net became so due to their flexibility and users’ ability to mold the shape of those services. Customization and Ease of Entry made MySpace successful. Now greed is threatening customization at the same time downtime, timeouts and general network overload are threatening their ease of entry.

    Call it Internet Darwinism.

  7. Kate says:

    aha.. here you are! .. Matt… just to let you know … your company’s customer tech support team is the best…by far I have experienced.

  8. nialler says:

    Couldn’t agree with your more there. With the biggest popular sites out there being bought out by the large corporate players we are going to see more and more of this occuring.

    I think if you were to take the example of mods for games into consideration we see how fresh and new ideas from outside of the development company can add value to a product instead of detracting.

    If sites like myspace proactively block others from creating useful additions for their service they may find that they actually end up losing out in the long run to a competitor that does allow it.

  9. Billy Grubbs says:

    Matt, very nice article. I totally agree with you. Being 19 years old, I have many friends that are avid myspacers, especially the ones in high school. Facebook tends to draw in more of the college age students. Anyway, pretty much any avid myspace-obsessive teen that you talk too will tell you the reason they like myspace more than facebook IS its ability to integrate so much outside of what just myspace has to offer. The ability to use HTML, and to code photobucket slideshows in etc.etc. However, Facebook is now beginning to offer a lot more of these 3rd party integrations as well, but the reason is because it brings them business! So you’d think myspace should be able to notice that, too!

    Ok, enough of that. Let’s just say after reading your blog, I am very glad I am Bluehost customer.

    Billy Grubbs

  10. I so know what you mean. The internet was vitalized by MIT students hacking in the computer rooms systems and bending the mammoth machines to serving more individual needs. It was guerilla in the midst of corporate interests, not against them. Some lost it and gave a bad rap to hackers, seeking destruction and committing crime instead of the betterment of things.

    The OpenSource world has brought that back in a big way, and that democratic view of things is very powerful and is breaks the coldness of virtual communications and networking, keeping technology accessible and more human.

    Sites like MySpace have evolved and become a commercial entity which actually has a cool concept. However, as pointed in your comment, once money is involved, it’s hard to keep your head on straight. MySpace has become a mine field for the soul. Lewd pictures from dating services and from members, the dark side and the light side co-exist in a jungle of “15 minutes” pleas to be seen and connect.

    Hotmail has done the same: it’s difficult getting your emails without being visually assailed by dating ads (sexy singles et al) and intentionally seductive pictures. Why is it that good ideas become degraded to the point where sex and money always rule the visual real estate? As if they knew that most people would be attracted to that in the privacy of their own surfing experience. They should know, because these companies created those rules.

    Bottom line, contribution between creators is essential for us to move pass the juvenile fascination with sex and into a potentially more powerful version of the web. BlueHost and other companies offering Fantastico (I always look for it when choosing a host) and being opened to sharing technologies, will always be ahead of others who seek to isolate themselves in a greedy move to hoard revenues.

    Running in a race, BlueHost would be part of those who display a team spirit for the love of the sport. I move most of my websites here not so long ago and am not looking back!

    Andre Lefebvre

  11. Garrett says:

    The last comment I made had a misspelling in it so I submitted this one (spelling fixed).

    I would expect nothing less from a company that is owned by FAUX NEWS *cough* excuse me Fox News. Their whole company is Corporate Idiocy. =)

  12. Thiago Lima says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m with bluehost for 6 six month and I’m very happy with everything. But please, could you, or anybody else start to think about provide python support with mod_python?

    It’s really disappointed to run python only in cgi-bin directory. Python is one of the best languages I ever seen. Google use it. I think we can use it too.

    Best regards.


  13. fred says:

    fantastico was one of the reasons i fell in love with your service… error-free..easy.. onle clikc access to third party tools.. and though you don;t offer support for those tools… it would be more of a production for users to install them if it weren’t for fantastico in your back-end.

    the way they work together benifits the customer… i guess you’d have to be a fortune 50 company NOT to see that.

  14. Juan Jimenez says:

    This is the Microsoft Model. If they don’t make it or they can’t buy it so the income comes solely to them. it should not exist. It’s been that way since day one and won’t change any time soon, that’s why Google is #1 and Microsoft will remain #2.

