Don’t call out #1 until your ready…

A long time back (About a year ago) on my blog, I put out a note that said that anyone who came to our office and beat me in ping pong would get a free hosting account. I actually had a few people take me up on the offer. There are not that many things that I am actually good at, but ping pong is one of them. One of the people who contacted me to play was named Ryan. He is actually a good friend of mine now, but at the time I had never met him. I was talking with a few of my other ping pong buddies about this “Ryan guy” that was coming over and they asked if he was Ryan that is the number #1 rated player in Utah. At this point I started getting worried.

Long story short, I wont the first game and then it started to go downhill in a hurry. It was clear that Ryan wasn’t just better, but he was a LOT better. Sometimes you think you are the best and maybe you are in your little pond, but there is ALWAYS somebody somewhere that is better. Ryan and I play almost every week now. I am much better than I was a year ago, but alas he is still better and wins everytime. The difference now is that I know what to expect and what to work on. The gap is narrowing and sometimes I give him a close run for his money.
Dont’ be afraid to call out #1 on anything you are doing whether it is work related or a simple sports competition, but be ready! Otherwise you might just get killed like I did :(

Matt Heaton

6 Responses to “Don’t call out #1 until your ready…”

  1. Jennifer says:

    But, does he get free hosting?? LOL…

  2. Miguel says:


    I had a similar experience. for years I beat all my friends playing foosball (see here, I even built my oen custom Tornado replica, I was, in my opinion, the #1.. so I decided to join the Vancouver Foosball Association.

    Well, my ego was shattered completely and forever in my first game.
    I played against a very beautiful, petty blonde on her early 30’s, a mother of two, a hairdresser. She beat be 3 games in a row, 10-0 in less than 15 minutes. I never even got a shot on her goal.

    Her name was and is Moya Tielens, a Tornado Foosball World Champion!!!

    Two lessons, don’t just anyone by their appearance, and always be humble about your skills.

    BTW, I am also an awesome Table Tennis player and use to compete back in my hometown in Spain. I’ll take you down anyday.. heheeh!

    Foosball is also super fun, you should try it to.

  3. Hey, it would be fun to see a video of you and Ryan playing a match. :)

  4. Sam Freedom says:

    Oh man, you just reminded me! Ping pong is something I have always loved playing and have been exceptionally good at but I let it go for so long. I can pick it up again so fast but I have to find a table. Where are you guys? Believe me, I can afford to pay for hosting, I just want some action!

  5. Rick says:

    2nd Jennifer’s comment – did you give him his free hosting account?

  6. MUM says:

    What a super story! I will tell my grandchildren. Super lesson on the importance of not winning all the time and how to stretch yourself. Play with someone better than you and you will grow. I like that story!

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