  15. Murphy says:

    It’s a lot like the big telecom players getting irritated that Skype is using their pipes to make money. It makes no sense. People pay to connect to those pipes because Skype is there, just like they pay because Amazon and Myspace are there. It’s blinding greed and it will change the face of the Internet if someone doesn’t stop them. So stop them!

  16. Marco says:

    You are totally right. One of the things I love about Bluehost is the Fantastico software, myspace should think better. Greetings from Colombia, South America.

  17. Luke Schafer says:

    I think fantastico is brilliant. It’s what made me come to bluehost. I am a software engineer specialising in we applications, so I certainly have the ability to install 3rd party software (or even write it) to my web space, but the time fantastico has saved me – winner.

  18. This one of the main reasons (the other is customer service and value) I have multiple accounts at Blue Host for both my businesses and I continue to refer people here.

    Thanks again

    Jason Monette
    JBM Audio, LLC
    JBM Engineering, LLC

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  20. matt says:

    well said, i agree.

  21. Paul says:

    It’s easy to lose site of where one comes from when ones only interest is in making money. If what you say about MySpace is true, then, to me, it indicates where their real motivations are (i.e. not with the customer/user). My experience is that those companies that really focus on what the customer/user wants and needs, are more successful in the long run. A loyal customer base is one of the biggest assets any business can have.

  22. Chris Bruner says:

    Mr. Heaton,

    Adam in Support is a very helpful person. He is the reason I have been recommending my friends to BlueHost. You guys have an incredible service and support team. Anyone who has used another host knows you guys go above and beyond. Thank you Adam and the rest of the bluehost support team.

    -Chris Bruner

  23. Matt, you demonstrate impressive thought leadership with your blog. I appreciate it very much — it makes me happy to do business with Bluehost.

  24. Jennifer says:

    I agree totally with this posting. I love fantastico, it is one of the things that draws in customers. At least my few referrals, this is what gets them to the gate.

    Keep up the great work. Give the Tech, Scott a raise. He is fantastic.

  25. rudy says:

    I came over to bluehost from fatcow because – for the same price – you had more disk space and were “wordpress friendly.” I didn’t even know what that meant. Now I do – Fantastico is awesome. Plus it’s really easy to create subdomains, sql setup is a breeze, and the tech support is on top of things. I wish you/bluehost massive success…

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  27. Brian Dumka says:

    The problem with MySpace is the fast that they are letting the dollar sign take over their lives. This will ultimately lead them to failure. I know some of the local companies near me are building websites on MySpace. Some of them I know personally and advised them not to bother. I have always recommened BlueHost because of a couple of reasons. One the easy of implementing third party software offered through Fantastico, and two (which makes any company prove to have a real backbone) customer service. Customer service lacks from so many companies it is not funny anymore. I’ve been dealing with websites now for a few years now and am certified in many areas of the IT world. But with the few times I needed to open a service ticket (one being on a holiday) I have always gotten a response within an hour or two. Even on a holiday folks. I can’t even get that from some local companies I deal with.
    Matt, you’ve made one hell of a company here and I can’t thnk you enough. I have two sites hosted here on BlueHost. Sadly I went through four others before finding BlueHost. I spent only a couple months with each of those others companies. Been with BlueHost now for a few years and I don’t see any reason what so ever to leave. Thanks again Matt. Keep up the awesome work.

  28. NebNosam says:

    Wow, great stuff. I’ve been reccomending your service to clients for a couple years, and I just made the switch myself. I am 100% glad that I did. I have never seen service as your company offers from any other business, web design or not. Your true show of philosohpy here only strengthens what I can plainly see is a good thing.

    Keep up the great work, viva la open source!

  29. Jim Chapman says:

    Hi Matt. Just wanted to step in to say that your company is great. I have experienced nothing but great help with customer service! Never a long wait, always a good answer. Keep it up, and keep that family first.

  30. Wes says:

    I have been with BueHost and I think I need to try the Fantastico software.

  31. Mike says:

    Very interesting article! I do agree with what you say! on another note… I stumbled upon this new site that seems to be the exact opposite of myspace, totally advertisement free! Check it out at

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